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  1. China Unicom buys China Netcom in $56B stock swap (AP)
  2. 2008 InfoWorld CTO 25: Bill Maguire, Virgin America (InfoWorld)
  3. 2008 InfoWorld CTO 25: Bill Gruszka, Southeastern Polytechnic State University (
  4. 2008 InfoWorld CTO 25: Vivek Kundra, District of Columbia (InfoWorld)
  5. 2008 InfoWorld CTO 25: Bud Mathaisel, Achievo (InfoWorld)
  6. 2008 InfoWorld CTO 25: Greg Papadopoulos, Sun Microsystems (InfoWorld)
  7. Bye Bye Bananas — the Return of Panama Disease
  8. Big Ben sculpture marks recycling
  9. CERN video: How The Grid will revolutionize computing
  10. Vendor Wants to Be 'Wikipedia for Finance' (PC World)
  11. AmberPoint extends SOA analysis software (InfoWorld)
  12. An Imaginative Use For CCTVs
  13. Web 2.0 Sites a Thriving Marketplace for Malware (PC World)
  14. Sony Appears Ready to Ship Via-based Mini-laptop (PC World)
  15. June 2, 1883: The 'L' Comes to Chicago ... Indoors
  16. Graphics Chips Gun for Supremacy in Silicon Showdown
  17. 8 Best: Non-Wikipedia Pedias
  18. Asus Shows off Atom-based Eee PC (PC World)
  19. OiNK Pre-Releasers Accused of Defrauding Music Industry
  20. IBM Reveals Jazz Product Launch Wave (PC World)
  21. China's All-Seeing Eye
  22. Nvidia rolls out Tegra chips aimed at tiny PCs (Reuters)
  23. Adobe launches new version of Acrobat with Flash (AP)
  24. How to Get to Better Planning and Budgeting (TechWeb)
  25. The New Default Plasma Desktop Theme for KDE 4.1
  26. Gallery: The World's Most Impressive Subways
  27. Ad network strives to make coupons more meaningful (AP)
  28. Best Buy testing free e-waste recycling program (AP)
  29. Adobe launches new version of Acrobat with Flash (AP)
  30. How Android Will Change Your Shopping Experience Forever
  31. Denmark Becomes Fourth Nation To Protest OOXML
  32. Lander reaches out, touches Mars
  33. Fear and Loathing in Web Coverage of the DNC's Rules Debate
  34. A Home Lab/Shop For Kids?
  35. Apple Buys Me.com... .Mac's New Name?
  36. HP Exec Cuts Birthday Cake With MacBook Air
  37. Why BitTorrent Causes Latency and How To Fix It
  38. Japanese "suzukaze" device cools your butt while you sit
  39. What Does It Mean to Be Human?
  40. Never Say Never to Mac-Based Electro-Funk
  41. Japanese Websites Make Suicide a Breeze
  42. Huge Leap Forward In Robotic Limb Replacement
  43. 2012: The Year The Internet Ends
  44. Will BitTorrent Sites Become Obsolete?
  45. MediaDefender Explains Itself
  46. Congress Debate on Climate Change Centers on Costs
  47. Canada Investigates Facebook's Alleged Privacy Violations
  48. First Look: J.J. Abrams' Fringe
  49. H-1B Foes Challenge Bush Administration In Court
  50. Billboards That Secretly Film You... WTF
  51. Explosion At ThePlanet Datacenter Drops 9,000 Servers
  52. Discovery crew inspects craft for damage
  53. Blu-ray DVD format may not dominate for years (AP)
  54. What Could You Do With a Bogus Root Name Server?
  55. The Neuroscience of Illusions and Dictionaries
  56. Carry 200 lbs with minimal effort with Exoskeleton
  57. Microsoft Pushes Devs With Wider IE8 Beta
  58. The Pirate Bay: Two Years After the Raid
  59. In Pictures: Great Bond Gadgets
  60. Ah, the Irony! Microsoft says Safari isn't Safe on Windows
  61. Bell Canada Official Speaks Out On Throttling
  62. Hydraulic Computer from the 1950s
  63. Elonex ONE Subnotebook Shows Right Path For Linux
  64. Moving Between Countries?
  65. Phoenix to Earthlings: Iíve Landed! Awesome!
  66. Obama Campaign Seeks LAMP Developers
  67. Ever wonder where Spam Originates from? look at this
  68. Minnesota Town Tells Google Maps: Keep out - We Mean It!
  69. Students skip slime, stink with virtual dissection (AP)
  70. Canada launches privacy probe into Facebook (AP)
  71. Publisher offers 5,000 more books for Kindle (AP)
  72. Moving Between Countries?
  73. Dubai's DAE in talks on $2.5 bln aircraft order (Reuters)
  74. Pringles Can Designer Dies, Buried In a Pringles Can
  75. Zombies and botnets: OECD warns of hidden armies in cyber wars (AFP)
  76. Bangladesh to cut off unregistered mobile phones (Reuters)
  77. China's Cyber-Militia
  78. Microsoft Urges Windows Users To Shun Safari
  79. Top 10 GPS Tips And Tricks (TechWeb)
  80. Wanna Harvest Power from the Sea? You'll Have to Test It Here First
  81. Five People Who'll Make You Feel Good About the Future
  82. MagLev, Ruby VM on Gemstone OODB, Wows RailsConf
  83. Shuttle lifts off with toilet fix, $1 billion lab
  84. £10 Battery Upgrade For UK Eee PC 900 Owners
  86. Inside the Tech of the Roku Netflix Player
  87. Google's Android demo shows app store, tweaks iPhone formula
  88. Intel & Micron Show 34-nm, 32-Gbit Flash Memory Chip
  89. Pictures boost hopes for Mars ice discovery
  90. What the CIA Learned From Get Smart
  91. Prince DMCAs YouTube To Block Radiohead Song
  92. Google Defends Open Source from 'Poisonous People'
  93. Stonehenge As a Royal Family's Burial Site
  94. AdSense for RSS Feeds Set to Launch Next Week
  95. Hacker Changes News on Mars Lander's Website
  96. Why Are Senior Female Scientists So Heavily Outnumbered by Men?
  97. China's Cyber-Militia
  98. Students skip slime, stink with virtual dissection (AP)
  99. Democrats' FlipperTV Fuels Anti-McCain Mash-ups Online
  100. Hacker changes Phoenix Mars Lander Web site (AP)
  101. FCC To Hold Hearings On Early Termination Fees
  102. Incredible Sushi Art [PICS]
  103. Study: Bone Loss Drug Fights Spread of Breast Cancer
  104. The Persistence of Vision: A Story of Freakish Perception
  105. Canada students file complaint against Facebook: media (AFP)
  106. Supercomputer Built With 8 GPUs
  107. Valve Source Engine to hit Linux soon...?
  108. Facebook Faces Canadian Privacy Probe
  109. Google Accidently Revealed As eBay Critic
  110. Is 'Corporate Citizen' an Oxymoron?
  111. Apple Patches 40 Security Holes
  112. Teens jailbreak iPhone in Apple Store - Get Detained by Cops
  113. Fueling begins for shuttle launch
  114. Full Disclosure and Why Vendors Hate It
  115. Database Normalization and Table Structures
  116. What the CIA Learned From Get Smart
  117. MIT Develops "Paper Towel" For Oil Spills
  118. Microsoft Urges Windows Users To Shun Safari
  119. Motley Crue Single Does Better On Rock Band
  120. Microsoft Urges Windows Users to Shun Safari
  121. A Look At the Workings of Google's Data Centers
  122. Bank of NY Loses Tapes With 4.5 Million Clients' Data
  123. Forbes: New iPhone Is Already Here
  124. Class Action Suit Against Bell For Throttling
  125. LEGO Star Wars Minifig Lights Up with LED [PICS]
  126. Wine 1.0 RC3 Released
  127. BlackBerry Leads, iPhone Follows U.S. Smartphone Sales (TechWeb)
  128. Laptop-Embedded Wireless Broadband Closer To Mainstream (TechWeb)
  129. DISH, EchoStar Sue TiVo (TechWeb)
  130. CIPPIC Complaint: Facebook "a minefield of privacy invasion"
  131. Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik' To Be Filmed
  132. Satellite TV Hacker Tells His Story
  133. Gibberish Or HTML Art?
  134. Second Blender open movie
  135. Stupid Secretary--WTF
  136. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: June 2008
  137. Plastic Shield Protects Your TV From Your Wii
  138. Japan's Hotshot Game Designers Bet on Indie Gore
  139. Overstock.com sues New York over Internet tax law (Reuters)
  140. MySpace Music to stage its 150th Secret Show (Reuters)
  141. Q&A: Exclusive Interview With the Phoenix Mars Lander
  142. Video: Smart Card Hacker's Tools Include Acid, Red Nail Polish
  143. Phoenix Mars Lander Deploys Robotic Arm, Possibly Finds Ice
  144. The iPhone patent: Steven P. Jobs, inventor
  145. Wireless carriers draw fire for service charges (Reuters)
  146. D-Link MediaLounge Extender — Like Apple TV For Windows PC
  147. "Idol" winner Cook scores digital hit with "Life" (Reuters)
  148. Seagate Announces First SSD, 2TB HDD
  149. Novell's Linux Business Takes a Seat At the Grown-Up Table
  150. '90s Dot-Coms — Where Are They Now?
  151. Blacktop Gets Greener
  152. Apple Bans Teens From Stores for Downloading iPhone Game
  153. From the Eye of a Legal Storm, Murdoch's Satellite-TV Hacker Tells All
  154. iPhone market share at 19 percent in 1Q, IDC says (AP)
  155. Publisher offers 5,000 more books for Kindle (AP)
  156. QuarkXPress 8 Takes on InDesign (PC World)
  157. India Third to Appeal ISO's OOXML Approval
  158. Ten video games for 2008
  159. OiNK Investigation: Police Start Making Arrests
  160. Apple Core Stops Selling Apple TV Hacking Dongle
  161. Condi Hooks Up With KISS — In Sweden, No Less
  162. Comcast Is Hiring an Internet Snoop for the Feds
  163. More Rapper Excess: A Seinfeld Mixtape?
  164. gNewSense Distro Frees Ubuntu
  165. Neuroscientist: Poetry Comes From Synesthesia, Tree-Climbing
  166. FTC clears Icahn to purchase Yahoo shares (AP)
  167. Motley Crue Single Does Better on Rock Band
  168. Controlling your fertility via remote
  169. Brazil's Remote Amazon Tribes Besieged by Modernity
  170. Review: Book Defends 'This Gaming Life'
  171. Gartner Reveals Top 10 Technologies For Next Four Years
  172. Announcing openSUSE 11.0 RC 1
  173. Did Hackers Cause the 2003 Northeast Blackout? Umm, No
  174. Risky Netflix Strategy Has Investors Twitchy
  175. How the Ideas and Events of 1993 Created the World We Live in Today
  176. Two online sites fined, banned over Roland-Garros betting (AFP)
  177. Google Earth, Now With Browser Goodness
  178. Making The Simpsons with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  179. "Luke" The Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm
  180. IBM Will Connect Jazz to Microsoft's Visual Studio (PC World)
  181. Next Prince of Persia Game Promises Fresh Start
  182. Novell's Linux Business Takes a Seat At the Grown-Up Table
  183. IDC: US Internet Ad Spending to Boom (PC World)
  184. IBM Will Connect Jazz to Microsoft's Visual Studio (PC World)
  185. Comcast Hackers Say They Warned the Company First
  186. FCC Considers Free Internet, Revised D-Block Auction (NewsFactor)
  187. PowerDock 2 charges iPod, iPhone (Macworld.com)
  188. Previously Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Photographed
  189. Qualcomm bets on mobile new-age version of old-time TV (AFP)
  190. RIM In Trouble For Not Violating Privacy
  191. Dell Shows Off Its Eee PC Rival
  192. Previously Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Photographed
  193. Network Measurement Tool Detects Reset Packets
  194. Analysis: 1TB for $200 is great, but SSD is still the future
  195. Time Warner Cable to offer web to TV linkup (Reuters)
  196. Brazil, India, SAfrica appeal standard status for Microsoft Office (AFP)
  197. 90s Dot-Coms — Where Are They Now?
  198. Beaming solar power from space
  199. Thirsty? Try some refreshing 'space beer'
  200. Mars lander prepares to flex arm
  201. Microsoft linking Silverlight, Ruby on Rails (InfoWorld)
  202. Background Checks: What You Need to Know
  203. Prototype EU Airplane Spy Cams Watch For Facecrime
  204. Carriers hike non-EU roaming rates: study (Reuters)
  205. Brazil, India challenge Microsoft Office (AP)
  206. Network Measurement Tool Detect Reset Packets
  207. How My Wife Castrated My DVD Collection
  208. Asia, Notebooks Boost Dell Q1, But Is Uplift a Fluke or Trend?
  209. Government laptop compromised in China?
  210. High-tech ways to avoid speed traps
  211. 'Star Trek' TV director dies
  212. Comcast Briefly Loses Control of Its Domain Name
  213. Microsoft Acknowledges Open Source As a Bigger Threat Than Google
  214. BE AFRAID COMCAST: The Dawn of Free Internet Access?
  215. Dell posts gains as laptop, international sales surge (USATODAY.com)
  216. Slower cellphone growth in USA could bring good deals (USATODAY.com)
  217. The Five Best Start Pages
  218. Microsoft Boss Bill Gates Signals End of The Computer Mouse
  219. Revision3 CEO: Blackout caused by MediaDefender attack
  220. DoE Announces 'L Prize' For Solid-State Lighting
  221. Asustek to Launch Mini-PC With Blu-ray Disc Drive (PC World)
  222. The 100 Best Products of the Year
  223. 6 free security tools you shouldn't live without
  224. Schools eyeing virtual campuses (AFP)
  225. Asus to Launch Laptops With Linux Net Software (PC World)
  226. Mom in Web bullying case turns grief into activism (AP)
  227. Dell + Ubuntu+ sub$500 mini computer = EEEpc killer ?
  228. VueScan adds multi-core processor support (Macworld.com)
  229. Net Neutrality Bill Introduced In Canadian Parliament
  230. Top 15 Websites To Feed Your Music Addiction
  231. Dell shares get boost from strong earnings report (AP)
  232. Web 2.0 Sites a Thriving Marketplace for Malware (PC World)
  233. Google shows off 'Android' software for mobile phones
  234. 14 Classic Tech Rivalries
  235. Apple Shooting 3G iPhone Commercial in 5th Avenue Store?
  236. May 30, 1898: Krypton Discovered, Decades Before Superman Arrives
  237. Is There Any Country That Doesn't Have a Space Program?
  238. Clive Thompson on How Man-Made Noise May Be Altering Earth's Ecology
  239. Novell Posts 2Q Profit, Linux Sales Rise (TechWeb)
  240. Mozilla Aims For Firefox 3.0 Download Record (TechWeb)
  241. NASA Selects Inexpensive Space Project Candidates
  242. FCC chief responds to technology industry views (Reuters)
  243. After Flood of Pictures, Are Any Surprises Left? (PC World)
  244. India, RIM meet again to discuss security concerns (Reuters)
  245. Judge Refuses To Sign RIAA 'Ex Parte' Order
  246. Apple planning biggest back-to-school promo yet
  247. After Flood of Pictures, Are Any Surprises Left? (PC World)
  248. India, RIM meet again to discuss security concerns (Reuters)
  249. Judge Refuses To Sign RIAA 'Ex Parte' Order
  250. Apple planning biggest back-to-school promo yet