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  1. Weekend Humor - Macworld Bloopers
  2. Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of NSFnet, Internet Origins
  3. Universal Music Group in Web deal with Imeem (Reuters)
  4. Study Says Linux Slash E-waste levels by 50%
  5. Corporations Face Problems with Employee Emails
  6. Former Anti-Nuclear Activist Does A 180
  7. Top 10 free Linux 3D games
  8. MV Agusta's Limited-Edition Superbike Is One Sexy Beast
  9. Get a Glimpse of Crytek's Sci-Fi Shooter — and Its High-Performance Engine
  10. Gallery: Looking Back at 25 Years of the C64, the Ultimate '80s Computer
  11. Universal Music Group, immeem ink deal (AP)
  12. LinkedIn courts developers, lands BusinessWeek deal (Reuters)
  13. Electric Cars to Help Utilities Load Balance Grid
  14. Universal Music inks deal with imeem (AP)
  15. Borland to mix ALM, business intelligence (InfoWorld)
  16. Former Anti-Nuclear Activitist Does A 180
  17. Top 10 Worst Computer Worms of All Time
  18. Gallery: Up Close and Personal With Future Green Car Tech
  19. Dec. 10, 1845: The Pneumatic Tire, an Idea Ahead of Its Time
  20. What's New in Blade Runner - The Final Cut?
  21. Picasa 2.7 for Linux
  22. 10 Top Sites for Colo(u)r Lovers
  23. Leaked MediaDefender Emails Show Student P2P Traffic Down
  24. The Open Source Challenge. How to replace Windows completely
  25. Forget the Linux Desktop, its the Linux Laptop that matters!
  26. Ashlee Simpson out of her head with new single (Reuters)
  27. Defense Demonized Missing Wife in Week Four of Hans Reiser's Murder Trial
  28. Front Page Addiction: Destroying Families, Ruining Lives
  29. New Web site encourages fan remixes and interaction (Reuters)
  30. AdBlock for Safari 3 with Leopard support.
  31. Nokia Claims Ogg Format is "Proprietary"
  32. Blackbird Rider – Carbon Fiber Guitar
  33. Dvorak Slams OLPC As 'Naive Fiasco'
  34. Firefox 3 beta goes portable
  35. Company brings offline data to Web ads (AP)
  36. Startup gets ad data via Web providers (AP)
  37. Picture-Sorting Dogs Show Human-Like Thought
  38. Red Hat Challenges IBM With Open Source Messaging System (TechWeb)
  39. StormCenter 7 Pwned by Firefox
  40. Video Surveillance Identifies Threat Patterns
  41. Video Surveillance Identifies Threat Patterns
  42. Shoemoney and John Chow Go Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.
  43. Blogger arrested after threats to kill students
  44. Brawndo, It's Got Electrolytes. It's What Plants Crave
  45. The Most Awesome Maglite Collection you will ever see
  46. Top 10 Worldwide Rising Search Terms - Google
  47. HP Grows Business Intelligence Services (PC World)
  48. Russian Chatbot Passes Turing Test (Sort of)
  49. New Seagate Drives Have Real Difficulties With Linux
  50. Where are Wii?
  51. 3 New Startups for Watching Free TV Online
  52. Faulty sensor grounds Atlantis again
  53. Ubuntu 7.10 on PS3
  54. Study Finds Film Enjoyment Is Contagious
  55. New Seagate Drives Have Real Difficulties With Linux
  56. Usability is a Conversation
  57. Making a Buck Online - Without Ads
  58. Facebook Wakes To Find Its Members Making Money - G-A-S-P!
  59. Bar Codes Keep Surgical Objects Outside Patients
  60. Will You Buy? More Companies Turn To Predictive Analytics Software (TechWeb)
  61. Rock band's lawsuit takes aim at videogame (Reuters)
  62. India mobile firms pool infrastructure to cut costs, speed rollout (AFP)
  63. Amarok 2 as a technology platform, and beyond Amarok 2.0
  64. MySpace gears up for more music with Transmissions (Reuters)
  65. Police Investigate Imposter Angle in MySpace Hoax
  66. New Wave Power Research Rising Off Oregon Coast
  67. GOOGLE co-founder and Larry Page’s Marriage : Ratevin
  68. You are the 10,000th visitor, Digg ads are ridiculous [PIC]
  69. Climate Scientists Tout Seaweed As Potent Weapon
  70. Amazon Gift Ordering Patent Revoked In EU
  71. Adaptive Thirty Meter Telescope Sees Progress
  72. CompUSA To Close All Stores
  73. Mozilla Inks Deal With Chinese Search Giant
  74. Mozilla Inks Deal With Chinese Search Giant
  75. The Pirate Bay Now Running on Opentracker
  76. Steve Jobs 2.0...Jonathan Ive to be the next CEO of Apple?
  77. Linux is about to take over the low end of PCs
  78. Nanorobots for Drug Delivery?
  79. Open Source Group Sues Verizon (PC World)
  80. The Role of Retroviruses in Human Evolution
  81. 50Cent File-Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Artists They Should Adapt
  82. Amazon Gift Ordering Patent Revoked in EU
  83. PayPal Says Linux Good; Know-it-all Web User Says Otherwise
  84. ATTENTION: Quicksilver Needs Your Help
  85. Kylie Minogue site unites fans via cell phones (Reuters)
  86. Step, a Physics Simulator for KDE4
  87. Fighting Spam Through Regulation and Economics
  88. Using Wireless Signals in Games
  89. Ubuntu 7.10 on Asus Eee PC w/ out-of-the box Compiz (video)
  90. Google and BskyB links up to bring... yep more ads
  91. Five Things We Don't Miss About Old-School Computing
  92. Ruby on Rails 2.0 is Done
  93. Gene Found to Explain Repeated Mistakes
  94. iPhone Dev Team releases code for the AnySim unlock tool
  95. Adaptive Thirty Meter Telescope Sees Progress
  96. First Baby Step to Net Access on Planes
  97. Open Source 'Sage' Takes Aim at High End Math Software
  98. Riding Rails: Rails 2.0: It's done!
  99. Rip DVDs in Linux the (Semi-)Easy Way
  100. NYT Editorial Slams ISPs Over Online Freedom
  101. When Acts of God Bring Down Web Hosts
  102. Space shuttle launch delayed until Sunday
  103. CompUSA to Close All Stores
  104. FFMPEG Hosting & Starting a Video Youtube Site
  105. Interactive 3D Virtual Environment
  106. Smelling Blood, BREIN Targets Mininova, Torrentspy and...
  107. Nanotube-Excreting Bacteria Allow Mass Production
  108. Jimmy Wales Says Students 'Should Use' Wikipedia
  109. Mo. police probe blog in Web hoax case (AP)
  110. Microsoft Releases HD Photo Plug-In For Photoshop (TechWeb)
  111. Star Wars-Obsessed Rocket Geeks Build and Launch an X-Wing Fighter
  112. Postal Service to Netflix: redesign your mailers or face fee
  113. NY Governor Calls for Statewide Broadband (NewsFactor)
  114. IBM Claims Optical Computing Breakthrough (NewsFactor)
  115. Wikipedia Sued For Nazi Sympathies
  116. Guest Opinion: America's Best-Known Atheist Riffs On Golden Compass
  117. Firefly Lives - New Comics in 2008
  118. Is Digg the Best Social News Site?
  119. Investors Find Green Technology Is Not an Easy Win
  120. Review: Buggy Xbox Originals Needs a Major Overhaul
  121. Millechili: Exclusive Look at Ferrari of the Future
  122. Flux Capacitor
  123. How To Boost Your Cellular Signal
  124. Dell's Latitude XT Convertible Laptop Ready to Ship (PC World)
  125. Wireless Operators Tap Africa, Other New Markets For Growth (Investor's Business
  126. To Wii Or Not To Wii Mostly A Moot Point As Supplies Dry Up (Investor's Business
  127. Graph Shows Fraud in Russian Elections
  128. Tech Startups Eye IPOs Again, After Long Lull
  129. Report: Cybercrime Stormed the Net in 2007
  130. In-flight e-mail makes US debut on JetBlue with Yahoo (AFP)
  131. RIM, Yahoo, JetBlue to offer in-flight Wi-Fi (InfoWorld)
  132. A Gaming Mouse Wunderkind—The Reaper Edge
  133. Net's A-List Meme Masters to Meet at ROLFCon
  134. Cinematic Titanic Steams Into 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Waters
  135. Canadian DMCA Won't Include Consumer Rights
  136. Verizon hit with GPL copyright lawsuit over router software
  137. Facebook for $15 Billion? The Price Is Right, VCs Agree
  138. Ruby on Rails 2.0 released for Web apps (InfoWorld)
  139. Macrovision to buy Gemstar-TV Guide (AP)
  140. Facebook Removes Firewall from Applications
  141. Free Basecamp Alternative – Project2Manage
  142. Review: 'Rock Band' hits right notes
  143. US Military 'Hacked' by Emails
  144. Titans of Tech - The 60 Minutes Video Collection
  145. Top Five Airport-to-City Rail Connections
  146. Dell's Latitude XT convertible laptop ready to ship (InfoWorld)
  147. IT Pro Admits Stealing 8.4M Consumer Records
  148. The Biggest Emerging Technology Disappointments of 2007
  149. Free software group files copyright suit against Verizon (InfoWorld)
  150. Stolen laptop had 268,000 blood donor IDs (InfoWorld)
  151. Spread Some Holiday Cheer With These Viral Sites
  152. Facebook CEO apologizes for privacy snafu (Reuters)
  153. Verizon Being Sued for GPL Infringement
  154. Gates Expresses Surprise Over IE8 Secrecy
  155. Commodore 64 Still Loved After All These Years
  156. Inside the Strange Design Process of Nintendo Genius Miyamoto
  157. JetBlue Tests High-Flying Wi-Fi Service (NewsFactor)
  158. Cisco Intros New Role-Based Security Architecture (NewsFactor)
  159. Narrowing the Space Flight Gap
  160. Scientists Report Success in Treatment With 'Reprogrammed Stem Cells'
  161. Students should use Wikipedia: founder (AFP)
  162. Mozilla, Opera look to make video on the Web easier (InfoWorld)
  163. Pleo Review - A Toy Robot Triumph?
  164. New Apple store highlights "geniuses," services (Reuters)
  165. Track the location of any cell number using GPS. Scary stuf!
  166. China's Take on Climate Change Reform: U.S. Should Lead by Example
  167. CORRECTED: New Apple store highlights "geniuses," services (Reuters)
  168. Commodore 64 Still Beloved After All These Years
  169. Drupal 6.0 beta 4 released
  170. Lawmaker pulls Nazi symbol charges (Reuters)
  171. Why Google Doesn't Need to Win the Bid to Win in January
  172. New Western Digital HDs Won't Let You Share Files On Network
  173. Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain
  174. Lawmaker pulls Nazi symbol charges against Wikipedia (Reuters)
  175. AT&T Wireless Network Is Open Too
  176. Giant Building to be "Printed Out" and Assembled [w/pics]
  177. 'BetaBlue' Flight to Launch Limited Onboard Net Access
  178. Court lets FCC Verizon broadband action stand (Reuters)
  179. AT&T Says 'We're an Open Network' (NewsFactor)
  180. State of the Onion 11
  181. Promise of OOXML Oversight By ISO Falls Through
  182. JetBlue to introduce wireless in flight email and IM
  183. 2018 Mazda3 LA Show design winner completed
  184. Court lets FCC Verizon broadband action stand (Reuters)
  185. The Register Exposes More Wikipedia Abuse
  186. YouTube users prefer lousy science over the real deal
  187. How to Create a Slick Black iMac in Photoshop
  188. Love affair with Commodore 64 continues
  189. Don't get lost shopping for GPS (AP)
  190. Group Hopes to Rename Street After Douglas Adams
  191. Syria blocks Facebook (AP)
  192. Report: Apple threatens shops selling iPhone in Singapore (Macworld.com)
  193. The Cult of Kindle
  194. SAFE Act won't turn mom-and-pop shops into WiFi cops
  195. Saturn's Moons Built From Ring Material
  196. Airlines to Offer In-Flight Internet Service
  197. Congress Creates Copyright Cops
  198. Say Goodbye to Community WiFi: Congress Passes 'SAFE Act'
  199. Report: Apple threatens shops selling iPhone in Singapore (InfoWorld)
  200. Macrovision to buy Gemstar-TV Guide (Reuters)
  201. Get your game on at 'GameTrailers' (USATODAY.com)
  202. Light to shrink computer clusters
  203. Dell will sell computers at Best Buy (AP)
  204. Elite ninja photography skillz [pics]
  205. Apple's 14th Street Manhattan flagship store revealed [Pics]
  206. Films shot on camera phones get showcase (AP)
  207. Private Company First to Take on Lunar X Challenge
  208. Web 2.0 companies getting in on the holiday spirit
  209. Group Hopes to Rename Street After Douglas Adams.
  210. Nielsen To Offer Web Copyright Protection System
  211. US Anti-Piracy Bill Increases Penalties for Copyright
  212. All 235 low-cost webcams supported ... thanks to this man
  213. IBM files patent complaint vs Taiwan's Asustek (Reuters)
  214. Unusual Data Disaster Horror Stories
  215. Toyota Unveils Violin-Playing Robot
  216. Why Comcast's rough stretch may be good for its customers
  217. Rights Watchman Uses Satellite Photography to Monitor Abuse in Crisis Zones
  218. Meet the Mario Maestros Who Have Videogame Music Rocking Concert Halls
  219. Google Opens 'Mac Developer Playground' (TechWeb)
  220. The Name Game: Using Keywords in URL Filenames
  221. The Programmer Dress Code
  222. Toyota Unveils Violin Playing Robot
  223. Western Digital Service Restricts Use of Network Drives
  224. MacHeist 2's Mission 1 has started!
  225. Researchers track presidential candidate spam back to botnet
  226. Interview: Quicksilver's Creator on the Future of QS
  227. Wired's How To Wiki: Spot a Fake iPhone and Other Knock-Off Electronics
  228. Wii Zapper Saps Shooter Fun, but 'Link's Crossbow Training' Rocks
  229. Touring a Salty, Creepy Uranium Mine
  230. Former 'No Nukes' Protester: Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Power
  231. Dec. 7, 1941: Attack at Pearl Harbor a Bold, Desperate Gamble
  232. 10 Steps That Got My Friend on Digg's Homepage, Overnight
  233. Amarok 2: now with 100% more audio playing on Windows
  234. What's new? A robot that plays the violin
  235. JetBlue to test limited in-flight Net (AP)
  236. Tech Stocks Rally, but Spending Concerns Linger (PC World)
  237. IBM System to Scan Streets in Beijing, New York (PC World)
  238. Ron Paul Spam Traced to Reactor Botnet
  239. Google Spreadsheets Gets Monitoring Software (PC World)
  240. PayPal Switches to Linux on Mainframes
  241. Conservative Bloggers Heart Romney -- But Do Iowa Evangelicals?
  242. IBM system to scan streets at Beijing Olympics, NYC (InfoWorld)
  243. Microsoft Taps Indie Cool With Zune Arts Videos
  244. New Apple store highlights "geniuses," services (Reuters)
  245. Comcast is an Evil Corporation that Sucks
  246. Disney launches UK kids portal, Europe to follow (Reuters)
  247. Apple iPhone winning corporate fans despite flaws (Reuters)
  248. Seagate to Buy E-Discovery Company (PC World)
  249. Promise of OOXML Oversight By ISO Falls Through
  250. Western Digital Restricts Use of Network Drives