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  1. Live Blog: Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC
  2. AC/DC and Wal-Mart: A Marriage Made in Heaven?
  3. HP, Acer settle patent infringement claims (AP)
  4. Cheaper Apple iPhone with 3G May Anger Early Adopters (NewsFactor)
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio lined up to play video game mogul (AFP)
  6. Warhammer Online Information by the Truckload
  7. AC/DC and Wal-Mart: A Marriage Made in Heaven?
  8. Some retailers give vinyl records a spin (AP)
  9. Community Choice Award "Most Likely to be Shutdown By Govt"
  10. Government unveils world's fastest computer
  11. The New '$100 Laptop': A Glimpse of Your Future Laptop
  12. MacRumorsLive Coverage of WWDC 2008 Keynote
  13. Teen Driver Cell Restrictions Ignored, Unenforced
  14. June Patch Tuesday Addresses Bluetooth, Kill Bit (NewsFactor)
  15. Kenya's Safaricom shares surge on market debut (AFP)
  16. Study: IT Execs Report Lack of License Compliance (PC World)
  17. Canadian Govt Victim of Cyberattacks
  18. Live WWDC 2008 Keynote stream presented by iPhone Alley
  19. Buzz mounts on 3G iPhone as Apple CEO sets appearance (AFP)
  20. Virgin Media To Spy On & Threaten Downloaders
  21. 'Freakish' online searches inspire play
  22. Astronauts put finishing touches on lab
  23. Shatner on 'Trek': 'That's rather good'
  24. Icahn's Big Yahoo Bet Hinges on Microsoft Sale
  25. Roadrunner is fastest computer (AP)
  26. The best ways to protect your identity online (InfoWorld)
  27. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
  28. What's Good for Apple Is Better for Everyone Else
  29. Sling announces proof-of-concept SlingPlayer for iPhone
  30. Architecture for a Crowded Planet
  31. Microsoft, Others Push New 2.0 Wares (PC World)
  32. Encyclopedia Britannica to Take User Contributions
  33. Hans Reiser To Reveal Location of Body
  34. Icahn trashes Yahoo for failed growth plan (Reuters)
  35. Apple iPhone encore expected (Reuters)
  36. Nokia to bring new E-series phones to market (Reuters)
  37. iPhone 2.0 Takes on the World
  38. Faster-web iPhone expected to be introduced today (AP)
  39. Phoenix Digs First Mars Soil Sample To Analyze
  40. Faster-web iPhone expected to be introduced today (AP)
  41. Icahn's big bet on Yahoo hinges on Microsoft sale (AP)
  42. Beer makers increasingly turning to viral ads (AP)
  43. Study: Teen drivers ignore cell phone restrictions (AP)
  44. Computer Literacy Tests: Are You Human?
  45. Radiohead Changes Tack, Joins iTunes
  46. It's presto, change-o as new iPhone is unveiled (USATODAY.com)
  47. The Big Bullseye On Adobe
  48. Does sandbox security really protect your desktop? (InfoWorld)
  49. Dell's greener M-Series (InfoWorld)
  50. Iliad set to buy Tel Italia's Alice France (Reuters)
  51. Scientists Surprised to Find Earth's Biosphere Booming
  52. Call Sarah Connor "Military Supercomputer Sets Record"
  53. Astronauts breeze through their final spacewalk (AP)
  54. Beer makers increasingly turning to viral ads (AP)
  55. Singulus says Blu-ray take-up faster than DVD (Reuters)
  56. Colorful Allusions
  57. JetBlue LiveTV to buy Verizon's Airfone network-WSJ (Reuters)
  58. Samsung Launches IPhone-like Omnia Handset (PC World)
  59. iPhone's Game Potential As a Threat to Java Phone Games
  60. What's Good for Apple Is Better for Everyone Else
  61. Prosthetist Makes Extraterrestrial Life from Limbs
  62. June 9, 1902: First Automat Restaurant Opens
  63. Gallery: A Century of Automated Food Service
  64. Akihabara Killer Chronicled Massacre Plans Online (PC World)
  65. Sun bolsters SOA software with data management (InfoWorld)
  66. Panorama Launches Online BI Service (TechWeb)
  67. Latest "Green" Power Generation — Your Feet
  68. Linux is bad juju. People have died from using it. (COMIC)
  69. Windows XP To Windows 7 A Risky Path, Microsoft Warns (TechWeb)
  70. Cell-based "Roadrunner" Tops Elusive Petaflop Mark
  71. Proposed Legislation Would Outlaw "Cyberbullying" in US
  72. ID Theft In US Continues Apace Despite Data Breach Laws
  73. What Shall We Do With the Moon Once We Get There?
  74. How to order pizza from Domino's by using the command line
  75. Weak US Dollar Means Nintendo Favors Europe For Now
  76. Are Academic Journals Obsolete?
  77. Latest 'Green' Power Generation — Your Feet
  78. Patients Turn to the Web for News and Support
  79. Weak US Dollar Means Nintendo Favors Europe For Now
  80. Best Firefox Addon Ever?
  81. Original Doctor Who Immortalized on Brit Stamp
  82. 516-Mile Range in a Fuel-Cell Vehicle You Can't Fuel
  83. Keyboard Pants Designer Explains His Design Philosophy
  84. Experimental Drug Makes the Immune System Revolt Against Cancer
  85. ID Theft In US Continues Apace Despite Data Breach Laws
  86. Astronauts start mission's final spacewalk
  87. Latest 'Green' Power Generation — Your Feet.
  88. Icahn's big bet on Yahoo hinges on Microsoft sale (AP)
  89. Patient Web sites used for news, support in crisis (AP)
  90. Weak US Dollar Means Nintendo Favors Europe For Now
  91. Apple to allow subsidies on iPhone
  92. The Development of E-Paper Technology
  93. Cartoon Meets Reality: Dethklok Show Evacuated Due to Blaze
  94. Robotic Fish Track Targets, Communicate With One Another
  95. Legal Trouble For Multiple ISPs
  96. The Technology Behind the NBA Finals
  97. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
  98. Russia's 'Cans of Whup Ass'
  99. T-Mobile Sues Starbucks Over Free Wi-Fi Deal
  100. Gmail Labs Lets Users Experiment With 13 New Features
  101. iPhone 2 to Be Sold "at Significantly Lower Prices"
  102. Face Recognition Goes Mainstream For Notebooks
  103. HyperCard Comes Back From the Dead to the Web
  104. Examining Presidential Candidates Via Google Trends
  105. Top 10 Digg Front Page Stories that Fail
  106. Cell Phone Tracking Reveals Users' Habits
  107. Web-based malware on legit sites soars
  108. 5 More Cool Adobe AIR Applications
  109. Face Recognition Goes Mainstream For Notebooks
  110. Taiwan says pioneering WiMAX points way to the future (AFP)
  111. Amazon.com has problems for more than 2 hours (AP)
  112. Microsoft Seeks Patent On Brain-Based Development
  113. An Early Review of Roku's Netflix-Streaming Appliance
  114. Spy Helicopter for $40
  115. The Greatest Invention in Computer Science
  116. Leaders of No. 2 union OK Hollywood labor contract (AP)
  117. An Early Review of Roku's Netflix-Streaming Appliance
  118. Google Earth Beaten By Autorendering From Photos
  119. Leaders of No. 2 union OK Hollywood labor contract (AP)
  120. With GPS Expected on the New iPhone, Portable Nav Suppliers Are "Scared %#*@-less"
  121. Opinion: MMOs Need a Wii
  122. Barrowman to Return to Torchwood Mini-Series
  123. A Veteran GM's First Impressions of D&D 4th Edition
  124. Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 Rumor Roundup
  125. Open Source Awards Accepting Nominations (PC World)
  126. HyperCard Comes Back From the Dead to the Web
  127. Iron Man's Repulsors Set on the Mandarin for Sequel
  128. Mozilla Firefox 3 Features Screencast
  129. First load of Mars soil misses testing oven
  130. Google's experimental Gmail toys
  131. The very beginning of the end...
  132. Genomics Started With Boozing Session in Maine
  133. Warner Music Group Pulls Music From Last.fm
  134. 'Hockey Night in Canada' Is Over, Thanks to Licensing Spat
  135. Examining Presidential Candidates Via Google Trends
  136. UK ISP bows to record industry, to send P2P warning letters
  137. Astronauts test robot arm
  138. Windows XP SP3 Causing Router Crashes
  139. Transportation Bill Sets Aside $45 Million For MagLev Train
  140. New Method Discovered For Making Telescopes On the Moon
  141. Google Gets Serious About Open Source Mac Projects
  142. The Evolution of Pre-Launch Gmail In Screenshots
  143. Be Afraid of BitTorrent, Very, Very Afraid
  144. Diamonds Key To Quantum Computing
  145. Customers Cry Fraud Over Comcast P2P meddling in new lawsuit
  146. Airports Install See-Through Body Scanners
  147. The Future of Subnotebook Pricing
  148. A Look Behind China's Great Firewall
  149. The History of the internet and Net Neutrality [ VIDEO ]
  150. AT&T Embraces BitTorrent, Considers Usage-Based Pricing
  151. Wal-Mart challenges Craigslist
  152. VIA and NVIDIA Working Together For PC Design
  153. Sapphire joins the 2160p LCD TV party
  154. Malaysians turn to Internet to fight fuel hike (Reuters)
  155. Gallery: From Mind-Blowing to Mockery -- The iPhone 2 Mocked Up
  156. FTC opens formal probe of Intel chip business (AP)
  157. Transportation Bill Sets Aside $45 Million For MagLev Train
  158. New iPhone Images Leaked
  159. Record Labels Sue Spanish P2P Pioneer For $20M
  160. WiMax, LTE Should Merge, Intel Exec Proposes (TechWeb)
  161. What's new in Firefox 3? Check out this demo!
  162. How to Brew Sun Tea
  163. AT&T Embraces BitTorrent, May Consider Usage-Based Pricing
  164. Bob Lutz Drives the Volt, Calls it 'Electrifying'
  165. Full Body Scanners Installed In 10 US Airports
  166. Google Health Open Platform Is Great — Or Awful
  167. iPhone 3G iPhone firmware leaked: tri-band HSDPA and GPS are
  168. Congress Urged to Investigate ISPs over User Tracking
  169. 'Extreme Programming' Controls Phoenix Mars Lander
  170. Wireless Social Networking To Generate $2.5 Trillion By 2020
  171. The Miscast Spell: D&D Insider's Missed Opportunity
  172. T-Mobile sues Starbucks over AT&T Internet deal (Reuters)
  173. Symbian, Microsoft Not Fearing Linux Inroads In Cellular Market (Investor's Busin
  174. Spinning a MacBook Air on one finger! And Fire!
  175. Wine 1.0 RC4 Released!
  176. Microsoft Silverlight to back Ruby, Python in browser (InfoWorld)
  177. Software Update Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plant
  178. Ending the Hardware/Software Rat Race (PC World)
  179. Is Streaming Video the Real Throttling Target?
  180. 4 Reasons Early Adopters Don't Need a 3G iPhone Upgrade
  181. DARPA Cyber Range Project Doomed to Failure
  182. Hans Reiser Offers To Lead Cops to Nina's Body
  183. Billionaires Rejoice! You Too Can Break the Sound Barrier
  184. Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Rolls a 20 for Playability
  185. What to Expect at WWDC: New iPhone, New Apps, Snow Leopard
  186. FTC Starts Formal Probe of Intel
  187. Leaked ACTA Treaty to Outlaw P2P?
  188. In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use
  189. Gmail Labs Invites Mail Addicts to Come in and Play
  190. How To Launch an Apple Product in 5 Easy Steps
  191. Investigator Controversy Surfaces over Pirate Bay Case
  192. Bosses Nuked, Some Air Force Missileers Cheer
  193. Apple Expected to Address IT Concerns at WWDC (NewsFactor)
  194. Serving up Life in an Online World (PC World)
  195. Microsoft Demos "Deep Zoom" Technology
  196. Amazon Goes Down
  197. Gartner: Smart phone sales double in North America (AP)
  198. Apple's 3G IPhone Could Bow at Developer Event (PC World)
  199. FTC Opens Formal Antitrust Investigation of Intel
  200. US Amazon.com Website Down For Over 1 Hour
  201. AMD has an ace up its sleeve
  202. Amazon.com goes down for about 2 hours (AP)
  203. Mozilla Experiments With Site Security Policy
  204. Review: 'Wedding Dash 2' similar to original
  205. Eye-Fi Card Foils Would-Be Camera Thief
  206. Amazon website hit by technical failure, shares fall (Reuters)
  207. Amazon's down!!! What's going on?
  208. First Shots of WWDC Banners
  209. Vin Diesel gets role as daddy (AFP)
  210. Senate Republicans Block Climate Bill: See You Next Year
  211. Sweet-Talking Suit Prints Pickup Lines for Nervous Geeks
  212. LucasArts Layoffs Spark Many Rumors, Including KOTOR 3
  213. Behind China's Great Firewall
  214. EBay Pressured To Block Sales of Ivory Products
  215. Move Over AJAX, Make Room for ARAX
  216. Ubuntu: Worst Game Ever?
  217. New 3G iPhones being stored in Fremont, Calif. Wharehouse
  218. Phila. newspapers run ads about fake airline Derrie-Air (AP)
  219. France expects first online betting permits in 2009 (Reuters)
  220. New Water-Cooled Design Accelerates Computer Power (NewsFactor)
  221. City unveils huge wireless network
  222. Sharks to be tracked after attacks
  223. Google Earth map of Disney World goes online
  224. Ghost hunters more in demand
  225. New play explores what search reveals about us (AP)
  226. FCC Delays Proposal for Free Wireless Internet (NewsFactor)
  227. Leaked Report Details Secret Ad Software Trials in UK (PC World)
  228. Behind China's Great Firewall
  229. Gmail Gets 13 Experimental New Features Tonight
  230. Intel gets FTC subpoena on processor competition (AP)
  231. Icahn recommends Yahoo set a $49.5B sale price (AP)
  232. Groups Call for Investigation of ISP Ad Targeting (PC World)
  233. Verizon-Alltel, Fast Times at Broadcom (PC World)
  234. Conference Robot Connects Offices in Different Countries
  235. Verizon-Alltel Deal Could Isolate Sprint and WiMAX (NewsFactor)
  236. Google Health Open Platform Is Great — Or Awful
  237. PluggedIn: Lost cameras "phone home" to catch thieves (Reuters)
  238. High-Tech Swimsuit Wars Set for Beijing
  239. Rubik's Cube Algorithm Cut Again, Down to 23 Moves
  240. WSJ's MOSSBERG: Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Is the Best Browser
  241. Lifehacker's Five Best Antivirus Applications
  242. Video: Steal Bomber Crashes
  243. IBM Water-Cools 3D Multi-Core Chip Stacks
  244. Fighting Global Warming? Not Priceless, but $45 Trillion
  245. Tech Helps Soldiers Cope With Invisible Wounds of War
  246. Straight to Hellboy: Translating a Dark World From Sketch to Screen
  247. June 6, 1933: A Car, a Movie, Some Popcorn and Thou
  248. In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use
  249. Gallery: The Drive-In Theater Turns 75
  250. Climb Into the Cockpit of Tomorrow's Slot Machine