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  1. Survey: 10,000 Laptops Lost or Stolen at Airports Per Week
  2. The iPhone's cross-border price clash
  3. Optimize Ubuntu 8.04 for Speed
  4. How Ironical.. The Pirate Bay Sues Anti Piracy Agencies
  5. Viacom's Statement on YouTube User Data Controversy
  6. Hideo Kojima's Top 5 Memorable Games
  7. Interview With Author of the First Spoof Language
  8. IE 8 To Include New Security Tools
  9. Jobs & Co. Sued Again
  10. Rogers Is Confusing the Canadian Public Even More Now
  11. Court order on YouTube user data fans privacy fears
  12. 2 teens attacked in town mocked in YouTube videos (AP)
  13. Ask.com closes Dictionary.com deal (CNET)
  14. NC Judge Takes "A Fresh Look" At RIAA Subpoenas
  15. New Apple touch patents, body part sensing, fingernail input
  16. Open Source Twitter Competitor Emerges
  17. Indiana Gregg to The Pirate Bay: The Internet Police Are Com
  18. Led Zeppelin Won't Lend Music to Rhythm Games
  19. Casual Fan's Guide to 'Doctor Who' Finale
  20. 1 euro eBay baby goes home (CNET)
  21. Lost Footage of "Metropolis" Found
  22. VeriSign names interim CEO (CNET)
  23. eBay'er Arrested for Attempting to Sell His Vote
  24. Apple orders 50 million 8 GB NAND flash chips
  25. VeriSign names interim CEO (CNET)
  26. eBay'er Arrested for Attempting to Sell His Vote
  27. Apple orders 50 million 8 GB NAND flash chips
  28. Court Orders YouTube to Fork Over Video Logs
  29. Prominent Mathemathicians Rebuke Recent Riemann Hypothesis Proof
  30. Faked tiger photo sparks Web furor
  31. Don't buy Nvidia's GTX 200 cards now! Price cut on the way!
  32. EBay Abandons Plans For PayPal Monopoly
  33. First Results From Messenger's Mercury Flyby
  34. Bavarian Police Can Legally Place Trojans On PCs
  35. Garmin Nav devices run Gnome Linux
  36. Google Seeking "FriendRank" Patent
  37. Lithuania: Attacks Focused on Hosting Company (PC World)
  38. Best Way To Get Back a Stolen Computer?
  39. Stealing ideas from nature
  40. Tunguska blast still a mystery 100 years on
  41. The Privacy Paradox
  42. Hello: Macs Are About to Get Interesting Again
  43. Flash 10-beta2 Linux
  44. iPhone 3G billboard ad already spotted... in Mexico
  45. Review: SOHO Organizer 7.0.2 (Macworld.com)
  46. Irrigation Controller Stolen, Wirelessly Rescues Itself
  47. Court orders YouTube to give Viacom video logs (AP)
  48. EBay Abandons Plans For PayPal Monopoly
  49. 12,000 Laptops Lost Weekly At Airports
  50. Poker Program Battles Humans In Vegas
  51. Freeze On US Solar Plant Applications Lifted
  52. France Seeks To Push 3-Strikes Law Across Europe
  53. The Coolest iPhone Timeline you will see Today
  54. Review of KOffice 2.0 Alpha 8 – On Windows
  55. Kate Moss hair extension sells for 805 euros in eBay: report (AFP)
  56. OpenMoko In Stores On July 4
  57. NVIDIA - "significant quantities" of laptop GPUs defective
  58. Dashboard widget: Organized brings the productivity pain
  59. Judge orders Google to give YouTube user data to Viacom (AFP)
  60. Huge Lenses To Observe Dark Energy
  61. LifeHacker's Five Best Windows Maintenance Tools
  62. It's not the Gates, it's the bars
  63. 1.8GHz SSD MacBook Air Drops $500
  64. 'Containers' Out Perform Virtualization For KV Pharmaceuticals (TechWeb)
  65. IBM Develops Audio Masking Technology To Protect Call Center Recordings (TechWeb
  66. Wrist-Top Racer Switches From Trainer to Watch With Ease
  67. Transformer: Kayak Adjusts Its Shape to Go With Your Flow
  68. Titanium Frame Handles Any Cycling Terrain
  69. Sex Drive: How to Keep the Fireworks Going From Afar
  70. July 4, 1776: To Preserve, Protect and Defend ...
  71. From Foldup Kayaks to Swim Goggles, Wired Reviews the Hottest Summer Gear
  72. Asustek to Offer Eee PC With Built-in 3G Wireless (PC World)
  73. OpenMoko FreeRunner Linux phone to launch on July 4
  74. How To Get Started Programming With Django
  75. EBay Abandons Plans For PayPal Monopoly
  76. Mac OS X Market Share Surges 32% In One Year
  77. Mac OS X Market Share Nears 8%
  78. Playable demo of first Blender Open Game released!
  79. Analysis: NSA Spying Judge Defends Rule of Law, Congress Set to Strip His Power
  80. Einstein's Theory Passes Strict New Test
  81. 10.5.4 update adds RAW support for new Canon, Pentax SLRs
  82. No Google source code for Viacom, just 12TB of YouTube data
  83. Chipmaker Connects A Wireless World And Makes It Run Faster (Investor's Business
  84. What Is the Best Way To Disinfect Your Laptop?
  85. Judge orders YouTube to reveal its viewers
  86. Lenovo Seeks Prestige in Price-sensitive Market (PC World)
  87. Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 1 Screenshot Tour
  88. U.S. Arms Dealer Tests Legal Bounds in Middle East Arms Bazaar
  89. Stage a Fireworks Show Safely
  90. Fireworks: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You
  91. Judge orders Google to give YouTube user data to Viacom (AFP)
  92. An App to Boil Down Online User Reviews
  93. 12,000 Laptops Lost Weekly At Airports
  94. Report: Outdated browsers put 637m users at risk
  95. Apple cuts SSD-based MacBook Air price by $500
  96. A Tale of Two City Wi-Fi's (PC World)
  97. Calorie Restriction Comes in a Pill
  98. CO2 Pollution Could Erase Coral Reefs
  99. Internet addressing agency loses its own addresses (AP)
  100. Daily Debrief: Celebrating America's independence, questioning our own online (C
  101. Poker Program Battles Humans In Vegas
  102. Firefox Goes Mobile
  103. What Happens When You Reply To ALL of Your Spam
  104. Elf-Serving and Troll-Surfing in 'Too Human' Co-Op
  105. Latest Open Source Linux Phone on Sale July 4
  106. Suit Seeks Information on U.S. Cell-Phone Tracking (NewsFactor)
  107. AOL Users Will Need to Pay $2 a Month For Phone Support
  108. Broadband Costs Too Much for the Masses
  109. New nanowire storage ups memory: The end of just 0 & 1?
  110. 'Metal Gear Solid 4': The Spoiler-Filled Review
  111. Nerd Up: 'Hancock' Has Not-So-Super Formula
  112. 5 Great Interactive Museums to Visit this Summer
  113. Court orders YouTube to give Viacom video logs (AP)
  114. Adobe to make searching easier on Flash sites (AP)
  115. Coreflood, More Microsoft-Yahoo, IPhone Plans (PC World)
  116. Openmoko's Neo FreeRunner Smartphone Really Is Open (NewsFactor)
  117. Firefox Browser Share Tops 19 Percent as Record Set (NewsFactor)
  118. Lt. Col. John Bircher Answers Your Questions
  119. Create new agency to study planet, group says
  120. Reddit, Stumbleupon, Del.icio.us ... Algorithms Exposed!
  121. Hulu To Earn Up to $90M In First Year
  122. Freeze On U.S. Solar Plant Applications Lifted
  123. Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-MPG VW
  124. Yahoo's top U.S. Web sites get traffic help from Google search (CNET)
  125. Dial-Up Users "Don't Want Broadband"
  126. G8 Summit Aims To Kill International Piracy
  127. YouTube Must Give All User Histories To Viacom
  128. Graphics board vendor touts faster Linux drivers
  129. Microsoft may refresh Yahoo bid
  130. Police: Text us your crime tips
  131. Baby 'for sale' on eBay returns home
  132. Economy casts pall on Sun Valley media fest (Reuters)
  133. Analysis: Pending a Telecom Immunity Vote, Spy Ruling Lacks Muscle
  134. Firefox 3 Share Shoots Up (PC Magazine)
  135. G8 Summit Aims To Kill International Piracy
  136. Wood Density May Explain Stradivarius Secret
  137. Firefox Breaks 8 Million, Gets Into Guinness
  138. Best Color Scheme For Coding, Easiest On the Eyes?
  139. YouTube Must Give All User Histories To Viacom
  140. The Microsoft Office Rental Program
  141. ISPs to Ban P2P With New European Telecom Package?
  142. New Map IDs the Core of the Human Brain
  143. First Images of Solar System's Invisible Frontier
  144. Google to Viacom: 'Respect YouTube users' privacy' (CNET)
  145. Blogger Opinion: Why We Left NetSuite (NewsFactor)
  146. 10 Best Hacking and Security Software Tools for Linux
  147. Microsoft's Plan B for Search
  148. Google Releases Talk for the iPhone
  149. Sony PS3 Update Locks Consoles, Web Site Attacked (NewsFactor)
  150. Is Today's Web Still 'the Web'?
  151. Spies Want a Second Life of Their Own
  152. EU musicians oppose Europe-wide online licensing (AP)
  153. Case dropped against parents who put baby on eBay (AP)
  154. AVG Fakes User Agent, Floods the Internet
  155. Are You Ready to Subscribe to Microsoft Office?
  156. First look: Mozilla Weave 0.2 puts Firefox in the cloud
  157. 55 Free High Quality Icon Sets
  158. Report: Some dial-up users wish to stay that way (CNET)
  159. ‘Absolutely No Possibility’ of Disconnecting File-Sharers
  160. Tyrant alarm clock dials your contacts if you refuse to wake
  161. A Month of Spam: Enlarge Your Inbox Today, Improve Sex Life!
  162. Youtube to hand over all user histories and IP addresses!
  163. Resistance to Broadband Runs Deep in US: Study
  164. Spain says mobile operators colluded on price (Reuters)
  165. Vodafone says to buy majority share in Ghana Telecom (AFP)
  166. Facebook seeks trusted relationships on the 'Net (InfoWorld)
  167. Game makers eye young girls with "Boogie SuperStar" (Reuters)
  168. Wood Density May Explain Stradivarius Secret
  169. Firefox Breaks 8 Million, Gets Into Guinness
  170. Linux Media Center Edition
  171. Study claims Windows usage market share could fall below 90%
  172. Quebec lumped in with Iran, North Korea, Syria and Cuba?
  173. Game Group falls on fear demand has peaked (Reuters)
  174. Best Color Scheme For Coding, Easiest On the Eyes
  175. Ideas fly for getting dolphins back to sea
  176. Google Gives Away Free Web Application Security Scanner (PC World)
  177. YouTube Must Give All User Histories To Viacom
  178. Flash on Linux no longer breaks webpages
  179. Rumor: Blackberry Thunder has Higher Res Screen than iPhone
  180. Microsoft seeks allies for new Yahoo move: report
  181. Domino's Pizza Tries To Cash In On 'Dark Knight' Buzz, Fails
  182. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS: Virtual Hosting With Proftpd, MySQL & Quota
  183. Broadband Internet? No thanks
  184. Krugle enhances code search appliance (InfoWorld)
  185. The Microsoft Office Rental Program
  186. Hands on With Asus's Eee PC 901 and 1000 (PC World)
  187. Inconvenient Truths of the Digg Front Page
  188. 10 Awesome Gadgets You Should Grab for 2008
  189. Google now offers Google Talk on the iPhone
  190. Sony's Stan Glasgow talks TVs, Blu-ray (CNET)
  191. GUIDE: Using Linux to Beat Comcast's BitTorrent Throttling
  192. Microsoft's Facebook stake influenced ConnectU case (CNET)
  193. Nokia, Telenor sign Internet services deal (Reuters)
  194. One live DVD, one ton of Linux games
  195. Nintendo Wii outsells Sony's PS3 in Japan in June (Reuters)
  196. Windows XP, Vista--and Windows 7? (PC World)
  197. ISPs to Ban P2P With New European Telecom Package?
  198. Australian Drug Mafia to Sell Pirated DVDs?
  199. Writers set slate for Strike.tv (Reuters)
  200. Netcom details iPhone 3G plans in Norway (Macworld.com)
  201. Mozilla claims Guinness Record for downloads (Reuters)
  202. Writers set slate for Strike.tv (Reuters)
  203. Netcom details iPhone 3G plans in Norway (Macworld.com)
  204. Mozilla claims Guinness Record for downloads (Reuters)
  205. Master Your Digital Media with VLC
  206. Australia Shows the U.S How a Real Broadband Strategy Works
  207. Yahoo and Microsoft making the rounds with old lovers? (CNET)
  208. July 3, 1999: Gobbling Up a 'Pac-Man' Record
  209. Gear Gallery: New Ultralights, Easy Wireless Speakers and a Snappy DSLR
  210. Expired-Tired-Wired
  211. Study says many dial-up users don't want broadband (AP)
  212. Hologram Google Earth
  213. Denmark has the worst iPhone Data Plan ever.
  214. Firefox sets new record, cracks 19% market share
  215. IBM Develops Audio-masking Technology (PC World)
  216. Linspire Assets Sold To Rival Linux Distributor, Xandros (TechWeb)
  217. Sony Confirms Pulling PS3 Firmware Update (TechWeb)
  218. iPhone Gets a MacBook Air Keyboard Mod
  219. Court Hits BitTorrent Users Who Failed to Appear
  220. A Guilty Pleasure of the Social Media: Lists
  221. Attrition.org goofs on another nitwit looking for a hacker
  222. Will the Real Hans Reiser Lawyer Please Stand Up?
  223. New Map IDs the Core of the Human Brain
  224. PDF now is an ISO standard.
  225. Windows Hater (in response to Linux Hater)
  226. 7 Visions Of Social Networking’s Future: Is This Web 3.0?
  227. Synthetic Molecules Emulate Enzyme Behavior
  228. Intel Says to Prepare For "Thousands of Cores"
  229. ‘Heroes’ Producer Recognizes Benefits of BitTorrent
  230. Mozilla sets Guinness World Record with Firefox 3 launch
  231. Google wins source code ruling against Viacom (CNET)
  232. Microsoft, Yahoo mull media partner options: sources (Reuters)
  233. Microsoft Announces Name, Pricing for Subscription Office (PC World)
  234. Immune to Critics, Secret-Spilling Wikileaks Plans to Save Journalism From Itself
  235. Report: Microsoft seeks help for another Yahoo bid (AP)
  236. PC World Downloads Have Been Revamped and Improved (PC World)
  237. Energy Star for Servers May Be Ready by Year-end, EPA Says (PC World)
  238. Diggers do you want a girlfriend? Read this and learn how
  239. Judge Orders YouTube to Give All User Histories to Viacom
  240. Nvidia Reports Problem With Laptop Chips (PC World)
  241. Hedge fund scammer surrenders in Massachusetts (AP)
  242. Solar Power From Home Curtains
  243. Biz-school exam maker seeks Web cheaters
  244. Why Canada Sucks For Gadget Lovers
  245. How-To Wiki: How to Treat Beach Wounds
  246. Asus Ultralight Stands in the Shadow of the MacBook Air
  247. Michael Dell buys $100 million in stock (AP)
  248. FTC Recruiting Identity Theft Victims
  249. Jonathan Ive takes home MDA award for iconic iPhone design
  250. Seven Reasons to Move to Linux