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  1. Intel's good news: Record revenue of $9.5 billion (USATODAY.com)
  2. Russian Coreflood Gang targets online bank accounts (USATODAY.com)
  3. Once Upon a Time: Water, Water Everywhere on Mars
  4. Chris Pirillo Launches Digg, For iPhone Applications
  5. World's largest subwoofer?! [PICS]
  6. Über-Tight Code: The Software Behind the Mars Phoenix Lander
  7. 25 Great Photography Tutorials and Links From Around the Web
  8. Viacom allows Google to conceal YouTube usernames in court
  9. MSM Noticing That Patent Gridlock Stunts Innovation
  10. Phoenix Mars Lander To Begin Rasping Ice Shavings
  11. Linus on Kernel Version Numbering
  12. YouTube, Viacom Agree to Mask Viewer Data
  13. McCain Campaign Uses Spider/Diff Against Obama
  14. Criminal Probe Ended, Apple's Jobs Still Faces Options Hurdles
  15. Free Apps No Longer Dominating iPhone App Store.
  16. Auto-NDISwrapper is out! No more hunting down for drivers
  17. Phoenix Mars Lander To Begin Rasping Ice Shavings
  18. Serena linking requirements, change management (InfoWorld)
  19. Video: IPhone 3G Pwned and Jailbroken
  20. The Largest Recorded Tsunami Was 50 Years Ago
  21. iPhone 3G: Sold out in 21 states
  22. E-commerce soars in China: study (AFP)
  23. Does AMD block PhysX on Radeon development?
  24. Sopogy thinks small to make megawatts of solar power
  25. Australia unveils online code of conduct (AFP)
  26. EU gives boost to online music stores (AP)
  27. Google's Android platform: not so open after all
  28. 70 Beauty-Retouching Photoshop Tutorials
  29. Speed Up Your Torrent Downloads, Get a Seedbox
  30. Apple, AT&T foiled again: iPhone 3G unlocked
  31. Microsoft Updates Servers With Latest Search Features (PC World)
  32. LG Elec set for strong Q2 profit, risks ahead (Reuters)
  33. Japanese Scientists Develop Long-Life Flash Memory
  34. New Dish Network satellite launched successfully (AP)
  35. Linux thin client software certified secret
  36. Linus Torvalds says OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of ...
  37. Nokia Siemens wins Telefonica O2 deals in Germany (Reuters)
  38. Symbian CEO Says Collaboration With Google Is Possible (PC World)
  39. Report: Intel faces new EU antitrust charges (CNET)
  40. iPhone 3G Comparison Lab Test: Popular Mechanics Review
  41. Mars Lander's Robot Arm Shuts Down To Save Itself
  42. Are Teens heralding the death of e-mail?
  43. Videogame console giants jockey for throne (AFP)
  44. Nintendo rolls out Wii games, Sony takes to video (Reuters)
  45. Metallica playing games with new album (Reuters)
  46. World's First Jailbroken iPhone 3G
  47. CyberLink Sees Opportunities in Netbooks, Linux (PC World)
  48. WordPress 2.6 Supports Version Tracking, Google Gears (PC World)
  49. Making the Switch To Windows "Workstation" 2008
  50. Symbian says could expand ties with Google (Reuters)
  51. AOL talks with Microsoft, Yahoo heat up: source (Reuters)
  52. Alt Text: Grading Batman's Gear
  53. Gallery: Nuclear Blasts Show Terrifying Power
  54. July 16, 1945: Trinity Blast Opens Atomic Age
  55. Nintendo unveils Wii Remote upgrade, new games (AP)
  56. Intel 2Q profit jump reflects healthy PC demand (AP)
  57. Blurred Out: 51 Things You Can't See on Google Maps
  58. MSM Noticing That Patent Gridlock Stunts Innovation
  59. CNBC: Korean carrier in talks to buy Sprint (AP)
  60. Set Up Push Email, Contacts, and Calendar on iPhone free!
  61. Is the iPhone Killing Terrestrial Radio?
  62. IBM to Invest $1.5 Billion in Chip Development (PC World)
  63. Alternative Uses For an Old Satellite Dish?
  64. Sony beefs up PS3 media ability (Reuters)
  65. Video: Nintendo Jams at E3 With Wii Music, New Hardware
  66. How to Compile Software From Source Code
  67. Playing the Gaming Game at E3
  68. Linux Edges One Step Closer to Total World Domination
  69. Sun Micro shares up on preliminary earnings (Reuters)
  70. RIM plans growth abroad (Reuters)
  71. Sony adds online movies to PlayStation 3 consoles (AFP)
  72. Flood of Fans Crashes 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' Website
  73. Gallery: Sony Recaps Its Greatest Hits at E3
  74. How to Optimize Your Surround Sound System
  75. Universal remotes simplify life
  76. iPhone 3G review: Great for new buyers
  77. First North American OpenMoko/FreeRunners Arrive
  78. Open Security Foundation To Maintain DataLossDB
  79. Disney bucks music industry downturn (CNET)
  80. Free Software Foundation Heading Up New Data-Portability Group
  81. The Who to play private party in L.A. (Reuters)
  82. Apple: turn-by-turn GPS coming to iPhone; but copy/paste...
  83. A Little Linux and Unix Humor - Error Messages
  84. Send the ISS To the Moon
  85. Sun Says Q4 Will Be Roughly on the Mark (PC World)
  86. XBox 360 to stream Netflix movies (AP)
  87. Pistol Cam: When Cops Draw This Point-and-Shoot, Say Cheese
  88. WordPress Update Arrives Early, Packs in New Features
  89. Gallery: Nintendo Keeps Casual, Ignores Hard-Core at E3
  90. Report: U.S. lagging in sci-tech grads
  91. Sony to offer PlayStation movie downloads
  92. Notebook Storage SSDs and HDs Compared
  93. Sun Micro shares up on preliminary earnings (Reuters)
  94. Google-Viacom lawsuit deal cloaks YouTube user identities (AFP)
  95. How To Create Your Own Linux Distro
  96. Viacom, Google agree to mask 12TB of YouTube user data
  97. The Push For Quotas For Women In Science
  98. NY man gets 30 months in prison for spamming AOL (Reuters)
  99. Fallout From the Fall of CAPTCHAs
  100. Sony reveals PlayStation movie download service (AP)
  101. Sun issues upbeat fourth-quarter forecast (CNET)
  102. Symbiotic Bacteria's Disappearance Could Cause More Asthma
  103. Review: Backyard Baseball '09 Hits a Little League Home Run
  104. iPhone 3G Jailbroken
  105. Twitter Acquires Summize
  106. SCO's Lawsuit Gets Even Crazier
  107. Animal Crossing Among Plans for Nintendo's Wii Console (NewsFactor)
  108. Intel Ships Centrino 2 with Laptop Management Features (NewsFactor)
  109. Senate Begins Hearings on Google-Yahoo Search Deal (NewsFactor)
  110. Patchouli Power! Lotus Goes Green with Eco Elise
  111. Lawmakers Target Second ISP for Web-Tracking Tech
  112. Review: iPhone 3G lives up to the hype
  113. Send the ISS To the Moon
  114. CNBC: Korean carrier in talks to buy Sprint (AP)
  115. Sony to launch a 80GB PlayStation 3 for $399 (Reuters)
  116. Lenovo Offers Oops Insurance (PC World)
  117. Criminal probe ended, Apple CEO still has hurdles (AP)
  118. Intel 2Q profit jumps 25 percent, beats estimates (AP)
  119. San Francisco Admin Charged With Hijacking City's Network
  120. Digg Is Pushing More Traffic To Traditional News Sites
  121. Thwarting New JavaScript Malware Obfuscation
  122. Tape Storage, High and Low, Gets More Dense (PC World)
  123. Sony to start PS3 video distribution service today (Reuters)
  124. Hands-On: 'Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3'
  125. Sprint rises on SK buyout talks report (Reuters)
  126. Sony says "on its way" to meeting PS3 sales target (Reuters)
  127. Rising Gas Prices Could Cure Obesity
  128. Install Cygwin, Use Unix Commands on Windows
  129. B-2 Stealth Bomber Crash Scene Photos: Exclusive First Look
  130. Help Adobe to support Linux distros with Flash Player 10
  131. Apple finally sues unlicensed Macintosh cloner Psystar
  132. Apple Files Suit Against Psystar
  133. Brazilians first to unlock new iPhone: reports (AFP)
  134. Google-Yahoo tie-up draws fire on Capitol Hill (AFP)
  135. Xbox Live Updates , Final Fantasy XIII Shocker at E3 2008
  136. First North American OpenMoko/FreeRunners Arrive
  137. Nintendo unveils Wii Remote upgrade, new games (AP)
  138. Lycos Offers OpenSocial Web-publishing Tool (PC World)
  139. FTC enforces do-not-call rules, fines cos. $95,000 (AP)
  140. Slashdot Discussion System Updates
  141. NASA Engineers Work On Alternative Moon Rocket
  142. Nintendo to unveil microphone, new "Animal Crossing" (Reuters)
  143. Legalize and regulate online gambling, study urges (Reuters)
  144. Congress explores Yahoo-Google antitrust questions (AP)
  145. Wait to Buy! HDTVs About To Get Even Cheaper
  146. Turn your iPhone into a wireless storage drive with DataCase
  147. Live Blog: Nintendo's E3 Press Briefing
  148. YouTube, Viacom agree to mask viewer IDs
  149. World's First 2GB Graphics Card Is Here
  150. Yahoo says Microsoft seeks "fire sale" price (Reuters)
  151. Outraged Icahn Refocuses on Ousting Yahoo Board
  152. AOL Launches 2 Niche Sites to Grow Ad Potential
  153. Mind Maps: Boost Your Brainstorming Session with MindMeister
  154. Exchanging A Defective iPhone 3G Is A Huge Pain In The Butt
  155. Google Wins Agreement To Anonymize YouTube Logs
  156. Cybercrime Organizational Structures Evolve
  157. Disgruntled engineer hijacks San Fransico computer Network
  158. Build Your Own Search Service
  159. Google fends off pornographic Lively rooms
  160. WordPress 2.6 "Tyner" Released
  161. First look: Amarok 2 alpha 1 looking strong
  162. Can you identify bug that's baffled experts?
  163. Congress grapples with 'tweets'
  164. Scientists: Humans and machines will merge
  165. Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming To Xbox 360
  166. EU wants to cap costs on phone text messages (AP)
  167. AOL launches 2 niche sites to grow ad potential (AP)
  168. B-2 Stealth Bomber Gets Upgrade, Joins the '90s
  169. New Eclipse member looks to rival Visual Studio (InfoWorld)
  170. Guitar Hero Competing with iTunes?
  171. Disgruntled Engineer Hijacks San Francisco's Computer System
  172. EU Sets Target Price of ?0.11 for SMS Roaming (PC World)
  173. EU preparing to cap text message prices (AFP)
  174. Paul Vixie Responds To DNS Hole Skeptics
  175. Starbucks Sashays Into Smoothies (BusinessWeek Online)
  176. The Second Coming: Ars goes in-depth with the iPhone 3G
  177. 10 Revolutionary Computers Since 1882
  178. eBay Beats Tiffany In Net Trademark Case
  179. Orders slow, Boeing says problem with 787 brakes (Reuters)
  180. Intel's Quad-core Mobile Chip Coming Next Month (PC World)
  181. Researchers Trace Structure of Cybercrime Gangs (PC World)
  182. Independently produced games are getting noticed (USATODAY.com)
  183. Brake software latest threat to 787 (Reuters)
  184. Intel vs. AMD: Better computer chips raise laptops' abilities (USATODAY.com)
  185. Cyberbullying grows bigger and meaner with photos, video (USATODAY.com)
  186. Can you really live without Microsoft Office? (InfoWorld)
  187. Test Center review: Office killers pack some heat (InfoWorld)
  188. EU's Reding plans to slash cost of text roaming (Reuters)
  189. 1200-Baud Archeology
  190. gOS Space: OSX like operating system without Apple
  191. iPhone App Listens to Music and tells you the name of Song
  192. S.Africa's Telkom says Vodafone talks ongoing (Reuters)
  193. Should've Bought a Garmin? Testing the iPhone 3G's GPS
  194. On the Road--Fuel Cost Calculators, Phone Headsets (PC World)
  195. BT to invest 1.5 bln in super-fast broadband (Reuters)
  196. $15 Million of Red Bull says Ruby on Rails is here to stay
  197. Top 10 Coolest Backyard Inventions of 2008: DIY Rally
  198. The 10 Commandments of Web Design
  199. Japanese team developing palm-held 3D display [gCubik]
  200. Estimating the Time-To-Own of an Unpatched Windows PC
  201. Video-game news: Metallica's 'Guitar Hero' album (AP)
  202. Why We Wait In Line for iPhone 3G and You Are Inferior
  203. Configuring Terminal to Work as a Transparent Wallpaper
  204. GNOME 3.0 officially announced... and explained
  205. Apple Sells One Million 3G iPhones First Weekend
  206. Printer dots raise privacy concerns
  207. NEC Electronics to double Blu-ray sales in 2 years (Reuters)
  208. AOL launches personal finance site (Reuters)
  209. EU to Extend Music Copyright to 95 Years
  210. Joss Whedon's "Doctor Horrible" Set To Launch
  211. 15th Anniversary: Cochlear Transplant Patient on Hearing in 121 Channels
  212. July 15, 1783: Marquis Invents Steamboat, Misses Esteem Boat
  213. Judge: eBay not liable for fakes
  214. Pope's message goes hi-tech in Australia (AFP)
  215. Top 5 iPhone 3G Killers
  216. IBM's Eight-Core, 4-GHz Power7 Chip
  217. Microsoft-Icahn fire back at Yahoo as tie-up drama continues (AFP)
  218. Lenovo Launches Ultrathin ThinkPad X200 Laptop (PC World)
  219. Netflix films will download to Xbox 360 videogame consoles (AFP)
  220. Intel Saves Batteries, Pumps Multimedia With Centrino 2 (PC World)
  221. Judge Who Signed 'Torture Memo' Blasts Copyright-Act Sentence
  222. How to Send Text Messages for Free Using Your iPhone
  223. Gallery: Microsoft Guns for Hard-Core and Casual Gamers at E3
  224. Handheld Garmin Sports Click-Wheel Nav, 3-D View, Topo Maps
  225. App Store is Like a Sweet, Sweet Drug: Five IPhone Apps
  226. Blizzard Wins Major Lawsuit Against Bot Developers
  227. Microsoft and Yahoo trade barbs over talks breakdown (Reuters)
  228. Judge Doesn't Give Tiffany a Trademark Silver Spoon in eBay Flap
  229. iPhone - BRICKED! by Revision3
  230. Top 5 High-Tech Guns for Next-Gen Infantry
  231. eBay Beats Tiffany In Net Trademark Case
  232. Thomson wins appeal of software patent verdict (AP)
  233. Back-end Systems Could Save a City Wi-Fi Project (PC World)
  234. A 410-Cubic-Inch Motorcycle: When Too Much is Just Right
  235. Climate Change Means More Kidney Stones
  236. Joss Whedon Waxes 'Dr. Horrible'
  237. Anti-Piracy Evidence Put in Doubt by Leecher
  238. 60+ Illustrator Tutorials, Tips and Best Practices
  239. FSF Helps Launch Autonomo.us To Focus On Freedom In Network Services
  240. Second Life Faces Open Source Challenges
  241. Apple Continues iPhone Hype at One Million Mark (NewsFactor)
  242. FSF Creates Autonomo.us to Focus on Freedom in Network Services
  243. Apple sells 1 million new iPhones (Reuters)
  244. Apple's iPhone 3G Launch May Have Sucked But... [COMIC]
  245. No Local Election Coverage on TV? No Problem, Says FCC
  246. AMD ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Preview
  247. B-2 Stealth Bomber Gets Upgrade, Joins the '90s
  248. Yahoo's current board versus Icahn's challengers (AP)
  249. New Guns song heads to "Rock Band 2": report (Reuters)
  250. Microsoft-Icahn fire back at Yahoo as tie-up drama continues (AFP)