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  1. Group Wants Wi-Fi Banned, Citing Allergy
  2. Photoshop to get GPU and physics acceleration
  3. Apple takes delivery of 188 mysterious ocean containers
  4. Lamest Fetish Items Ever: Gear Lust Gone Bad, 1993 - '95
  5. Google Opens Up (Some) Search Algorithms
  6. Dimp: Directly manipulating videos - Grab the action
  7. Online communities open but still limit movement (AP)
  8. Google, Facebook in stalemate over social data (AP)
  9. Cisco To Open-Source New Messaging Protocol
  10. Inside the Scandal That Rocked the Formula One Racing World
  11. Successful Cold Fusion Experiment?
  12. Wine 1.0-rc2 Released
  13. Salesforce.com Reports 50% Revenue Growth (TechWeb)
  14. China to issue 3G licenses, urges telecoms merger (Reuters)
  15. Best Way to Start a Website Hosting Service?
  16. Bharti says MTN merger talks off (AFP)
  17. Teen Discovers Plastic-Decomposing Bacteria
  18. Bell Continues to Throttle BitTorrent Traffic
  19. Care For Your Lawn, Save the Environment
  20. Google, Facebook in stalemate over social data (AP)
  21. Apple to Rule the Digital Home by 2013?
  22. Funeral for DRM in Cambridge, Mass this Saturday
  23. 5 Things You'll Love about Firefox 3 (PC World)
  24. How Google Really Places Map Markers
  25. Laptop losers hall of shame
  26. Honda Sells Its 60 Millionth — Yes, Millionth — Cub
  27. Google, Facebook in Stalemate Over Social Data
  28. Closing the Cover on Microsoft Book Scanning
  29. Dimp - Lets You Move Objects in Flash Video
  30. Teen Science Whiz Isolates Plastic-Bag-Munching Bacteria
  31. Microsoft to shut down book scanning operations (AP)
  32. Blogger Incites Outcry Over Twitter Harassment
  33. Top 5 Web Browsers That Aren't IE, Safari, or Firefox
  34. XYZ Computer Desk Is the Computer Itself
  35. Rock acts ringing up sales via video games (Reuters)
  36. Good News for a Change: Humpback Population Rising
  37. Google I/O conference set for developers (InfoWorld)
  38. Cognition Enhancer Research
  39. US plots "Pirate Bay killer" multi-lateral trade agreement
  40. Brazilian Beetles Hold Key to Faster Computers
  41. Put Steve McQueen's Porsche in Your Driveway
  42. Weezer Taps Internet Stars for Its New YouTube Channel
  43. Comcast trying to sell 46 outlying cable systems (AP)
  44. Cell Metabolism Artificially Enhanced
  45. 'Dollhouse' Fans Campaign to Save Show -- Before 2009 Airdate
  46. Does the US Need a New Broadband Policy? (PC World)
  47. First Exotic Space Thruster Test Ends in Explosion
  48. Does running Vista make you feel safe from malware?
  49. Deal sought on cell phone cancellation fees (Reuters)
  50. Peer-to-Peer IT Admin Convicted in Federal Case
  51. Hookers, Teens, & Halo: Story Was Too Good to Be True
  52. Linux Brings Open Source to the .car Era
  53. FriendFeed Rooms Let Social Networkers Tune Out the Noise
  54. New TimesMachine from the Gray Lady (PC World)
  55. Where's My Tax Rebate, Uncle Sam? (PC World)
  56. 5th Circuit May Stop Patent Troll "Forum Shopping"
  57. Deadly Earthquake Doesn't Shake China's Internet Censors
  58. Review: 'LostWinds' WiiWare Game Is Sweet, but Very Short
  59. Member of Online Piracy Group Faces Prison Term (PC World)
  60. Appropriate Technology and the Humble Mobile Phone (PC World)
  61. Microsoft's ODF Support Points to OOXML Challenges (PC World)
  62. IBM-Cognos to Refund $13 Million to Massachusetts (PC World)
  63. IRS Pushes for New Reporting at Expense of Privacy
  64. Does M. Night Shyamalan Have a Thing for the Pixies?
  65. iPhone Gets New GPS Photo Technology (NewsFactor)
  66. Yamaha Branded Motorcycle Exoskeleton: A Segway on Steroids
  67. Online communities open but still limit movement (AP)
  68. Google, Facebook in stalemate over social data (AP)
  69. Help Slashdot Test Our New Data Center
  70. Wearable Motorcycle Design
  71. Robot Boats, Sonic Blasters Come Ashore for NY Fleet Week
  72. To Have or Have Not: Fibre Creates a New Digital Divide
  73. FCC chief wants cell phone cancellation fees regulated (AP)
  74. New York Commits to Open Formats (NewsFactor)
  75. Google Co-Founder Pitches 'White Spaces' in DC (NewsFactor)
  76. P2P BitTorrent Tool Could Replace Pirate Bay
  77. iPhone 2.0 — everything you need to know
  78. SimpleMovieX editor improves support of iTunes Library (Macworld.com)
  79. Super-Sensitive Spray-On Explosive Detector
  80. China's telecom restructuring may be under way (AP)
  81. VoIP As a Solution To Rural Broadband
  82. Demand grows for unmanned drones
  83. South Africa Appeals ISO Decision On OOXML
  84. 1 GB 20 years ago "It Was Memory Box Not Memory Card" [PIC]
  85. Kids' Net Access Gets Close Scrutiny From Symantec (PC World)
  86. Getting Rid of Staff With High Access?
  87. Iphone 2.0 To Incorporate Photo Geotagging
  88. Goldman adds Apple to Americas conviction buy list (Reuters)
  89. US Plots "Pirate Bay Killer" Trade Agreement
  90. Prepping for '7 minutes of terror' on Mars
  91. Apple 2013: Report Predicts Move Toward Home Devices
  92. Toyota building $192 Million Green Car Battery Plant
  93. UK Prosecutors Say 'Cult' Acceptable
  94. Yahoo, Icahn in Sights, Postpones Annual Meeting
  95. Delving Into Google Health's Privacy Concerns
  96. Sex Drive: Social Media Eat Porn's Lunch (Again)
  97. Murder, His Hard Drive Wrote
  98. May 23, 1962: Give That Kid a Hand!
  99. Inside an FBI Computer Forensics Lab
  100. OpenMoko Linux mobile phone ditches GTK+, gets Qt and E17
  101. Yahoo postpones annual meeting, battle with Icahn (AP)
  102. MSI's Atom-based Laptop to Debut in US This June at $549 (PC World)
  103. To Whom Should I Donate?
  104. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop
  105. QGtkStyle makes KDE apps fit in with GNOME
  106. OWC offers new 20x DVD-burning SuperDrives (Macworld.com)
  107. Singapore bans two porn websites in symbolic move (Reuters)
  108. New York and Minnesota Publish Open Document Studies
  109. AT&T Positions Its Broadband Networks For iPhone Upgrade (TechWeb)
  110. Telelogic As Unit Of IBM Upgrades, Broadens Its Tools (TechWeb)
  111. Power Company Slammed For Weak Cyber Security (TechWeb)
  112. In Google we trust - but should we?
  113. Bell Canada Launches Its Own Online Video Store
  114. RIM allows Indian government to monitor Blackberry network
  115. Big Rigs Go High Tech
  116. Brazilian Beetles Hold Key to Faster Computers
  117. Should Music Startups Give Equity to Copyright Holders?
  118. Apple Owns Your Home, Circa 2013: Forrester
  119. Craigslist Tops U.S. Mobile Browsing (PC World)
  120. Chicks Dig My Tiny Carbon Footprint
  121. How NASA Will Bring the Phoenix Mars Mission To the Web
  122. APT-GET WIFE (pic)
  123. Music Game Wars Heat Up -- What's the Plan for 'Rock Band 2'?
  124. How to Use the Web to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  125. Are Aliens Using Neutrinos to Contact Us?
  126. Marines Land in Afghanistan -- with Biometrics
  127. Wireless Carriers To Cut Termination Fees (NewsFactor)
  128. Former Prosecutor: ISP Content Filtering Might be a 'Five-Year Felony'
  129. TV Tidbits: Notes of Interest (Mediaweek.com)
  130. Expert Dissects Estonian Cyber-War
  131. Line Forms At Apple's Always-Open Manhattan Cube
  132. All Subways Should Be Like Taipei's Marvel of Mass Transit
  133. Yahoo postpones shareholder meeting again, director resigns (AP)
  134. Offline Wikipedia Reader For iRex Iliad
  135. Last.fm gets a facelift
  136. 30 Websites to follow if you’re into Web Development/Design
  137. Parent-Friendly Wireless Bridge To Span 500 Meters?
  138. Review of HTC's X7510 Advantage Smartphone
  139. Twitter refuses to ban abusive users
  140. Line Forms at Apple's Always-Open Manhattan Cube
  141. Skooba Designing Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag (PC Magazine)
  142. TVA Security Lapses Could Endanger US Health, Economy
  143. Parent-Friendly Wireless Bridge To Span 500 Meters?
  144. Get the Family Dog Cloned
  145. Google Sites now open to everyone
  146. System Virtualization Related Projects - Linux-VServer
  147. Memorabilia site lowers velvet rope, fights fraud (Reuters)
  148. Federal Court Says First-Sale Doctrine Covers Software, Too
  149. Access to next-gen Internet may be uneven (AP)
  150. Coverity buying software build management vendor Codefast (InfoWorld)
  151. LifeLock Spokesperson's Stolen ID Inspires Lawsuits
  152. iPhone line forms at Apple's flagship for no reason
  153. Africans don't understand OSS - Microsoft
  154. Betting Site Lays Odds on Final 'Battlestar Galactica' Cylon
  155. Where Has All the Tiny Data Gone? Microformats Go Missing in Firefox 3
  156. Questions About a McCain Administration? Ask Carly Fiorina
  157. Page: Google-Yahoo deal can clear antitrust wall (AP)
  158. OWC offers new 20x DVD-burning SuperDrives (Macworld.com)
  159. European Commission Will Investigate Microsoft's Integration with ODF (NewsFacto
  160. Reading the E-Leaves With Amazon's Bezos
  161. Pitiless Google Steals Search Share From Rivals (PC World)
  162. Mark Shuttleworth Reveals Ubuntu Netbook Remix
  163. Latest iPhone 2.0 beta adds geo-tagging to Camera photos
  164. Google co-founder pushes TV 'white space' plan (Reuters)
  165. Parent-Friendly Wireless Bridge to Span 500 Meters?
  166. Review of HTC's X7510 Advantage Smartphone
  167. Toss your fridge, save money
  168. Man obtains loan using ID theft pitchman's info
  169. EU 'Notes', Rivals Knock Microsoft Doc Compliance Pledge
  170. Microsoft's Live Search Risk is Consumers' Gain (NewsFactor)
  171. Activision's "Guitar Hero" to get drums, microphone (Reuters)
  172. Verizon, Comcast Say They Are P2P Friendly
  173. Touring music acts make stops online (AP)
  174. Guitar Hero Takes a Page from Rock Band (NewsFactor)
  175. Did a Herpes Virus Cause Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor?
  176. EMC Unveils New Disk-Based Backup Offerings (NewsFactor)
  177. Cisco CSO Says Antivirus Money "Completely Wasted"
  178. EU says to study Microsoft's open-source step (Reuters)
  179. Pushing a CPU to Heat Death, Intentionally
  180. US Data Centers Wary of Sharing Energy Data With Feds
  181. US Firms Read Employee E-mail On a Massive Scale
  182. Giant telescope links London, New York
  183. Insult, Meet Injury: Lifelock CEO Hacked & Sued
  184. U.S. Data Centers Wary of Sharing Energy Data With Feds
  185. Unpopular Bush is tonic, toxic for McCain (AFP)
  186. U.S. Firms Read Employee E-mail On a Massive Scale
  187. Video Game Actors Say They Don't Get Their Due
  188. Microsoft Offers Cash To Use Its Search Engine
  189. AT&T Confirms 3-G Upgrade In Time For ... You Know
  190. Q4 Profit Up 133 Percent, Lenovo Targets Developing World
  191. Ex-judge in Microsoft/EU case surprised at fine (Reuters)
  192. Get the Family Dog Cloned
  193. Microsoft To Pay People To Search
  194. Feds Now Allowed to Use Internet
  195. Facebook preparing for redesign to clear clutter
  196. May 22, 1973: Enter Ethernet
  197. Online love is often blind, brief: study (Reuters)
  198. 10 Best Linux Audio players
  199. Sony to sell golf ball-sized speakers (AP)
  200. EU to scrutinise Microsoft's promise to open up Office (AFP)
  201. European Commission lukewarm to Microsoft pledge (AP)
  202. Samsung announces reorganization plan (AP)
  203. Chinese Police Detain Woman Over Quake Video (PC World)
  204. MS Office to support ODF, other open formats
  205. Singaporean Blogger Arrested, Charged With Racism (PC World)
  206. Web News: P-to-P Blocking, Social Networking, CNET Buyout (PC World)
  207. The Case for Lunar Property Rights
  208. EU says to study Microsoft's open-source step (Reuters)
  209. '$100 laptop' unveils new design
  210. ABC soups up online video player (Reuters)
  211. Ahead of Rootkit Talk, Cisco Patches Router Flaw (PC World)
  212. ID-protection ads come back to bite pitchman (AP)
  213. The Secret History of Star Wars
  214. AOL launches video portal in India, Taiwan, Canada (Reuters)
  215. PC Not Expected To Be Crucial To Home Networks (TechWeb)
  216. AT&T To Finish Deploying Faster 3G Network In June (TechWeb)
  217. Top 10 Firefox 3 Features
  218. Microsoft to reward Live Search shoppers with cash (AFP)
  219. How Would You Prefer to Send Sensitive Data?
  220. Facebook making profile pages quicker, less cluttered (AFP)
  221. Cold, dark countries whipping US in broadband usage
  222. Microsoft To Pay People To Search
  223. G.E. Developing a Diesel Hybrid ... Tugboat?
  224. Exclusive Preview: D&D Fourth Edition Character Sheet
  225. Road Warriors Still Picking The BlackBerry (Investor's Business Daily)
  226. ODF Wins the Office Document Format War? (PC World)
  227. Surpised astronomers catch a dying star
  228. Firefox 3 has system-killing performance problem for Linux
  229. Feds Now Allowed to Use Internet
  230. Expensive Gas and Global Warming: Is it Time (Again) to Drive 55?
  231. Turn Your Rotting Vegetables Into Fresh Fruit
  232. Genetic Discrimination by Insurers, Employers Is a Crime
  233. Facebook preparing for redesign to clear clutter (AP)
  234. Open Source Graphics Card Available For Advance Orders
  235. Why Linux isn't yet ready for synchronized release cycles
  236. Don't give Microsoft the remote control - fight against DRM
  237. Kenny Chesney says award comments "spun" by media (Reuters)
  238. U.S. to allow Americans to send cell phones to Cuba (Reuters)
  239. Coding Flaws Caused Moody's Debt Rating Errors
  240. Supernova Birth Observed From Orbiting Telescope
  241. Surrogate: McCain Wants Hearings, Apologies Before Granting Amnesty to Spying Telecom
  242. Microsoft Tries Cash Money to Woo Searchers
  243. IT companies now largest sector in S&P 500 (AP)
  244. Napster narrows loss in 4Q; revenue up 6 percent (AP)
  245. Lawmaker questions Google over privacy practices (Reuters)
  246. One Laptop Per Child Unveils Plans for Next-Gen Device (NewsFactor)
  247. Greenpeace Pushes for Greener Video Game Consoles (NewsFactor)
  248. UK to monitor and record every phone call, web page & email
  249. Japan cracks down on virus with copyright law (AP)
  250. Review: 'Penny Arcade Adventures' Works It Out