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08-18-2005 until 08-31-2099

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- Welcome to Hip Hop Universe -

Aight... August 20th sites up finally... still lots to go Just some general information let you know whats good wit the forums an everythin. First off.... I've added only a few mods at this time since shits just openin an gon see how everythin goes... don't ask to be mod right away but mod positions will be filled in the near future... Also check out the Mod Contest thread in General Discussion for a chance at bein a mod almost right away! Skins Stillfly - Right now the main forum index page is spread out but other then that skin is nice... if you know how to fix the forum index page... get at me an you can be mod wherever New School -
Corner Store
Make sure you check out the corner store... you can figure out the rest...
Double or triple your money... stack bundles.. Jukebox Uploaders Fuck tha leechers... hide hack your shit so you know whats goin on... then check out the corner store You get cash that you can use in corner store or bookie when you post in the followin: Introductions - All Threads Give 2 Points (so introduce yourself) News Section - All Threads Give 2 Points (spread the news) Spoken Word - All Threads Give 2 Points (drop some knowledge) NFO Sections - All Threads Give 2 Points Dope Spot: Singles - 6 Points A Thread, 2 Points Reply Albums And All Other Dope Spot Sections - 10 Points A Thread, 2 Points when somebody replies Anybody that gonna upload albums.... pm me once you do an i'll give you free cash Main Site News and Information Ok... So the main site is up with a few of the sections. The site is going to updated constantly in the comin days an weeks. Check the main page to see whats been updated everyday as Hip Hop Universe will be the number one site on the net... When compeleted you will be able to find everything you want on hip hop. Check out whats there an keep checkin back... Hip Hop Universe - Your Number One Site For Hip Hop

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