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Default Gallery: 10 Best Apocalyptic Vehicles

</img>: Photo submitted by CruiseKillerGlobal warming. Faltering economies. Dwindling resources. Mankind has finally set in motion environmental, political and social policies that will surely destroy the world as we know it.
Not everyone will fall. Those who survive will roam the scorched wasteland to fend for themselves against the predatory undead while scavenging what they can to survive. The end of days is at hand, and the only question is this: What will you drive when it all comes tumbling down?
Click through our reader submissions to see your best bet for survival.
Toyota FJ40

The FJ is Toyota's answer to the Jeep CJ, and flame wars between fanboys of the two vehicles will continue long after the apocalypse begins. The consensus is the Toyota will take more abuse -- a big plus when roaming the desolation -- but it's harder to fix when something goes sideways. Fortunately, it's a Toyota, so you'll break before it will.
</img>: Photo submitted by AnonymousIntimidating mass to frighten zombies? Check. Absurd ground clearance to crush your foes? Check. Room for several crates of black-market MREs and barrels of pilfered fuel? Check. When it comes to planning for the apocalypse, those Germans know their stuff. But this Benz-built beast gets a paltry 13 mpg, so you're going to spend a lot of time scavenging fuel.
</img>: Photo submitted by Lance MillerThe Ural Patrol has two-wheel drive, it climbs like a goat and damn near everything on it can be repaired with a hammer, a screwdriver and duct tape. If it was good enough for the Russian armies, it's good enough for post-apocalyptic road warriors.
</img>: Photo submitted by Rossum's ChildRoam the wastelands in style! The Concept T has a heads-up display to keep you focused on the zombie horde ahead, the ground clearance to handle those who don't get out of the way and a stop speed of 140 to escape the inevitable attack. The challenge will be getting one -- you'll have to break into the smoldering remains of VW's HQ to snag it.
</img>: Photo submitted by StefanThe Dingo will haul 3.5 tons of looted bounty; it's more heavily armored than a bank vault and it comes with your choice of a 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm grenade launcher. As if that weren't sweet enough, it's got air conditioning! Global warming? What global warming?
</img>: Photo submitted by Zip LockGo ahead and laugh. Unicycles aren't very fast and you can't carry much, but they're cheap, they're reliable and you won't have to scavenge fuel. What's more, with both hands free you'll have no trouble firing your rocket-propelled grenade.
</img>: Photo submitted by AnonymousUbiquity is a desirable quality in an Apocalypsemobile, and Jeeps are everywhere. What's more, their questionable reliability means abandoned Chrysler dealerships will have tons of parts. The closest that most Jeep-owning poseurs come to off-roading is parking on the grass -- so let the zombies fight for the new ones while you hit the local frat house and score a gently used model that's probably never even seen dirt.
</img>: Photo submitted by Anonymous "Last of the V8 Interceptors, eh?" Not everyone is lucky enough to be an Aussie ex-cop with access to a garage containing one of these, but if you're handy with the steel you might be able to smoke the guy who is. This down under Ford Falcon-based muscle car, complete with hood-popping blower, is not exactly easy on the fuel, but if you're rolling in the original Apocalypsemobile, you've probably got what it takes to score a few gallons from anyone in the wasteland.
</img>: Photo submitted by AnonymousUnfriendly survivors trying to keep you out of their water source? No problem: They're going to have to do a little better than that jerry-rigged wall of salvaged timber and corrugated steel if they want to keep you out. When you absolutely, positively need to kill everything between here and the horizon, it's tough to beat the Stryker. If you want one, you might start in Iraq. Most of these eight-wheelers are serving over there.
</img>: Photo submitted by giantjoeThe VW Beetle is the Swiss Army knife and Timex watch of cars -- you can do anything with it and no amount of abuse will kill it. When Armageddon comes and the last man falls, the only thing left will be the cockroaches and the Beetles.


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