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  1. Users May Help to Vet Android Apps (PC World)
  2. Scientists Discover What Makes Northern Lights Dance
  3. Jokers, Jokers Everywhere at Comic-Con
  4. Senate Introduces IP-Reform Bill Bolstering Enforcement
  5. Internet Endangers Big-City Tradition: The Bike Messenger
  6. As Seen by the Color Blind [PICS]
  7. Microsoft CEO backs Web spending, "done" with Yahoo (Reuters)
  8. UK Facebook User's Name Appropriation Draws Huge Libel Suit
  9. MS Plots iPhone Rival, Vista PR, as MobileMe Draws Flak (NewsFactor)
  10. Microsoft defends search investments to analysts (AP)
  11. Brad Pitts (Note Spelling) Floats Naked in Zero-G
  12. FBI: We Don't Have Tesla's Death Ray
  13. How to Use Templates in Django
  14. 2016: “You’re Watching The Linux Channel.”
  15. Telco won't install fiber network, sues to prevent city from
  16. Open-network Chief Sees Verizon Following His Lead (PC World)
  17. Hackers get hold of critical Internet flaw (AFP)
  18. Microsoft defends search investments to analysts (AP)
  19. Scrabble Scrambles, Sues Scrabulous
  20. Blowing Up a $60,000 S.U.V. to Save the Planet
  21. Hasbro Sues Makers of Scrabble-Like Scrabulous
  22. Microsoft says chances of Yahoo takeover negligible (Reuters)
  23. Microsoft CFO: Yahoo a "declining asset" (CNET)
  24. Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison
  25. Robocars As the Best Way Geeks Can Save the Planet
  26. DiggDays: An Awesome Digg Timeline App
  27. Hasbro Sues Makers of Scrabble-Like Scrabulous
  28. Microsoft to Buy Data-warehouse Appliance Vendor (PC World)
  29. Aviation Takes Its Woes to Capitol Hill
  30. Coding Creativity: 14 Ways to Learn From Creative Coders
  31. Critiquing Claims of an Open Source Jobs Boom
  32. Google Offers Knol, a Wikipedia Copy with Attribution (NewsFactor)
  33. Under Pressure, ISP Admits Secret Web Snooping in Kansas
  34. Lori Drew Asks Court to Throw Out MySpace Suicide Case
  35. Study: Girls equal to boys in math skills
  36. Vint Cerf Preps Interplanetary Internet Protocol
  37. Would a Prettier Linux Make You Switch?
  38. Beijing's Air Still Transluscent, Despite Anti-Smog Efforts
  39. Pittsburgh Cancer Center Warns of Cell Phone Risks
  40. Once media-shy Taliban go hi-tech in propaganda war (Reuters)
  41. Trade Group, US Officials Rally for Free Trade (PC World)
  42. NASA's Best Photos: You Make the Call
  43. Facebook F8 Conference Leaves Developers Wanting More
  44. British ISP File Share Smackdown Targets Accounts, Not Users
  45. Brightkite Location API Could Usurp Yahoo's FireEagle
  46. Intel Unveils Powerful New System On A Chip Designs
  47. Post.Office mail server compatible with Leopard (Macworld.com)
  48. Google launches rival to Wikipedia (AFP)
  49. Major shareholder advisory firm backs Yahoo board (AP)
  50. Creators of Scrabble knockoff on Facebook sued (AP)
  51. Researchers Face Jail Risk For Tor Snooping Study
  52. Online Colleges Could Spy On Students – By Law
  53. Report: Microsoft, Facebook to Sign Search Deal (PC World)
  54. ISPs To Send “Hundreds of Thousands” of File-Sharing Warning
  55. Google Unveils Reference Tool After 7-month Test
  56. Two-Episode Watchmen Series Set as a Prequel
  57. Hasbro Orders Facebook to Remove 'Scrabulous' (PC Magazine)
  58. Microsoft to expand Facebook ad pact: source (Reuters)
  59. Big Six UK ISPs Capitulate To Music Industry
  60. Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison
  61. Apollo 14 Moonwalker Claims Aliens Exist
  62. CORRECTION: New York state passes video game labeling law (Reuters)
  63. Microsoft CEO defends need for big Web investments (Reuters)
  64. Shuttleworth: Make Desktop Linux Better than Apple
  65. Windows iPhone 3G jailbreak tool released
  66. Pop culture fanatics converge on Comic-Con
  67. Electric grid ready for influx of hybrid cars
  68. Saving whales from deadly ship strikes
  69. Mars In 3D
  70. China's mobile users top 600 million: govt (AFP)
  71. China Tops 250 Million Internet Users (PC World)
  72. Embarq provides more details on Web tracking test (AP)
  73. The Death of Nearly All Software Patents?
  74. Will 3-D Sportscasting Save the Movie Theater?
  75. Researchers Face Jail Risk For Tor Snooping Study
  76. Sun technologist: SOAP stack a 'failure' (InfoWorld)
  77. Why iPhone 2.0 won't yet rule the roost in the enterprise (InfoWorld)
  78. Lab test: Apple gets iPhone 3G right for business (InfoWorld)
  79. British businessman wins Facebook libel case (Reuters)
  80. XM, Sirius detail potential FCC consent decree (CNET)
  81. Save Your Data With One of These Top Backup Programs
  82. Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison
  83. UK to clamp down on Internet piracy
  84. 'Solar trees' get to root of energy crisis
  85. Police Director Sues AOL For Critical Blogger's Name
  86. Ultra-Light Micro Air Vehicles
  87. Big Six UK ISPs Capitulate To Music Industry
  88. Net firms in music pirates deal
  89. Digg To (Finally) Integrate OpenID?!
  90. Most Bank Websites Are Insecure
  91. Microsoft Exec Who Led Yahoo Buyout Team to Leave
  92. Qualcomm outlook falls short of expectations (AP)
  93. DIY Schemes For Super-Fast Net
  94. MySpace joins OpenID coalition to share log-ins
  95. Ultra-light Micro Air Vehicles
  96. British clampdown on illegal downloads (AFP)
  97. Batman fans get chance to fight with their hero (Reuters)
  98. Rumor: Next iPod nano to be Multi-Colored
  99. Malware Authors Take Aim at Growing Number of Macs
  100. Yahoo's new Zimbra Desktop puts all your e-mail in order (USATODAY.com)
  101. July 24, 1911: Hiram Bingham 'Discovers' Machu Picchu
  102. Britain agrees plan to tackle online music piracy (Reuters)
  103. How to Build Your Own Speakers: Step-by-Step Guide
  104. Facebook Connect Coming To iPhone This Fall
  105. Police Director Sues AOL For Critical Blogger's Name
  106. Sexy Bluetooth That Proves Crime Does Pay
  107. Sirius and XM Coming To iPhone 2.0, and Maybe App Store?
  108. AT&T says initial iPhone sales double that of last year
  109. Nokia shares rise on Qualcomm deal (Reuters)
  110. Sanyo Develops Contactless Charger for Wii-mote (PC World)
  111. Ballmer's memo on Johnson's departure (CNET)
  112. Motorola Unveils Updated PEBL in South Korea (PC World)
  113. Attack Code Released for New DNS Attack (PC World)
  114. Nokia, Qualcomm settle patent dispute (CNET)
  115. Google close to buying social news site Digg: report
  116. China Mobile Phone Subscribers Pass 600 Million Mark (PC World)
  117. Digital Comics Coming to the Wii in Japan (PC World)
  118. Facebook expands winning open platform formula (AFP)
  119. Sony opens up e-book Reader to other booksellers (AP)
  120. Inside Apple's iPhone SDK Gag Order
  121. Microsoft's Online Woes Hint at Larger Vulnerability (PC World)
  122. Nokia, Qualcomm End Patent Disputes (TechWeb)
  123. Intel Takes on Embedded Market With Atom Chip (PC World)
  124. Facebook to help some programmers, punish others (AP)
  125. Amazon shrugs off high gas prices, weak economy (AP)
  126. If You Wanna Sell Plug-In Hybrids, You Gotta Make 'Em Sexy
  127. How to Be Understood at ComicCon
  128. How to Impress the Rubes and Win at the Carnival
  129. How to Promote Yourself, Boost Your Geek Cred, and Be the Hero
  130. How to Set Up a Velvet Rope on Facebook
  131. Why not learn a little language while you work, Amigo?
  132. Facebook Connects to the Wider Web (PC World)
  133. Researchers Create Highly Predictive Blacklists
  134. Apple Launching App Store Beta Program
  135. Kernel space: Full disclosure for security holes
  136. Baidu Second-quarter Profit Grows 87 Percent (PC World)
  137. Digg partners with Facebook to 'Connect' users
  138. Next Generation CPU Refrigerators
  139. Microsoft exec who led Yahoo bid leaving company (Reuters)
  140. Nokia, Qualcomm settle long-running dispute (AP)
  141. Top online, Windows exec to depart Microsoft (AP)
  142. Cool Futuristic/Concept Gadgets That Really Inspires
  143. Attack Code Published For DNS Vulnerability
  144. Trends & Innovations - Wednesday (Investor's Business Daily)
  145. Top Microsoft executive to leave company (Reuters)
  146. Intel Releases Moblin Into the Wild (PC World)
  147. Facebook Takes Steps to Clean House (PC World)
  148. The Coffee Fix: Can the $11,000 Clover Machine Save Starbucks?
  149. IPhone 3G Users Complain About Network Issues
  150. Security Matters: Lesson From the DNS Bug: Patching Isn't Enough
  151. Cancer Center Warns of Kids' Cellphone Risks
  152. Cancer expert warns on cell phones
  153. Attack Code Published For DNS Vulnerability
  154. Qualcomm posts quarterly profit, revenue rises (Reuters)
  155. Top online, Windows exec to depart Microsoft (AP)
  156. Turn Your Ubuntu Hardy to Mac OSX Leopard
  157. Why We Still Need the iPhone App Black Market
  158. Studies: Banking Web sites, corporate computers are insecure (CNET)
  159. Accenture offers software to 'green' a business (CNET)
  160. 'Watchmen' video game will prequel film (AP)
  161. Google's Knol, Expert Wiki, Goes Live
  162. iPhone vulnerable to phishing attacks (CNET)
  163. Tech awards go to plane de-icing goo, headlights (AP)
  164. Ubuntu founder: We can surpass Apple in two years
  165. The Best, Weirdest, Most Wonderful Gadget Designs of 2008
  166. Apple may be moving the MacBook to sub-$1000 territory
  167. BitTorrent Users Seek Compensation from Comcast
  168. Ubuntu Is Hyper-Active At OSCON
  169. Summary Box: Study sees online banking flaws (AP)
  170. Report: PlayStation 3 Game 'Failing Epilepsy Tests'
  171. Prosecutor: Admin Rigged City Network for 'Failure'
  172. Diving Knife Stabs, Pumps Out Explosive Ball of Frozen Gas
  173. Bike Multitool Packs a Big Kit Into a Tiny Package
  174. Review: Stephen Hawking's Secret Key to the Universe
  175. The Broadband Boom May Be Over
  176. Pitt's Cancer Institute warns of cell phone risks (AP)
  177. Which Open Source Video Apps Use SMP Effectively?
  178. Verizon offers to divest assets for Alltel deal (Reuters)
  179. iPhone 3G Shortages Could Last for Weeks (NewsFactor)
  180. Netflix shuts movie financing arm to focus on core (AP)
  181. Know that secret Apple product? THIS is it
  182. Nokia "The Dark Knight" Edition - Bat Phone (Photos)
  183. EC2 Vs. App Engine Vs. GoGrid Vs. AppNexus
  184. UN agency pushes global ID for emergency contacts (AP)
  185. AOL integrates widget tech to boost social-net ads (AP)
  186. Amazon 2Q profit doubles, beats estimates (AP)
  187. Why Castlevania Became a Fighting Game
  188. Q&A: X-Files' Chris Carter Talks Paranoia, Secrecy and Surprise
  189. Intel CEO Calls for 10 Million Plug-In Conversions Within Four Years
  190. Intel says Moblin update coming soon (InfoWorld)
  191. Trial delayed in Nokia-Qualcomm lawsuit (AP)
  192. Website claims to help drivers avoid speed traps (Reuters)
  193. Google Blogger "Hosts 2% of World's Malware"
  194. Cisco to Buy Home-network Software Vendor (PC World)
  195. Google Opens Doors to Knol (PC World)
  196. Study: Online banking possibly dicier than assumed (AP)
  197. Google unveils reference tool after 7-month test (AP)
  198. As Summer Heats Up, An Ode to the Man Behind AC
  199. Road Trip! Young Republicans Blog and Twitter Their Way Across the U.S.
  200. Waiters pick up part of LongHorn's labor costs (AP)
  201. NASA Scientists Suggest Planting a Lunar Garden
  202. Magic Tricks Reveal Inner Workings of the Brain
  203. Virtual tactile keyboard could make iPhone easier to use
  204. Open Tech offers a different twist on the Apple clone
  205. Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know
  206. Practical Django Projects
  207. EMC Revenue, Profit Defies Economic Woes (PC World)
  208. NAO Humanoid Robot Set To Hit the Market
  209. Suit May Ban Classic Wii Controllers (PC Magazine)
  210. Microsoft Opens Xbox 360 To Outside Game Creators (NewsFactor)
  211. Kaminsky on How He Discovered the DNS Flaw
  212. WarGames: A Look Back at the Film That Turned Geeks and Phreaks Into Stars
  213. Indie Game Developers Enlist Algorithms to Do the World-Building for Them
  214. Google Debuts Rival for Wikipedia, Written by Experts
  215. Stats Suggest Curious Trends In iPhone 3G Launch
  216. Blogger gets $200 check from HP for declining Vista's EULA
  217. The 6 sins of 'greenwashing'
  218. Why Power Failures Can Always Lead To Data Loss
  219. Review: TextBuyIt fun, easy to use, but limited (AP)
  220. Drug Companies Get Healthy, but at Whose Expense?
  221. 10 gadgets fit for Batman
  222. 17 free iPhone apps you need
  223. Slide Show: E3 2008 picks and pans
  224. Video Game Labeling Law Passed In New York
  225. Griffin brings slots to iPhone (Macworld.com)
  226. MS offers 1st hints at anti-Apple marketing blitz for Vista
  227. Groups Urge FCC to Keep the Internet Open
  228. SF Admin Gives Up Keys To Hijacked City Network
  229. DNS Security Flaw Leaked Before Patches Applied (NewsFactor)
  230. AT&T 2Q profit up 30 pct, matching Street's view (AP)
  231. Rivals embracing wireless hi-def video
  232. Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins
  233. Crossing the line on Steve Jobs' health
  234. 2nd firm tests Apple's legal resolve with Mac OS X-ready PC
  235. AT&T & DirecTV Are Backing MPAA's DVR-blocking initiative
  236. Experts Attack Big Content's EU Copyright Power-Grab
  237. Is Steve Jobs healthy, or not?
  238. MySpace Joins OpenID Coalition
  239. IAC to take $170 million charge for mortgage, real estate units (CNET)
  240. S.F. Admin Coughs Up Passcodes to Mayor
  241. MySpace Joins OpenID Coalition
  242. Ubuntu founder urges Linux desktop to rival Apple (InfoWorld)
  243. iPhone 3G brings continued optimism to AT&T strong second quarter growth (CNET)
  244. Electronics Giants to Create Wireless HD Standard
  245. Beijing's Apple Store Gets Crashed By Windows XP
  246. 7 Things Google should (and probably will)do if it buys Digg
  247. First Images of Russian-European Manned Spacecraft
  248. Design Flaws, Besides Vulnerabilities, Hurt Banking Sites (PC World)
  249. Joost, Tom Group Launch China Venture (PC World)
  250. Yahoo shares rise despite lackluster 2Q earnings (AP)