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  1. The Ultimate WoW Laptop [PICS]
  2. Cisco snaps up former Motorola CTO (AP)
  3. iPhone tops list of 2007 Google searches (Reuters)
  4. Google's Android: Verizon Hedges on Using It (PC World)
  5. Apple OKs 13-inch LED BLUs units for use in ultra-portable
  6. New editing program touches up Flickr (AP)
  7. Startups Tell VCs: Don't Show Me the Money (Yet)
  8. Encyclopedia Smackdown: Wikipedia Founder Jimmy 'Jimbo' Wales vs. Citizendium's Larry
  9. As Intel Surges, PC Makers Prop Up Its Main Competitor
  10. Verizon hedges on using Android (InfoWorld)
  11. Red Hat aims MRG software at IBM, Tibco (InfoWorld)
  12. Gadgets for seniors
  13. Slide Show: Best in show
  14. Going green, one crib at a time
  15. Amazon Kindle: Igniting Interest in E-Books?
  16. Fixes for your computer woes
  17. New gadget? Sell or recycle your old one
  18. New editing program touches up Flickr (AP)
  19. Can You Spot the Atheism in 'The Golden Compass'?
  20. Bidders emerge in wireless auction (AP)
  21. Compiere launches 3.0 version of ERP offering (InfoWorld)
  22. Erratum Plagues Quad-Core Opterons, Phenoms
  23. How to Score a Wii This Christmas
  24. Google integrates AIM into Gmail (InfoWorld)
  25. Final Repair Mission To Extend Hubble's Life
  26. Judge finds copyright defense unconvincing in RIAA lawsuit
  27. Wired Test 2007: Laptop Accessories
  28. Former Motorola CTO takes the same position at Cisco (InfoWorld)
  29. Freakonomics Q&A With Bruce Schneier
  30. ConceptShare Releases V2 of Design Collaboration Tool
  31. The Top 100 Tech Innovations of All Time!
  32. Website Design for your Customers - It's not what you want
  33. Dell Readies $4,450 WoW Laptop
  34. Apple Ultraportable Rumor of the Month
  35. Second Brocade options case goes to jury (AP)
  36. Nokia Unveils Internet Services (PC World)
  37. German iPhones Locked Again (PC World)
  38. Sun Dangles Cash Prizes for Open Source Coding (PC World)
  39. DoJ Sides With RIAA On Damages
  40. Flash Player 9 Update 3 for linux released!
  41. Facebook and The Myth Of Contextual Advertising
  42. Nokia lays plan for more Internet services (Macworld.com)
  43. Microsoft Drops the Windows Vista Kill Switch (NewsFactor)
  44. Drug promotion takes to the Web (AP)
  45. SAP CEO says hasn't talked with Microsoft on sale (Reuters)
  46. The week in video-game news (AP)
  47. Microfluidic Chips Made With Shrinky Dinks
  48. Blind Hacker Says He's No Friend of Convicted SWATters
  49. Web site helps Canadian shoppers get U.S. deals (Reuters)
  50. Nokia Details Mobile Strategy Shift (NewsFactor)
  51. $360M Patent Suit Over iPhone Voicemail
  52. The Incredible iBlade
  53. Chip problem limits supply of quad-core Opterons
  54. Microsoft To Retire Anti-Piracy 'Kill Switch' in Next Vista Update
  55. Activision Blizzard Readies for Gaming's Post-Retail Future
  56. Kyrgyz candidate barred from election over blog (Reuters)
  57. IBM purchase of Cognos gets U.S. antitrust approval (Reuters)
  58. Group cites video game sex, violence (AP)
  59. An Acerbic Look At the Future of Reading
  60. The 20 Best iPod Utilities
  61. Remains of New Prehistoric Reptile Species Found, We Think
  62. Verizon Wireless Joins Google-Backed Phone Consortium
  63. Professor Makes Lab on a Chip With Shrinky Dink and Toaster Oven
  64. 'Super Mario Galaxy' Director Sneaks Stories Into Nintendo Games
  65. T-Mobile Wins iPhone Battle in Germany (NewsFactor)
  66. SAP puts a Web 2.0 spin on CRM upgrade (InfoWorld)
  67. AT&T To Decommission Pay Phones
  68. Phantoms "Hell on Wheels" Car
  69. Gmail Releases New Color-Coded Label System
  70. SAP unveils its first software for iPhone (Reuters)
  71. Verizon Embraces Google's Android
  72. MacintoshGUI.com - A Goodie Everyday
  73. View4View.com Launches Experimental Video Sharing System
  74. VIDEO: Torturing the new Pleo. What happens if you...
  75. German Court Reverses Ruling, Backs iPhone Exclusivity
  76. Estonia launches embassy in virtual world Second Life (AFP)
  77. The Technology Coming to a Gadget Near You (PC World)
  78. Nokia helps operators target the enterprise (InfoWorld)
  79. Leopard Runs on PCs (PC World)
  80. BBC Rules That Wi-Fi Radiation Findings Were Wrong
  81. North, South Korea Unite Over Linux
  82. Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia
  83. Music group seeks share in concert ticket re-sales (Reuters)
  84. Britney tops Yahoo searches for 2007 (AP)
  85. Alabama Schools to be First in US to Get XO Laptop
  86. F-Secure: Malware samples doubled in one year (InfoWorld)
  87. Nokia lays plan for more Internet services (InfoWorld)
  88. Wi-Fi chip set sales soaring this year (InfoWorld)
  89. Sun to dangle prize money over open-source efforts (InfoWorld)
  90. SAP shows sales software with Web 2.0 interface (Reuters)
  91. Google Announces Fastest Growing Search Terms
  92. What’s Next for Firefox? Online Services, Of Course!
  93. Virtual gifts: Reality check or rip-off?
  94. When It Comes to Squelching a Cough, Grandma Knew Best
  95. Bus-Sized Sea Reptile Fossil May Be a New Species
  96. News Corp to buy Beliefnet: source (Reuters)
  97. Microsoft to Try Nagging Housewife Approach to Pirated Software
  98. AV Testing Guidelines Coming Next Year (PC World)
  99. Sun Sets Date for Ops Center Release (PC World)
  100. The $10 Billion Poker Game Begins
  101. Earthlink employee recommends Linux on an official Earthlink blog!
  102. The Pedophile's Secret Code - Symbols and Logos to Watch Out For
  103. Microsoft's sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children
  104. The 56 Geeks Poster
  105. News Corp to buy Beliefnet: source (Reuters)
  106. Diffing Guantanamo Bay SOP Manuals
  107. German court upholds iPhone exclusivity (AP)
  108. Windows DNS Flaw Is Back (PC World)
  109. T-Mobile can sell iPhone with contract: German court (Reuters)
  110. Saints on cellphones spark controversy in Italy (Reuters)
  111. Fujitsu and Taiwan NGO to set up WiMAX software JV (Reuters)
  112. Microsoft Withdraws Vista's Kill Switch
  113. MPAA's University Wiretap taken down for Copyright Violation
  114. DSL outage hits AT&T in Southeast
  115. EBay, Yahoo Japan Sign Auction Deal (PC World)
  116. Nokia sees growth in mobile users in '08 (AP)
  117. LimeWire Antitrust Claims Against RIAA Dismissed
  118. Large Tech Companies Moving Beyond the Cubicle
  119. Are virtual gifts a reality-check or rip off?
  120. Group will develop AV testing guidelines by early next year (InfoWorld)
  121. First-Semester Shock (BusinessWeek Online)
  122. Virtual Reality - Real Pain
  123. Dead Easy: Create A Your Own Custom Ubuntu 7.10 Live-CD With Remastersys
  124. Microsoft: Windows flaw could steer IE to hackers (InfoWorld)
  125. Auction watchdog takes eBay to court (AP)
  126. Wireless Keyboard "Encryption" Cracked
  127. Little Japanese Vans, Big American Style
  128. Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone's visual voice mail
  129. Graffiti artist Banksy strikes again - in Bethlehem
  130. Secret Mailing List Rocks Wikipedia
  131. Hacking In the Real World of Design
  132. Nokia to shed light on future profits (Reuters)
  133. Yahoo Japan, eBay unite in online auctions (AP)
  134. Yahoo Japan, eBay team up in online auctions (AFP)
  135. OOXML's 662 Resolutions
  136. 8 watt pc: Ideal for robotics?
  137. KDE4 Desktop Effects (KWin Composite) Video Tour
  138. Reviews: Persepolis, a Master of Monsters Biography, The Simpsons Game
  139. New Windows Genuine Advantage to roll out (AP)
  140. Microsoft looks to curb piracy in Vista update (Reuters)
  141. Adobe upgrades, cuts price on video streaming software (InfoWorld)
  142. Best Buy Porn Thief Inquisitions Revealed
  143. The Mac EVDO Card Shootout
  144. Best of CSS Design 2007
  145. DSL outage hits some AT&T customers (AP)
  146. Vivendi-Activision deal blends strengths (AP)
  147. Wikipedia agrees to Pay Contributors - Finally!
  148. Spam Trap Claims 10x-100x Accuracy Gain
  149. Apple caves in Hollywood face off, will raise iTunes movie prices
  150. Hoax Misrepresents Corporate Consortium's Climate Change Goals
  151. Judge dismisses LimeWire antitrust suit (AP)
  152. 2007 Graphic Design Inspiration
  153. Ars Technica 2007 Gaming Gift Guide
  154. PayPerPost Fights Back Against Google's PageRank Changes
  155. Report: Yahoo, eBay to team up in Japan (AP)
  156. MP3 Blogs Offer File Sharing Even the RIAA Could Love
  157. Dec. 4, 1858: It Was Very Cold the Day Chester Greenwood Was Born
  158. MPAA Forced To Take Down University Toolkit
  159. JotSpot to Spawn Google Sites - Can it Make Intranet CMS Dinosaurs Extinct?
  160. Digg Explorer v1.1 - Impressive Visualization Tool for Digg Data
  161. SixApart Sells Livejournal to Russian Company SUP
  162. Indie Game Designers Get Inspired by Thinking Small
  163. The Golden Compass: The Making of Philip Pullman's Epic Fantasy
  164. Li Ka-shing foundation buys Facebook stake: source (Reuters)
  165. eBay, Yahoo Japan to tie up in auctions (InfoWorld)
  166. Taiwan betting on WiMax to win hotspot status (FT.com)
  167. Big Merger Sparks Video Game Stocks (Investor's Business Daily)
  168. Two-year sentence in night vision case (AP)
  169. Yahoo Japan, eBay to link up auction services (Reuters)
  170. Klausner sues Apple iPhone over voicemail (Reuters)
  171. Motorola technology chief leaves (Reuters)
  172. MP3 Format Still Gathering Momentum
  173. The Days of our Facebook: How Love Turned to Hate
  174. iPhone browsing marketshare closes in on .1% and PASSES WINDOWS MOBILE
  175. Hans Reiser's Mom Tells Jurors One Thing, Police Another
  176. Gibson Pitches Robo-Tuning Guitar, but It Doesn't Come Cheap
  177. The way Leopard's Dock was supposed to be
  178. Facebook gets $60M from Asia billionaire (AP)
  179. Only some state data appears on Google (AP)
  180. Microsoft Buys Startup to Boost Web, Mobile Services (PC World)
  181. Apple, AT&T and Others Sued Over Voicemail Patent Violation (PC World)
  182. Sprint sees slower cancellation rate in 2008 (Reuters)
  183. AJAX benefits, issues cited by Zimbra exec (InfoWorld)
  184. Take-Two CEO: Video game mergers "inevitable" (Reuters)
  185. CA: Beacon's reach extends to non-Facebook users (InfoWorld)
  186. "Terminator" franchise plans videogame assault (Reuters)
  187. FCC Chairman Tries For More Media Consolidation
  188. Unboxing Chumby - Another Linux powered Device That is Making Waves
  189. Gibson shows new self-tuning guitar (AP)
  190. Obama Launches Website to Track Clinton's 'Attacks'
  191. 10th Annual Vaporware Awards: Call for Nominees
  192. Security in Ten Years
  193. Peru Orders 260K OLPCs, Mexico to Get 50K
  194. NJ Blogger Fights for Anonymous Free Speech
  195. Samsung to Produce Faster Graphics Memory
  196. Chimps Outscore College Students on Memory Test
  197. $999 For a Complete DNA Scan, Worth it?
  198. Dinosaur Fossil Found With Preserved Soft Tissue
  199. A Look at Microsoft's Security War Room
  200. Governments Prepare for Cyber Cold War
  201. The First 100 Dot Coms Ever Registered
  202. Open Source Hardware Gift Guide
  203. Firefox Security Head Says Microsoft Obscures OS Holes
  204. FCC May Move to Cap Cable Company Size
  205. Facebook Beacon Privacy Issues Worse Than Previously Thought?
  206. OLPC Lawsuit-Bringer Has Past Fraud Conviction
  207. Steve Jobs to headline Macworld San Francisco 2008 with keynote address
  208. Lifehacker: How to Track Down Anyone Online
  209. Mozilla COO: over 125 million people use Firefox
  210. Mozilla scoffs at vulnerability study rating IE superior to Firefox
  211. Facebook Founder Finds He Wants Some Privacy
  212. Open source hardware gift guide
  213. Wireless keyboard encryption easily broken
  214. Portrait Photography: The Difference Between Snapshots and Art
  215. The Hydra Project: An Anti-Piracy Proof BitTorrent Tracker
  216. 7 Alternatives to Flickr
  217. Cover-up: special investigator "cures" virus with 7-stage hard drive wipe
  218. Attackers target unpatched QuickTime flaw that affects Windows & Macs.
  219. Modded PC in NES console
  220. James Bond Style License Plate Flipper
  221. 5 Things We Miss About Old-School Computing
  222. Is Photography Dead?
  223. 24 Awesome Liquid Droplet Photos Shot at Just the Right Moment [PICS]
  224. Interview With Founder of Digg Filter
  225. Patent for an "energy weapon protection device" -Tazer proof jacket.
  226. Xfce 4.4.2 released
  227. Amazon and Wal-Mart unwittingly team up against DRM
  228. Google Reveals 2008 Plans For Google Apps
  229. The World's 1st Web Server [Photo]
  230. Tesla coil Christmas tree [pics]
  231. The Old World’s Tallest Buildings in 1884 (Pic)
  232. First OLPC deployment: now it’s real.
  233. Divorce360 To Walk You Through That Statistically Inevitable Breakup
  234. Facebook drops controversial 'opt-out' advertising service
  235. NBC officially removed from the iTunes Store
  236. No Swiss DMCA! Help me fight this law.
  237. 30 quick fixes for Windows XP & Vista
  238. How To Crack WiFi WEP
  239. AMD's Future is Dim with Phenom
  240. Blizzard merges with Activision for $18.8bn
  241. The Secret to Getting a Lot of Web Design Work
  242. Is good design just a formula?
  243. Wikipedia will be licensed under Creative Commons
  244. BBC interviews the Pirate Bay
  245. 'WildCharger' leads wireless power revolution
  246. What's in your cell phone contract?
  247. How to get the most out of your HDTV
  248. 39 ways to put yourself on the Web
  249. Prince: The artist who formerly liked the Internet
  250. How to be a tech hero