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  1. Symantec Releases Leopard-Compatible Norton AntiVirus (TechWeb)
  2. Unusual Color Wheels Found in Life and Art
  3. Microsoft Giving Away Vista Ultimate, With a Catch
  4. Scientist: 'Arctic is screaming'
  5. China seen top at texting, lndia drives mobile growth (Reuters)
  6. Nokia and Apple seem to have succeeded in suppressing ogg
  7. Homemade Optimus Prime Costume Also Deserves Props
  8. NBC bleeding cash after ditching iTunes
  9. Pro Tools Controller May Be Coolest iPhone App Ever (VIDEO)
  10. Flying Humans
  11. Tesla Coil Artist Sparks Up for Christmas
  12. TV Cocks Its Young Guns to Deliver New Media Programming
  13. Listening Post: Radiohead Makes Business Plans the New Punk Rock
  14. How Super-Precise Atomic Clocks Will Change the World in a Decade
  15. Gallery: Inside America's Time Lab
  16. Dec. 12, 2006: It's All Over for the Baiji Freshwater Dolphin
  17. Alt Text: Easy Ways to End All Diseases Immediately (and Forever)
  18. Generate color palettes from images
  19. Open Standards, One Web, and Opera - My Opera Community
  20. Trends & Innovations - Tuesday (Investor's Business Daily)
  21. ISP Inserting Content Into Users' Webpages
  22. Using a Bluetooth phone with Linux
  23. Wired's How To Wiki: Make the Perfect Wired Holiday Party Drinks
  24. "w00t" crowned word of year by U.S. dictionary (Reuters)
  25. Sync OpenOffice.org Docs with Google Docs
  26. KDE4 RC2 released!
  27. Geekipedia: Wireless -- Know Your PANs From Your WLANs
  28. Look Out, iTunes -- NBC Partners With ... SanDisk?
  29. Baker, Harting, Maurer Join 'Dead Man's Cell Phone' Cast in NYC (Playbill)
  30. Chambers: Older workers, don't despair (InfoWorld)
  31. Why Xbox Live Doesn't Take Exact Change
  32. Best Buy Hates Satire and Free Speech
  33. 15 Tips to Choose a Good Text Type for an Article
  34. AskEraser Giving Searches Ability To Search Anonymously
  35. The Rug Alarm +17 other genius alarm clocks to wake you up.
  36. Look Out, iTunes -- NBC Partners With ... SanDisk?
  37. New 'Halo 3' Heroic Map Pack Expands Master Chief's Universe
  38. More Antarctic Dinosaurs
  39. Ohio Plans To Encrypt After Data Breach
  40. Google Street View Expands to 8 New US Cities
  41. Slide Show: The gift of gadgets
  42. Five ways to share music without getting sued
  43. Holiday downloads
  44. All-in-one security suites
  45. Great game PCs for holiday high rollers
  46. PC World editors' holiday wish list
  47. Microsoft Launches Ads on MSN Mobile (NewsFactor)
  48. Sun to discontinue developer tools in favor of NetBeans (InfoWorld)
  49. Mobile Linux Group Releases First Specification
  50. The Top Five GTD Software Apps for Windows Vista
  51. Group files text-blocking complaint with FCC (InfoWorld)
  52. Citizen Science and Grid Computing
  53. The Top 10 Dumbest Web Site Decisions
  54. Review: 'Golden Compass' Film Gets Hopelessly Lost
  55. GM Dedicates Design Studio to Electric Vehicles
  56. LinkedIn's New Battle Against Facebook (NewsFactor)
  57. The week in video-game news (AP)
  58. The Future of AJAX and the Rich Web
  59. Google Hacks 2.0 - Security Issues
  60. Intel Chips from 1971 to 2007
  61. 'Smarter' robots work in pairs
  62. Facebook May Be Violating the Law, Professor Says
  63. Nokia Fights To Defend Its Dominance (NewsFactor)
  64. Microsoft releases Office update ahead of schedule (Reuters)
  65. Computer Model Points To the Missing Matter
  66. Why I Never Want Anything To Do With Verizon Ever Ever Again
  67. Rent or Buy? Startup Helps You Map the Difference
  68. Sega to Develop Mind-Controlled Toys
  69. Chris Dodd Rallies Google to Oppose Demands for User Data
  70. RIAA: those CD rips of yours are still "unauthorized"
  71. Ask.com 'eraser' scrubs search requests
  72. Facebook, ID fraud, and the dark side of the Web (InfoWorld)
  73. The Home Library Problem Solved
  74. In-flight Internet too tempting for some (AP)
  75. Norton AntiVirus 11 Ships for Leopard (NewsFactor)
  76. Eee PC's sales success drawing a crowd (InfoWorld)
  77. SAP, VMWare ink support pact (InfoWorld)
  78. Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of 2007
  79. Will Privacy Sell?
  80. Hands-on with BetaBlue, JetBlue's WiFi-equipped Airbus
  81. U.N. Chief: Agree to Climate Controls or Face Oblivion
  82. Cognos rebrands Applix (InfoWorld)
  83. Iran Builds Supercomputer From Banned AMD Parts
  84. iTunes TV Shows coming to Canada this week!
  85. Maroon 5, Fergie are top iTunes sellers (AP)
  86. Monthly Mini-Fast May Be Good for Your Heart
  87. Dell Unveils Its First Tablet Computer (NewsFactor)
  88. URAM Finds Place in Mobile TV Chips (PC World)
  89. KDE and KOffice Rebuke OOXML, GNOME Dithers
  90. Host Your Domain with Free Apps
  91. Voyager 2 discovers solar system is bent
  92. Human Differences More Profound as Evolution Speeds Up
  93. Report: iPhone to be target of hackers in 2008 (Macworld.com)
  94. Red Hat delays new software for PCs until January (Reuters)
  95. Online Sex Offender Database Leads To Murder?
  96. Epic Battle| The BlackBerry Screen Cleaner vs. My Pant Leg
  97. The least used page on microsoft.com
  98. Sandisk Moves Into Vietnam (PC World)
  99. Canadian ISP tests injecting content into web pages
  100. 15 Great photo managers to organize photo albums
  101. NBC to provide TV shows for SanDisk service (Reuters)
  102. Ogg Vorbis / Theora Language Removed From HTML5 Spec
  103. Toshiba launching SCiB batteries in March: 5 min charge, 10
  104. AT&T boosts dividend, expanding TV plans (AP)
  105. Sony says U.S. electronics unaffected by economy (Reuters)
  106. Mars Rover Investigates Possibility of Ancient Microbial Life
  107. Fark Seeks to Trademark NSFW
  108. Make Your Car Moan Like Jenna
  109. Ask.com Allows Users to Erase Search Queries
  110. Sony: Innovation key after restructuring (AP)
  111. InfoSpace, Yahoo extend search agreement (Reuters)
  112. Tempe Wi-Fi network on the block (InfoWorld)
  113. DNS attack could signal Phishing 2.0 (InfoWorld)
  114. Coverity looks to thwart race conditions in apps (InfoWorld)
  115. Playing With Atomic Clocks At Home
  116. 5 of the Best Magazines For Your Photos
  117. Man vs. woman: Let's play 'Dead or Alive 4' (USATODAY.com)
  118. KDE 4 works well with 256 MiB of memory and 1 GHz CPU
  119. Coghead launches VAR program for online app dev (InfoWorld)
  120. Humans Evolving 100 Times Faster Than Ever
  121. From Sketch to Breathtaking Wordpress Blog Design in 6 Min
  122. Eight awesome features you didnít know about in Ubuntu
  123. Weird Science Offered As University Class
  124. Hacking VIM
  125. RIAA Argues That MP3s From CDs Are Unauthorized
  126. The 25 Coolest (and Most Unconventional) Keyboards
  127. 30 Delightful Graphic Design Books
  128. Apple TV 2.0....iPhone & iPod Touch as Remote?!!
  129. Most Noteworthy HDTVs for the Holidays (PC World)
  130. UK Wants Huge Expansion In Offshore Wind Power
  131. Apple's Mac market share rise is good for consumers
  132. Nanotech firms find room on campus (AP)
  133. German high-tech sector needs Asian talent, leaders say (AFP)
  134. Police Closes Pirate Bay Investigation, Trial Awaits
  135. Wired Test 2007: Portable Media, Make Your iPod Roar with the Harman/Kardon Go+Play H
  136. Ask.com to unveil new privacy control (AP)
  137. Matt Cutts 3 Step Process to Building a Really Good Site
  138. FCC Requires Backup Power For 210K Cell Towers
  139. Nokia wants W3C to remove Ogg from upcoming HTML5 standard
  140. Ask.com allows users to erase search queries (Reuters)
  141. Van Halen's L.A. home threatened by muddy waters (Reuters)
  142. Canadian DMCA Bill Withdrawn
  143. First Digg Images Visualization
  144. A history of the Amiga, part 5: postlaunch blues
  145. The Best: Geek Sports — Segway Polo, Anyone?
  146. Mr. Know-It-All: Breathing in China, Tattling on eBay, Debunking a Snake Oil
  147. Gallery: Time Hackers and Their Toys
  148. Dec. 11, 1844: Laughing Gas Dulls the Pain of a Savage Dentist
  149. Amateur Time Hackers Play With Atomic Clocks at Home
  150. Ron Paul Supporters Hack Campaign Finance Law to Send Blimp Aloft
  151. Fark 'NSFW' Trademark Bid All in Good Snark?
  152. Microsoft Fxes Bug in Windows Live File-Sharing Service (PC World)
  153. KDE 4 'consumes 39% less memory than KDE 3
  154. Nokia to W3C - "Ogg Is Proprietary, DRM Good"
  155. Microsoft forging dev tool, database links (InfoWorld)
  156. Weird Science Offered As University Class
  157. Vudu to offer HD movies online (AP)
  158. MSN puts ads on mobile phones (InfoWorld)
  159. LinkedIn Opens API to Nurture Productivity Software (PC Magazine)
  160. Top List of Communities for Designers - Cool
  161. Third World Computers
  162. StupidFilter - Time to Fight Back the Imbeciles
  163. Myths, Lies, and Truths about the Linux kernel
  164. KDE takes stand on OOXML; GNOME dithers
  165. Color in Nature: Parrotfish, Colourful and Helpful
  166. Humans Evolving More Rapidly Than Ever, Scientists Say
  167. Universal Socializes with Imeem for Streaming Music (NewsFactor)
  168. Radiohead prepares for physical release of CD (Reuters)
  169. Dutch ODF Plan Could Sideline Microsoft
  170. The offices of todayís leading internet companies
  171. Three Notebooks Under $500: Tested, Reviewed and Rated
  172. Holiday Dealz: Samsung Blu-ray Player Drops to $300
  173. Zune vs iPod: The Results Are In
  174. NASA Snaps Mysterious "Night-Shining" Clouds
  175. Microsoft fixes bug in Windows Live file-sharing service (InfoWorld)
  176. Texas Instruments raises Q4 midpoint, shares up (Reuters)
  177. Mobile Linux Group releases First Spec (PC World)
  178. Yahoo! Answers, A Librarian's Worst Nightmare
  179. Will ISP Web Content Filtering Continue To Grow?
  180. In Test, Canadian ISP Splices Itself Into Google Homepage
  181. Document Hints At Pentagon's Plans for HAARP Mystery Outpost
  182. TI updates 4Q sales, profit guidance (AP)
  183. 19 Mindblowing Photoshop-jobs[PICS]
  184. Iran builds super computer based on AMD products
  185. VOIP on iPod touch
  186. Could This Become Ubuntu's New Theme for Hardy Heron?
  187. U.S. Eyes 'Pain Beam' for Home Security, Law Enforcement
  188. Apple Confirms: You Can Now Buy Five iPhones, Not Just Two
  189. Will ISP Web Content Filtering Continue to Grow?
  190. Is AIBO returning from the dead?
  191. Mobile Linux group releases first specification (InfoWorld)
  192. Universal music streams online in deal with imeem (AFP)
  193. Violent game 'Manhunt 2' wins appeal against British ban (AFP)
  194. The 305 RAMAC — First Commercial Hard Drive
  195. New Wheel of Time Author Chosen
  196. Want a Mac? The IRS Wants to Help
  197. Survey tracks cell phone only households
  198. AT&T to buy Cisco core routers for network upgrade (Reuters)
  199. IBM Announces Optical Chip Breakthrough (NewsFactor)
  200. Hacking VIM
  201. New Wheel of Time Author Chosen
  202. The Twice Shy Entrepreneur
  203. Nanotech firms find room on campus (AP)
  204. Microsoft to serve ads for CNBC.com (AP)
  205. Young, poor prefer cells to landlines (AP)
  206. JetBlue Readies Inaugural Wi-Fi Flight (NewsFactor)
  207. How To: Make an iPhone/iPod Touch dock out of a dollar bill
  208. Kidney Cells Make Implantable Power Source
  209. Copy That Floppy, Lose Your Computer
  210. New LinkedIn Platform Shows Facebook How It's Done
  211. Local Online Ad Spending to Double in 2008 (NewsFactor)
  212. Robots That Bounce on Water
  213. Ask an Expert About Online Political Campaigning
  214. More Windows Errors Take Over the World
  215. Generate Awesome Photomosaics On Linux With Metapixel
  216. Epcot Ride Shuns Steve Jobs for Woz?
  217. Copy That Floppy, Lose Your Computer
  218. Microsoft to provide advertising for CNBC Web site (Reuters)
  219. Slaughterhouse Workers Fall Ill; Inhaling Pig Brain Mist Blamed
  220. Clean Up Your Act, Gore Tells U.S., China, or Answer to History
  221. LinkedIn Opens Itself to Developers (NewsFactor)
  222. Copy That Floppy, Lose Your Computer
  223. Apple Ultra-Portable MacBook Rumor Roundup
  224. 6 Online Text to Speech Tools you would not want to miss
  225. "Fatwas" on rise but believers don't always listen (Reuters)
  226. Report: iPod, iPhone among most sought after items in Europe (Macworld.com)
  227. Japanese Vendor Crafts Cell Phone for Kids (PC World)
  228. Widget syndicator Clearspring launches ad network (Reuters)
  229. LinkedIn Revamps Site, Opens to Developers (PC World)
  230. SenseCam Aids Patients with Memory Problems
  231. Microsoft Disses Windows to Sell More Windows
  232. Electronic tombstone takes death digital
  233. Reuters and International Herald Tribune sign content deal (Reuters)
  234. Fark.com trying to get trademark on
  235. Gore: Next U.S. leader must take climate seriously
  236. Startup gets ad data via Web providers (AP)
  237. Denver Airport Offers Free Wi-Fi (PC World)
  238. Iona upgrades open, closed source SOA technologies (InfoWorld)
  239. 2008, The Year of the Spaceship
  240. Top US military research labs infiltrated by hackers
  241. IBM wins order from Vodafone's India arm (AP)
  242. Microsoft sells banner ads on MSN Mobile (AP)
  243. NTT DoCoMo updates kid-friendly cell phone (InfoWorld)
  244. Denver airport goes fast and free on Wi-Fi (InfoWorld)
  245. Are You Proud of Your Code?
  246. Red Hat offers JBoss Developer Studio IDE (InfoWorld)
  247. Linux To Take Over The Low-End PC Market?
  248. Break That Warranty Sticker: ASUS Says Itís OK! (Eee PC)
  249. Microsoft Office Live Workspaces misses the mark (InfoWorld)
  250. Microsoft starts offering U.S. ads on MSN Mobile (Reuters)