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  1. Firefighters Keep From Broiling With the Rosenbauer Water-Atomizing Nozzle
  2. Microsoft Beleases Hyper-V Virtualization Tech Beta (PC World)
  3. Earthlink Skips Key Hearing, Raising Doubts About Its Future
  4. Trends & Innovations - Thursday (Investor's Business Daily)
  5. KDE 4 Uses 40% Less Memory Than 3 Despite Eye-Candy
  6. Wii, "Call of Duty" top U.S. charts in November (Reuters)
  7. Mobile WiMAX could reach 80 million subscribers by 2013
  8. Jetpack with a 10 Mile Range Available Soon for $226,000
  9. What Happened to Demonoid, Will it Ever Return?
  10. Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon vs. Mac OS X Leopard
  11. Kindle DRM Hacked -- put your own ebooks on the Kindle
  12. How We Might Have Scramjets Sooner than Expected
  13. Nobel Winners Call for 'Science Debate', Candidates Spar Over Jesus-Lucifer Link
  14. Google Gives Picasa an iPhone Makeover
  15. Conflict of Interest Foils $31 Million in California Stem Cell Grants
  16. Wall Street Beat: AT&T, Cisco shine as clouds loom (InfoWorld)
  17. My ISP gave NBC my packet history, and they're abusing it.
  18. The Top 10 Worst Gadgets of 2007
  19. Google Keeps What Ask.com Erases
  20. Utah firm wants to go where GPS doesn't (AP)
  21. AMD plans to reach profitability in 2008 (AP)
  22. Recent Human Evolution May Have Been Driven By Self-Selection
  23. Opera vs. IE: Round One, Fight!
  24. Struggling Palm lays off workers (AP)
  25. Spring Integration boosts service-based apps (InfoWorld)
  26. Does Active SETI Put Earth in Danger?
  27. Divx Pro Download is Free, But Only For A Limited Time
  28. iPhone Video Recording Now Working with Drunknbass
  29. OFFICIAL: Facebook drops 'is'
  30. TV Industry Using Piracy As A Measure Of Success
  31. phpBB 3.0 has been released!
  32. Scoop: Google Analytics Updates - Compare Data Points
  33. CBS Radio Eyes Internet for Growth Opportunities (AdWeek.com)
  34. IBM cuts schools a break on $5M debt (AP)
  35. Facebook To License Its Platform Code (NewsFactor)
  36. Microsoft Re-Brands PlaysForSure
  37. Microsoft releases beta of Hyper-V virtualization technology (InfoWorld)
  38. Congressman Hollywood Wants To Make DMCA Tougher
  39. SEO Spammers: Leave Social Media Sites Alone!
  40. New Google Analytics features !!!
  41. The Secret of the Time Machine-Assisted Hard Drive Swap
  42. Opera Sues To Delink IE from Windows (NewsFactor)
  43. What Will Apple Release in 2008? (NewsFactor)
  44. Microsoft starts test of rival to VMware product (Reuters)
  45. "Assassin's Creed" boosts Ubisoft estimates (Reuters)
  46. Why US Wireless Isn't Wide Open
  47. A Mini Spy Camera Hidden in a Pen | Walyou
  48. OPENhulu: Watch most of Hulu.com content, no registration
  49. 6 Crazy Ways Apple Fans Demonstrate Unrivaled Fanboyism
  50. Netherlands adopts open-source software (AP)
  51. Lonely Canadian shocked to get $85,000 phone bill (Reuters)
  52. OpenLogic Wants to Count Open-Source Users (PC World)
  53. How to speed up your server
  54. Sony unveils hand-powered digital camera (AFP)
  55. Toshiba To Launch "Super Charge" Batteries
  56. FTC Chair Asked to Step Down From DoubleClick Review (PC World)
  57. Scientists Trap Light In Nano-Soup
  58. Microsoft's hands-on vision of the future
  59. Scientists take 2007's temperature
  60. Gene-Altered Mouse Has Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
  61. Gore Blasts U.S. for Blocking Progress at U.N. Climate Talks
  62. New 3D camera eyes Wii-style gameplay (Reuters)
  63. The Setup Behind Microsoft.com
  64. Vista SP1 Release Candidate Available
  65. Yo, Beer! Come here!
  66. Iran Tries to Hush Its AMD/Linux Supercomputer
  67. 9-Year-Old Talks About The $100 Laptop
  68. Second Life's CTO Resigns, Apparently to Get Another Life
  69. Curtain Goes Up on New Browser Battle, Thanks to Opera
  70. AMD to Face Tough Questions at Analyst Meeting (PC World)
  71. Opera Files EU Complaint Against Microsoft
  72. Northern Lights energy source discovered
  73. Candidates exchange swipes in video game
  74. Vista SP1 Release Candidate Available
  75. Computer Hackers Will Always Be Ahead Of The Law
  76. Opera files antitrust complaint with the EU
  77. Top sci-tech stories of 2007
  78. MySpace and Sprint land mobile partnership (Reuters)
  79. Facebook to License its Social Networking Platform (PC World)
  80. Movable Type Goes Open Source
  81. Top 10 New and Improved Apps of 2007
  82. A Child's View of the OLPC
  83. Group Plans to Bring Martian Sample to Earth
  84. KDE4 on the Asus EeePC !
  85. Update: Opera files EU antitrust suit against Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  86. AMD to face tough questions at analyst meeting (InfoWorld)
  87. MS eScience group offers database advice to scientists (InfoWorld)
  88. 'Penthouse' makes $500M hookup with social site Various (USATODAY.com)
  89. GNOME theme engine designer adds transparency to GTK
  90. Small browser firm files complaint over Microsoft (Reuters)
  91. Getting entrepreneurial in 2008 (InfoWorld)
  92. The Top 7 Gas Guzzlers of 2007
  93. PC game skewers politicians evenhandedly (AP)
  94. Web browser maker Opera complains to EU (AP)
  95. NY school opens lab for serious games (AP)
  96. Microsoft buys Web map company (AP)
  97. Navteq shareholders OK Nokia deal (AP)
  98. Howto: Make a Simplest Electric Motor
  99. Russian computer program fakes chatroom flirting (Reuters)
  100. Boeing 12,000lb Chemical Laser Set to Fry Targets
  101. DNS poisoning used to redirect unwitting surfers
  102. Two Chinese IPOs Soar In Market Debuts (TechWeb)
  103. Penthouse Puts Out $500M for Social Networking Sites (NewsFactor)
  104. Adobe open-sourcing data access technology (InfoWorld)
  105. CDN Forces Reactor Online Against Safety Regulations
  106. New `Jackass' movie to hit Internet (AP)
  107. Indonesia launches mobile tariffs probe (FT.com)
  108. The World’s Most Famous Photoshop Fakes
  109. Google rolls out new search design that AOL discarded
  110. Why do Apple customers care so much?
  111. Switching Hospital Systems to Linux
  112. XO Laptop - Child's View
  113. Microsoft yanks free Vista, Office offer
  114. Sun Niagara 2 CPU Now Open Source
  115. Intel Demos Software Defined WiFi/WiMAX/DVB-H Chip
  116. eeeXubuntu: Ubuntu for the Asus EeePC
  117. Why 'Anonymous' Data Sometimes Isn't
  118. What's Inside: Antifungal Agent Lotrimin Ultra
  119. Japanese Architect Puts Nothing Between Condo Residents and the Great Big Apple
  120. Dec. 13, 1809: Doctor Performs First Removal of Ovarian Tumor
  121. Ice Age Beasts Blasted from Space
  122. Remove Mono dependency from Ubuntu
  123. Second Life's CTO resigns (AP)
  124. 10,000 Frozen iPods Inside Popsicles Giveaway
  125. Death Expert Discusses Tennessee Corpse Farm, Harry Houdini
  126. California Wins Legal Battle to Make Cars Cleaner
  127. 'W00t' Takes l33t-Speak Legit With 'Word of the Year' Win
  128. eEye founder calls it quits (InfoWorld)
  129. Trade judge rules for Nokia over Qualcomm (Reuters)
  130. Army Opens New Office of Videogames
  131. CompUSA's Going-Out-Of Business Discount List
  132. How Much Greenhouse Gas Do California Swine Produce?
  133. Cloudware
  134. Sun Niagara 2 CPU Now Open Source
  135. Why Wireless in the U.S. isn't Wide Open
  136. Judge affirms $30M judgment against eBay (AP)
  137. What's This w00t and Why Is It Word of the Year? (NewsFactor)
  138. U.S. trade judge rules for Nokia over Qualcomm (Reuters)
  139. Sun Niagra 2 CPU Now Open Source
  140. Ch-Ch-Chatting With the South Pole's IT Manager
  141. US Government Caught Manipulating Wikipedia
  142. IPhone Time person of the year???
  143. DIY Auto-Dialing Business Card (w/Video Demonstration)
  144. Copyright Claim Erases 'Here Comes Another Bubble' Parody Video From YouTube
  145. NY school opens lab for serious games (AP)
  146. CNBC channels world business news to Yahoo (AFP)
  147. IBM ships update to Tivoli Identity Manager software (InfoWorld)
  148. Intel Demos Software Defined WiFi/WiMAX/DVB-H Chip
  149. The Next Social Network: WordPress
  150. Kindle Swindle - bring in Bozo and the DRM clowns
  151. Microsoft buys Web map company (AP)
  152. United Online Cancels Classmates.com IPO, Cites 'Market Conditions'
  153. Lawsuit Hits Activision for 'Guitar Hero III' Sound Problem
  154. Pregnant Women Don't Fall Over Because of Female Vertebra, Hip Joint
  155. AMD to take unspecified ATI charge (AP)
  156. Gallery: Digital Video Expo Is AV Geek's Wet Dream
  157. Review: `Conan' delivers fists of fun (AP)
  158. Largest Ever Digital Survey of the Milky Way Released
  159. Best Buy Hands Out Cease & Desist Letters for Christmas
  160. Study: 95% of all e-mail sent in 2007 was Spam
  161. Facebook Stirring Up Anger For Disabling Accounts
  162. EBay focusing on "user experience" (AP)
  163. Centric CRM changes name, releases 5.0 version (InfoWorld)
  164. PC game skewers politicians evenhandedly (AP)
  165. Cloned, Glow in the Dark Cats
  166. Movable Type is Open Source
  167. 10 Game-Changing Technologies coming in '08 [w/Pics]
  168. Apple to Open 40 NEW Stores in 2008
  169. Army Sets Up New Office of Videogames
  170. Scientist Employs 'Circuit Theory' to Protect Endangered Species
  171. EBay says to appeal patent infringement ruling (Reuters)
  172. Microsoft buys Britain's Multimap (AFP)
  173. Six Apart Reinvigorates Movable Type With New Open-Source Release
  174. House member questions Google (AP)
  175. Groups launch new white spaces campaign (InfoWorld)
  176. CSS Pocket Reference
  177. Apple Confirms iPhone Sales Limit Raised from Two to Five
  178. Windows Vista SP1 (release candidate) publicly available
  179. Review: Voodoo Envy M:152, Don't Waste Your Money
  180. San Francisco Pushes Ambitious Solar Energy Incentive
  181. Copyright Battle Erupts over Porn 2.0 (NewsFactor)
  182. Social site Bebo opens up to outside developers (Reuters)
  183. Desktop Synchrotron to Capture Molecular Action
  184. Navteq shareholders OK Nokia deal (AP)
  185. Your Cellphone May Be Your Flight’s Boarding Pass
  186. Review: Chords, solos glow on new guitar (AP)
  187. Online video helps troubled borrowers spot fraud (Reuters)
  188. World's first 'newspaper' phone launched in Sweden (AFP)
  189. Can Time Slow Down?
  190. Ch-Ch-Chatting With the South Pole's IT Manager
  191. Britons are keenest social networkers in Europe: report (AFP)
  192. Toshiba to ship new rechargeable battery (AP)
  193. Tax break for French video game makers (AP)
  194. OpenLogic wants to count open-source users - openly (InfoWorld)
  195. Hackers Exploit Access Database Flaw (PC World)
  196. Mahalo adds social networking to human powered search
  197. Cory Linden, Linden Lab #2 man gone -- fired or quit?
  198. Big Box Stores Will Sell Converters for Old Box TVs
  199. Virtual Congressman speaks at summit (AP)
  200. Report advises caution shoppping online (AP)
  201. Ex-JBoss founder joins startup (InfoWorld)
  202. US Government Caught Manipulating Wikipedia
  203. 'w00t' Named 2007 Word of the Year
  204. TomTom developing iPhone GPS module?
  205. NASA to fill shuttle fuel tank
  206. NASA Probes Isolate Energy Source of Northern Lights
  207. As Arctic Melting Accelerates, Climate Experts Fear the Worst
  208. The 5 Users You'd Meet in Hell
  209. What is the Internet?
  210. Foggy San Francisco has ambitious solar plan
  211. Rule will force NYC taxis to go green
  212. Retro tech channels old-school cool
  213. In-flight Internet too tempting for some
  214. Voyager 2 discovers solar system is bent
  215. Scientist: 'Arctic is screaming'
  216. 'Smarter' robots work in pairs
  217. Ask.com 'eraser' scrubs search requests
  218. Electronic tombstone takes death digital
  219. Gore: Next president must take on climate
  220. San Francisco Pushes Ambitious Solar Energy Incentive
  221. Cisco Readies Online Entertainment Platform (PC World)
  222. Should Cellular Services Block Unsolicited Text Messages? (PC World)
  223. Tempe Wi-Fi Network Goes up for Sale (PC World)
  224. UPS Using Software To Eliminate Left Turns
  225. Foggy San Francisco has ambitious solar plan
  226. 'w00t' Named 2007 Word of the Year
  227. In-flight Internet too tempting for some
  228. Microsoft's December Patches Squash Security Bugs (PC World)
  229. Eee PC's Sales Success Prompts Competition (PC World)
  230. San Francisco airs solar incentive plan (AP)
  231. Government Resources Called Too Tough to Find Online (PC World)
  232. "Canadian DMCA" delayed, protestors cautiously optimistic
  233. Cisco's EOS online-content platform coming next year (InfoWorld)
  234. Record Labels Change Minds About Sharing MP3s
  235. Open source and the corporate elephant (InfoWorld)
  236. Snag Vista Ultimate For Free, In Exchange For Your Privacy
  237. Watch out for the 'evil twin' when using public Wi-Fi (USATODAY.com)
  238. EU clears Sony Ericsson/Motorola deal (AP)
  239. Microsoft Office Access files targeted for attack (InfoWorld)
  240. Interoperability is top open-source customer worry (InfoWorld)
  241. iPhone preparing to overtake iPod
  242. Voyager 2 Shows Solar System Is "Dented"
  243. New Honda ASIMO Can Self Charge, Avoid People, Work In Group
  244. BEA adds Eclipse to ESB in SOA move (InfoWorld)
  245. FTC Says Payment Processor Took Millions
  246. Make Huge, High-Quality Photo Mosaics in Linux
  247. Office 2007 SP1 ready for download today
  248. Cult of Mac: Laser Etching Makes Its Mark on Apple Gear
  249. Techno Duo Justice Lays Down Its Fave 5 Party Tracks
  250. Google Accounts For More Than 65% Of U.S. Searches (TechWeb)