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  1. Alternate reality games blur reality and fiction (Reuters)
  2. Hutchison Telecom in deal with Apple on iPhone (Reuters)
  3. Marvell tops Wall St targets, shares leap 17 pct (Reuters)
  4. Is Your Company Ready for the Apple Invasion?
  5. Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First
  6. Android Comes to Life: Video, Pics of Google's iPhone Challenger
  7. Domain Name Record Altered to Hack Comcast.net (PC World)
  8. Making Renewable, Carbon-Neutral Gasoline ... From Algae
  9. Programming As a Part of a Science Education?
  10. Automate Your Home With Open-Source Software
  11. Waterproof Gadgets for Summer Fun
  12. TV Tidbits: Notes of Interest (Mediaweek.com)
  13. Game Technology Helps Drive Military Training
  14. FCC Pitches Free, Bowdlerized Wireless Internet Access
  15. Rivals 'Scared Sh*tless' of 3G Apple iPhone with GPS
  16. Revision3 Sends FBI after MediaDefender
  17. Yahoo BrowserPlus Offers Drag and Drop Uploads and More
  18. Prosthetic Robot Arm Wows the Crowd
  19. Military Recruits Thousands More Warbots for New Unmanned Surge
  20. Dunkin' Donuts scarf ad flap "silly"-Islamic group (Reuters)
  21. Comcast.net Hijacked, Redirected
  22. Safety tips for travelers' protections (AP)
  23. FCC Pitches Free, Bowlderized Wireless Internet Access
  24. Canadian punk rocker-turned-MP submits net neutrality bill
  25. Free Open Source Counterparts of Windows Software
  26. Dell Reports Strong First-quarter Earnings (PC World)
  27. MediaDefender's BitTorrent-Based DOS Takes Down Revision3
  28. The Dawn of Free Internet Access?
  29. http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/05/in-december-aft.html
  30. Dell profit, sales jump in 1Q, topping analysts (AP)
  31. Review: Sony's Rolly not quite love at first dance (AP)
  32. Sony Electronics Inks Interactive Cable-TV Deal (NewsFactor)
  33. MySpace Adopts Google's Gears To Search Messages (NewsFactor)
  34. Questions Abound About Windows 7 Touchscreen Demo (NewsFactor)
  35. Brazil Appeals OOXML Decision
  36. Toilet trouble fix loaded onto space shuttle
  37. Developers Praise Android at Google I/O (PC World)
  38. Glide OS 3.0 Adds Social, Sync Tools (PC Magazine)
  39. Custom-Built Gaming PC Performs Like a Ferrari, Sounds Like a Mack Truck
  40. New Report Reveals Huge Variation Between Cities' Carbon Footprints
  41. Thanks for Nothing: Fans Rip Metallica a New One
  42. Ancient Martian Ocean Would Have Been Salty 'Dead Sea'
  43. FCC Considers Offering Spectrum for Free Wireless Internet (PC World)
  44. NYTimes Speculates On the Next iPhone
  45. Ancient Martian Ocean Would Have Been Salty 'Dead Sea'
  46. Mozilla to Users: Come Slam our Network! (PC World)
  47. SoCal Selene Group Drops Google Lunar X Prize Bid
  48. Comcast Hacked in BitTorrent Throttling Packback?
  49. Is Microsoft Stuck With a Norwegian Herring?
  50. Dave Gibbons On the Forthcoming Watchmen Movie
  51. New Robots Developed To Climb Walls
  52. U.S. Plan For "Thinking Machines" Repository
  53. Stonehenge was a place of burial
  54. iPod speaker 'satisfies the ears'
  55. Dave Gibbons On the Forthcoming Watchmen Movie
  56. What Makes a Programming Language Successful?
  57. FCC mulling free high-speed Internet network plan (AP)
  58. TiVo Will Offer Disney Movies, TV Critic as Downloads (NewsFactor)
  59. Viacom Nudges Some Premium Content Online, For Free
  60. Hackers take over Comcast portal for several hours (AP)
  61. U.S. eyes free Internet as part of airwaves auction (Reuters)
  62. What Makes a Programming Language Successful?
  63. Inside the Attack that Crippled Revision3
  64. Mozilla Firefox 3 Guinness World Record (Actual Page)
  65. Tiny ramen bowl may be world's smallest
  66. A Robot to Conquer Antarctica? Maybe
  67. Mercenaries Sue San Diego
  68. Tech Industry Fueling Palestinian Economic Hopes
  69. End of an era as paper airline tickets dropped from June 1 (AFP)
  70. Apple Releases Mac OS X and Security Updates (NewsFactor)
  71. First Reviews of the MSI Wind Ultra-Portable Laptop
  72. Update Your Mac, Find The iPhone 2.0 Easter Egg
  73. VIA Nano: Prepare For Ludicrous Ultraportable Speed
  74. Google ad views up strongly in April-report (Reuters)
  75. Brain Interface Lets Monkeys Control Prosthetic Limbs
  76. VIA Introduces the Nano Processor
  77. Review of the Model M-Inspired Unicomp Customizer Keyboard
  78. Monkeys control robots with their minds
  79. Creepy or cute? Robot creature to study touch
  80. Panda reserve mulls moving after quake
  81. Brain Interface Lets Monkeys Control Prosthetic Limbs
  82. Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'
  83. Facebook, The Princess Phone and a Mattress for Sergey and Eric
  84. Best Animated Videos: Pass It On
  85. Busted by Blogger, Dell Offers Peek at Low-cost Laptop (PC World)
  86. "Nightlife" Harnesses Idle Fedora Nodes For Research
  87. Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'
  88. U.S. Plan for "Thinking Machines" Repository
  89. Yahoo Not Under Siege: Yang
  90. "Metal Gear" creator cool under pressure (Reuters)
  91. Apple's New iPhone Resulting in More Cellphone Tower Deaths?
  92. Exclusive First Photos: Dell Mini Inspiron
  93. Robots could soon rove Antarctica
  94. Woman dies after life spent in iron lung
  95. Methane Poses Climate Risk, Energy Opportunity
  96. May 29, 1935: Hoover Dam Set in Concrete
  97. Gallery: Inside the Architecture of Authority
  98. Infineon shares slump on revised outlook (AP)
  99. Firefox Goes for World Download Record
  100. It's a Peripheral, Dummy (PC Magazine)
  101. Researcher: Ad Software Maker Likely Violates Copyright (PC World)
  102. Why "One Laptop Per Child's" Founder Left OLPC
  103. Bond gadgets: never say they'll never work
  104. Interactive: Inside "Ranger" UT's Super Computer
  105. Is OpenOffice.org Getting Faster?
  106. Lab Test: Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 7.0 builds on Web 2.0 tech
  107. Google Earth Escapes the Client and Comes to the Browser
  108. Apple Gadgets, Tax Rebates, Vista's UAC (PC World)
  109. UK Proposes Banning Computer Generated Abuse
  110. Color Comes to Next-gen Super HDTV System (PC World)
  111. Gizmodo mysteriously remove "All 3G iPhones are fake" story
  112. Yahoo CEO says company is not 'under siege' (AP)
  113. New breed of robots could soon wander Antarctica (AP)
  114. Spike TV relaunches Web site with Playboy content (Reuters)
  115. New Robots Developed to Climb Walls
  116. IBM Unveils Three Rack Servers Powered By AMD (TechWeb)
  117. MPAA Threatens World’s Premier Usenet Indexer
  118. Why Do We Accept Signatures by Fax?
  119. Business Never Far From the Surface at D6
  120. Digital printers pursuing more of world's pages (AP)
  121. U.S., Japan challenge European tech tariffs at WTO (Reuters)
  122. Yahoo chief says Microsoft not interested in renewed takeover try (AFP)
  123. RIM security system on India's agenda Thursday (Reuters)
  124. Private Donor Saves Fermilab
  125. Whitehouse.org, Serving Malware
  126. 'Spore' Creature Stage Pictured, Detailed
  127. Recycle Your E-Waste
  128. Carriers Have the iPhone 2, But Leaked Images Are All Fake
  129. Firefox community to set Guinness World Record
  130. Tesla v1.5: 'Really Phenomenal' Torque, Better Range
  131. Russia Wireless King MTS Aims To Ride 3G To New Heights (Investor's Business Dail
  132. CORRECTION: Microsoft merger would have great power: Yahoo CEO (Reuters)
  133. Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'
  134. "Sex and the City" fans planning big film weekend (Reuters)
  135. Japan urges limits on kids' cell phone use (AP)
  136. Android's Slick Debut Steals the Show at Google I/O Conference
  137. EU targets move to longer Internet addresses (AP)
  138. Yahoo says Microsoft no longer seems keen to merge (Reuters)
  139. U.S. Plan for 'Thinking Machines' Repository
  140. Google shows off Android capabilities (InfoWorld)
  141. A Design is Finished when... 23 Pro Designers Opinion's
  142. Garmin Edge 705 GPS Offers Maps, Metrics for Data-Happy Cyclists
  143. Cat Saves Japanese Railway
  144. Yahoo CEO says his company is not 'under siege' (AP)
  145. Google shows off 'Android' software for mobile phones (AP)
  146. Mozilla Shooting for Record Books With Firefox 3 Release (PC World)
  147. VLC Hits the Device Market
  148. TiVo Q1 profit quadruples to $3.6 million on decreased costs (AP)
  149. Authentic Viking DNA From 1,000-Year-Old Skeletons
  150. Space Station Toilets Poop Out
  151. NASA preps fix for space station toilet trouble
  152. TiVo 1Q profit soars as costs fall (AP)
  153. 'Sniff' out acquaintances, wherever they are (AP)
  154. What Examples of Security Theater Have You Encountered?
  155. With Wireless Carriers, Breaking Up Is Still Hard to Do
  156. Intel CEO: Smaller gadgets will expand market (AP)
  157. Belgian Papers Resume Copyright Battle with Google (NewsFactor)
  158. VIA Releases OpenBook Laptop with Open-Source Design (NewsFactor)
  159. KDE 4.1 Beta 1 Released
  160. Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.5.3
  161. Could Methane Trigger a Climate Doomsday Within a Human Lifespan?
  162. Sony to sell golf ball-sized speakers (AP)
  163. Researchers Recover 1,000-Year-Old Viking DNA
  164. Metallica Repents, Sort Of
  165. Robot climbs Grand Canyon with batteries (AP)
  166. Google Upgrades Toolkit To Boost Web Computing (NewsFactor)
  167. Dell Found Guilty of Fraud, False Advertising
  168. Alternatives to 'distilled dinosaur juice'
  169. Amazon to launch streaming video (Reuters)
  170. The Definitive ANTLR Reference
  171. NASA Employee Suspended For Blogging At Work
  172. Google To Host Ajax Libraries
  173. Video: Inside the Musee Mecanique
  174. Privacy concerns seen hurting online ad biz (Reuters)
  175. Beat the High Cost of Cell Cancellation (PC World)
  176. Cram this: a firsthand account of cramming
  177. Weezer's Memetastic Video Director Spills the 'Pork and Beans'
  178. Sony, Cable Company Pact May Spell Doom for Set-Top Boxes
  179. Polar Robots to Explore the Arctic
  180. 1TB Blu-Ray Compatible Optical Disc Announced
  181. Google to host Ajax Libraries
  182. Phoenix Mars Lander Updates
  183. Space Station Toilets Poop Out
  184. Olympic Tickets Contain Microchip With Your Data
  185. Ozzie Hints at Microsoft's Search Future, Downplays Yahoo (PC World)
  186. Apple Seeks Patent for Solar-Powered Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  187. 1TB Blu-Ray Compatible Optical Disc Announced
  188. NASA Employee Suspended for Blogging at Work
  189. What Digg does to Servers [1016% Server Load!]
  190. New "Leaked" Pictures of the supposed 3G iPhone
  191. 2008 could set records for tornado deaths
  192. Cable set-top boxes may be on the way out
  193. SAfrica protests Microsoft Office 2007 file standard (AP)
  194. Amazon's Kindle still in "investment phase": CEO (Reuters)
  195. Google to provide search software to MySpace email (Reuters)
  196. Windows 7 Multitouch Demonstration
  197. YouTube Fires Back At Viacom
  198. Stealing From Banks One Cent at a Time
  199. Windows 7 Features Revealed
  200. US files complaint over European tech tariffs (AP)
  201. With Windows 7, You'll Be Able To Get Touchy-Feely (NewsFactor)
  202. S.Africa's WBS launches new broadband (Reuters)
  203. NASA Employee Suspended for Blogging at Work
  204. 'Missing link' memristor created: Rewrite the textbooks?
  205. Mars lander gets orders to extend arm
  206. Panel: Acidic water threatens sealife
  207. Microsoft's Ozzie says Yahoo would be "accelerator" (Reuters)
  208. Google to host Ajax Libraries
  209. Warlord Laptops: Not Handled with Care
  210. Windows 7: Multi-touch, Pie Menu And a Piano
  211. Phoenix Mars Lander Updates
  212. 7 scientists share $1 million prizes for research (AP)
  213. Space Station Toilets Poop Out
  214. Chinese premier debuts on Facebook
  215. Online realtors gain more listings access
  216. RIM to meet India on BlackBerry: source (Reuters)
  217. MTS to spend $1.6 bln on Russian 3G (Reuters)
  218. Windows 7 Won't Have Compact "MinWin" Kernel
  219. GNOME file manager gets tabbed file browsing
  220. Two lives, one Social Security number
  221. North America's Top 10 IT Companies
  222. AMD's new mobile processor is called Turion Ultra
  223. Microsoft shows off Multitouch Windows 7
  224. May 28, 585 B.C.: Predicted Solar Eclipse Stops Battle
  225. Alt Text: Fighting the Good Fight -- 'Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe' Videogame
  226. Interview: Founder Louis Rossetto on Wired's Part in the Digital Revolution
  227. In a Letter to His Kids, Wired's Founding Editor Recalls the Dawn of the Digital Revo
  228. Zinio puts hundreds of digital magazines a click away (USATODAY.com)
  229. Is Apple changing course on variable pricing? (Reuters)
  230. New Agreement May End the Cable Box
  231. In London, a Glimpse of a Broadband Future
  232. Indian Company Develops Contextual Search Technology (PC World)
  233. Windows 7 to Have Touch-screen Interface (PC World)
  234. Adobe Flash Zero-Day Attack Underway
  235. Cylons Baseships Run Windows XP
  236. Next Microsoft operating system has touch controls (Reuters)
  237. Ancestry Surprises From New Genetics Analysis Method
  238. Apple Reportedly Looking At Solar Power For Mobile Devices (TechWeb)
  239. Dell deceived customers, judge says
  240. 'Mass Effect' Gets a Makeover for PC
  241. Where It All Began: Images From Wired's Early Days
  242. Microsoft demos future Windows with touch-screen (AP)
  243. Blu-ray DVD recorder sales rising fast in Japan (Reuters)
  244. Olympic Tickets Contain Microchip With Your Data
  245. New Threat: MacBook Air can cut through flesh
  246. Bearer's photo, ID to be in Olympics tickets
  247. Space station toilet on the fritz
  248. YouTube Fires Back At Viacom
  249. New Threat: MacBook Air can cut through flesh
  250. 40+ Extremely Beautifull Icon Sets