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  1. Dublin Air Traffic Contol Brought Down By Faulty NIC
  2. Wall Street Beat: Google, Microsoft Disappoint, IBM Pleases (PC World)
  3. Russia's Rambler sells ad unit to Google (Reuters)
  4. iPhone vs Blackberry: The Titanic Struggle for Supremacy
  5. Nokia's single-chip phones sales volumes high: report (Reuters)
  6. HOPE conference highlights everyday hacking (CNET)
  7. GPS Tracking Device Beats Radar Gun in Court
  8. Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Available (TechWeb)
  9. Wii becomes top-selling video game console in US (AFP)
  10. Microsoft 4Q profit rises, Web ad business rocky (AP)
  11. IBM 2Q profit soars on services strength (AP)
  12. Economic worries loom over Google's 2Q earnings (AP)
  13. Gallery: VC Money Drives Solar-Tech Innovation Around the World
  14. July 18, 1876: Royal Commissioners Wrinkle Their Noses
  15. SAG stakes fight on made-for-Internet content (AP)
  16. Schneier, UW Team Show Flaw In TrueCrypt Deniability
  17. Fast-Booting OS for Usually-Off Appliance PCs?
  18. IBM profit tops targets, forecast up (Reuters)
  19. Sex Drive: Coming Soon: Your Own Personal Sex Machines (NSFW)
  20. GDocs vs. ThinkFree vs. Zoho vs. MS Office
  21. Volume rises for music video games (Reuters)
  22. Yahoo may revisit News Corp if AOL dims: source (Reuters)
  23. Trends & Innovations - Thursday (Investor's Business Daily)
  24. Summary Box: IBM 2Q profit jumps 22 percent (AP)
  25. AMD changes CEO as chip maker struggles (AP)
  26. Experts: Lax Security Allowed San Francisco Network Hijack
  27. HPs Mini Notebook is a Real-Deal Eee PC Killer
  28. Last-Ditch Resort: Move Polar Bears to Antarctica?
  29. GOP Threatens CafePress over Shirts, Stickers and Logos
  30. US ISPs Announce Anti-Child-Porn Agreement
  31. Mainframe Sales, Strong Overseas Market Buoy IBM Earnings (PC World)
  32. The Big X Window Manager Guide [window manager screens]
  33. PC Mods
  34. IPhone Developer: Apple's Secrecy Makes Things Difficult
  35. The 5 Stupidest iPhone 3G Accessories (So Far)
  36. Digg's Kevin Rose Digs Pinback, Knife
  37. Empty Hallways, Third-Party Games Mark E3 2008
  38. See How We Mash: Inside Webmonkey's iPhone Finder Widget
  39. Why China's Olympian Efforts to Clean Up Beijing's Air Won't Work
  40. Is the Internet Bad for Science?
  41. Google Misses, Stock Slides After Hours
  42. Google accused of ad fraud over AdWords on parked domains
  43. Multiple Experts Try Defining "Cloud Computing"
  44. Microsoft posts sharp profit rise, cautious guidance (AFP)
  45. Nintendo says sold 666,000 Wii in U.S. in June (Reuters)
  46. Schneier, UW Team Show Flaw In TrueCrypt Deniability
  47. IBM posts profit above expectations, raises outlook (Reuters)
  48. Websites offer foreclosure victims comic relief (Reuters)
  49. Linus Torvalds calls Digger and I quote "Wanking Walruses"
  50. Mainframe Sales, Strong Overseas Market Buoy IBM Earnings (PC World)
  51. SCO ordered to pay Novell for software royalties (AP)
  52. Sony Tries To Move Beyond PlayStation Price Cut (NewsFactor)
  53. Ruiz out at AMD, Dirk Meyer new CEO (CNET)
  54. AMD changes CEO as chip maker struggles (AP)
  55. Will moving endangered species save them?
  56. Liquid Mirror Telescopes Set For Magnetic Upgrade
  57. IBM ups 2008 earnings target again (AP)
  58. Microsoft profit outlook misses view, shares fall (Reuters)
  59. AOL a Less Challenging Buy Than Yahoo for Microsoft (PC World)
  60. Microsoft 4Q profit jumps 42 percent (AP)
  61. IBM 2Q profit jumps 22 percent, beats forecast (AP)
  62. Google 2Q profit rises 35 pct, below analyst views (AP)
  63. New videogame heroine moves like a model, kills with her hair (AFP)
  64. 42 of the Best Free Linux Video Software
  65. Rockets To Race Over Wisconsin Skies
  66. RTR TiVo Ready To Push YouTube Videos To TV Sets (NewsFactor)
  67. Talk of a bitter cup of coffee (Reuters)
  68. The Five Best iPhone 3G Accessories We've Seen (So Far)
  69. IPhone Developer: Apple's Secrecy, Slowness Makes Things Difficult
  70. 'Bump' a Lock
  71. Army Secretary: 'We're Falling Behind Online'
  72. Mozilla Releases First Firefox 3 Update, Offers a Glimpse of 3.1
  73. Logged In or Out, Facebook Is Watching You
  74. Fans drool over iPhone but ask for more (Reuters)
  75. Have You Fixed Your Company's DNS Servers? (PC World)
  76. Yahoo calls Microsoft's actions `stupefying' (AP)
  77. Introducing the World's Fastest EV
  78. Major Sites Fall Victim to Web Hijack
  79. Why Nearly 1 in 7 Americans Still Lack Cell Phones
  80. Anthropology's Technology-driven Renaissance (PC World)
  81. Walmart.com ending line of trendy women's clothes (Reuters)
  82. GM researches high-tech windshields to aid vision (AP)
  83. Seven Reasons Why the New iPhone Sucks
  84. When Googling Yourself Gets Ugly
  85. Linux's Security Through Obscurity
  86. NASA Shuttle Replacement's Problems Are Worsening
  87. Firefox 3.0.1 Fixes 'Carpet Bombing' Issue
  88. Apple Climbs Into Third Place In U.S. PC Market
  89. EU to Crack Down on Bogus Online Ringtone Sellers (PC World)
  90. A DIYer's Quick Guide To Cheap Wireless Extension
  91. iPhone App Store Thriving Despite Developer Tricks (NewsFactor)
  92. EU warns teenagers of mobile phone ring-tone rip-offs (AFP)
  93. Yahoo: We Want You, We Want You Not
  94. New tab switching added for Firefox 3.1
  95. Firefox 3.0.1 Fixes 'Carpet Bombing' Issue
  96. EU warns against buying ring tones online (AP)
  97. Gore to press for energy policy changes
  98. NASA Shuttle Replacement's Problems Are Worsening
  99. PolyFuel to demo methanol fuel cell laptop (CNET)
  100. What Does It Take To Get a PC With XP?
  101. Medvedev says technology key to Russian democracy (Reuters)
  102. AOL exec opens Web door for film
  103. Unique business aims to spread solar power
  104. Old-school gamers revel in nostalgia
  105. The Ultimate iPhone App: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  106. Wall-E Supervising Animator Tells His Story
  107. Add Laptop Location Tracking Security, for Free (PC Magazine)
  108. Linux's Security Through Obscurity
  109. Volume rises for music video games (Reuters)
  110. AOL exec Leonsis turns film passion into business (AP)
  111. Spammers Choose GMail
  112. More video game art is now museum quality (USATODAY.com)
  113. Nokia market share up in second quarter, positive outlook (AFP)
  114. 25 Tech Toys We Can't Live Without
  115. SCO Owes Novell $2.5 Million
  116. What Microsoft does not want you to know about Netflix deal
  117. MIT's Guru of Low-Tech Engineering Saves World on $2 a day
  118. Yahoo says Icahn's agenda presents significant risk (Reuters)
  119. Nokia Q2 results in line, optimistic for year (Reuters)
  120. EU launches crackdown on rogue mobile services (Reuters)
  121. Why The iPhone and Smartphones is a Pandora's Box for Radio
  122. The WOZ on THE Price is Right
  123. Test Center preview: Microsoft's "Katmai" is filled to the brim (InfoWorld)
  124. The iPhone Is As Powerful As The Dreamcast
  125. SK Telecom says no plan to buy big U.S. mobile firm (Reuters)
  126. iPhone Madness--Plus Great Keyboards (PC World)
  127. Casio Launches Thin Exilim Digital Camera (PC World)
  128. Amazon launches new video store (CNET)
  129. Jargon Watch: Bendy Chips, Nighttime Spinach, Dark Marketing
  130. July 17, 1938: 'Wrong Way' Corrigan Gets It Right
  131. EU Proposes Retroactive Copyright Extension
  132. YouTorrent Relaunches with 67,170 Legal Torrents
  133. Yes, the iPhone's new App Store is a Hit, but....
  134. How To Install OSX Leopard on an MSI Wind UMPC [w/VID]
  135. New game bridges gap in 'Star Wars' saga
  136. Linux 2.6.26 kernel update released
  137. Control your PC or Mac Remotely from your iPhone [full demo]
  138. Google Tests Search Interface That Looks More Like Digg
  139. Amazon.com to launch new online TV, movie store: NYT (Reuters)
  140. Facebook, MySpace Ignore Location On iPhone At Their Peril
  141. Cracking down on Comcast
  142. USB Popcorn Maker
  143. SAP To Migrate Customers To More Expensive Support Service (TechWeb)
  144. Review: Virtual Machine Software For The Desktop (TechWeb)
  145. TiVo launches YouTube feature for some subs (Reuters)
  146. San Francisco Held Cyber-Hostage? Disgruntled Techies Have Wreaked Worse Havoc
  147. Big 3 mimic each other at E3: more, more and more (AP)
  148. New Logo for BSD?
  149. Cuba Getting Internet Upstream Via Venezuela
  150. Former AOL executives back documentary film site (Reuters)
  151. Videogames getting more social (AFP)
  152. Apple passes Acer to become third largest U.S. PC vendor
  153. Lifehacker's Top 10 Computer Annoyances and How to Fix Them
  154. Improve system performance by moving your log files to RAM
  155. Big Brother data snooping will 'ruin British way of life'
  156. Hack a Million Systems and Earn a Job
  157. Nintendo wins over outside game publishers with Wii (Reuters)
  158. Joker Plays the Wild Card in Dazzling Dark Knight
  159. At E3, Insiders Thrive as Booth Babes Go Extinct
  160. Eco Hikers' Dream: Precision Stove Burns Any Flammable Liquid
  161. 'Star Wars' video game bridges gap between films (AP)
  162. Gmail Reveals the Names of All Users
  163. Hack a Million Systems and Earn a Job
  164. Paul Supporters Flood GOP Site With Libertarian Advice
  165. Rock Out With Your Clock Out: We Test Atomic Watches
  166. AT&T Employees Hand Out Anti-iPhone Propaganda to Customers
  167. MySQL Readies Release Candidate For 5.1
  168. Data Services Will Be Key To Mobile Carrier Growth (Investor's Business Daily)
  169. EIC Squared: Psystar on the firing line with Apple, etc. (CNET)
  170. EBay 2Q profit rises 22 percent but outlook soft (AP)
  171. Cyber-capos: How cybercriminals mirror the mafia and businesses (CNET)
  172. Obama Wages Cyberwar
  173. How to Stream Your Music Online
  174. Ubisoft videogame targets girl athletes (AFP)
  175. eBay profits up 22 percent on listing gains (CNET)
  176. Gmail Reveals the Name of All Users
  177. NASA moon capsule running late, full of problems (AP)
  178. Is college exam-sharing site ethical?
  179. American Solar Challenge Racers Head For Canada
  180. MobileMe Team Apologizes for Problems Updating Data (NewsFactor)
  181. Sony Slashes $100 From Price of 80GB PlayStation 3 (NewsFactor)
  182. You're Buying a Hybrid Soon
  183. Sawed-Off USB Flash Drives Going on Sale
  184. Intel's good news: Record revenue of $9.5 billion
  185. Is the iPod touch 2.0 update worth $10
  186. iPhone 3G's final build price: just $174.33
  187. AOL In Talks With Microsoft to Merge Online Divisions, Says WSJ
  188. DC Universe players invent their own videogame superheros (AFP)
  189. LOLcatters Mock Celebs With New Site, Totally Looks Like
  190. PC shipments grew faster than expected in 2Q (AP)
  191. EBay 2Q profit rises 22 percent (AP)
  192. Video game industry tries to broaden its appeal (AP)
  193. Congress asks Embarq about selling customer info (AP)
  194. Apple Asks Court for Recall of Psystar Mac Clones (NewsFactor)
  195. Apple delays iDisk file sharing, MobileMe issues continue
  196. Microsoft tells Congress Yahoogle will own 90% of ad market
  197. Decoders Still Trying to Crack Letter Sent to Fermilab
  198. HD Radio Recording In the US?
  199. AP realigns business news coverage around beats (AP)
  200. Microsoft Opens Live Mesh (PC Magazine)
  201. Newspaper reports Microsoft, AOL continue talks (AP)
  202. Web-based program gives the blind Internet access (AP)
  203. No Luck Scoring a iPhone 3G? Try Webmonkey's iPhone Availability Finder
  204. E3 brings more sequels, upgrades
  205. NASA Contractor Needs Urine
  206. Report: Microsoft in Talks for a Deal With AOL (PC World)
  207. Pittsburgh abuzz with robotic art (AP)
  208. The iPhone doesn't have copy & paste because...
  209. iPhone 101: Hold your ".com" button for a second
  210. Toshiba Launches First Cell-based Laptop
  211. France calls for mobile operators to cut SMS prices (Reuters)
  212. Review: Facebook Scrabble flashy, but not better (AP)
  213. McCain Campaign Uses Web Spider to Sting Obama
  214. Pandora Streaming Music Player Is the iPhone's Killer App
  215. Slammin' New Game Screenshots From E3
  216. Army Wants 'Psychologically Inspired' Robot Vision
  217. Vote For Your Favorite iPhone Apps
  218. P2P Set-top Boxes To Revolutionize Internet
  219. Apple Suit Demands That Psystar Recall OpenMacs
  220. Post's Weymouth: The Last Media Tycoon
  221. P2P leecher targeted in Germany for making files available
  222. Firefox 3.1 alpha 1 code freeze for early adopter testing
  223. Gnome founder Miguel de Icaza critizes Gtk+ 3.0 proposal
  224. Airliner equipped to repel missiles
  225. Sony Cuts Price on High-End Playstation 3 (PC Magazine)
  226. Netflix To Stream Videos To Microsoft's Xbox 360 (NewsFactor)
  227. India's TCS first quarter net profit up seven pct (AFP)
  228. P2P Set-top Boxes To Revolutionise Internet
  229. Inside Steve's Brain
  230. Video: Nintendo Jams at E3 With Wii Music, New Hardware
  231. Sony Sells Villains, Superheroes and Booty at E3
  232. 2 of 3 iPhones Defective and 3rd can't get Calls
  233. Intel Likes Ecogeek's Logo! So they Stole it?
  234. Pandora Usage Stats Prove It’s iPhone’s Killer App
  235. 7 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download
  236. Steven Hawking Considering Move To Canada
  237. Round Up: Nine iPhone 3G Battery Life Test Results
  238. Ubuntu Bug: apt-get moo doesn't look like a cow
  239. Which iPhone apps are making the most money?
  240. With newest technology, US police turn table on car thieves
  241. Windows Now Open Source
  242. Steven Hawking Considering Move To Canada
  243. Lawmakers Question Another ISP About NebuAd Service (PC World)
  244. Microsoft opens up Live Mesh (CNET)
  245. Japan cautious in iPhone's bid for world dominance (AP)
  246. Researchers Look to Air-Condition Computer Chips
  247. NASA asks its workers to go potty
  248. Satellite Internet Providers
  249. SAP Customers Forced to Move to Pricier Support (PC World)
  250. CSX says hedge funds win 4 out of 5 seats (AP)