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Default Playlist: Spaced Out Architecture, Troll 2 Fest, Futurama DVD

</img>: Through hundreds of groovy photos, Alastair Gordon's book explores the tripped-out buildings of the age of Aquarius. This history of hippie homes chronicles the rise of architecture inspired, in some cases, by LSD: geodesic domes, DIY crash pads, and counterculture communes, among others. Spaced Out shows how ambitiously experimental, hallucinogenically colorful, and at times laughably impractical the designs were &mdash; from a waterbed prototype to a house that changed colors in response to human touch. Gordon, a New York Times contributor, highlights the technologies in use today that were pioneered during the era's kaleidoscopic revolution. Turn on, drop out, move in.</img>: Eighteen years ago, a ragtag band of extremely untalented actors and filmmakers gathered in the town of Morgan, Utah, to make Troll 2, a horror movie that had no trolls in it. (The non-scary baddies in cheap plastic masks were called Nilbogs, "goblin" spelled backward.) The straight-to-video excrescence, which IMDB ranks among the 50 worst movies of all time, garnered a cult following on the Web. On June 27, the cast and crew return to Morgan, where fans will congregate for a three- day festival of crimes against cinema. Call it Ed Woodstock.</img>: The funniest characters in the 31st century are back for another feature-length DVD adventure. In this installment, kleptobot Bender tears a hole in the fabric of spacetime. (Note to selves: Never taunt a parallel universe by inviting it to bite your shiny metal ass.) The rift allows a hideous tentacled alien &mdash; voiced by Arrested Development's David Cross &mdash; to seduce every creature in our galaxy simultaneously.</img>: Wanna rock out to Twisted Sister on the plane, bus, or subway with your Nintendo DS? All you have to do is snap on the controller, which has four fret buttons, just like the original game's guitar, and strum using the included pick-shaped stylus. Yes, you'll look like a total dweeb, but the gameplay shreds. Jamming to "Jessie's Girl" or "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" is such a blast you won't notice that the flight attendant just went to get the air marshal.*

* Hey, Activision, while we're on the subject, here are three songs we, like, need for GH III: "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," Blur's "Song 2," and Smashing Pumpkins' "Geek USA."
</img>: Stick one of these designer flash drives into your drab PC and let the cute times roll. Perky, quirky USB-ready figurines store up to 8 gigs and come loaded with don't-worry, be-happy desktop images and music. This summer, Hong Kong artist Bubi Au Yeung's super fluffy Treeson character gets her flashy close-up, followed by golden boy C-3P0.</img>: Before there was Freaks and Geeks, there was Square Pegs. The 1982 sitcom may not have lasted long, but the angst-ridden misadventures of frizzy-haired, four-eyed freshman Patty (played by a pre-highlights & Blahniks Sarah Jessica Parker) and her brace-faced BFF Lauren (Amy Linker) later spawned The Breakfast Club, My So-Called Life, and F&G. With scripts by John Belushi-era SNL writers, cameos by Bill Murray and Devo, plus more spandex than American Apparel's latest collection, Pegs is a totally awesome '80s relic.</img>: Just when we thought Method Man couldn't get any more badass than the drug dealer "Cheese" on The Wire, he has to go and defend the human race. In his graphic novel debut, Meth becomes a murdering priest descended from Cain (Abel's big brother). With help from artist Sanford Greene and writer David Atchison, the Wu-Tang Clan MC shows he still has many chambers of untapped talent.</img>: Since it hit the UK this spring, this disco-tinged debut from Brooklyn DJ Andrew Butler and cohorts has burned up the blogosphere. But only file-sharing Yanks could score all 10 tracks. Mashing up '70s conga, string, and horn arrangements with ultramodern beats and synth, the ultimate party record has finally arrived stateside.</img>: This is not your typical summer holiday. Authors Nathan Hodge and Sharon Weinberger (a blogger for Wired .com) traveled the globe on a quest to unlock the mysteries of nuclear weaponry. The two-year odyssey took the husband and wife to Site R (Cheney's supposed "undisclosed location" on 9/11), Iran's top-secret Isfahan facility, and a nightmarish nuclear test site in Kazakhstan.</img>: Tired of a house full of toys your kids no longer like? Rent, don't buy, new ones. For $37 a month, BabyPlays will send little Timmy four toys to keep as long as he wants. Every plaything is sanitized and lead-free. Hmmm ... free shipping, no late fees &mdash; they should do something like this with movies.


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