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  1. VIA Quits Motherboard Chipset Business
  2. Card-Counting Whiz Challenges Yahoo With Facebook Football Fantasy
  3. Scientists unveil invisibility cloak
  4. My biofuel road trip: Hot as hell, eco-friendly
  5. Africans experience cell phone boom
  6. Does your child need a cell phone?
  7. Medical Consultations With Webcams Extremely Successful
  8. NASA Spends $25M On Unmanned Planes, Awards Aviation Prizes
  9. Intel and Microsoft tried to kill OLPC
  10. MIT student newspaper publishes the banned DEFCON slides
  11. Apple Sells 60 Million IPhone Apps, Jobs Confirms Kill Switch
  12. FireFox:Google Redesigned Extension Facelifts Gmail and GCal
  13. India Targets Software Products Revenue of US$12 Billion (PC World)
  14. RIM hits 10 percent U.S. market share record (Reuters)
  15. Moneydance 2008r2 finance software released (Macworld.com)
  16. VeriSign Debuts Pump-and-Dump Protection (PC Magazine)
  17. Steve Jobs: confirms kill switch, 60M iPhone apps downloaded
  18. Is unit testing doomed? (InfoWorld)
  19. Apple Can Remotely Disable iPhone Apps
  20. Linux Users: Why So Serious?
  21. PC Industry Scared Netbooks May Hurt Laptop Sales (PC World)
  22. Singapore Telecom's regional mobile users near 198 million (AFP)
  23. Is Linux Finally Ready For The Desktop Takeover?
  24. It's Not Just War; It's Cyberwar Between Russia and Georgia
  25. FaceBook Under Massive Phishing Attack From China
  26. 45 Linux Viruses Found!
  27. August's Coolest Gadgets (PC World)
  28. Microsoft's Zune player seeking Hollywood stardom (Reuters)
  29. Using My PC As a Plain Old Telephone Service?
  30. Invisibility cloak on the horizon, scientists say (CNET)
  31. Experts: Passwords May Not Be a Good Online Defense
  32. Apple chief says iPhone software sales take off: report (Reuters)
  33. Cryptic Studios Releases New Star Trek Online Details, Trailer
  34. Best Buy to launch airport gadget vending machines (AP)
  35. Aug. 11, 1942: Actress + Piano Player = New Torpedo
  36. Top 10 Wired.com Reader City Photos, Decided by You
  37. 25 Awe Inspiring Custom Computer Case Mods
  38. New Material Could Make Objects Invisible
  39. Backing Up Your WHOLE Linux System Has Never been Easier
  40. Tailpipes may blow more than just smoke
  41. Official Support For PHP 4 Ends
  42. Poof! Scientists closer to invisibility cloak (AP)
  43. Semen Proteomics Sheds Light on Loyalty and Evolution
  44. Animatronic Pizza Parlor Band Catches Fire on YouTube
  45. Games Without Frontiers: Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turn Dieting Into an RPG
  46. Top 10 Wired.com City Photos, Decided by Us
  47. Wired.com Photo Contest: Parties
  48. iPhones-Macintosh Computers Are Now Targeted by More Hackers
  49. Blog: Eye in the Vegas Sky Finds Open Wi-Fi (PC World)
  50. Intel's New High Performance Chip: Core i7
  51. Researchers Pave Way For Compressor-Free Refrigeration
  52. A Lego Donkey Kong that Actually Moves
  53. Robot Submarine To Dive Deep In the Caribbean
  54. Intel's new chip to be called Core i7 (AP)
  55. 5 Useless Compiz Fusion Effects
  56. Interesting 404 Page: The Flowchart [PIC]
  57. The Effects of Exporting Used PCs To Africa
  58. Craigslist experiences listings outage (CNET)
  59. Court blocks MIT students from showing subway hack (AP)
  60. A First Look Inside the Defcon Network Ops Center
  61. How to: Customize your GNU/Linux desktop in 7 easy steps
  62. The Pirate Bay Blocked In Italy
  63. 'Paris for President' Parody Strikes Viral Gold
  64. Medical Consultations With Webcams Extremely Successful
  65. Federal Judge in DefCon Case Equates Speech with Hacking
  66. Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War With Russia?
  67. Moving Beyond Passwords For Security
  68. Card-counting whiz eyes Facebook football fantasy (AP)
  69. Defcon "Warballoon" Finds 1/3 of Wireless Networks Unsecured
  70. Georgia Under Online Assault
  71. Large Hadron Collider Begins Testing
  72. Video: Emergency Room Stroke Exam with a Webcam
  73. Game Developer Asks To Hear From Pirates
  74. Federal Judge Orders Halt to Defcon Subway Hacking Speech
  75. uTorrent 1.8 Released, Mac Version Coming Soon
  76. China Claims Score In Weather Manipulation
  77. Economic Gridlock – the Invisible Cost of IP Law
  78. Open Source Helps New IT Grads Get Foot in the Door
  79. Dutch paving stones clean air pollution (CNET)
  80. The Flat Earthers Are Still With Us
  81. getdeb.net announces Playbuntu
  82. Air Traffic Controller Lands Stricken Plane By SMS
  83. China Claims Score In Weather Manipulation
  84. Moneydance 2008r2 finance software released (Macworld.com)
  85. When Life Gives You Lemons.... (Trick out a Tricycle)
  86. Google's Streetview Seen As Culturally Insensitive In Japan
  87. Configuring Folding@home for Linux
  88. Inside MobileMe: Mac and PC cloud sync and mobile push
  89. Google Has All My Data – How Do I Back It Up?
  90. RIAA Foiled By "Innocent Infringement" Defense
  91. Google News Has Russian Army Invading Savannah, GA
  92. Repurpose Your Nintendo as a Lunchbox (PICS)
  93. Evidence of Russian Cyberwarfare Against Georgia
  94. The Pirate Bay Blocked in Italy
  95. Apple Reviews NetShare; Permanent Ban Likely
  96. "I Am Rich" Buyer Sheds Tears: Media Calls Her An 'Idiot"
  97. Shrinky Dinks As a Threat To National Security
  98. PwnageTool 2.0.2 Released! Jailbreak your 2.0.1 Firmware Now
  99. Yahoo to Let Visitors Decline More Targeted Ads
  100. Russia's 'Full Scale Invasion' of Georgia
  101. DIY Filmmaker Wins Big With Midnight Kiss
  102. Google 'Gadgets' Called Gateways For Hackers
  103. Did NBC Alter the Olympics' Opening Ceremony?
  104. Google News Has Russian Army Invading Savannah, GA
  105. Judge orders halt to Defcon speech on subway card hacking (CNET)
  106. Windows Live Messenger 9.0 to get new GUI, thanks to WPF
  107. RIAA Foiled By "Innocent Infringement" Defense
  108. Massachusetts Sues to Halt Defcon Subway Hacking Talk
  109. Google Has All My Data – How Do I Back It Up?
  110. Some Websites Remain Blocked at Beijing Olympics
  111. Apple Likely to Ban iPhone Wireless Modem App
  112. UAVs Search for Scientific Silver Lining in Beijing Pollution Clouds
  113. Massachusetts Sues to Halt Defcon Subway Hacking Talk
  114. DefCon: Boston Subway Officials Sue to Stop Talk on Fare Card Hacks
  115. Linux on Servers? Great. On PCs? Not So Much
  116. TrafficLoader.com to Infect BitTorrent Users with Malware
  117. Airline Cancels All Flights Booked Through Third-Party Systems
  118. Microsoft Investing In "Open Source" Lab In Philippines
  119. George Orwell Blogs From the Grave
  120. US comedian, 'Ocean's 11' star Bernie Mac dead at 50 (AFP)
  121. Bigger, Cheaper Solar Cells
  122. Website blocking is for your own good, Games chiefs tell Chinese (AFP)
  123. T-Mobile To Open App Store For All of Their Phones
  124. OpenMoko 2008.8 Released
  125. Origins of the Modern PC
  126. Egypt demanding data from cyber cafés users: NGO (AFP)
  127. ConnectU founders falter in Olympic rowing heat (CNET)
  128. Some Web sites remain blocked at Beijing Olympics (AP)
  129. BIND Still Susceptible To DNS Cache Poisoning
  130. (ap)
  131. The Brain Unmasked
  132. 5 Most Screwed-Up Tech Buys
  133. Forget the '$100 Laptop' ... Try $12!
  134. EFF Warns That Email Privacy Is In Jeopardy
  135. '6-D' pictures can look just like the real thing [Video]
  136. Forgotten history: The true origins of the PC
  137. Software To Improve AIDS Survival?
  138. Lucas Researching Concept For New Indiana Jones Film
  139. Moneydance 2008r2 finance software released (Macworld.com)
  140. The Most Overused Word on the Internet!
  141. Simulation Predicts Clumps of Dark Matter Within Galaxies
  142. Rackspace IPO: Wall Street does cloud computing (CNET)
  143. Obama Supporters Prefer Firefox
  144. Paid Support Not Critical For Linux Adoption
  145. Gallery: Gadgets Boost Olympic Performance -- Legally
  146. Open source technology is hungry for new college grads
  147. Reporters At Black Hat Get Bounced For Hacking
  148. Reporters booted from Black Hat... for hacking
  149. How to: Save Time While Building a Website [10 Tips]
  150. Reporters At Black Hat Get Bounced For Hacking
  151. Tracking Near-Earth Meteors With a 1.1 Petabyte Database
  152. Science and Tech Go to the Olympics: Wired.com's Coverage
  153. Samsung's Instinct is competition for iPhone
  154. Barbadians: Snake 'discovery' old news
  155. Tracking Near-Earth Meteors With a 1.1 Petabyte Database
  156. 'Cloud computing' trend heightens privacy risks (AFP)
  157. Aston Martin Unseats the Veyron As World's Fastest Car
  158. IFC expands music programming with Pitchfork pact (Reuters)
  159. TV Tidbits: Notes of Interest (Mediaweek.com)
  160. First Official iPhone synth about to be released
  161. Last HOPE Tracking Meta-Data Released
  162. EIC Squared: Olympics, LinuxWorld, and Google cookies (CNET)
  163. Delicious Django: Integrate Data From Web APIs Into Your Django Site
  164. How to Get More From Google Reader
  165. Fall TV Preview: Time Travel, Vampires and Weird Science
  166. Yahoo Will Soon Let Visitors Opt Out of Ads
  167. Scientists Create Stem Cells for Genetic Disorders
  168. Airline Cancels All Flights Booked Through Third Party Systems
  169. Quickly grabbing files over an existing SSH connection
  170. Google believes $1B investment in AOL is crumbling
  171. Software To Improve AIDS Survival?
  173. Facebook Lawsuit: Righteous Anger or Sour Grapes? (NewsFactor)
  174. Lock picking with a credit card, a photocopier, and some luck (CNET)
  175. US Warns Olympic Visitors of Chinese Cyber-Spying
  176. O'Reilly On How Copyright Got To Its Current State
  177. Netbooks Spark Linux Redesigns (PC World)
  178. Can Blu-ray Save Blockbuster?
  179. Over 100 Bug Fixes Baked into Apple's Mac OS
  180. HTC Android Phones May Be Delayed Until 2009 (NewsFactor)
  181. IBM Ready To Connect and Secure Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  182. JaJah Service Translates Languages Via Phone (NewsFactor)
  183. Yahoo to let visitors decline more targeted ads (AP)
  184. Hackers mull physical attacks on a networked world (AP)
  185. WordPress-Based Social Network to Launch Late 2008
  186. Create Ringtones for free with just iTunes
  187. Plasma Power
  188. Atom-Thick Balloon Inflated
  189. Mozilla Launches Snowl Messaging Prototype
  190. US Warns Olympic Visitors of Chinese Cyber-Spying
  191. Neanderthal Genome Sequenced: They're Not Your Ancestors
  192. Researchers Crack Medeco High-Security Locks With Plastic Keys
  193. Honda Takes Aim at Prius With New $19K Hybrid
  194. MediaSentry Hired By People's Republic of China
  195. The Internet Meme Timeline
  196. Cable companies stole telcos' lunch in 2Q (AP)
  197. YouTube Amps Up Audio Quality Following Complaints
  198. Curl Up With an iPhone E-Book
  199. Major Breakthrough: Decoding Music's 'DNA'
  200. Moneydance 2008r2 finance software released (Macworld.com)
  201. Super Fan Builds $70,000 Replica Batmobile
  202. 'Star Trek' online game ready to engage
  203. Analyst: Ubuntu, Community Distros Ready for the Enterprise
  204. USAF Enlists Shrinks To Help Drone Pilots Cope
  205. French reporters booted from US computer security conference (AFP)
  206. 'Primeval' Creator Puts Hard Sci in Sci-Fi Dino Show
  207. Shrinks Help Drone Pilots Cope with Robo-Violence
  208. Net Shoppers Bullied Into "Verified By Visa" Program
  209. Dell and HP Need Their Own MobileMe (PC Magazine)
  210. Blogger Glitch Knocks Home Pages Offline (PC World)
  211. Column: Raising Cain at Black Hat (CNET)
  212. Inventor's Gadgets Give a 'God's Eye' View of the Olympics
  213. VMware joins Linux Foundation
  214. 15 Awesomely Futuristic Green Designs [PICS]
  215. Soldiers Receive All-in-One Nonlethal Warfare Kit
  216. Fingerprint Test Tells Much More Than Identity
  217. Eight People Bought Rich iPhone App Before Crackdown (NewsFactor)
  218. 'Fun little' Bluetooth headset has tiny controls
  219. Reporters ousted from hacking conference
  220. Scary: Your Fingerprint Can Now Show if You Smoke Weed
  221. Non-Compete Clauses Thrown Out In California
  222. Google Says $1 Billion Investment in AOL Is Souring
  223. 8 People Buy "I Am Rich" iPhone App For $1,000
  224. Sprint Nextel in talks to sell iDen network: report (Reuters)
  225. Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless
  226. Microsoft Tries a New Ad Agency
  227. Linux Patent Pool to Push for 'defensive Publication' (PC World)
  228. Unions set Sunday deadline for Verizon talks (AP)
  229. 106 mpg 'air car' creates buzz, questions
  230. Nearly 50,000 IT Jobs Lost In Past Year
  231. Should We Pay Twice as Much for a Mac?
  232. Lucasfilm pulls PhoneSaber from the iTunes store
  233. Computer Beats Pro At US Go Congress
  234. Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless
  235. Aug. 7, 1944: Harvard, IBM Dedicate Mark I Computer
  236. Got Digg Captcha… Don’t Worry
  237. IBM Exec Bemoans Lack of Industry-Specific Linux Apps
  238. Japan police crack down on 300 child porn cases (Reuters)
  239. Targeted for hacking by reporters at my table (CNET)
  240. Mozilla Launches Snowl Messaging Prototype
  241. Australian rock band Wolfmother torn apart (Reuters)
  242. Favre a Packer on 'Madden NFL 09' cover
  243. Lightweight Linux Desktop Proves Popular with Netbooks
  244. How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World
  245. Ohio Sues Over Missing Electronic Votes
  246. New Map of Carved Up Arctic
  247. Aug. 8, 1876: Edison Patents Mimeograph
  248. Gear Gallery: Shrinking Computers, DVR Expander and iPhone Competitors
  249. Gifted Firestarter: High-Tech Pyrotechnics to Kick Off Olympics
  250. Reporters booted from conference for hacking (AP)