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  1. Rock out on Linux with the Banshee 1.0 beta 2 media player
  2. KDE Project Ships First Beta of KDE 4.1
  3. YouTube Fires Back At Viacom
  4. 40+ Extremely Beautifull Icon Sets
  5. Rock out on Linux with the Banshee 1.0 beta 2 media player
  6. KDE Project Ships First Beta of KDE 4.1
  7. Phoenix Lander Presents: Mars in High-Res
  8. Supreme Court OKs Cellphone Unlocking Suit
  9. 14 Creative Advertisements [PICS]
  10. Man Allegedly Bilks E-Trade, Schwab of $50K by Collecting Lots of Free 'Micro-Deposit
  11. Meet Tom Ryan! The Fake Superdelegate!
  12. Google reveals Google App Engine pricing plans (Reuters)
  13. Internet-Based Realtors Win Monster Settlement
  14. IBM Encourages Employees to Use Social Media Sites
  15. Why the 'Biggest Drawing in the World' Is Probably Fake
  16. Review: Orb Home-Theater System Brings Well-Rounded Sound
  17. Google sets pricing for app hosting service (InfoWorld)
  18. Via Offers Reference Design for Mini-Notebooks (NewsFactor)
  19. Would You Rent a Song For a Dime?
  20. Robot + Super Gun = 'Crowd Control'
  21. Pentagon Watchdogs Swamped by Military Spending: $152 Billion a Year
  22. Adobe Posts Beta Downloads from Creative Suite 4 (NewsFactor)
  23. Adobe Releases Free Betas of Creative Suite 4's Web Dev Tools
  24. Internet Explorer 8 Beta Due in Third Quarter (PC World)
  25. Ruby on Rails upgrade eyed (InfoWorld)
  26. Six Degrees of Wikipedia
  27. Agreement may mean end of cable set-top boxes (AP)
  28. TJX Fires Employee For Disclosing Vulnerability
  29. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak: Early Days [PIC]
  30. Delicious Library 2 Arrives, Adds More Than Just Eye Candy
  31. Samsung Previews Fast 256GB Solid-State Drive (NewsFactor)
  32. Microsoft Expects Explosive Growth for Windows Mobile (NewsFactor)
  33. Google Says Viacom Suit Threatens Social Networking (NewsFactor)
  34. 'Penny Arcade,' 'Teenage Zombies' bring the funny (AP)
  35. Scalable Nonblocking Data Structures
  36. Its a Bus. It's a Train. It's Both!
  37. How to Hack a Nintendo DS to Make an Awesome Digital Sketchbook
  38. Amazon.com cuts Kindle e-book reader price by $40 (AP)
  39. US Realtors agree to share home listings with online brokers (AFP)
  40. New Adobe Flaw Being Used in Attacks, Says Symantec (PC World)
  41. YouTube: Viacom challenge threatens Internet freedom
  42. 'Golden age of space' scientist dies
  43. Netflix Player offers PC-free movie watching
  44. Review: 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon' Is Charming but Dull
  45. How Does a Poor Economy Affect Tech Innovation?
  46. NY judge says Dell Inc. misled customers (AP)
  47. Cyber Terrorism Threat Growing, EU Agency Says (NewsFactor)
  48. Consumer Reports Gets Its Game On
  49. Google Maps Rolls Out Spanking New Features
  50. Japan Warns Against Too Much Cellphone Use
  51. Supreme Court Rejects T-Mobile Appeal Barring Class Actions
  52. Wired.com Interviews Carly Fiorina on McCain's Radical Transparency
  53. American Airlines Takes On Additional Baggage
  54. Details Emerging On Tunguska Impact Crater
  55. Kids' cell phone use under scrutiny
  56. Injured vets may regrow body parts
  57. Settlement reached for online real estate agents (AP)
  58. Market for securing mobile devices yet to take off (Reuters)
  59. Adobe preps new version of Creative Suite software (Reuters)
  60. Retailer GameStop Discontinues Zune Sales (PC World)
  61. Tech goes from geek to chic
  62. The top 10 social networking annoyances
  63. Tony Hawk's extreme tech
  64. OLPC software maker splits from X0 hardware, goes solo
  65. RightNow CRM Update Fleshes out Feedback Loop (PC World)
  66. Singapore Firm Claims Patent Breach By Virtually All Websites
  67. Verizon to offer new Starz online video service (Reuters)
  68. Skydiver Stranded When Balloon Leaves Early
  69. Yahoo Sues Lottery Phishers -- Identities Unknown
  70. Chip Company Unveils Open Source PC Design
  71. GameStop Stops Selling Microsoft's Zune in Its Stores (NewsFactor)
  72. Canada wireless auction to reshape market (Reuters)
  73. McCain vs. Obama on Tech Issues
  74. Mars Probe Brings the "Weather Rock" New Respect
  75. Deutsche Telekom Secretly Tracked Phone Calls
  76. Facebook To Go Open Source
  77. The Birth of a Virus, In Pictures
  78. Despite Bill Gates' Comments, Windows 7 Due in 2010 (NewsFactor)
  79. Deutsche Telekom Secretly Tracked Phone Calls
  80. Kazoo 2.0: Actually, Nothing's Changed in 100 Years
  81. Justices turn down T-Mobile appeal over contracts (AP)
  82. OLPC's XO As a Wireless Hacking Tool
  83. The real implications of the rise of internet computing
  84. Image-recognition Software Lets Computers 'See' Like People
  85. Skydiver's balloon takes off without him (AP)
  86. Yahoo files suit against lottery spammers (AP)
  87. VIA Open Platform Mini-Notebook Serves up Linux
  88. Mars lander set to stretch robotic arm
  89. Balloon blows away, deflating skydiver's bid
  90. Google: Lawsuit threatens info exchange
  91. Video tool aids sign language interpretation
  92. Deutsche Telekom To Investigate Monitored Journalist Calls
  93. EU Security Agency Wants Social Network Scrutiny (PC World)
  94. Israel's Altair to supply chips to Japan (Reuters)
  95. Large Web Host Urges Customers to Use Gmail
  96. Sometimes Crowds Aren't That Wise... Even on Digg.
  97. Google Calls YouTube Suit a Threat to Online Communication
  98. VIA Open Platform Mini-Notebook Serves up Linux
  99. Why Buy a PC Preloaded With Linux?
  100. Getting the "Free" Business Model Wrong Doesn't Mean the Model is Flawed
  101. Finnish Appeals Court Rules Breaking CSS Illegal
  102. Vodafone rings the changes with Sarin departure (Reuters)
  103. BlackBerry vows to keep messages secret after India seeks code (AFP)
  104. Via Releases Laptop Design as Open Source (PC World)
  105. UK Academics Arrested For Researching al-Qaida
  106. Lamest Fetish Items Ever: From Expensive to Foolish, '99-'06
  107. Vodafone CEO to step down; company back to profit (AP)
  108. Open source on the wire (InfoWorld)
  109. Vodafone dials up profits, as CEO hangs up (AFP)
  110. Canadians Organizing a Rally For Net Neutrality
  111. Robot climbs 1640-foot cliff at Grand Canyon
  112. Samsung intros 256GB SSD that may reach MacBook Air
  113. TeliaSonera to roll out iPhone to Northern Europe (AFP)
  114. Microsoft sees higher Windows Mobile unit sales (Reuters)
  115. Hong Kong giant Sun Hung Kai ousts chairman after feud (AFP)
  116. Asus Set To Release Desktop Eee PC Variant
  117. China plans three telecom giants (AFP)
  118. Borders returns to Web retailing after 7 years (AP)
  119. Japan urges limiting kids' cell phones (AP)
  120. Carl's Jr. has appetite for online entertainment (Reuters)
  121. The Beauty of Bridges
  122. May 27, 1937: A Bridge Over the Gate? Are You Crazy?
  123. Life, Death and Twitter on the African Savannah
  124. Bot Psychology: The Blogging About Blogging Edition
  125. Avalanche Effect Demonstrated In Solar Cells
  126. LG Electronics Watching Nokia's South Korea Plans (TechWeb)
  127. Adobe offering tool betas (InfoWorld)
  128. Solar iPods in the Future
  129. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  130. YouTube suit called threat to online communication (AP)
  131. Did Deutsche Telekom Spy on Journalists and Board Members?
  132. UK Academics Arrested For Researching al-Qaida
  133. Internet sports betting becomes criminal domain (AFP)
  134. The Smartest Browser and OS
  135. 10 Craziest PC Case Mods
  136. Buses as Mobile Sensing Platforms?
  137. Eric Lerner's Focus Fusion Device Gets Funded
  138. Apple files patent for "solar cells on portable devices"
  139. A Look At the Lightweight Equinox Desktop Environment
  140. A Look at the Lightweight Equinox Desktop Environment
  141. Google: Viacom's YouTube suit threatens freedom (AP)
  142. What Web 2.0 Means for Hardware and the Datacenter
  143. The Extravagant Designs of Luigi Colani (PICS)
  144. 30 Beautiful And Original Product Designs
  145. Chelsea Hotel: Rock's Vortex of 'Death and Destruction'
  146. Getting the "Free" Business Model Wrong Doesn't Mean the Model is Flawed
  147. Touch Screen Turntables [w/vid]
  148. Farmers go high-tech to cut costs
  149. Why 'Indiana Jones' went digital
  150. What's Inside: Foamalicious, Vaporlicious Easy-Off Oven Cleaner
  151. Military Secrets Help Produce the Ultimate Synthetic Fishing Rod
  152. Lamest Fetish Items Ever: From Expensive to Foolish, 1999 - '06
  153. May 26, 1908: Mideast Oil Discovered -- There Will Be Blood
  154. Interactive Map: Who's Gushing Now
  155. President Bush Signs Genetic Nondiscrimination Act
  156. Japan panel urges limit on mobile phone use by children (AFP)
  157. Atari Founder Proclaims the End of Gaming Piracy
  158. Heat Sensitive Wallpaper [w/imgs]
  159. 12 Secrets of Public Relations for Startups
  160. Russian suspends Ingushetia opposition Web site (Reuters)
  161. RIM Says It Can't Provide E-mail Interception in India (PC World)
  162. Finnish Appeals Court Rules Breaking CSS Illegal
  163. To-Do List Temporary Tattoos
  164. The Biggest Drawing in The World: Created Using GPS and DHL
  165. Lexus of space station labs poised for launch (AP)
  166. Manager Disables Web Server by Sneaking Away X-Box
  167. The Phoenix Has Landed
  168. First Pictures From Mars Phoenix Lander
  169. Mars lander sends pics of Red Planet
  170. French sky-diver chases four free fall records
  171. Married? Sleazy? Web dater finds ways to pick losers (Reuters)
  172. Samsung 256GB SSD is World's Fastest
  173. Clarification about Firefox 3 system-killing performance
  174. Social Networks' Sway May Be Underestimated
  175. Fasting May Fix Jet Lag
  176. The age-old Magnifying Glass goes Digital
  177. Samsung Announces New 256 GB SSD
  178. LG Elec says "carefully watching" Nokia (Reuters)
  179. IBM Offers Translation Services From India (PC World)
  180. ASUS Eee desktop named EBOX: still has Linux, intros in June
  181. If you got this email 11 years ago, Researchers want to know
  182. BitTorrent Tracker Insider Infiltrates Anti-Piracy Lobby
  183. The Future According To nVidia
  184. What's the Solution To Intellectual Property?
  185. India's Reliance Communications says in exclusive talks with MTN (AFP)
  186. First Photos: Phoenix Shoots Martian Arctic Surface
  187. Gaining System-Level Access To Vista
  188. Samsung Electronics unveils new SSD (AFP)
  189. Half of world's population has a mobile phone
  190. Live Blog: Mars Lander Touchdown!
  191. The Phoenix Has Landed
  192. UK's Tranquil PC Taking Orders for Atom-based Home Servers (PC World)
  193. Mozilla Dev Team On Firefox's Success
  194. Works with ... Ubuntu
  195. China Announces Telecom Restructuring, Clearing Way for 3G (PC World)
  196. J.R. Simplot, potato and computer chip king, dies (AP)
  197. The Phoenix Has Landed
  198. Pricey Gas Only One Rising Cost for Drivers
  199. NASA probe lands on Mars
  200. Unofficial Homebrew Channel For the Wii
  201. Why Does This Prominent Amazon Researcher Face 14 Years in Prison for Biopiracy?
  202. Lamest Fetish Items Ever: When Gearheads Go Wrong, 1996 - '98
  203. Phoenix Mars Lander To Touch Down In 2 Hours
  204. Digg & Fox Tricked: 13yo ordering hookers w/ dads cc a FAKE
  205. Amarok 2: Visual Changelog
  206. Scientists Image an HIV Particle Being Born
  207. Shigeru Miyamoto, The Walt Disney of Our Time
  208. Amusement Park Bans PDAs and Smartphones
  209. Canadian Domain Name Registrants To Get More Privacy
  210. Telcos Compete For Education Broadcast Spectrum
  211. Old Computer Game Covers - Collectible, Or Just Nostalgia?
  212. SAP CFO sees no out-of-court settlement with Oracle (Reuters)
  213. $4 Million In Fines For Linking To Infringing Files
  214. New MP3 Revolutionizes Way You Listen to Music
  215. Mars Spacecraft Faces Riskiest Part of Mission
  216. Huge Data Center Going Up In Sin City
  217. HyperCard, What Could Have Been
  218. First Guilty Verdict In Criminal Copyright Case
  219. Giant Floating Windmills To Launch Next Year
  220. Indian company snaps merger talks MTN Group (AP)
  221. Linux May Power New Nokia Phones
  222. Microsoft: Don't Cut Off That Long Tail
  223. Johnson & Johnson Loses Major Trademark Lawsuit
  224. Live Blog: Mars Lander Nears Touchdown
  225. Tech Tops Financials in S&P; Energy on the Rise
  226. The $1,632 copy of Windows Vista
  227. In Search of the Super Easy Super-Phone
  228. Smartphones For Text SSH Use — Revisited
  229. Welcome to the New Slashdot Chicago Cluster
  230. Video Games Can Make Us More Creative
  231. An Advance In Image Recognition Software
  232. The website is down because someone removed the X-Box
  233. P2P Traffic Shaping For Home Use?
  234. Proposed Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State
  235. Who's Afraid of Firefox 3.0 Bugs? (PC World)
  236. First Guilty Verdict In Criminal Copyright Case
  237. Breakthrough In Plastic Lasers
  238. Senate Committee Votes To Fingerprint Lenders
  239. SSD Prices On Parity With High-End HDD By 2011
  240. Patriot Act Dampening Cloud Computing?
  241. Hackers Can Blow Your Family to Smithereens!
  242. Super Hero Rides Get a Redesign: Go, Speed Racer!
  243. I Will Derive
  244. Successful Cold Fusion Experiment?
  245. The Rise of Geekdom
  246. Ballmer Says Vista Selling Really Well
  247. Group Wants Wi-Fi Banned, Citing Allergy
  248. A View From The Top: Burj Dubai
  249. Linux Brings Open-Source to the .car Era
  250. German police investigate mom who put baby on eBay (Reuters)