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  1. Superfast Internet: 10,000 Times Faster than Broadband
  2. Regulators Take Aim at Infant DNA-Testing Industry
  3. Professors Siding With Jammie Thomas in RIAA Case
  4. Gear Gallery: Flip-Top Cams, RC Cars and Pocket Printers
  5. France to Ban illegal Downloaders From Using the Internet
  6. Linkedin Gets $53 based on $1B Valuation
  7. Job cuts likely in HP's overhaul of printing group (AP)
  8. A Few Firefox 3 Followups
  9. No Mocha For Me, Thanks. I've Gotta Buy Gas
  10. Citibank ATM Server Allegedly Hacked, Leading to Cash Machine Crime Spree
  11. Report: NebuAd Forges Packets, Violates Net Standards
  12. Darpa Brain Drain Costs Agency $32 Million
  13. Sweden adopts law allowing official eavesdropping (AP)
  14. Why Are the Best and Brightest Not Flooding DARPA?
  15. Reddit Goes Open Source
  16. Telco CTOs see Web traffic growth as key challenge (Reuters)
  17. Mac OS X Root Escalation Through AppleScript
  18. Man Fired When Laptop Malware Downloaded Porn
  19. Sprint Hopes New Instinct Will Stop Subscriber Churn (NewsFactor)
  20. A Few Firefox 3 Followups
  21. Kid Rock: Donít Just Steal Music, Steal Everything
  22. Review: 'Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard' Brings Back That Old-School Masochism
  23. How Fast Is Your Browser? Find Out With Webmonkey's Stopwatch
  24. Flickr Founders Flee Yahoo
  25. Reddit Embraces Transparency, Gives Away Source Code
  26. MySpace's New Look Helps Quell the Clutter
  27. Ka-Ching: LinkedIn VC Investment Implies $1 Billion Value
  28. Toshiba Offers Laptop with 128GB Solid State Drive (NewsFactor)
  29. Wiretapping Bill Passes Swedish Parliament, 143 to 138
  30. OLPC Spin-off Developing UI for Intel's Classmate PC (PC World)
  31. Roadrunner Named World's Most Powerful Supercomputer (NewsFactor)
  32. 7 Ways to Use iPhone to Impress Women
  33. Official Folding@Home Beta nVidia Client Available!!!
  34. Red Hat Network to Be Open-sourced (PC World)
  35. Register, Others Call Plagiarism in "Limbo of the Lost" Game
  36. Firefox 3 Racks Up 8 Million Downloads on Its First Day
  37. How to Shoot Awesome Black-and-White Photos
  38. Mozilla Logs 8 Million-plus Firefox 3 Downloads in a Day (PC World)
  39. The Tiger Effect and Internet DDoS
  40. Robotic Navi-Bear as Annoying as It Is Cute
  41. Founders of Yahoo's Flickr head for the exits (AP)
  42. Soaring oil prices could boost Internet: Google executive (AFP)
  43. Bell, SuperMicro Sued Over GPL
  44. The Internet in 1934
  45. Board member, former Microsoft president to retire (AP)
  46. Red Hat Unveils New Virtualization Initiatives (PC World)
  47. Skype Trots out Beta of Major Redesign (PC World)
  48. Oldest Computer Music Unveiled
  49. Kid Rock: Steal This Song
  50. Verizon Pushes for Maximum Broadband Speeds (NewsFactor)
  51. Understanding Privacy
  52. Celebrity psychic loses lawsuit over ex-Elvis home (AP)
  53. Chinese engineer sentenced for economic espionage (AP)
  54. Study shatters myths on personal Net use at work (AP)
  55. Internet domain name for China surpasses ".net" (AP)
  56. Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing
  57. $50 to Get XP On a New Dell
  58. IP Traffic To 'Double' Every Two Years
  59. Mozilla Outage On Firefox 3 Record Launch Day
  60. Replacement For Aging Doppler Radar Being Tested
  61. OECD ministers agree to make Internet safer, more widely used (AFP)
  62. Firefox Downloads Exceed 1.6 Million on First Day (NewsFactor)
  63. U.S. Military developing "Shape-shifting robot"
  64. China's Water Problems Reach Olympian Proportions
  65. Security Firm Finds Server With Health-care Data (PC World)
  66. $50 to Get XP On a New Dell
  67. China Launches Antitrust Probe Vs. Microsoft
  68. Inside the Internet Archives
  69. The cake is a lie: IE team bakes a treat for Mozilla
  70. Will GPS Make Us Dumb?
  71. Using Flickr to teach computers to identify pictures
  72. IBM supercomputer is world's fastest & most energy efficient
  73. Peanut probe part of NASA mission (AP)
  74. Sprint sets price for new smart phone: $129.99 (AP)
  75. Sprint prices iPhone rival Instinct at $130 (Reuters)
  76. Web 2.0 scores successes in the enterprise (InfoWorld)
  77. Firefox 3 browser downloads strong in first day (AP)
  78. Verizon Adds 10 States to 50 MB FiOS Rollout
  79. Japan robot startups join efforts (AP)
  80. Computer Scientists Scour Your Holiday Photos
  81. The Horror: iPhone Runs Windows XP
  82. No happy ending for founder of prostitute review website
  83. Photo of great grandfather of modern computers found
  84. Firefox fans celebrate release of new browser
  85. Vegan farming takes organic to next level
  86. Aging boomers fuel 'brain fitness' software
  87. LinkedIn Connects To $1 Billion Valuation
  88. Intel extends command in fast-computers tally (AP)
  89. Hello Kitty rediscovers Japanese roots (AP)
  90. Alibaba launches free China online advert service (Reuters)
  91. IP Traffic To 'Double' Every Two Years
  92. Gadget buyers seen as assertive, even arrogant: study (Reuters)
  93. Mozilla Outage On Firefox 3 Record Launch Day
  94. Long-awaited game 'Spore' shows first signs of life online (USATODAY.com)
  95. Wikileaks Gets Hold of Counterinsurgency Manual
  96. Firefox 3 Web browser is now out as free download (AP)
  97. India?s Tata Invests in Chinese Telecom Company (PC World)
  98. Forbes: Why Firefox Matters
  99. AOL inks deal with Scripps for video content (Reuters)
  100. Replacement For Aging Doppler Radar Being Tested
  101. Morgan Stanley says Apple's iPhone sales may double in '09 (Reuters)
  102. Neusoft Opens Global Delivery Center in Dalian (PC World)
  103. IBM's Cell-based RoadRunner Supercomputer Is World's Fastest (PC World)
  104. Video game sales on winning streak, study projects (Reuters)
  105. LightSpeed sales software improves Web store (Macworld.com)
  106. China in anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft: state media (AFP)
  107. Film co Roadside opens new "window" for films (Reuters)
  108. All Your Coffee Are Belong To Us
  109. Judge halts Ameritrade's lawyer-friendly data-breach deal
  110. 10 Awesome Steampunk Designs and Mods [PICS]
  111. Verizon Communications Inc. speeds up FiOS Internet (AP)
  112. Emerging markets to drive mobile broadband: Ericsson (Reuters)
  113. June 18, 1178: English Monks Observe 'Lunar' Explosion
  114. How to Fix Your Broken NES
  115. Alt Text: Killjoy Cooking With the Dungeons & Dragons Crowd
  116. Verizon to boost FiOS Internet speeds (Reuters)
  117. Once-Doomed, NAC Revives Philadelphia's Wi-Fi Network (TechWeb)
  118. Skype's latest puts focus on watching who you call (Reuters)
  119. Awesome Invisible Mask !
  120. Skype's latest puts focus on watching who you call (Reuters)
  121. Indefinite Imprisonment For Web Site Content
  122. Firefox 3 exceeds a million downloads
  123. 7 Reasons The Segway Sucks
  124. Stop Canada from passing US-style restrictions on technology
  125. Updated Firefox browser eyes world download record (AFP)
  126. Totlol, an online video playroom for children (AFP)
  127. New funding values LinkedIn at $1 billion (Reuters)
  128. A Misconfigured Laptop, a Wrecked Life (PC World)
  129. Firefox Download counter
  130. Gallery: 10 Best Apocalyptic Vehicles
  131. High hopes: VCs betting LinkedIn worth $1 billion (AP)
  132. Wine Pops Its Cork After 15 Years (PC World)
  133. Pimp My Datacenter
  134. RIAA Defends Refiling Contested Piracy Case With New Judge
  135. BMW Brings Back the M1 Supercar
  136. 'Red Paperclip' Guy Is Ready to Trade His House
  137. Local investors to run Philadelphia Wi-Fi network (AP)
  138. Fan Demand Resuscitates 'You Suck at Photoshop'
  139. Review: A Week of Filming With the Flip Mino Reveals Some Flaws
  140. Run Windows Software on Linux with Wine 1.0 (PC World)
  141. Top 30+ Vista tweaks, tricks, and hacks
  142. Film company Roadside opens new "window" for films (Reuters)
  143. Understanding Privacy
  144. Its Back Against the Wall, Airline Industry Looks to Come Clean
  145. Firefox Demand Exceeds Supply as Mozilla's Servers Melt Down
  146. Video: New Zealand's Band of Robots
  147. Apple, AT&T settle lawsuit over iPhone feature (AP)
  148. Verizon mulls alternatives to all-fiber FiOS (Reuters)
  149. Skype's latest puts focus on watching who you call (Reuters)
  150. The Impact of Low Salaries At Apple
  151. Azureus is Dead, Vuze Goes Social
  152. Power User's Guide to Firefox 3
  153. The top 50 tech visionaries
  154. Expand your high-def options
  155. Disconnection anxiety
  156. Summer travel tech tips
  157. McAfee: Beware the .hk domain, among others
  158. Philadelphia's Wi-Fi Back Online, Privately
  159. California Cracks Down on DNA-Testing Startups
  160. Internet advertising dips slightly to $5.8B in 1Q (AP)
  161. Online ad sales dip for first time in 3 years (Reuters)
  162. United Offers iPod Seats -- for Upgraded Travelers (NewsFactor)
  163. Mozilla Site Goes Down Amid Firefox 3 Downloads (NewsFactor)
  164. EA Hypes Spore with Teaser 'Creature Creator' (NewsFactor)
  165. Mass Effect DRM Still Causing Issues
  166. California Cracks Down On Genetic Testing
  167. MySpace Wins Another Verdict Against Alleged Spammer
  168. 'Metal Gear Solid 4' and the Marriage of Movies and Games
  169. Attention, California Health Dept.: My DNA Is My Data
  170. Judge refuses request for early Yahoo trial date (AP)
  171. Philadelphia revives citywide Wi-Fi project (Reuters)
  172. EA continues quest to buy videogame maker Take-Two Interactive (AFP)
  173. PhD Research On Software Design Principles?
  174. Ludacris is busy building his resume (AP)
  175. Summer job market especially tough for poor kids (AP)
  176. Heavy Site Traffic Delays Firefox 3.0 Release (PC Magazine)
  177. Wine 1.0 Released
  178. California Pushes Back on DNA Testing
  179. Firefox 3 Web browser is now out as free download (AP)
  180. Firefox 3 'Download Day' Cripples Mozilla Site (PC World)
  181. Toshiba Lays Claim to 'world's Lightest' Laptop (PC World)
  182. JBoss Joins Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 (PC World)
  183. FCC Revises Broadband Penetration Metrics
  184. US Court Disconnects Canadian Domain Name Scammers
  185. http://news.wired.com/dynamic/stories/G/GENETIC_TESTING_CRACKDOWN?SITE=WIRE&SECTION=H
  186. Investors to run Philadelphia's shuttered Wi-Fi (AP)
  187. FDA warns about fraudulent cancer treatments (AP)
  188. Sony Ericsson unveils Wii-like phone (AFP)
  189. Anatomy of a Runaway Project
  190. UCITA By the Back Door
  191. Google Street View Car Gets Pulled over by U.S. Park Police
  192. Why You Should Download Firefox 3 Right Now
  193. Lower costs drawing users to mobile Internet: industry (AFP)
  194. Open source batch framework debuts (InfoWorld)
  195. Wine 1.0 — Uncorked After 15 Years
  196. SAP to Buy Visiprise for Manufacturing Software (PC World)
  197. Studio Head Answers Your Questions About the Movie Business
  198. UK Online ad spending to overtake TV this year (Reuters)
  199. Firefox Download Day To Start At 1 p.m. EST
  200. Wiretapping Law Sparks Rage In Sweden
  201. Cellphones challenge cameras with sharper pictures (Reuters)
  202. N-Prize Founder Paul Dear Talks Prizes For Nanosat Race
  203. EA extends bid for Take-Two, is rejected again (Reuters)
  204. Data Center Designers In High Demand
  205. Cisco Predicts Big Growth for the Internet to Continue
  206. What We'll Miss About Bill Gates ó A Very Long Good-Bye
  207. XP era ends: Will Vista step up?
  208. Planet find makes case for 'crowded universe'
  209. White specks puzzle Mars team
  210. Apes watch Iowa floodwaters from on high
  211. Gadget for online calls boosts company
  212. AP To Meet with Bloggers Over Guidelines
  213. Ludacris Encourages Talent to Phone It In
  214. .Net, Java tops with wireless app builders (InfoWorld)
  215. Even Before Memex, a Plan For a Networked World
  216. R2-D2 Monitors Your Web Servers
  217. Computer Art For a CS Dept Office?
  218. Visualizing Open Source Contributions
  219. Fascinating Video Tour of an Equinix Data Center
  220. Nokia unveils new business phones (Reuters)
  221. Special Effects Wizard Stan Winston Dead At 62
  222. Trio of Super-Earths Discovered
  223. Top 10 Wired Summer Photos, Decided by Us
  224. Readers Pick Top 10 Wired.com Summer Photos
  225. June 17, 1867: Lister Cuts Clean, Saves Lives
  226. Games Without Frontiers: 'Spore' Releases the Pixar in You
  227. Phone makers bullish on 2nd half despite weak economy (Reuters)
  228. Software Notebook: This Dream Home comes with a Mouse
  229. AP to meet with blogging group to form guidelines (AP)
  230. Cadence offers to buy Mentor for $1.45B (AP)
  231. The original Apple Macintosh Classic
  232. Pimp my datacenter: Rackwise DCM (InfoWorld)
  233. Pimp my datacenter: Avocent (InfoWorld)
  234. Road Rage Linked To Automobile Bumper Stickers
  235. 13% of developers picking Linux, outpacing Vista
  236. Internet fraud has taken a sinister new turn
  237. Israelis Unveil 'Rail-Riding Spybots'
  238. Bangladesh makes Internet use free for primary schools (AFP)
  239. EU stumbles on buying Microsoft alternatives (Reuters)
  240. Alcatel signs $1 billion deal with China Mobile (Reuters)
  241. How To Convince My Boss Not To Spam?
  242. Cosmopolitan Teaches Girls How to Break DRM & Pirate Music
  243. Microsoft Unveils First OS for Portable Navigation Devices (PC World)
  244. Yahoo says mobile search service reaches 600 mln (Reuters)
  245. Nokia launches new phones, vows to stay number one (AFP)
  246. The History of Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 in Screenshots
  247. Birth of a Standard: The Intel 8086 Microprocessor (PC World)
  248. Wiretapping Law Sparks Rage In Sweden
  249. Can Segway Stop WMDs, Solve Gas Prices & Save Obama?
  250. Director chosen for "Gears of War" feature (Reuters)