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  1. Warhammer Online Sees Massive Content Removal To Make Launch
  2. Do Not Call Registry Gets Glowing Reviews
  3. The Web Development Skills Crisis
  4. IPhone 3G, DNS Flaw, VMware Ouster (PC World)
  5. Correction: Touch Screens story (AP)
  6. Unbreakable Fighting Umbrella Splits Watermelons, Defends Presidents
  7. Ameritrade Hack Settlement: $2 Per Victim, $1.8 Million for Lawyers
  8. The iPhone 2.0 Software Review
  9. Mandriva Linux 2009 Alpha 2 Released
  10. Ex-Hewlett Packard VP pleads guilty to IBM theft (Reuters)
  11. Racing to Canada in a Hydrogen Car
  12. Do Not Call Registry Gets Glowing Reviews
  13. Sourceforge on Your iPhone!
  14. In Depth: Pandora's Streaming Radio App for the iPhone
  15. Warhammer Online Sees Massive Content Removal To Make Launch
  16. Sun lays off approximately 1,000 employees (InfoWorld)
  17. New iPhone 3G puts Apple in the game (Reuters)
  18. Thinking of Nabbing an iPhone Today? Wait. (PC World)
  19. Canonical hopes Best Buy Ubuntu will spur Linux adoption
  20. Comcast Ordered to Stop BitTorrent Traffic Interference
  21. iTunes activation servers go down, told to activate at home!
  22. Photo Contest: First Day With iPhone 3G
  23. Engineer creates electricity from food waste
  24. Full Review of the iPhone 2 On Launch Day
  25. Microsoft Likely To Cut $50 Off U.S. Price of Xbox 360 (NewsFactor)
  26. Gadget lovers flip over new iPhone 3G (AFP)
  27. Plurk = Twitter (Without the Downtime)
  28. 500 iPhone Apps, but why these?
  29. Nanomaterials More Dangerous Than We Think
  30. The State of R&D At HP, IBM, and Microsoft
  31. IPhone Activation Woes Hit Early Buyers (PC World)
  32. Mother Sues After Bebo Story Hits Press
  33. Sony says to put virtual ads in PlayStation 3 games (AFP)
  34. A Review of the iPhone 3G After Using it Daily for 3 Weeks
  35. New Radiohead Video is Shot with Lasers, Not Cameras
  36. Apple and AT&T Stores Having Difficulty Activating iPhones
  37. Comcast loses: FCC head slams company's P2P filtering
  38. BIC Phone Is No Throw-away Gadget, Says Orange (PC World)
  39. EU to rule on roaming price caps for mobile data (AP)
  40. Same Time, Next Year: Queues Everywhere for the IPhone 3G
  41. Comcast Faces FCC Sanctions for Blocking Web Traffic
  42. Netting China's online buzz
  43. Glitch hampers iPhone launch
  44. Yahoo's Build Your Own Search Service
  45. ISO Recommends Denying OOXML Appeals
  46. Big Apple consumers jostle for iPhone 3G (AFP)
  47. MobileMe Falters on Eve of IPhone 3G Launch
  48. "Vetrolium" From Agricultural Waste
  49. Crossword puzzles come to the iPhone (Macworld.com)
  50. Gamers abuzz with rumors about E3
  51. Apple's new iPhone goes on sale
  52. FCC Chief Says Comcast Violated Internet Rules
  53. IPhone Debuts in Japan To Cheers and Smoke
  54. Hardware-Based Video Acceleration Coming To Linux
  55. News Corp 'Unlikely' to be in a Yahoo Deal: Murdoch
  56. What Comcast Wants
  57. Dell Colludes With RIAA, Disables Stereo Mix
  58. Internet Based Political "Meta-Party" For Massachusetts
  59. Remote weather stations give farmers timely advice (AP)
  60. Murdoch's News Corp. unlikely to be in Yahoo deal (AP)
  61. Apple's App Store launches with more than 500 apps
  62. Eager buyers line up for iPhone 3G (USATODAY.com)
  63. App Store for iPhone already a hit with developers (USATODAY.com)
  64. FCC seeks to punish Comcast in Internet probe: report (Reuters)
  65. The Pirate Bay's Plans To Encrypt the 'Net
  66. Asia underground market awaits iPhone (AP)
  67. No plan to cut PlayStation 3 price: Sony (AFP)
  68. Nokia Siemens Networks wins deal with China Mobile (AFP)
  69. London Launch of IPhone 3G Marred by Software Problems (PC World)
  70. iPhone App Impressions Liveblog
  71. Open WiFi Owners Off the Hook In Germany
  72. Apple's new iPhone lights up Asian shelves (Reuters)
  73. China's Video Site Back Online After More Than a Month (PC World)
  74. Murdoch says News Corp, Yahoo tie-up very unlikely (Reuters)
  75. What's Good (and Free!) in the iTunes App Store
  76. Complete Visual Preview of Top 10 Free iPhone Applications
  77. TwitLive AIR application!!!
  78. Cuomo: AT&T and AOL block child porn newsgroups (AP)
  79. Apple Web service falters on eve of iPhone launch (AP)
  80. Apple iPhone goes on sale in Japan (AP)
  81. Leo Laporte to stream for 24 straight hours!
  82. Asia queues for new Apple iPhone (AFP)
  83. iPhone 3G Activation Process
  84. G8 Pushes Anti-Piracy Trade Agreement
  85. Top 25 moments in iPhone history
  86. Internet Based Political "Meta-Party" For Massachusetts
  87. Medialets Introduces iPhone Ad Platform (TechWeb)
  88. Best Buy Offers Ubuntu Linux With OpenOffice (TechWeb)
  89. Overstock.com going fur-free (Reuters)
  90. July 11, 1979: Look Out Below! Here Comes Skylab!
  91. Schmidt: Independent Yahoo better for competition (AP)
  92. Global Geek Out: iPhone 3G Launches Worldwide
  93. Spacewalkers find, remove bad explosive bolt
  94. 10 Handy Bash Aliases To Cut Down Linux Command Line Typing
  95. First alpha release of Amarok 2.0 - Malina
  96. Why You Shouldn’t Hire an SEO Company
  97. Apple's IPhone 3G Launches in Japan (PC World)
  98. iPhone killer-app is letting users choose software (Reuters)
  99. FCC chief says Comcast violated Internet rules (AP)
  100. Dell Colludes With RIAA, Disables Stereo Mix
  101. Gallery: Fire Arts Festival Opens in Blaze of Glory
  102. 8 Cool Things You Can Do With Your iPhone 2.0
  103. Pack a Hefty Backcountry Load Without Breaking Your Back
  104. The Very Worst Uses of Windows
  105. Gadget Addict Woz Will Line up for IPhone 3G (PC World)
  106. Microsoft to slash price of Xbox 360 (Reuters)
  107. Sweet: Pandora's Streaming Radio App for iPhone
  108. Saying Goodbye to .Mac
  109. Google Tightens Belt Ahead of Second-Quarter Report
  110. Hacker Sentenced to Two Years For MySpace Cyber Stalking
  111. New Zealand student buys first new iPhone (Reuters)
  112. Package Managers As Achilles Heel
  113. AT&T, AOL agree to block Internet child porn (AFP)
  114. MobileMe Debuts in Advance of Apple's iPhone 3G (NewsFactor)
  115. iPhone 1.0: Sell It While It's Hot (PC World)
  116. Crowdsourcing the Flu Vaccine
  117. First-Person Jumper: 'Mirror's Edge' Revolutionizes Platforming
  118. Blizzard Prez: 'Warcraft' Fans Have Nothing to Fear From Activision
  119. The New Lord of the 'Ring
  120. Review: 'Hellboy II' Is Hell-Bent on Monstrous Visuals
  121. Hey Google, Get A Real (Second) Life
  122. iPhone OS 2.0 Unlocked (YES!): Exclusive!
  123. MobileMe Push Mail Hands-On Shows Why BlackBerry Is Dead
  124. Spammers Announce World War III
  125. Review: Rugged Notebook Revels in Brutal Beatdowns
  126. Bush Signs Spy Bill, ACLU Sues
  127. Jesse Jackson TV Show Comment Takes On Life Of Its Own Online
  128. The Software Behind the Mars Phoenix Lander
  129. Verizon open network gets first, unsexy device (AP)
  130. Ways consumers can safeguard personal data on Web (AP)
  131. New Zealanders snap up first 3G iPhones to go on sale (AFP)
  132. The Most Spammed Country In The World is Switzerland.
  133. Australian iphone plans break the bank (worse than rogers!)
  134. The Pirate Bay Starts its Summer Tour 2008
  135. Seagate Announces First 1.5TB Desktop Hard Drive
  136. iPhone Owners May Not Need Apple's New 3G Model (NewsFactor)
  137. DNS Security Flaw Secretly Patched by Multiple Vendors (NewsFactor)
  138. How to Get the iPhone 2.0 Upgrade Right Now — for Free
  139. Gmail, SPF, and Broken Email Forwarding?
  140. Toyota's Prius Becomes a Southern Belle
  141. Waterfalls Take Over NYC, Show Us Your Photos
  142. In the eyes of the Media and the Net, you're already guilty
  143. Mozilla Recieves the Guinness World Record certificate
  144. Gmail, SPF, and Broken Email Forwarding?
  145. Holiday titles, price cuts in focus at game show (Reuters)
  146. Privacy protections disappear with a judge's order (AP)
  147. MS To Finally End OEM Licensing For Windows 3.11
  148. Oracle Pushes BI to the IPhone (PC World)
  149. Turner to sell ads on some Yahoo sports sites (Reuters)
  150. Apple iPhone, Asia demand create touch-screen boom (AP)
  151. See-Through Solar Hack Could Double Panel Efficiency
  152. Yahoo's New 'Build Your Own' Search Engine Nips at Google's Lead
  153. First iTunes Remote App for iPhone Hands-On (VIDEO)
  154. Olympics reach the digital '2.0' era
  155. Fans worldwide line up for new iPhone
  156. Release Team Proposes Gnome 3.0 Plans
  157. Apple Opens App Store for iPhones with 2.0 Software (NewsFactor)
  158. The World According to Carly Fiorina
  159. Pickens Plans On Wind Power
  160. Overstock.com goes fur-free on its online site (Reuters)
  161. iPhone App Store Walkthrough, Now Available
  162. Download Torrents Remotely with Mininova Bookmarks
  163. O2: iPhone 3G orders reached 13,000 per second
  164. Free Games As a Solution To Game Piracy
  165. More Web companies agree to block child porn sites (Reuters)
  166. Louisiana Passes Intelligent Design Law
  167. Wikipedia To Host Human Gene Repository
  168. Google Lively Review
  169. Yahoo to offer ad-supported free game downloads (Reuters)
  170. U.S. online gaming ban a chance for Ireland: report (Reuters)
  171. iPhone 2.0 Firmware (5A347) Available Early
  172. Apple's Secret Tax Revealed: iPod/iPhone Accessory Ripoff!!!
  173. Linux Alternatives To Apple's Aperture
  174. iToner ringtone maker updated for iPhone 2.0 (Macworld.com)
  175. Google Lively Review
  176. iTunes 7.7 available now, Remote control application free
  177. Apple to grab 35% of US touch phone market in 2008
  178. Jobs: App Store launching with 500 iPhone apps, 25% free
  179. Obama Losing Voters Over FISA Support
  180. Gameworld: Summer movies roll on through video games (Reuters)
  181. Photobucket signs Ask.com search marketing deal (Reuters)
  182. Wikipedia To Host Human Gene Repository
  183. Apple releases iTunes 7.7 (Macworld.com)
  184. Helped by Twitter, jailed man goes free
  185. Louisiana Passes Intelligent Design Law
  186. Ex-Congressmans Firm Made Defective Tank Deal With Iraq
  187. Moon May Have Once Had Water
  188. IPhone Debuts to Lines in Japan
  189. IPhone 3G Will Ship In Potato Boxes?!
  190. App Store is Open! Download Apps from iTunes
  191. Photonic Switching to Boost Internet Speeds
  192. Pirate Bay Wants Total Network Encryption, But Who Else?
  193. IPhone's security features may lure businesses (USATODAY.com)
  194. App Store for iPhone already a hit with developers (USATODAY.com)
  195. iPhone debuts to lines in Japan (AP)
  196. HTC's IPhone 3G Rival, the Touch Diamond (PC World)
  197. China Approves Video Site Youku's License (PC World)
  198. GIMP 2.6 in July? - What will be new?
  199. What to do With Your Crummy Old iPhone
  200. Really Cool Waterproof Keyboard [PICS]
  201. Lab test: HP grooms iPaq for business (InfoWorld)
  202. Apple Releases iTunes 7.7 (Req. for iPhone 3G, App Store)
  203. Ask Aubrey de Grey About Longevity Research
  204. Ask Aubrey de Grey About Longevity Research
  205. A Better Introduction to Linux User Interface
  206. Google Open Sources Browser Sync
  207. Gripes: Vista, iPhones in Canada, Cell Phone Laws (PC World)
  208. Online baseball game teams players from past, present (CNET)
  209. Japan to scrap iPod copyright fee (AP)
  210. Apple May Earn $1 Billion With iPhone 3G Launch
  211. Why You Don't Need A New iPhone
  212. Nokia says 9 more firms sign up for Symbian pact (Reuters)
  213. Artist Uses Old Macs as Canvases for Mac Fanboy Paintings
  214. 15 Killer Web Apps That’ll Rock Your World
  215. Comcast suddenly respects FCC authority over throttling
  216. Verizon settles suit over early termination fees (AP)
  217. Apple iPhone 3G makes international debut Friday (AFP)
  218. Japan backs joint display research (AP)
  219. Yahoo opens search toolkit in quest for more ads (AP)
  220. New iPhone lures black market buyers across Asia (Reuters)
  221. Pirate Bay Wants to Encrypt the Entire Internet
  222. Don't Start With DIGG if you need Social Media Traffic!
  223. iPhone 3G to crush Blackberry
  224. Friend Book App:Shake Two iPhones Together to Share Contacts
  225. Pickens Plans On Wind Power
  226. Apple's IPhone Faces First Test in Fickle Japan Market (PC World)
  227. Sony Ships Fix For Flawed PlayStation Firmware Update (TechWeb)
  228. Yahoo to offer its search services to outside firms (Reuters)
  229. Feeling the Heat in a Solar Race Car
  230. July 10, 1962: 3-Point Seat Belt Patented
  231. Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro casing design revealed
  232. Why make sites' prototypes
  233. Victims of WiFi Theft Not Responsible For Illegal Uploads
  234. Could Linux be a better gaming OS than Windows?
  235. Scientists Can Now Make the Internet 60 times Faster
  236. Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide
  237. Workplace BlackBerry Use May Spur Lawsuits
  238. How a Classic Man-in-the-Middle Attack Saved Colombian Hostages
  239. Short on Style, Speedo Goggles Deliver Flawless Performance
  240. Sprint Picks Wireless Backhaul for WiMax (PC World)
  241. Internet Bug Fix Spawns Backlash From Hackers (PC World)
  242. Scientists Prevent Brain-Cell Suicide to Keep Birds Singing
  243. How to Set Up Port Forwarding on Your Xbox 360
  244. David Pogue reviews the iPhone 3G
  245. RIAA's SafeNet Caught In a Lie
  246. Five-Alarm Artists Turn On the Burn for Fire Arts Festival
  247. LEGO Hamster Lift Might Be More Cruel Than the Wheel
  248. WSJ's Walt Mossberg Reviews iPhone 3G
  249. Web Form Design Patterns: Sign-Up Forms
  250. Wall-E GameCube Mod is Awesome [PICS]