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  1. 40% of surfers don't bother with browser security updates
  2. Microsoft mulls media options, no new talks: source (Reuters)
  3. That's hot: Heat wave temps to soar
  4. U.S. Satellites Snooping on Iraqi Army
  5. Most Awesomely Bad Military Acronyms
  6. Founder makes largest Dell insider purchase (CNET)
  7. Tips for Working Online with the New Standard, PDF (PC World)
  8. First Images of Solar System's Invisible Frontier
  9. Gizmodo's Ultimate Water Gun Battlemodo Royale
  10. Where Should You Buy an iPhone 3G, Apple or AT&T?
  11. Microsoft Tactics Push India Toward Linux
  12. 10 Reasons Enterprises Aren’t Ready to Trust the Cloud
  13. 5 Vulnerable Nodes in the Global Energy Network
  14. Adobe releases tools to improve Flash video search (AP)
  15. Judge in Facebook-ConnectU case to open sealed transcripts (CNET)
  16. Revamped Blogger Post Editor Rattles Users (PC World)
  17. Mozilla's Firefox 3 Sets Geeky World Record (PC World)
  18. Microsoft Eases Hardware Terms for XP on Low-cost PCs (PC World)
  19. IBM Mainframe Acquisition Raises Antitrust Concerns (PC World)
  20. Researchers Modify T-Cells, Make Them HIV Resistant
  21. Canadian fiddler looks for quick payday via eBay (Reuters)
  22. Preview: A Hilariously Gross Take on 'Grimm' Fairy Tales
  23. Pricing for iPhone 3G Reflects a New Value Proposition (NewsFactor)
  24. Long-awaited JBoss AS 5.0 Moves Closer to Release Date (PC World)
  25. Microsoft To Put Office Online as Equipt for Consumers (NewsFactor)
  26. IBM buys Platform Solutions, ending dueling lawsuits (AFP)
  27. Intel Says to Prepare For "Thousands of Cores"
  28. Mozilla Sets World Record
  29. Apple Spurns Intel, For Now
  30. IPhone 2.0 Video, ITunes 7 Confidential Screenshots
  31. Lawyers to Judge: Hans Reiser May Be 'Mentally Incompetent'
  32. iPhone Apps: To Pay or Not to Pay?
  33. Xandros Buys Linspire in Merger of Business Models (PC Magazine)
  34. Broadband Internet? No thanks
  35. 'South Park' Reveals 'Major Boobage' Magic
  36. Study says many dial-up users don't want broadband (AP)
  37. Spanish authority rules mobile fee increase unlawful: report (AFP)
  38. Discovery of a "Flat" Atom Hailed as Quantum Computing Breakthrough
  39. Microsoft buys Powerset, gets foot in semantic search door
  40. Rumor: Best Buy and Radio Shack to sell iPhone 3G
  41. Install Django and Build Your First App
  42. Amazon's EC2 Having Problems With Spam and Malware
  43. Eee Monitor shots reveal Linux's $500 iMac rival
  44. Facebook Gets Poked in China
  45. HOW TO: Build Your own Homemade Flame Thrower
  46. The 21 Worst Apple-themed Wallpapers ever
  47. Samba Team Releases Samba 3.2
  48. David Byrne Creates a Musical Building
  49. Welcome to the Rotten Tech IPO Market
  50. BurnLounge Crashes, Burns Promoter
  51. Police wnt u to fight crime w/txt msgs (AP)
  52. Report: Fiber Internet growth overtakes cable (AP)
  53. Daily Debrief: Justice Department to probe Yahoo-Google deal (CNET)
  54. Google in deal with Brazil to fight child porn (Reuters)
  55. Dungeons and Desktops
  56. Correction: AT&T-iPhone (AP)
  57. Nokia and Interdigital end patent dispute in UK (Reuters)
  58. Using AI With GCC to Speed Up Mobile Design
  59. Solar system is 'dented,' not round
  60. Solid State Drives Don't Extend Battery Life - Shorten's It
  61. iPhone gym equipment coming soon
  62. EU, US near deal on pact on protecting privacy (AP)
  63. Former HP printing exec indicted (CNET)
  64. Predators use gaming consoles to 'get foot in the door' (USATODAY.com)
  65. Frugal can shop Internet for software freebies (USATODAY.com)
  66. Privacy Policies Only as Good as the People Enforcing Them
  67. Review: Banking site MoneyAisle shows promise (AP)
  68. Hooray for Digg's New Recommendation Engine
  69. 9 Web browsers for Linux
  70. First Ever Footage of the iPhone 3G App Store
  71. Not just for Games Anymore, The Present and Future of GP-GPU
  72. RIAA Says Proof is Not Necessary To Sue For Infringement
  73. Who is Winning the Web Talent War
  74. AT&T ends Dish satellite TV partnership (CNET)
  75. Claimed Proof of Riemann Hypothesis
  76. My Phone, My Game Machine
  77. Digg CEO Jay Adelson a dead ringer for male model
  78. Forty Percent of Web Browsers Open to Hackers (NewsFactor)
  79. ACLU, EFF Sue US Gov't Over Mobile Phone Tracking (PC World)
  80. ICQ Starts Blocking Alternative Clients
  81. India sees no security threat from BlackBerry (Reuters)
  82. Are SSD Really More Power Efficient?
  83. Mozilla's Weave Prototype Updated
  84. More Digg Recommendation Features
  85. Which Linux Distributions Are Dying?
  86. Yahoo shares jump on latest Microsoft report (CNET)
  87. Microsoft to Sell Office 'value Pack' for $70 per Year (PC World)
  88. OMG Did U C What U R Paying 4 Texting?
  89. 'Green' cities pop up around the globe
  90. Creating hyperlinks in the real world
  91. Microsoft and Yahoo rise on deal talks report (AP)
  92. Bosses Delete Outspoken Army Blog
  93. Schools in Cyprus to punish mobile phone users (Reuters)
  94. Indian Mobile Market to Hit $37 Billion, Gartner Says (PC World)
  95. Microsoft to sell Office, OneCare for $70 a year (AP)
  96. Justice Dept To Investigate Google-Yahoo Deal
  97. Supplies of Rare Earth Elements Exhausted By 2017
  98. Intel says to prepare for 'thousands of cores' in processors
  99. Nokia plans to close Navteq deal within five days (AFP)
  100. The Scream Aliens Hear From the Earth
  101. Google, Yahoo spiders can now crawl through Flash sites
  102. What I Hate About Becoming a Designer
  103. Campus copyright battle moves to textbook torrents
  104. Google, Family Guy creator to shake up video distribution
  105. Calif's hands-free cell law for drivers in effect (AP)
  106. A Video Tour of the MSI Wind and Other Netbooks
  107. Sony's U.S. gadget demand good despite rising costs (Reuters)
  108. Microsoft seeks allies for new Yahoo move: report (Reuters)
  109. NSFnet — 20 Years of Internet Obscurity and Insight
  110. Apple's iPhone 3G Guided Tour Reveals Extra Details
  111. Adobe, Google, Yahoo Team Up for Flash Search
  112. Blockbuster abandons Circuit City bid (CNET)
  113. >Microsoft's Ballmer In Firing Line As Gates Departs (TechWeb)
  114. Japan firms step up mobile security after stabbing rampage (AFP)
  115. Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming, Report Says (TechWeb)
  116. Scott Brown's Nostalgorithm for Pop-Culture Sensations
  117. Race for Reservations Turns New York's Momofuku Ko Into Net Obsession
  118. July 2, 1937: Earhart Vanishes Over the Pacific
  119. Drive the World's Fastest Roads
  120. DNA Technology Posts Exponential Speed Increases
  121. Alt Text: Con Men Lose Their Cool in the E-Mail Era
  122. Tainted Tie-Ins: Worst Movie Games Ever
  123. Justice Department to review Google-Yahoo deal (CNET)
  124. Facebook Says China Not Blocking Access (PC World)
  125. EPA Reaches Goal On Data Center Study
  126. Digg’s New “Recommendation Engine” Could Be A Boon To Advert
  127. How to Plan a Solar Eclipse Excursion
  128. Get Started Building Websites With Django
  129. PINs stolen from Citibank ATMs (CNET)
  130. TV Viewers' Average Age Hits 50 Years Old
  131. Exclusive Look: Digg Recommendation Engine Private Beta
  132. Lawyers to Judge: Hans Reiser May Be 'Mentally Incompetent'
  133. Review: 'Trauma Center 2' Is Routine Surgery
  134. Review: Will Smith Saves the Day as Superhero Jerk in 'Hancock'
  135. Bands Divided Over MySpace Play-Count Boosters
  136. When the Band Hits the Fan: Musicians vs. Audience on YouTube
  137. Inside 'Neopets' Creators' Ambitious New MMO
  138. Google's new foray into image search (CNET)
  139. PC Repair In Texas Now Requires a PI License
  140. Singer Boy George calls off North American tour (Reuters)
  141. Searching for Flash files (CNET)
  142. 9 Reasons Why Developers Think the CIO Is Clueless
  143. Verizon: "Steve Jobs Has No Monopoly on Innovations"
  144. No More Adsense Referral Ads After August
  145. The rising cost of texting (CNET)
  146. How to photograph fireworks
  147. Signals your phone sends about you
  148. Summertime tech
  149. 14 classic tech rivalries
  150. Independence Day downloads
  151. DISH says AT&T to end partnership at year-end (Reuters)
  152. The rising cost of texting (CNET)
  153. AT&T's Text Message Racket (PC World)
  154. What Happens When You Reply To ALL of Your Spam
  155. Adobe Makes Flash Crawlable
  156. ATI readies OEM special: SuperRV770 to challenge GeForce GTX
  157. Fring gets Facebook, other third-party add-ons (CNET)
  158. Oracle reveals BEA roadmap (InfoWorld)
  159. A Year of GPLv3
  160. No-Fail Identity Theft – Live and In Person
  161. Former VP of HP Charged with IBM Trade-Secret Theft
  162. Uncloaking 'invisible' Flash Web content (CNET)
  163. AT&T Unveils Pricing Plans for Apple's iPhone 3G (NewsFactor)
  164. In California, Cell-Phone Users Go Hands-Free (NewsFactor)
  165. Alliance Aims To Welcome Macs into Enterprises (NewsFactor)
  166. Adopt-a-Star To Fund Research
  167. PC Magazine's 12 Favorite Music Sites
  168. Free, Bollore in talks with Google over WiMax: paper (Reuters)
  169. Apple, AT&T Reveal iPhone 3G Videos, Pricing Details
  170. Keeping a landline number on your cell phone (AP)
  171. Geomicroblogging, Buzzword or Reality?
  172. Monster founder sets sights on online obituaries (AP)
  173. Microsoft to buy Powerset (CNET)
  174. AT&T Announces iPhone 3G Price Plans (PC Magazine)
  175. Expensive Books Inspire P2P Textbook Downloads
  176. Will the QC kill the PC?
  177. The Golden Age of Unknown Software
  178. Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal
  179. New Taser Headcam to Fend Off Next "Don't Tase Me, Bro!"
  180. Anton Kast Talks About the Digg Recommendation Engine
  181. Missouri outlaws cyberbullying
  182. Icahn: Blustery, Savvy Raider or Mediocre Investor?
  183. Citibank ATM breach reveals PIN security problems (AP)
  184. Buffett is amazed his lunch drew a $2.1M bid (AP)
  185. UK Approves Human-Pig Embryo Stem-Cell Harvest
  186. Hey, Man, Shrooms Are Good for You
  187. Skype taps former Motorola exec for COO post (CNET)
  188. Making desktop Linux work for business (InfoWorld)
  189. Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Apple's secret business weapon? (InfoWorld)
  190. Update: Digg Recommendation Engine Confirmed For This Week
  191. AT&T Announces iPhone 3G pricing plans
  192. Hidden spy camera to catch fly-tippers is taken to rubbish
  193. How The FBI Dismantled a BitTorrent Community
  194. A requiem for Windows XP (InfoWorld)
  195. Non-Programming Jobs For a Computer Science Major?
  196. Ebay Fined $61M By French Court For Sales of Fake Goods
  197. Adobe, Google, Yahoo Alliance Makes Flash More Searchable
  198. Adobe Joins with Google, Yahoo to Search Flash Files (NewsFactor)
  199. Agency Tests Laptop Ruggedness by Walking on Them (PC World)
  200. No-Fail Identity Theft – Live and In Person
  201. Dwindling penguins signal ocean woes
  202. Hypocritical much? [pic]
  203. Ericsson Equips Toshiba Laptops With Mobile Broadband (PC World)
  204. Ebay Fined $61M By French Court For Sales of Fake Goods
  205. Browser pioneer Andreessen joins Facebook board (AP)
  206. U.S. venture-backed IPOs absent in second quarter (CNET)
  207. How social networking saved New Orleans
  208. 10 Useful Apps To Reduce Your Dependency On Google
  209. Purported ACTA Wishlist Would Put DMCA To Shame
  210. Roundest Object In the World Created
  211. Invisibility cloaks: From magic to reality?
  212. Prince Charles' car runs on wine
  213. A Grand Day Out For British Rocketman
  214. Bayreuth's Wagner festival will offer opera online (AP)
  215. AT&T to sell iPhone without contract (AP)
  216. AT&T releases iPhone 3G pricing details (CNET)
  217. Stitches produces cross-stitch charts (Macworld.com)
  218. Roundest Object In the World Created
  219. Adobe Makes Flash Crawlable
  220. FBI Illegally Tapped Phone Phreaks In 1969
  221. Xandros Reportedly Buys Out Linspire
  222. Adobe Makes Flash Crawlable
  223. Telecom Amnesty Foes On the Move
  224. Cloud Computing, The Commodity of The Future
  225. Canadians protest iPhone plans (Macworld.com)
  226. Provider of Free Public Domain Music Re-Opens
  227. An iPhone with a Keyboard: Prototype Exists
  228. Warner Music Group to offer music through Nokia phones (AFP)
  229. Nokia signs Warner to music deal (Reuters)
  230. Adobe to help reveal 'invisible' Flash Web content (CNET)
  231. Tesla to produce sub $30k electric car!
  232. Mozilla Pitches Firefox 3.1 Alpha For July Release
  233. Playlist: Spaced Out Architecture, Troll 2 Fest, Futurama DVD
  234. How to See 93 Million Miles: Plan a Trip to a Total Solar Eclipse
  235. 15th Anniversary: 5 Things Wired Pronounced Dead Prematurely
  236. 150th Anniversary of Theory of Evolution
  237. Put to the Test: Best Smartphone Platforms For Business (TechWeb)
  238. Goodbye To Bill Gates And Windows XP (TechWeb)
  239. Tech Heavyweights Launch Patent Trust (TechWeb)
  240. Microsoft adds licensing option for businesses (CNET)
  241. FBI Illegally Tapped Phone Phreaks In 1969
  242. Xandros Reportedly Buys Out Linspire
  243. NSA Red Team Top Hacker Speaks Out
  244. Helping your Mac Pro run a little faster
  245. Microsoft adds licensing option for businesses (CNET)
  246. FBI Illegally Tapped Phone Phreaks In 1969
  247. Xandros Reportedly Buys Out Linspire
  248. NSA Red Team Top Hacker Speaks Out
  249. Helping your Mac Pro run a little faster
  250. FBI Illegally Tapped Phone Phreaks In 1969