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  1. House passes SAFE act governing open wifi
  2. Good Character Design Comes from Great Shapes
  3. Google Lunar X-Prize Gets First Official Entrant
  4. Cast Your Vote In Wired's 2007 Vaporware Awards
  5. California Plans for a $750 Million Biotech Bank
  6. Hackers get data of federal lab visitors (AP)
  7. Microsoft Pushing Windows XP for XO Laptops (NewsFactor)
  8. Best Buy to Distribute Dell PCs (PC World)
  9. ClusterSeven offers monitoring for Google spreadsheets (InfoWorld)
  10. Western Digital Cripples Network Drives
  11. Greatest 404 Image Ever
  12. Google embiggens iPhone services with single-screen UI
  13. Fujitsu LifeBook S6510: Unboxed and Fully Felt Up
  14. JetBlue to test limited in-flight Net (AP)
  15. Palm expects loss in 2Q (AP)
  16. Crowdsourcing Software Development to the Masses
  17. Top 25 Gifts for Guys this Holiday Season
  18. Apple sub-notebook to retail for $1500, 3G iPhone by June
  19. Sorry, your account has been disabled. Gmail
  20. Microsoft to test Windows on XO (AP)
  21. Facebook Messages: Small Change, Big Impact.
  22. 3G iPhone and $1500 'Super Laptop' in 2008
  23. Wrapup of entertainment quotes (AP)
  24. Peer production
  25. Bloggers Using New Tools to Build Personalized Social Networks
  26. Microsoft Wants OLPC System to Run Windows XP
  27. Balancing Robot Can Take a Kicking
  28. Forget Trillian or Pidgin, Heres Google
  29. DELL: Updating system BIOS when running Ubuntu
  30. Apple, Other Laptops Using New Intel 'Penryn' Chips Might Debut in January
  31. AT&T will not unlock the iPhone to use on other networks (InfoWorld)
  32. Brain Changes When Viewing Violent Media
  33. The State of HD-DVD (Gizmodo)
  34. Politician files Wikipedia charge over Nazi symbols (Reuters)
  35. JetBlue, Yahoo, Rim plan free in-flight Wi-Fi (Reuters)
  36. Vista SP1, Server 2008 in Final Tests (NewsFactor)
  37. Electronic Nostalgia: 'chiptune' music (AP)
  38. Dell to sell PCs at Best Buy (Reuters)
  39. MPAA Boss Makes Case for ISP Content Filtering
  40. Internet Explorer 8
  41. Is Microsoft's New Volta a Java Killer? (NewsFactor)
  42. Seagate buys e-discovery company (InfoWorld)
  43. YouTube Breeding Harmful Scientific Misinformation
  44. Microsoft feeling heat from Linux in budget flash PC market
  45. Google launches iPhone applications
  46. Dell will sell computers at Best Buy (AP)
  47. Google Seeks To Open Wireless Market (NewsFactor)
  48. IBM files patent complaint against Taiwan's Asustek (Reuters)
  49. Motorola backs fourth-quarter forecast (Reuters)
  50. Security Agent App Flawed, Says Cisco (PC World)
  51. Universities bring video games into classrooms (Reuters)
  52. Blast-Proof Fabric Resists Multiple Explosions
  53. Rumor: CompUSA Going Out of Business in January
  54. Silicon Valley Wireless Group Seeks Builder (PC World)
  55. Postal Service Surcharge Could Slash Netflix Profit
  56. Toyota's new personal mobility, violin-playing robots [PICS]
  57. U.S. Can't Get Its Greenhouse Gas Act Together
  58. Newspapers Seek Salvation Online, and a Big Election Year
  59. Mark Zuckerberg Red in the Facebook (NewsFactor)
  60. Physical therapists prescribe Wii time (Reuters)
  61. Cisco warns of bug in desktop software (InfoWorld)
  62. IBM Files FTC Complaint Against Asustek (PC World)
  63. Most In US Have False Sense of Online Security
  64. Can IBM connect cores in a chip with light?
  65. Toyota shows violin-playing robot (AP)
  66. SourceForge Opens Online Marketplace (PC World)
  67. Oracle Buys Moniforce (PC World)
  68. IBM files trade complaint against Asustek (InfoWorld)
  69. Best Windows Error Ever May Rip Time-Space Continuum
  70. Top 10 Geeky Websites: Where Real Geeks Gather
  71. Oracle buys Dutch apps performance manager Moniforce (InfoWorld)
  72. Experts to Facebook: Mind Your Manners (PC World)
  73. Lenovo Announces ThinkPads Preloaded With XP
  74. IBM says breakthrough speeds supercomputer on chip (Reuters)
  75. Non-Competes As the DRM of Human Capital
  76. Who REALLY Needs Your Social Security Number
  77. SourceForge opens eBay-like marketplace (InfoWorld)
  78. IBM Researchers Build Supercomputer-on-a-Chip (PC World)
  79. House Bill Could Criminalize Free Wi-Fi Operators
  80. Online matchmaker prays for love at Japan shrine (Reuters)
  81. EVE-Online Patch Makes XP Unbootable
  82. California Testers Find Flaws In Voting Machines
  83. FOX News gives a good review of One Laptop Per Child
  84. Atlantis set for high-profile delivery mission
  85. Three rookies, little experience on Atlantis
  86. Facebook lets users block marketing tool (AP)
  87. Facebook chief apologizes for feature exposing users (USATODAY.com)
  88. AT&T flings cellphone network wide open (USATODAY.com)
  89. IBM researchers build supercomputer-on-a-chip (InfoWorld)
  90. Microsoft to trial Windows XP on OLPC in January (InfoWorld)
  91. Economy may slow tech industry's growth (AP)
  92. Trolltech pours on the Java dev goodness (InfoWorld)
  93. The Beginning Of The End: The Linux Take Over
  94. Top 10 Free Windows File Wranglers
  95. Unmanned Aircraft Will Test Air Traffic Control
  96. Seiko Epson halts rear-projection TV sales (Reuters)
  97. Microwave beam car stopper tested, fries cars in nanoseconds
  98. Writers guild seeks Web compensation (AP)
  99. Compiz Fusion news - lots of new plugins
  100. Google Trends API coming soon
  101. Inside the Black Hole, a Spare Parts Warehouse for Nukes
  102. Engineer Bill Baker Is the King of Superstable 150-Story Structures
  103. Nielsen To Offer Copyright Protection System For The Web (TechWeb)
  104. Tech Professionals Rank Top Tech Toys For The Holidays (TechWeb)
  105. VW, Apple "iCar" talks on hold
  106. Ham Radio Operators Are Heroes In Oregon
  107. What If Yoda Ran IBM?
  108. Facebook Caves To Privacy Protests Over Beacon
  109. Chinese Moon Photo Doctored, Crater Moved
  110. Ten Rules For Startup Success
  111. XKCD: Python
  112. 8 Predictions for Macworld 2008
  113. High Earning Spammers Face Tougher Sentences
  114. Brocade exec guilty in stock option case (AP)
  115. The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault
  116. Slaughtering Whales As an Expression of National Culture
  117. International Hunt for Missing Backpacker Harnesses Blog Power
  118. Dec. 6, 1850: The Eyes Have It, Thanks to the Ophthalmoscope
  119. Microsoft to Try Windows XP Out on OLPC in January (PC World)
  120. The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault
  121. Need some extra juice? Check out this 5.25" bay PSU
  122. Facebook CEO Apologizes, Lets Users Turn Off Beacon
  123. Radiohead, The Verve, Other Bands Seek Piece of Ticket Scalpers' Action
  124. Bali: Poor Countries Demand Climate Change Aid
  125. Microsoft Releases New Windows Server, Vista SP1 Test Code (PC World)
  126. Format war conspiracy theory: it's a Microsoft fix [WTH]
  127. Facebook Adds Global Opt-Out for Beacon and Apologizes
  128. Brocade Exec Convicted in Stock Option Backdating Case
  129. Google picks iPhone for launch of new mobile app (InfoWorld)
  130. Users and Web Developers Vent Over IE7
  131. Vista Goes Nagware To Fight Piracy (NewsFactor)
  132. Level Design For Games
  133. Crayon Physics on the iPhone
  134. Gmail links to AOL instant messaging (AP)
  135. News Corp. buys Beliefnet (AP)
  136. First Look Inside New Gigantastic NYC Apple Store [PICS VID]
  137. Daniel Burka Talks About Interpreting User Feedback
  138. In black and white: a review of the Santa Rosa MacBook
  139. Brocade exec guilty in stock option case (AP)
  140. Microsoft spikes dirty Santa bot (AP)
  141. Facebook apologizes for ad platform 'mistakes' (AFP)
  142. Silicon Valley wireless group seeks new builder (InfoWorld)
  143. Microsoft releases new Windows Server, Vista SP1 test code (InfoWorld)
  144. What If Yoda Ran IBM?
  145. Facebook Caves to Privacy Protests Over Beacon
  146. Facebook Apps Hit 10k in Number: Are We Still Excited?
  147. iPhone iSync: the beginnings of WiFi syncing
  148. Spam Promoting Ron Paul Traced to Ukrainian Botnet
  149. Former Evangelical Minister Has a New Message: Jesus Hearts Darwin
  150. Experts Warn of Online Coupon Scams (AP)
  151. MICROSOFT drops support for OOXML!
  152. Sports superstars top young earners list (Reuters)
  153. Chinese Moon Photo Doctored, Craters Moved
  154. Massive 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Maelstrom Makes the DVD
  155. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Florida Schools
  156. AIM Hack Shows AOL Hasn't Patched Critical Security Hole
  157. Microsoft Wants To Give You A Rorschach
  158. Digg is from Mars, Reddit is from Uranus
  159. Facebook backpedals from new ad system (AP)
  160. Young Europeans prefer Internet to TV: poll (AFP)
  161. Yahoo Adds Photo-Editing Tools to Flickr (NewsFactor)
  162. NEC Develops World's Fastest MRAM
  163. Exit Strategy
  164. Newspapers hope for online growth in '08 (AP)
  165. Facebook CEO apologizes for privacy snafu (Reuters)
  166. Apple's iPhone Sales Sluggish in Europe (NewsFactor)
  167. Verizon Wireless Plans Support for Google's Android (NewsFactor)
  168. Western Electric 500: The Iconic Image for All Telephones
  169. Google Revamps iPhone-Optimized Homepage
  170. Who Needs Photoshop? Flickr Debuts Online Image Editor
  171. Facebook Is Always Watching You -- Here's How to Stop It
  172. Verizon: Open access should cut costs (AP)
  173. Experts to Facebook: Mind your manners (InfoWorld)
  174. Level Design For Games
  175. No-assembly humanoid is affordable toy (AP)
  176. Professors learn in virtual world (AP)
  177. Adobe Updates Flash Media Server Apps (NewsFactor)
  178. Sun Offers Reward Program to Boost Open Source Effort
  179. DVICE: Top 10 technology wonders that don't exist yet
  180. Microsoft's Best New OS (Hint: It's Not Vista) (PC World)
  181. Space Shifting DVDs to Cost Extra?
  182. Asus predicts it will ship 3.8 million Eee PCs next year
  183. Vista pirated half as much as XP, Microsoft rejoices
  184. Exclusive:Technorati Relaunches To Focus On Core Blogging Au
  185. Continental Pilots Phone-Based Boarding Passes (NewsFactor)
  186. Did SCO Get Linux-mob Justice?
  187. Drug Sales Reps Taking Their Intrusive Pitching Online
  188. Bali's Dying Coral Reefs Reviving, Thanks to Electricity
  189. Nokia sees HD video on cellphones in a few years (Reuters)
  190. Old Software or Open Source?
  191. Nokia, Universal Target iPod With "Comes With Music" Phone
  192. Google unveils application for iPhone (Reuters)
  193. How To Beat Congress's Ban Of Humans On Mars
  194. Nintendo's Wii tops British shoppers' search list (Reuters)
  195. Dell's World of Warcraft Laptop
  196. Photo Editing On Flickr Goes Live
  197. Google Pre-Launches New iPhone Interface
  198. December's coolest gadgets (InfoWorld)
  199. Salesforce Readies Collaboration Service (PC World)
  200. News Corp. Buys Beliefnet (PC World)
  201. Orange sells 30,000 iPhones in five days (InfoWorld)
  202. Microsoft Fueling HD Wars For Own Benefit?
  203. Metacity beats compiz-fusion
  204. Better ways of using your computer [FUNNY PICS]
  205. Will eBay be banned in France?
  206. Ten Excellent Online Apps For the Innovative Teacher
  207. Academic Games Are No Fun
  208. Check scams thrive, especially online (USATODAY.com)
  209. Adobe's new CEO zeroes in on Web (USATODAY.com)
  210. Weigh In On the OOXML Issue During Live Debate
  211. Ron Paul spam traced to Ukrainian botnet (InfoWorld)
  212. iPhone: Download Files With Safari. New plugin!
  213. Venture capitalists, and their fake profile pages on Facebook
  214. Nielsen to unveil Web piracy remedy: WSJ (Reuters)
  215. Privacy Breach In Canadian Passport Application Site
  216. The 20GB+ Eee PC mod
  217. 5 reasons why you should use Ubuntu 7.10 instead of Vista
  218. MPAAs University Toolkit hit with DMCA takedown notice
  219. Orange says sold 30,000 iPhones so far in France (Reuters)
  220. Salesforce launches data-sharing technology (InfoWorld)
  221. Major Breakthrough In Spintronics Research
  222. US kids find it easy to buy adult-rated videogames: survey (AFP)
  223. Gmail + chat + AIM
  224. New BMW Isetta
  225. The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold
  226. Universal's CEO Once Called iPod Users Thieves. Now He's Giving Songs Away
  227. Intel's D201GLY board already on sale
  228. German Court OKs Locked iPhones for T-Mobile (NewsFactor)
  229. German Court Rules iPhone Locking Legal
  230. Gibson unveils self-tuning guitar
  231. McDonalds caught on dirty play
  232. DoJ: 222,000 damages in RIAA trial is not unconstitutional
  233. Urination, bloody gore puts video games on list
  234. How Does The Internet Work? Tennis Balls & Tubes Duh!
  235. Facebook Admits Ad Service Tracks Logged-Off Users
  236. Featured: 9 New Internet Startups out of LA
  237. PDF Is Now ISO 32000
  238. Spring Cleaning for Your Blog (Yes, I Know it's Winter)
  239. Red Hat's New Business Software (PC World)
  240. Uncovering the Secrets of Ireland's Ancient Breweries
  241. Nightmare Christmas Movies You'll Never See
  242. Dec. 5, 1951: 'Your Car Is on the 12th Floor, Lady'
  243. Big Museum, Tiny Cars
  244. The GameSpot controversy
  245. Facebook has reached a new low.
  246. British Village Requests Removal From GPS Maps
  247. Stop Downloading Fakes and Junk From BitTorrent
  248. MySpace-MTV Town Hall Wins Presidential Debate Format Wars
  249. Detroit Prosecutor Thinks Videogames Cause Crime
  250. Hilarious Web 2.0 Bubble Bursting Music Video