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  1. Web 2.0 Lessons For Corporate Dev Teams
  2. Crude Reporting: Ask the Tough Questions About Oil
  3. Web Browser Wars Go Mobile
  4. Trial to begin in Nokia, Qualcomm licensing fight (Reuters)
  5. Social Security unveils new earnings calculator (AP)
  6. It's Not Just O2 Leaking MMS Messages
  7. Global Warming Stopped By Adding Lime To Sea
  8. SAP Will Shut TomorrowNow Subsidiary by End of October (PC World)
  9. China Races To Clean Up Olympic Air
  10. Court Tosses FCC 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Fine
  11. iPhone 3G Now All But Sold Out in 38 States
  12. Unlike McCain, many seniors rely on the Web
  13. Citi names Lawrence Ricciardi to board (Reuters)
  14. Astronomers Claim Discovery of Earth-like Planet
  15. SAP shuts down support arm sued by Oracle (AP)
  16. Yahoo Appoints Icahn to Board; Control Crisis Averted
  17. Rogers latest ISP to "help" customers with DNS redirects
  18. The Ideal, Non-Proprietary Cloud
  19. Batman Discussion
  20. Electronic Arts extends deadline to buy Take-Two (AP)
  21. Yahoo lets the fox into the hen house. Now what? (CNET)
  22. Internet Users Not Updating Browser
  23. Startup Tries to Improve the Web Browser (PC World)
  24. Computer Mouse R.I.P. In Five Years, Experts Say
  25. Nintendo, Microsoft stumble while Sony cruises (AP)
  26. WSO2 adds Google Gadgets to mashup server (InfoWorld)
  27. InfoWorld adds Twitter to its mobile options (InfoWorld)
  28. It's Not Just 02 Leaking MMS Messages
  29. Yahoo settles with Icahn to avert control battle (AP)
  30. New "telescopic pixel" displays could outperform LCD, plasma
  31. Web star famed for silly dance eyes new gig: charity (Reuters)
  32. Big Facebook redesign to give users more control (Reuters)
  33. Georgia President's Web Site Falls Under DDOS Attack (PC World)
  34. MPAA: DVR-blocking about 'multibillion-dollar theft problem'
  35. Social Engineering 101: Hackers Show How It's Done
  36. Cloud versus cloud: A guided tour of Amazon, Google, AppNexus, and GoGrid (InfoWo
  37. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  38. 80 Graphic Design Links You Can’t Live Without
  39. Facebook Sues German Company, Claims Ripoff
  40. ISP Secretly Copies BitTorrent Tracker Data
  41. zCover ships iSAglove 3G cases for iPhone (Macworld.com)
  42. Star Wars Photoshopping Contest Artwork
  43. 15 Dazzling Multi Monitor Setups (PICS)
  44. LG Elec posts strong Q2 profit on handsets, LCD (Reuters)
  45. Report: Yahoo shareholder seeks compromise (CNET)
  46. "Dark Knight" tickets are hot sellers on eBay (Reuters)
  47. One of the Coolest Places In the Universe
  48. LG Elec posts strong Q2 profit on handsets, LCD (Reuters)
  49. My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for AppleRumors
  50. iPhone 2.0 unlock tool released, tested
  51. iPhone 3G GPS - Is it too small to be any good?
  52. Kalido Extends Data Warehouse Support To More Microsoft Software (TechWeb)
  53. July 21, 1925: Evolution Teacher Found Guilty
  54. Facebook gets a facelift to help users share (AP)
  55. New iPhone music to users' ears (Reuters)
  56. How To Take Screenshots With The iPhone ( Video )
  57. Top 5 Linux Distro Upgrades Coming Out in 2. Half of 2008
  58. 8 Highly Unconventional Bedroom Furniture Designs [PICS]
  59. Band puts a small recording studio on your iPhone
  60. Facebook Redesign To Go Live Tomorrow
  61. HP Shatters Excessive Packaging World Record
  62. Yahoo activist calls for board battle compromise (Reuters)
  63. Best Star Wars Remakes
  64. Comic-Based Movies Keep on Comin'
  65. Home servers will render CD racks obsolete (Reuters)
  66. Unlike McCain, many seniors depend on the Web (AP)
  67. Tough Love: Why Linux Needs More Haters
  68. Liquid Metal CPU Heatsink Beats Water Cooling
  69. Game Controllers Driving Drones, Nukes
  70. Hundreds of Baby Penguins Found Dead on Brazilian Shores
  71. Unlike John McCain, Many Seniors Rely on the Net
  72. The Days Of Microsoft Bob
  73. Computer Mouse Heading For Extinction
  74. Napster: Worth More Dead Than Alive?
  75. Battlestar, South Park, Webisodes Scoop Emmy Nods
  76. IPhone 3G Jailbreak Released, Paves Way For Open Source Apps
  77. Guide For Small Team Programming?
  78. German site sued by Facebook says claims without merit (Reuters)
  79. Social Engineering 101: Mitnick and other hackers show how it's done (CNET)
  80. Police Arrest Man Camming ‘The Dark Knight’
  81. Encrypting Google Calendar With Firefox Extensions
  82. For Linux security, principle of least privilege prevails
  83. WASP Injection Knife vs. Watermelon
  84. Companies Coming Around To Piracy's Upside?
  85. Making Strides Toward Low-Cost LED Lighting
  86. Mac VS. Pc – The truth illustrated.[PIC]
  87. Cold Boot Attack Utilities Released At HOPE Conference
  88. Unlike McCain, many seniors depend on the Web (AP)
  89. Dark Knight Sets New Weekend Record With $155.34M
  90. 41 Amazing Tilt-shift miniature faking photographs (PICS)
  91. Linux Needs More Haters
  92. Google's Android Losing It’s Mojo Fast
  93. Injections To Replace Heart Surgery?
  94. "Tabletop" Fusion Researcher Committed Scientific Misconduct
  95. Best and Worst Coding Standards?
  96. The Internet -- a private eye's best friend (CNET)
  97. Texas To Build $4.93B Wind-Power Project
  98. Did E3 Just Gasp Its Last Breath?
  99. Make Your Bash Prompt Look like Dos Prompt
  100. UK PM's Aide Loses BlackBerry In Chinese Honeytrap
  101. Court Considers Toddler vs. Universal Copyright Case
  102. Videogames getting minds of their own (AFP)
  103. zCover ships iSAglove 3G cases for iPhone (Macworld.com)
  104. Top 10 Free iPhone Applications (PICS)
  105. Dude, iPhone 2.0 software is buggin' the hell out.
  106. Web networking photos come back to bite defendants (AP)
  107. Web-Crawling Program Spots Disease Outbreaks
  108. Facebook sues German rival (CNET)
  109. Sturdy Econo Speakers Rock Your Knoll, Blast Your Neighbors
  110. Universal Music: DMCA Takedown Notices Can Ignore 'Fair Use'
  111. Speed Up Your Torrents, Tips from a BitTorrent Developer
  112. FBI Fights Testing For False DNA Matches
  113. Pwnage 2.0 is OUT!!!
  114. 10 + 2 things you’ll get with Ubuntu 8.10
  115. Real-World 3G Monthly Cost With Taxes and Fees?
  116. To Stet Or Not To Stet, That Is the Question
  117. VMware exec says Windows days are numbered
  118. Beware iPhone App Scams
  119. Real-World 3G Monthly Cost With Taxes and Fees?
  120. iPhone shortages causing major delays for AT&T, businesses
  121. Kids Predict Flying Cars Will Cure Cancer in Mural Project
  122. Flying Without ID? Know What's in Your Files
  123. Difference Engine: An Interview With Neil Halstead
  124. GM Researching Windshields For Old Drivers
  125. Dark Knight Sets New Box Office Record
  126. Big Shareholder Supports Yahoo Board Over Icahn
  127. Horror/Sci-Fi Great O'Bannon Brings the Pain
  128. The Ghost in Your Machine: IPv6 Gateway to Hackers
  129. Domino Logic...Gates
  130. Sun offers Free alternative to VMWare Fusion and Parallels
  131. Clove 2 Bluetooth Dataglove For One-Handed Typing
  132. The Father of Multi-Core Chips Talks Shop
  133. Protecting against Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID data attacks (CNET)
  134. Women's tech conference draws Macy's, not Google (CNET)
  135. Lifehacker Faceoff: Outlook vs. Gmail— Definitive Comparison
  136. 12 Reasons To Fire Your Web Designer
  137. Ubuntu hits new high in Linux boredom
  138. Apple Sends Another MobileMe Apology E-mail and Extension
  139. Wii Is the New US Console Leader
  140. How to Take Distorted and Psychedelic iPhone Photos
  141. Clove 2 Bluetooth Dataglove For One-Handed Typing
  142. Mandriva Joins the Netbook Market With the GDium
  143. India's RCom and SAfrica's MTN call off merger talks (AFP)
  144. Ebadi rights group warns Iran on Internet crime bill (AFP)
  145. Reusing and Recycling Code
  146. USAF Counter-Terror Funds Buy "Comfort Capsules"
  147. Canadian ISP Hijacking DNS Lookup Errors
  148. Reusing and Recycling Code
  149. Mars Orbiter Finds Evidence For Ancient Rivers, Lakes
  150. Social Networking Sites Becoming Useful For Lawyers
  151. A Look At ACTA Wish Lists For RIAA, BSA, Others
  152. Play Ogg! Support media formats that support freedom...
  153. Ubisoft Steals 'No-CD Crack' To Fix Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
  154. Web networking photos come back to bite defendants (AP)
  155. Web networking photos come back to bite defendants (AP)
  156. zCover ships iSAglove 3G cases for iPhone (Macworld.com)
  157. A Chat With Mr. Linus Torvalds, Father of the Linux OS
  158. UK Mobile Operator O2 Leaks MMS Photos
  159. 10 Gadgets Helping You Unwind From a Long Week of Work
  160. Pondering Microsoft's 'Everett Dirkson moment' (CNET)
  161. RIM Fixes BlackBerry Enterprise Server Vulnerability (TechWeb)
  162. European Researchers Developing Touchy-Feely Robots (TechWeb)
  163. Dell Upgrades Linux PCs To Ubuntu's Hardy Heron (TechWeb)
  164. Going Mobile with Windows Live Mesh (PC World)
  165. Palatial Tent Proves Nearly Pitch Perfect
  166. The Car of Tomorrow Has an Extension Cord
  167. Amazon To Launch New Streaming Video Service
  168. Nabbed for speeding? GPS data could get you off the hook
  169. Judge returns gray wolves to endangered list
  170. The Inside Story On the San Francisco Network Hijacking
  171. TV personality McMahon sues hospital over injury (Reuters)
  172. Hardy on Dell!
  173. Gallery: From Tiny Machines to Security, the Future of Nano-Fabrication
  174. McCain Announces His Running Mate — The Chevy Volt
  175. Diebold Patch May Be Evidence of '02 Election Tampering
  176. Motorola sues former executive over iPhone job (Reuters)
  177. Google shares plummet after disappointing earnings (AP)
  178. Pigeons: The Next Step in Local Eating (No, Really)
  179. Listen Online To Last HOPE Conference
  180. The Bat-Pod Officially Has a Complex
  181. Film and Geo-Tag Your Next Car Accident
  182. Gamemakers Hear the Music Loud and Clear at E3
  183. Listen Online To Last HOPE Conference
  184. Universal Says DMCA Takedown Notices Can Ignore 'Fair Use'
  185. 'The Dark Knight' -- 'Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?'
  186. Dark Knight iPhone App Lets You Jokerize Yourself
  187. Researchers Test BitTorrent Live Streaming
  188. Physicists Extend Moore's Law For Tiny Devices
  189. Flaws In a BSA Software Piracy Report?
  190. Knights of the Old Republic MMO Confirmed
  191. Five Things to Do With Your Old iPhone
  192. AT&T mistakenly announces free Wi-Fi for iPhone users..again
  193. Oops, AT&T Did It Again: Posts, Pulls Free Wi-Fi Offer (NewsFactor)
  194. Congressman Wants Opt-In Rule for Web Tracking (NewsFactor)
  195. Why ISPs' "Stand" Against Child Porn Is Actually Not a Stand Against Child Porn
  196. Big shareholder backs Yahoo board over Icahn (AP)
  197. There Are No Winners (or Losers) in the Amazon-Netflix War
  198. iPsychedelia: Use Your iPhone to Take Bendy, Distorted Photos
  199. Opera Brings iPhone Experience to Windows Mobile
  200. Last.fm gets a makeover, ventures into iPhone, living room
  201. Wii Gets Custom Firmware, Purported PSP Emulator
  202. The iPhone 3G: Wired's Official Review
  203. Unrepentant on Facebook? Expect jail time
  204. Mount McKinley tour goes green
  205. What Would It Take To Have Open CA Authorities?
  206. Legg's Miller backs Yahoo in proxy war with Icahn (Reuters)
  207. Avril Lavigne Expects $2 Million From YouTube Despite Gamed Play Count
  208. Radiohead Open Sources Music Video
  209. Flaws In a BSA Software Piracy Report?
  210. MTN: No deal with Reliance (AP)
  211. Web networking photos come back to bite defendants (AP)
  212. Automate Backups on Linux
  213. Physicists Extend Moore's Law For Tiny Devices
  214. Microsoft Feeds Cash to Online Services Business (PC World)
  215. Gadgets blamed as lightning strikes dozens
  216. Singing for sex and other fishy sounds
  217. Dublin Air Traffic Control Brought Down By Faulty NIC
  218. New Wii Controllers May Have MotionPlus Inside (PC Magazine)
  219. Firefox 3.0.1 Fixes Security Issues (PC Magazine)
  220. Web networking photos come back to bite defendants (AP)
  221. 5 Places the U.S. Gov't won't let Google Show You
  222. AMD Loses $1.2 Billion and Its CEO
  223. Nintendo Leads in Sales of Video-Game Consoles (NewsFactor)
  224. Earth and Moon From an Alien's Perspective
  225. iPhones hot even in places Apple has yet to reach (AP)
  226. First Commercial-Scale Tidal Power System Delivers
  227. 5 Most Popular Linux-hackable Gadgets
  228. Google's profits slow
  229. Radiohead Open Sources Music Video
  230. Facebook: Too Creepy, Childish for the Workplace
  231. Worm Transcodes MP3s To Infect PCs
  232. Economy Finally Catches Up to Google, Microsoft
  233. 'Mythbusters' Want You -- to Test the Archimedes Death Ray
  234. You, Too, Could Be Batman In 10 To 12 Years
  235. Sony Ericsson cuts 2,000 jobs as earnings plummet (AFP)
  236. Google shares fall after disappointing earnings (AP)
  237. Jimi Hendrix featured in 'Guitar Hero'
  238. Futuristic windshield aims to help older drivers
  239. Warning Future Generations About Nuclear Waste
  240. Legg Mason: We're backing Yahoo (CNET)
  241. RHN Bind Update Brings Down RHEL Named
  242. New Worm Transcodes MP3s to Try to Infect PCs (PC World)
  243. Russia To Study Martian Moons Once Again
  244. 10 things I've overheard about my Linux laptop while on publ
  245. Double-digit growth for Microsoft and IBM (USATODAY.com)
  246. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  247. Apple's new App Store for iPhone stuff is addictive (USATODAY.com)
  248. Tech firms offer investors a mixed snapshot (Reuters)
  249. GoDaddy Offers .Me Domain Names. It’s a Big FAIL So Far.
  250. StudioDock 3i combines studio monitor speakers, iPod dock (Macworld.com)