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  1. Softbank says to sell Apple's iPhone in Japan (Reuters)
  2. AMD Lets Cat out of Bag With Puma Launch (PC World)
  3. CRM Systems to Get Free Company Contact Data (PC World)
  4. Microsoft Free, One Year Later
  5. Pirates Slowly Killing MediaDefender
  6. Acer, MSI Launch Ultra-Portable Notebooks Powered By Intel's Atom (TechWeb)
  7. Sun Aims to Flood Servers With Solid-state Drives (PC World)
  8. June 4, 1942: Naval Warfare Evolves as the Tide Turns
  9. Alt Text: Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts
  10. AMD rolls out new laptop chip package (AP)
  11. Starbucks offers new flavor: Free Wi-Fi
  12. New report identifies dangerous Web domains (AP)
  13. AMD rolls out new laptop chip package (AP)
  14. Spitzer's 5-Gigapixel Milky Way
  15. Bruce Willis game for "Kane" thriller (Reuters)
  16. Ballmer: Software Makers Face Big Challenges (PC World)
  17. GAMES REVIEW: Action heroes (AP)
  18. NVIDIA Enters the Mobile CPU Market
  19. No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer
  20. Long-Promised, Voice Commands Are Finally Going Mainstream
  21. Intel bullish on WiMax investments: executive (Reuters)
  22. Online database shows Britain-Australia links (AFP)
  23. How to Build a $150 Linux PC
  24. Route of Control: 5 802.11N Routers Tested and Rated
  25. McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too!
  26. GM Finally Admits SUVs Are a Dead-End
  27. Starbucks Can't Handle Demand for Free Wi-Fi (PC World)
  28. Firefox to pass 20% before July?
  29. Answers.com sees growth in wiki responses (Reuters)
  30. Microsoft Clarifies XP SP 3 Flash Issue (PC World)
  31. Bill Gates's Last Speech
  32. 3G iPhone: Thinner, Thicker, or Both?
  33. Review: 'Ninja Gaiden II' Gets Combat Right, Everything Else Wrong
  34. Blu-ray awareness rising, but challenges remain: study (Reuters)
  35. Brian Aker On the Future of Databases
  36. 40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive
  37. Unix is the devil's work
  38. Show Wired.com Your Favorite Drive-In Theater
  39. Crash Leaves Biodiesel Boat Limping Across the Pacific
  40. Website Lets You Send a Post-Rapture E-Mail to Friends 'Left Behind'
  41. Band Premieres Album on Internet Jukeboxes
  42. Toyota, Honda cars outsell Ford pickups (AP)
  43. Texas Governor As E3 Keynote Speaker Causes Strife
  44. Google Is 'the Man' at Search Marketing Conference (PC World)
  45. Curl Adds Runtime Support for Mac Environments (PC World)
  46. Starbucks Wi-Fi Comes with AT&T Limits (PC World)
  47. Bacteria Found Alive In Ice 120,000 Years Old
  48. Intel's Atom — First Benchmarks and a Full PC Review
  49. User Participation Drives Retooled Wikia Search Engine (NewsFactor)
  50. Asus, Acer Offer Mini-Laptops Built on Intel's Atom (NewsFactor)
  51. Microsoft readies Oslo previews (InfoWorld)
  52. IBM, Acrobat offer response to Google Apps and Office (InfoWorld)
  53. Comcast to test new way to manage Internet jams (AP)
  54. Yet Another Personal Area Network Technology (PC World)
  55. Microsoft Offered $40 a Share For Yahoo
  56. What Makes Sony's Online Games Work? Linux!
  57. 'Hypermiling' can double mpg
  58. Wal-Mart pushing sales of Blu-ray players (Reuters)
  59. Microsoft Vows to Keep Windows XP Alive for 'Nettops'
  60. Wikia Search Launches Wikipedia-Style Search Engine
  61. Intel's Latest Chip Touts Low Price Over High Speed
  62. Comcast Beginning 'Net Neutrality' Testing
  63. Microsoft exec says Live Search needs image fix (AP)
  64. Veoh Networks lands $30 million from Intel and Adobe (Reuters)
  65. New Superconductor Found "Immune To Magnetism"
  66. Army: Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change
  67. Carl Icahn steps up campaign to oust Yahoo board (AP)
  68. Power bills soaring? Turn off the Playstation: study (Reuters)
  69. Video: Sony Leans on User-Generated Content for E3
  70. How Yahoo's 'Scorched Earth' Strategy Helped Scuttle Deal
  71. Next-Gen JavaScript Interpreter Speeds Up WebKit
  72. GPLv3's Implications Hitting Home For Lawyers
  73. Slide Show: Ten laptops that can do it all
  74. GearDaddy Video: What's so smart about a smart phone?
  75. Best digital cameras for the road
  76. Small laptop offers 'stunning design'
  77. Grandfather builds Web browser for autistic boy (AP)
  78. Oklahoma City unveils new wireless network (AP)
  79. US to require online registration for visa-free travel (AP)
  80. Correction: iPhone market share story (AP)
  81. 25 Excellent Ajax Techniques and Examples
  82. Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use
  83. Intel unveils chip at Taiwan tech show (AP)
  84. Full-feature IE 8 coming in August (Reuters)
  85. Facebook Makes Part of Its Platform Open Source (NewsFactor)
  86. Inside the TRS-80 Model 100
  87. Search For RMS Titanic Was a Cover Story
  88. Surgeons Aided by Kennedy's Decision to Remain Awake
  89. IBM to sell support for rival to Microsoft Office (Reuters)
  90. IEEE Special Report On the Singularity
  91. Intel's Atom — First benchmarks and a Full PC Review
  92. Navy lags behind Air Force in use of drones
  93. Review: Wii sports hit and miss
  94. Time Warner Cable tests metered Internet service (Reuters)
  95. Microsoft May Have Balked at Yahoo Severance Demands
  96. Gates Bids Adieu to Developers (PC World)
  97. New Filings Reveal Damage of Bell Canada P2P Throttling
  98. Stunning Lego Art [PICS]
  99. Take Me Off Your List
  100. Apple Back-to-School promo to offer free 8GB iPod touch
  101. Asus Adds Juice to Give Its New Laptops More Kick
  102. Transforming Social Networking Into Social Activism
  103. Ask a Studio Head How To Get Into the Movie Business
  104. China's music industry warns Baidu search engine over piracy (AFP)
  105. Sun Global Sales Head Resigns, Bound for HP (PC World)
  106. Firefox Appears Ready to Crack 20% Share Next Month
  107. KDE 4 Progress: New plasmoids, Akonadi, KRunner and more
  108. To Counter Google, Facebook Opens Its Code
  109. ASUS Eee Box: $269, mid-July, with Linux
  110. Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use
  111. Web 2.0 Sites a Thriving Marketplace for Malware
  112. Schneier Asks Why We Accept Fax Signatures
  113. Shuttle astronauts prepare to venture outside
  114. Microsoft to Highlight Silverlight, 'Oslo' at Show (PC World)
  115. Why Macs Still Aren't Right for Most Businesses
  116. New Spy Cam Software Blurs Faces of the Innocent
  117. Intel's Atom - First benchmarks and a Full PC Review
  118. Leaning Tower of Pisa Secure For 300 More Years
  119. Twitter Not Rocket Science, but Still a Work in Progress
  120. Brocade to pay $160M to settle options lawsuit (AP)
  121. Time Warner Cable Tries Metering Internet Use
  122. Rocker launches internet 'filter'
  123. Digital media growing fast, study says (AP)
  124. @ $399 per Player Blu-ray format may not dominate for years
  125. People will pay for web content, says Google
  126. Musicians push for better sound online and on disc (USATODAY.com)
  127. Acer Sets Bold Target for Sales of New Mini-laptop (PC World)
  128. Starbucks offers new flavor: Free Wi-Fi (USATODAY.com)
  129. Microsoft extends Windows to low-cost PCs (Reuters)
  130. Clarion Shows New Prototype Portable Navigator (PC World)
  131. Adobe Launched The Free Public Beta Version Of Acrobat.com
  132. Microsoft Extends XP Deadline for Low-cost PCs (PC World)
  133. Leaning Tower of Pisa Secure For 300 More Years
  134. BlackBerry Twice as Popular as iPhone
  135. Google lets sites tailor what searches users see (Reuters)
  136. Plasma TVs, gaming consoles guzzle electricity: study (Reuters)
  137. Internet seen shrinking to 2 strong players (Reuters)
  138. SanDisk eyes ultra low-cost PCs for flash drives (Reuters)
  139. Dragoman offers batch file conversion for Mac OS X (Macworld.com)
  140. Behind the Scenes At Sony's NOC
  141. Yahoo opposed Google deal before Microsoft bid (Reuters)
  142. Google Upgrades and Rebrands Site Search Service (PC World)
  143. Wired.com Photo Contest: Summer
  144. Top 10 Wired Water Photos, Decided by Us
  145. June 3, 1657: William Harvey Taken Out of Circulation
  146. Apple iPhone Encore Expected Next Week (TechWeb)
  147. Researchers Simplify Quantum Cryptography
  148. Movistar Nabs iPhone in Spain
  149. Senate Begins Largely Symbolic Climate-Change Debate
  150. Review: 'Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' Lacks Originality
  151. Spiralfrog.com to offer downloads from EMI artists (AP)
  152. China Unicom, Netcom in 56-bln-dlr merger (AFP)
  153. Nominations Opened For "Most Likely to be Shut Down By Government"
  154. What Joost Really Plans for Linux...
  155. Google to Offer Real-Time Stock Quotes
  156. Google: Android will be 100% open source
  157. Killer Gamer Asks, 'Where Have All the Bodies Gone?'
  158. GeekDad Contest: Parent-Child D&D Portraits
  159. Readers Pick Top 10 Water Photos
  160. How to Promote Your Band on MySpace
  161. Airline Industry Begs for Help in its Fight to Survive
  162. 'Cloverfield' Director Talks Creature Sequels, Suburban Bank Robbers
  163. Smart Phones "Bigger Security Risk" Than Laptops
  164. Travelers without visas to be required to register (AP)
  165. China's Changes In Telecom Sector Start Taking Hold (Investor's Business Daily)
  166. Online News Service Sued for Releasing Financial Report Three Minutes Early
  167. Brocade to pay $160M to settle options lawsuit (AP)
  168. Time Warner Cable May Abandon Unlimited Internet Access (PC World)
  169. goosh, the Unofficial Google Shell
  170. Watchdog: NASA misled on global warming
  171. Apple iPhone encore expected next week (Reuters)
  172. Facebook Open Sources Parts of Its App Dev Platform (PC World)
  173. Internet celebrates 2 years of futility battling Pirate Bay
  174. Stein Flick Expelled Wins Right to Lennon's 'Imagine'
  175. AT&T settles suit over 3rd-party cell phone fees (AP)
  176. IBM agrees to $20M settlement of options-related lawsuit (AP)
  177. Ghostly Ring Found Circling Dead Star
  178. Microsoft Linking Silverlight, Ruby on Rails
  179. Dropbox Linux Screenshot Leaked [Exclusive]
  180. Stein Flick Expelled Wins Right to Lennon's 'Imagine'
  181. Audi Bringing Biodiesel to Le Mans
  182. Sun Microsystems' sales chief resigns (AP)
  183. Dancing Micro-Robots Waltz on a Pin's Head
  184. Adobe Releases Acrobat 9, Launches Acrobat.com (NewsFactor)
  185. Developers Reported Enthusiastic About Android Platform (NewsFactor)
  186. Twitter Not Rocket Science, but Still a Work in Progress
  187. What Is Programming?
  188. Websites You Shouldn’t Have Missed In May 2008
  189. Revision3 CEO: No Suit Against MediaDefender In The Works
  190. Adobe Dives Into the Online Office Fray With New Webware Suite
  191. Nominations Opened For "Most Likely to be Shut Down By Government"
  192. New Spy Cam Software Blurs the Faces of the Innocent
  193. Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use (AP)
  194. Nasdaq in deals to sell real-time market data (Reuters)
  195. Facebook Open Sources Parts of Its App Development Platform (PC World)
  196. Nominations Opened For "Most Likely to be Shutdown By Government"
  197. Toshiba Going After Blu-ray?
  198. Why BitTorrent causes so much latency and how to fix it
  199. World Sci Fest: Youth Pills, Future Cities and Oliver Sacks' Hallucinations
  200. Microsoft, HP strike search deal for new PCs (Reuters)
  201. AT&T Enters Mobile TV Competition (PC World)
  202. Shuttle Launch Pad Damaged During Discovery's Launch
  203. Phoenix Landing Rockets May Have Already Uncovered First Ice Sample
  204. Unsealed documents shed more light on Microsoft-Yahoo saga (AP)
  205. Scientists Build Mind-Reading Computer
  206. British Police Confirm Six OiNK Users Arrested
  207. Phoenix Landing Rockets May Have Already Uncovered First Ice Sample
  208. Nvidia's Tegra Line Puts Computer on a Mobile Chip (NewsFactor)
  209. Adobe Launches Hosted Services, Adds Flash to Acrobat (PC World)
  210. Sci-Fi Channel Merging TV Show with MMO
  211. Senate takes up climate bill
  212. Mobile Me: What a New .Mac Might Mean for the iPhone
  213. MediaDefender Defends Revision3 SYN Attack
  214. Adobe Updates Acrobat, Launches Hosted Services (NewsFactor)
  215. Smartphones 'bigger security risk' than laptops (InfoWorld)
  216. Hiding Packets in VoIP Chat
  217. Building a Miniature Magnetic Earth
  218. RedOffice 4.0 Beta Updates OpenOffice UI
  219. OCZ's Brain Mouse Hits the Store
  220. Newspapers Still Have Much to Learn About the Web
  221. "Douchebag" Blog Post Costs Senior her Student Council Seat
  222. Global chip sales rise 5.9 percent in April (Reuters)
  223. nVidia Preview 'Tegra' MID Platform
  224. From Win32 to Cocoa: a Win user's conversion to Mac OSX Pt 3
  225. Blu-ray format expected to dominate, but when?
  226. Mars pioneers to face cosmic mind trip
  227. Space shuttle to dock with space station
  228. Singer focuses energy on electric car
  229. Building a Miniature Magnetic Earth
  230. Microsoft Live Search to be HP PC Default
  231. Paralysed man takes a walk in virtual world (AFP)
  232. Adobe offers Acrobat 9 (InfoWorld)
  233. Toshiba Going After Blu-Ray?
  234. Bye Bye Bananas — the Return of Panama Disease
  235. A Home Lab/Shop For Kids?
  236. Safari Flaw Worse Than First Thought, Microsoft Warns
  237. Chip Makers Put Rush on Mobile Gadgets
  238. Microsoft signs search distribution deal with HP (AP)
  239. Ad Network To Offer Contextual Discount Coupons
  240. Ad Network To Offer Contextual Discount Coupons
  241. Adobe Unveils Flash-Enabled Acrobat 9
  242. Microsoft's Dynamics AX 2009 Now Generally Available (PC World)
  243. RedOffice 4.0 Beta Updates OpenOffice UI
  244. Canadian Group Files Facebook Privacy Complaint
  245. Ike Obasi Wants to Sell You a House (BusinessWeek Online)
  246. Vetting the Online Networks (BusinessWeek Online)
  247. Explosion At ThePlanet Datacenter Drops 9,000 Servers
  248. China Unicom buys China Netcom in $56B stock swap (AP)
  249. What to Expect from Asus at Computex (PC Magazine)
  250. Qualcomm Says Windows Mobile 7 Key for Mini-laptops (PC World)