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  1. Speculation On a Second Internet Economy Collapse
  2. Slimmed Down MySQL Offshoot Drizzle is Built For the Web
  3. Speculation On a Second Internet Economy Collapse
  4. AT&T profit rises on wireless growth (Reuters)
  5. Battle of the Typing: iPhone, Treo, WritingPad, PC
  6. Linux is easier to install than XP
  7. McAfee: SMBs Underestimate Cybercrime Risks (PC World)
  8. Vodafone announces share buy-back worth one billion pounds (AFP)
  9. Attention to lighting can make a huge difference in your photos (USATODAY.com)
  10. Japanese Browser Maker Takes On IE, Firefox
  11. It's Too Darn Hot
  12. Vodafone unveils surprise $2 billion share buyback (Reuters)
  13. World's Oldest Bible Going Online
  14. Nokia: German court rules Qualcomm patent invalid (Reuters)
  15. More problems reported with Apple's MobileMe Mail
  16. Vodafone announces share buy-back worth £1.0 bln (AFP)
  17. Nintendo, Fujifilm start Wii online photo service (Reuters)
  18. iPhone and iPod case roundup (Macworld.com)
  19. Linux tools to convert file formats
  20. Businessweek Source: Steve Job's CANCER Has Not Returned!
  21. Next Generation SSDs Delayed Due To Vista
  22. Vodafone plans share buy-back worth 1.0 billion pounds (AFP)
  23. Internet television service Joost enters China (AFP)
  24. SF mayor gets codes to hijacked city network (CNET)
  25. Broadband Innovations, Part 1: The 21st Century Athlete (PC World)
  26. MPAA Wants to Dictate What Device You Play Movies On
  27. Is Anyone Using the Google Web Toolkit?
  28. Sun readies Web stack featuring choice of OSes (InfoWorld)
  29. Electronics giants to create wireless HD standard (AP)
  30. July 23, 1956: Bell X-2 Sets Aircraft Speed Mark
  31. Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows on BitTorrent
  32. Apple may be releasing sub $1000 macbook later this year
  33. Sun Moves to Indirect Sales for Most US Customers (PC World)
  34. Nintendo Loses Controller Patent Lawsuit
  35. Apple Stock Bitten by Earnings Forecast, Jobs
  36. Intel price cuts, effective now!
  37. Ryan Block Steps Down as Engadget Editor
  38. China arrests cyber dissident, rights group says (Reuters)
  39. Wordpress for iPhone Now Avaliable
  40. Alt Text: Back to the Batcave: Grading More of Batman's Gear
  41. Google Maps Gets More Pedestrian
  42. Higher, Faster, Stronger: 1950s Experimental Aircraft
  43. How to Ace Your Math SATs
  44. New Geoengineering Scheme Tackles Ocean Acidification, Too
  45. Pentagon Slices and Dices Darpa Budget
  46. What Works, What Doesn't, on Mobile Web
  47. Details of DNS Flaw Leaked; Exploit Expected by End of Today
  48. Mark Shuttleworth: life on mars, Ubuntu in emerging markets
  49. Kids Are Now Learning Game Design
  50. New Rifle Tech Offers Variable Muzzle Speed
  51. IAC to take $170M in charges for spinoffs (AP)
  52. New York state passes video game labeling law (Reuters)
  53. Broadcom 2nd-quarter profit nearly quadruples (AP)
  54. Crowd-sourcing the e-car (Reuters)
  55. Yahoo 2Q profit erodes but not as badly as feared (AP)
  56. Art shock troops mock Russian establishment (Reuters)
  57. Firefox 3 Follows IE7's Security Settings
  58. Google In Negotiations To Acquire Digg For “Around $200M"
  59. 40 Brutally Honest Gadget Ads No Company Would Ever Run
  60. UOF Vies to Be a Third Contender in ODF–OOXML Battle
  61. How Safe Are Your 'Tweens' Online? (PC Magazine)
  62. VMware forecast disappoints, shares tumble (Reuters)
  63. Broadcom revenue, earnings beat estimates (Reuters)
  64. DNS Security Flaw Leaked Before Patches Applied (NewsFactor)
  65. Wordpress for iPhone Released!
  66. Buy From Amazon With Your TiVo
  67. Icahn recounts thought process behind settlement (CNET)
  68. TiVo to Cash In on Couch Potato Commerce
  69. Bin Laden Driver Faces Life Behind Bars Even if Acquitted
  70. Electric Cars Are Inevitable ... and Essential
  71. Computer Security Dire as Malware Spammers Get Sense of Humor
  72. EMusic Extends Into Social Networks
  73. MySpace to join rivals in sharing log-ins
  74. COPA Suffers Yet Another Court Defeat
  75. VMware to Offer Low-footprint ESX Hypervisor Free (PC World)
  76. Live blog: Yahoo discusses second quarter (CNET)
  77. Yahoo Q2 Profit Down, Below Analyst Views
  78. The ASUS Sneak Attack
  79. GM Joins Utilities to Ensure Plug-In Hybrids Can Plug In
  80. The First Paper-Based Transistors
  81. Sony Aims to Step Up Sales and Dethrone Nintendo (NewsFactor)
  82. Rumor: Apple’s secret product is ‘MacBook touch’
  83. Troll Patents Lists In Databases, Sues Everyone
  84. Apple's MobileMe Problems Mount (PC Magazine)
  85. Yahoo's 2Q profit declines 18 pct as woes deepen (AP)
  86. Interview: Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto
  87. Even McCain Campaign Hopes to Profit From Obamamania
  88. Microsoft to Sell Home-brewed Xbox Games, Share Revenue
  89. Net Censorship Law Struck Down Again
  90. ISP Responds to Lawmaker Concerns About Ad Tracking (PC World)
  91. 400+ High Quality Patterns
  92. GM, Utilities Partner To Advance Plug-In Hybrids
  93. Amazon and TiVo to Partner for Impulse-Buy Ads (PC World)
  94. US Court Strikes Down COPA, Again (PC World)
  95. Report: 'Dark Knight' Star Bale Accused of Assaulting His Mom, Sister
  96. FavTape: Playlists Don't Get Any Faster Than This
  97. Get Your Computer Online Using Your iPhone's Data Connection
  98. Apple shares beaten late on concerns over CEO's health
  99. $250 Freescale-Based "Green" "Cloud" Computer
  100. Court affirms online content law unconstitutional (AP)
  101. Step Right Up and Buy ... The Holy Grail!
  102. Report: Beware of 'chaos' SharePoint Can Create (PC World)
  103. Pwnage 2.0 Released: We Jailbroke Our iPod Touch as a Test
  104. Halite, a Fast and Lightweight BitTorrent Client
  105. Half of the 50 hottest girls on Digg are fake
  106. Scientists Solve Riddle of Toxic Algae Blooms
  107. Vector Graphics Lead Wish List For Future Browsers
  108. Microsoft turns to users for new wave of Xbox games (Reuters)
  109. MySpace joins shared identity service OpenID (Reuters)
  110. Call Someone – Without Having To Talk To Them
  111. Ubuntu Puts Big Emphasis on Small PCs at OSCON (PC World)
  112. Kaspersky Says Hacking Attack Did No Damage (PC World)
  113. Avoid those awkward cell-phone moments
  114. Intel updates parallel development tool (InfoWorld)
  115. The Government Keeps Losing Laptops w/ Super Sensitive Info
  116. Help build dead simple tablet PC!
  117. Face off: Windows vs Linux real world RAM and disk tests
  118. Cameraphone (pic)
  119. NASA May Hire Japanese Spacecraft For ISS Service Mission
  120. China Mobile Begins 3G Marketing Push (PC World)
  121. E-gold Owners Plead Guilty To Money Laundering
  122. How to Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool
  123. Apple plans mystery "product transition" by end of September
  124. Neal Stephenson's "Anathem" Due In September
  125. New York says may sue Comcast over Net child porn (Reuters)
  126. Yang note welcomes Icahn's 'fresh perspective' (CNET)
  127. Breaking up not so hard to do with Slydial (AP)
  128. Pickens: We're in energy 'crisis mode'
  129. Ancient Bible to be made whole online
  130. The Mozilla CEO on his FF Strategy, his Google Gambit &Apple
  131. 12 Unbelievable Ways to Move Huge Buildings [PICS/VIDS]
  132. Linux set to make mobile splash
  133. Neal Stephenson's "Anathem" Due in September
  134. At E3, video games shift their aim to casual players (USATODAY.com)
  135. Apple's earnings, revenue up, but Street's not satisfied (USATODAY.com)
  136. Oyster Card Hack To Be Released, In Good Time
  137. Verizon adds 1.5 million customers in second quarter (Reuters)
  138. BSkyB signs Universal for online music service (Reuters)
  139. Mac Sales Increased 41% From The Last Year
  140. Switching To Solar Power – One Month Later
  141. Firefox's Effect On Other Browsers
  142. TechCrunch Wants To Create an Open Source Tablet
  143. Symbian: R&D wants motivated open sourcing (InfoWorld)
  144. European markets slump on Vodafone, Ericsson news (AFP)
  145. Vodafone warning deepens telecom clouds (AFP)
  146. Vodafone cuts revenue outlook as downturn bites (Reuters)
  147. How to handle SOA vendor consolidation (InfoWorld)
  148. How To Encourage a Young Teen To Learn Programming?
  149. Vodafone lowers sales outlook amid economic gloom (AFP)
  150. Hands On: Facebook Redesign Tries To Clear The Social Smog
  151. IBM Sets up Tivoli Center in India (PC World)
  152. Ericsson quarterly profits collapse (AFP)
  153. China Blogs to Read During the Olympics (PC World)
  154. Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009
  155. Vodafone dims sales outlook amid economic gloom (AFP)
  156. Blu-ray Disc Rapidly Gaining Popularity in Japan (PC World)
  157. AOL expands health site (CNET)
  158. Firefox's Effect On Other Browsers
  159. Consumer 3D Television Moving Forward
  160. Web's Blue Collar Comedy site goes out of business (Reuters)
  161. Report: TiVo, Amazon team up on sales pitches (CNET)
  162. Features 'Removed' from Vista That Were in Windows XP
  163. Gamers Are Big Sellers On iPhone App Store (TechWeb)
  164. Floating Cities On Venus
  165. Texas Instruments hit by weak 2Q wireless sales (AP)
  166. Apple stock drops despite jump in Q3 profit (AP)
  167. Tackling al Qaeda Where It Thrives — Online
  168. Blogs for Print Nerds: Zine Fest Flaunts Camp and Crafts
  169. July 22, 1952: Genuine Crop-Circle Maker Patented
  170. Seafloor Zombie Microbes May Look Like Exo-Organisms
  171. Video: Hands-On With the $11,000 Clover Coffeemaker
  172. AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Custom Filtering AA
  173. Critical Week for Canonical and Ubuntu Linux
  174. Apple "sneaks" MobileMe prefs into Windows via iTunes update
  175. How to reveal blocked caller ID info
  176. Grow your mobile in a pot? Maybe someday, say Nokia researchers (AFP)
  177. Facebook asks US court to unplug German website StudiVZ (AFP)
  178. Apple Q3 2008: iPhones short, iPods flat, Macs unstoppable
  179. Briefly: Snow Leopard Finder icons support QuickLook
  180. Lenovo shares dive amid downgrade, IBM share sale (Reuters)
  181. Groups Urge FCC to Keep the Internet Open (PC World)
  182. Firefox's Effect On Other Browsers
  183. Details of Major Internet Flaw Posted by Accident (PC World)
  184. More Amazon S3 Downtime: How Much is Too Much?
  185. Japan's Mobile-content Market Hit US$100B in 2007 (PC World)
  186. Yahoo and Icahn settle; Microsoft deal seen adrift (Reuters)
  187. Brocade to pay $3B to buy Foundry Networks (AP)
  188. Save a Buck (and Stick It to the Airlines) By Shipping Your Lugggage
  189. Intel snubs Microsoft; offers Linux certification
  190. A Week of Car Shows, a Century of Transportation
  191. Piracy-Schmiracy: 'The Dark Knight' Rakes in the Dough
  192. Simon Pegg's Geek Roots Show in 'Spaced'
  193. Search Every Craigslist Site at Once
  194. How to Use URL Patterns and Views in Django
  195. Switching To Solar Power - One Month Later
  196. Turns Out Porn Isn't Recession-Proof
  197. Opinion: How to make the Kindle a mainstream success
  198. 3 Ways to Try Out Linux - For a Windows User
  199. Apple Now Third Largest PC Vendor in US
  200. Internet Currency Firm Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering (PC World)
  201. Kaminsky's DNS Attack Disclosed, Then Pulled
  202. Brocade to Buy Foundry for US$3 Billion (PC World)
  203. Hackers Post Software to Jailbreak Apple's iPhone 3G (NewsFactor)
  204. Macs, iPods Carry Apple to Record-Setting Revenues
  205. Digg Meetup this Wed 7/23 in Chicago
  206. 7 iPhone Apps to Boost Your Productivity
  207. Why replace that gadget? An upgrade may be better
  208. Batman Discussion
  209. Astronomers Claim Discovery of Earth-like Planet
  210. Watchmen Movie Trailer Is Out
  211. NIA Brain-Computer Interface, Mind-Control Gaming
  212. IT Jobs To Drop In 2009
  213. Brocade to Buy Foundry for US$3 Billion (PC World)
  214. Daughter of Fleetwood Mac star survives pool accident (AFP)
  215. American Airlines and Google settle lawsuit (AP)
  216. Brocade to acquire Foundry Networks (CNET)
  217. Brocade to pay $3B to buy Foundry Networks (AP)
  218. GOP 'Caving' From Trademark Lawsuit Threats
  219. Tools for Web Developers: The 5 Best Firebug Extensions
  220. Facebook's Redesign Mimics FriendFeed
  221. Fired TV anchor charged with e-mail snooping
  222. Environmental explorer goes global
  223. 2008 Pwnie Award Nominees Announced
  224. Linux set to make mobile splash (InfoWorld)
  225. Apple Struggling to Keep iPhone 3G in Stock at Stores (NewsFactor)
  226. Dear Open ID: You Deserve Better
  227. Japanese iPhone 3G Is Perverts' Worst Friend
  228. Windows Home Server Update Fixes Data-corruption Issue (PC World)
  229. Texas Instruments 2Q down on weak wireless sales (AP)
  230. Summary box: Yahoo's truce with Icahn (AP)
  231. Apple 3Q profit jumps 31 percent (AP)
  232. Love: The One-Man Multiplayer World
  233. 'Tongue Drive' Controls Computers and Wheelchairs
  234. Watchmen Movie Trailer Is Out
  235. New York says may sue Comcast over Net child porn (Reuters)
  236. Analysis finds TV buyers steered to costlier LCDs (AP)
  237. Hackers Unlock iPhone 2.0, Now You Can, Too
  238. Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway: I'm Not Faking It
  239. Analysts: Your Computer Mouse is Heading for Extinction
  240. The Ideal, Non-Proprietary Cloud
  241. China Races To Clean Up Olympic Air
  242. Web 2.0 Lessons For Corporate Dev Teams
  243. Inside the Lego Factory
  244. EA continues quest to buy videogame maker Take-Two (AFP)
  245. Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce
  246. Mobile Linux Takes Center Stage at OSCON (PC World)
  247. Ousted AOL chief Miller could guide Yahoo strategy (AP)
  248. Yahoo Gives Carl Icahn +2 Invite: Your Table Is Ready
  249. Mac vs. PC - The REAL Truth [PIC]
  250. Universal: "Fair Use" is Still Infringing