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  1. Follow-up On Texas PI Law For PC Techs
  2. IBM Open Sources Web Accessibility (PC World)
  3. Linux build service offered (InfoWorld)
  4. Senate Approves Telecom Amnesty, Expands Domestic Spying Powers
  5. Referee Recommends Disbarment For Jack Thompson
  6. Apple Hopes Cheaper IPhone 3G Will Broaden Market (PC World)
  7. Robots Aim To Top Humans At Air Hockey
  8. Ask Aubrey de Grey About Longevity Research
  9. Senate Passes Telecom Immunity Bill
  10. Faster, cheaper iPhone to draw crowds around globe (Reuters)
  11. Microsoft Outlines Enterprise and Worker Online Suites (NewsFactor)
  12. Comcast and Vonage collaborate on network management (CNET)
  13. MiniNova Introduces Remote Downloading
  14. Breaking the law: one-third of US residents rip DVDs
  15. First iPhone 3G reviews via the WSJ, USA Today and NY Times
  16. Comcast to work with Vonage on Internet traffic (AP)
  17. Murdoch: No deals for News Corp. in Sun Valley (AP)
  18. Reiser Rejects 3-Year Plea Offer, Judge Is Skeptical of Deal Unearthing Nina
  19. BMW's Building an Electric Mini, and You Can't Have One
  20. Sweden's Snoop Law Targets Russia
  21. Broadcom, Qualcomm fight over mobile phone patent (Reuters)
  22. Fans line-up in Asia 2 days before new iPhone launch (Reuters)
  23. Microsoft, Google back broad privacy legislation (AP)
  24. Amid hype, Apple iPhone expansion also runs risks (AP)
  25. Media moguls meet at Sun Valley amid industry changes (Reuters)
  26. The MobileMe changeover: Everything you need to know
  27. Massive Internet security flaw uncovered
  28. Armchair pilots striking by remote control
  29. Blizzard-Activision Merger Official
  30. Ask Aubrey de Grey About Longevity Research
  31. Overseas iPhone 3G Review: Great But Not Perfect (PC World)
  32. Review: Wi-Fi radios bring the world home (AP)
  33. 2 Multimedia Music Phones Pitted in Head-to-Head Deathmatch
  34. Congress Grills Online Execs on Privacy
  35. Water Found on the Moon
  36. If You're Overpaying for an iPhone, This Must be Belgium
  37. Nancy Pelosi vs. the Internet
  38. Prescription drugs easily purchased online - study (Reuters)
  39. Mark Cuban to Show New Movies on TV Before Theatrical Release
  40. Analysis: Recovery of Nina's Body Provides Closure, New Meaning to Hans Reiser Murder
  41. Introducing the Linux user interface
  42. Doctors Turn To the Web For Disease Tracking
  43. Asus Confirms Specs, Price of Eee PC 904 and 1000
  44. First Reviews: iPhone 3G Improved, But Still Flawed (PC World)
  45. Daily Debrief: What to bring to the Apple store (CNET)
  46. Best Buy Is Selling Ubuntu
  47. Google Launches Lively, an Avatar Based 3D World
  48. Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide
  49. Congress Looking at NebuAd's Targeting Scheme (NewsFactor)
  50. Click Forensics, Yahoo taking some sting from click fraud (CNET)
  51. Quirk in Belgian law drives iPhones near $1,000 (AP)
  52. Rogers caves on iPhone 3G plans, offers up 6GB for $30 a mon
  53. Woolly mammoth skeleton wows scientists
  54. Patch Tuesday Vulnerabilities Include Two Key Servers (NewsFactor)
  55. First Look: OpenMoko's Linux-based open smartphone platform
  56. Reiser4 kills your wife
  57. Court taking fresh look at Doe subpoenas in college P2P case
  58. Asus Confirms Specs, Price of Eee PC 904 and 1000
  59. Major Web Hosting Provider Launches Low-cost Groupware in US (PC World)
  60. Yahoo's Yang throws jabs at Microsoft and Icahn (CNET)
  61. Tech Firms Turn to Experimental Economists
  62. Doctors Turn To the Web For Disease Tracking
  63. Web site launches lexicon for modern-day dilemmas (Reuters)
  64. Video: Iran's Mega Missile Test
  65. Google Ventures Into Virtual Reality With 'Lively'
  66. Apple To Ship 2.5 Million Macs Thanks to Vista?
  67. Drivers check out gas-saving gadgets
  68. Why Microsoft Is Chasing Yahoo
  69. Legg Mason calls on Icahn to go for $33 a share in Yahoo battle (CNET)
  70. Pogue, Mossberg, Baig Review IPhone 3G
  71. Linux For Housewives. XP For Geeks.
  72. Penn museum to share cultural treasures via internet (Reuters)
  73. 14 Classic Tech Rivalries
  74. Google slams Bell Canada: open Internet is "extraordinary"
  75. Nasa Details Shuttle's Retirement
  76. Google Wraps Search Query Volume Data Into AdWords (PC World)
  77. Sun Takes on Data Boom With Expanded Storage Lineup (PC World)
  78. iPhone 3G shows up in Swiss store display!
  79. How Mozilla Used Social Networking To Set A World Record
  80. Google Launches Lively, an Avatar Based 3D World
  81. Microsoft sets pricing, fee sharing for services (Reuters)
  82. Best Buy Is Selling Ubuntu
  83. India Expects Software and Services Revenue Growth to Fall (PC World)
  84. First iPhone 3G Reviews Are Out
  85. New Gmail Features Protect from Snooping
  86. Investors play the market for hot video games (USATODAY.com)
  87. 10 stupidest uses for Windows
  88. 'Piles of Complaints' Over iPhone Data Pricing
  89. Computers May Soon Read Your Mind...by Looking at Your Face
  90. Reliance and MTN extend tie-up talks (AFP)
  91. Surviving Outsourcing?
  92. Google Launches Lively, Virtual World Across Social Networks
  93. Nude - With Okay Computer Parts
  94. Japan's Apple fans queue days before iPhone 3G launch (AFP)
  95. Hands on With Giga-byte's M912X Mini-laptop (PC World)
  96. "New" Words From the Geek Culture
  97. For Japanese Mac Faithful, Queuing for the IPhone Begins (PC World)
  98. Google lets people create custom virtual realms (AFP)
  99. Bank of America mulls Firefox support (CNET)
  100. "Family Guy" creator makes bold move online (Reuters)
  101. Fans queue in Asia 2 days before new iPhone launch (Reuters)
  102. Legg: Icahn support up if ensures Yahoo price (Reuters)
  103. July 9, 1993: Yes, They're the Romanovs, DNA Tests Confirm
  104. Wired.com Readers' Top Superhero Costumes
  105. Linguistic Problems of GPL Advocacy
  106. IBM, Second Life Demo Virtual World Interoperability (TechWeb)
  107. Alt Text: Documentaries Decoded for Half-Dressed Movie Fans
  108. Nanotubes Hold Promise for Next-Generation Computing
  109. MobileMe Setup in iPhone OS 2.0 Video
  110. We've come a long way since "War Games" baby!
  111. Bank of America to support Firefox, finally
  112. Nvidia supports PhysX effort on ATI Radeon
  113. Video surveillance firm gets $10 million in VC funding (CNET)
  114. The Handwriting of Type Designers
  115. NBC takes wraps off Olympics plan (Reuters)
  116. Apple just gave out my Apple ID password because someone ask
  117. Windows 98 Turns 70 In Dog Years
  118. Six Disasters From The Book Of Apple
  119. Google relents, adds privacy link to spartan homepage
  120. iPhone 3G Definitive Guide: How to Score One This Friday
  121. Internet flaw could let hackers take over the Web (AFP)
  122. US Pirate Party Study Shatters MPAA Claims
  123. Why Google is iPhone's default search engine...[PIC]
  124. Sci-Fi Books For Pre-Teens?
  125. Scrabble poised for Facebook face-off with Scrabulous (AFP)
  126. Troubleshooting tool for Java offered (InfoWorld)
  127. Cops: Judge Agreeing to Reduce Reiser's Sentence in Exchange for Nina's Body
  128. Use Mapstraction and Avoid Embedded-Map Hassles
  129. Tesla Finally Hires Someone Who Knows What He's Doing
  130. How to Run Linux Applications in Windows
  131. Despite warming, peak's glaciers grow
  132. ReiserFS fading into obscurity as maker leads cops to corpse
  133. Kodak Unveils 50MP CCD Image Sensor
  134. Python backing eyed for NetBeans (InfoWorld)
  135. New Zealanders pitch tent in early queue for iPhone (Reuters)
  136. Steady growth for Twitter, despite hiccups (CNET)
  137. Vivaty Scenes Taps Facebook, AIM for 'Immersive Internet'
  138. New Firefox Versions In The Works
  139. Automate backups on Linux
  140. Pirate Bay Cop Not to be Investigated
  141. 11 Powerful Firefox 3 Add-ons to Replace Standalone Apps
  142. Net Neutrality: Five Facts Everyone Must Know
  143. Massive, Coordinated Patch To the DNS Released
  144. Google Open Sources Its Data Interchange Format
  145. Senate Scrutinizes Privacy Issues of ISP User Tracking
  146. The Internet Gets a Patch, as DNS Bug Is Fixed (PC World)
  147. Online "Public" Spaces Don't Guarantee Rights
  148. Real Software, Veryant bolster dev tools (InfoWorld)
  149. Mercedes To Phase Out Gasoline By 2015
  150. "Rock Band" ready to roll out second edition (Reuters)
  151. Microsoft Sets Hosted-services Pricing, Irks Partners (PC World)
  152. NebuAd to come under spotlight at Senate hearing (AP)
  153. Google ventures into virtual reality with 'Lively' (AP)
  154. Digg's Recommendation System: More Details on How it Works
  155. Firefox 3 Proves Colbert Bump is Real
  156. Internet flaw could let hackers take over the Web (AFP)
  157. DreamWorks Animation goes from AMD to Intel chips (AP)
  158. Court keeps cell tower backup rules on hold (AP)
  159. FISA Activists Use New Tools, Tactics to Pressure Lawmakers
  160. Google Open Sources Its Data Interchange Format
  161. Activision shareholders approve Vivendi deal (Reuters)
  162. Daily Debrief: For Microsoft, one step forward, two steps back (CNET)
  163. What Do 12 Terabytes-Worth of Data Look Like?
  164. MobileMe Launching on July 9th Between 6pm-12am PT
  165. 45 Creative and Beautiful Tables Of Contents [Pics]
  166. Apple-Rogers falling out: A story too good to be true?
  167. Ubisoft buys special effects firm Hybride (AFP)
  168. Levi Strauss net profit falls sharply in quarter (Reuters)
  169. Growth remains slow for mobile music services (Reuters)
  170. Massive, Coordinated Patch To the DNS Released
  171. ATM-Owner Cardtronics Issues Non-Denial Denial in Citibank Breach
  172. From Zero to Zero Emissions in 2.9 Seconds
  173. New Gmail Features Protect Your Inbox From Prying Eyes
  174. Linux for housewives. XP for geeks.
  175. Incomplete 3G Coverage May Leave iPhone Users in The Dust
  176. iPhone Jonny: World's First iPhone 3G Customer (in waiting)
  177. W3C's Role In the Growth of a Proprietary Web
  178. The Planet Rolls out New Hosting Support Services (PC World)
  179. Gmail now blocking fake eBay, PayPal e-mails (CNET)
  180. 'Hellboy' Creator Mike Mignola Talks 'Language of Monsters'
  181. Telecom Immunity Bill Hides Spying Provisions
  182. Irrigation Systems Soak up Top Prizes in Software Contest (PC World)
  183. Southwest Airlines' Seven Secrets for Success
  184. Coral reefs in trouble, scientists warn
  185. Billionaire oilman endorses wind power
  186. EasyPay to ease iPhone 3G transactions at Apple retail store
  187. First iPhone 3G caught in the wild, unboxed and handled
  188. Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers
  189. The Man Behind Ubuntu: Talking with Mark Shuttleworth
  190. Pioneer Promises 400GB Optical Discs
  191. Pioneer's 400GB Blu-ray Disc Holds 48 Hours of Movies (NewsFactor)
  192. IPhone UK websites swamped before Friday launch (Reuters)
  193. Exclusive: Sneak Peek at the 3G iPhone OS
  194. The Transformer Attack You Never Got To See [PICS]
  195. Canadian Apple Stores won't sell iPhone 3G thanks to Rogers
  196. Best Buy Sells Ubuntu for Only $19.99USD
  197. EA says has complied with FTC request on Take-Two (Reuters)
  198. Canada's spectrum auction nears end, C$4.2 bln raised (Reuters)
  199. Cable-Laying Boom Will Boost Internet Capacity
  200. DHS Official Considered Shock Collars For Air Travelers
  201. Microsoft's cloud forms (InfoWorld)
  202. Boingo ships Wi-Fi client for the Mac (Macworld.com)
  203. Microsoft would reopen Yahoo talks with new board (AFP)
  204. My word! Online Scrabble goes legit
  205. Cable-Laying Boom Will Boost Internet Capacity
  206. VMware warns on revenue, replaces CEO Greene (AP)
  207. Cheney Tried to Suppress Climate Change Testimony
  208. New Yahoo board might lure Microsoft back into talks (USATODAY.com)
  209. Internet service to give magazine subscribers freedom (USATODAY.com)
  210. Wall-E Gamecube Mod
  211. Could This Be a New MacBook Pro? [Rumor]
  212. Simple Mod Turns Diodes Into Photon Counters
  213. Intel and DreamWorks go to the movies (CNET)
  214. Uncertainty Aplenty as Web, Media Leaders Convene
  215. Your Mashup Is Probably Legal
  216. VMware names new CEO, lowers '08 revenue outlook (Reuters)
  217. Media moguls gather for summer camp (Reuters)
  218. Microsoft expands its response to hosted software (AP)
  219. Build Your Own F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet
  220. Exclusive: Sneak Peek of the 3G iPhone OS
  221. Apple Confirms 8am Retail Launch of iPhone 3G
  222. Microsoft sets pricing, fee sharing for services (Reuters)
  223. Apple's MobileMe service set to debut (CNET)
  224. Game maker tries to legitimize Facebook Scrabble (AP)
  225. Telecom Amnesty Opponents Back New Amendment
  226. Japan to Get 3G IPhone From 7 A.m. on Friday (PC World)
  227. IBM Software Enhances Web Accessibility for the Blind (PC World)
  228. G-Park iPhone App Lets the Forgetful Bookmark Their Cars
  229. Google is doing WHAT?
  230. How To Check Yourself For Abnormal Genes
  231. Icahn also fighting clock in Yahoo board challenge (CNET)
  232. Viacom won't soon shed image as corporate bully (CNET)
  233. 2 Small iphone Screws Spark Rumors About Replaceable Battery
  234. TrueCrypt 6.0 Released
  235. McConaughey's girlfriend has baby boy (Reuters)
  236. Hans Reiser Leads Police to Nina's Body
  237. 100th Anniversary of Kinemacolor
  238. 15th Anniversary: Revenge of the Wii
  239. Gallery: Top 10 Worst Aircraft Ever
  240. Quiz: What Should You Really Fear?
  241. Activision-Vivendi merger will shake gaming biz (Reuters)
  242. High-Resolution AT&T National 3G Coverage Map
  243. The Web As We Know It... Right Now
  244. Handling Flash Crowds From Your Garage
  245. Brothers' Squabble May Scupper Reliance, MTN Merger (PC World)
  246. iPhone 3G Launching On The 11th, 00:01, NZ Time
  247. Giga-byte, Chunghwa to Launch Linux M528 MID in August (PC World)
  248. 'Serious' video games aid training for real world emergencies (AFP)
  249. Square Enix launches its first iPod game (Reuters)
  250. Pioneer Corp. to sell Blu-ray disc recorders (AP)