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  1. GOOGLE street view van on google street view
  2. China allows bloggers, others to spread quake news (AP)
  3. MySpace Mom Indicted in Cyber-Bully Suicide Case (NewsFactor)
  4. F/OSS Multi-Point Video-Conferencing
  5. Galaxies Twice As Bright As Previously Thought
  6. Robot trained to pick up lamps, eggs
  7. 7 Cool Bluetooth Gadgets
  8. Using Magnets To Turn Off the Brain's Speech Center
  9. Where The Web Is Weak
  10. Facebook exec: We're the Net's cable company
  11. Former Microsoft mgr offers fix for XP SP3 'endless reboot '
  12. Dragon vs. Hydra - Competing Development Styles
  13. Happy Birthday, Lasers!
  14. Robotic suit amplifies human strength
  15. Garmin is mystery bidder for Raymarine: paper (Reuters)
  16. Getting Past "Ready For the Desktop"
  17. 40 hours of illustrator TIME LAPSE. freaking nuts.
  18. 20% of U.S. Population Has Never Used Email
  19. 20% of U.S. Population Has Never Used Email
  20. Dubai's Tecom in talks with Dell, plans buyouts (Reuters)
  21. Surgical Robot Removes Calgary Woman's Brain Tumor
  22. Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Is Better Than Cable or Satellite
  23. Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 Now Available (TechWeb)
  24. Dag Wieers Scoffs at Coordinated Linux Release Proposal
  25. Survivor Buddy, a Friendly Robot Rescuer
  26. 20% of U.S. Has Never Sent E-mail
  27. Canadian ISP Ordered to Prove Traffic-Shaping is Needed
  28. Japan's arcade industry slumps as Wii takes off (Reuters)
  29. Strong prospects in software to spy on bank staff (Reuters)
  30. Most Business-Launched Virtual Worlds Fail
  31. Developers Prefer XP Over Vista Survey Shows
  32. Asus to embed Linux into all motherboards
  33. Fat People Cause Global Warming, Higher Food Prices
  34. Mr. Babyman Unfairly Attacked
  35. Why Did Touch Take 4 Decades to Catch On?
  36. 2008 Google Summer of Code Highlights
  37. Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana in tax probe: report (AFP)
  38. Robotic Camera Extension Takes Gigapixel Photos
  39. Touchscreen BlackBerry "Thunder" Due by September
  40. The Dark Side of Social Networking: An Interview
  41. A Baseball Hat That Reads Your Mind
  42. $100 Laptop Platform Moves On
  43. Wikimedia Censors Wikinews
  44. Mars Harder and Colder Than Previously Thought
  45. Firefox 3 RC1 Out Now
  46. Unmanned Aircraft Pose US Airspace Problems
  47. World's Newest, Most Powerful Laser Comes Online
  48. Lockheed Martin Awarded GPS III
  49. Senators OK $1 Billion for Online Child Porn Fight
  50. Whiskey Geeks Keep Moonshine Tradition Alive
  51. Vintage Japanese Robots Storm Sci-Fi Museum
  52. Removing the Big Kernel Lock
  53. Gorgeous new Theme Pack for Ubuntu introduced - FutureLooks!
  54. Understanding How CAPTCHA Is Broken
  55. Mars Harder and Colder Than Previously Thought
  56. Firefox 3 RC1 Out Now
  57. The World's Spookiest Weapons
  58. Dutch Voting Machines De-Certified
  59. Mars Harder and Colder Than Previously Thought
  60. Firefox 3 RC1 Now Available
  61. Motherboard wars: Asus threatens to sue Gigabyte, websites
  62. Electronic Facemask Re-skins Reality
  63. Dot-me, baby: Clock is ticking on .me domain names
  64. Firefox 3 RC1 Out Now
  65. XP meets XO: Will Linux get an equal shot?
  66. AOL seeks growth in shift from mass site to niches (AP)
  67. AOL sheds its brand to draw specialty audiences (AP)
  68. Unmanned Aircraft Pose US Airspace Problems
  69. World's Newest, Most Powerful Laser Comes Online
  70. Michael Jackson to Take on The Pirate Bay
  71. Routine conduct at risk with MySpace suicide case (AP)
  72. The World's Spookiest Weapons
  73. NSF Research Reveals Chain Letter Travel Patterns
  74. Microsoft Open Source, Standards Chiefs Tout 'Openness' (TechWeb)
  75. New York Stock Exchange Ticks on Data Warehouse Appliances (TechWeb)
  76. 800-Horsepower Hybrid to Race 24 Hours of Nurburgring
  77. Deadline passes in EA bid to buy Take-Two Interactive shares (AFP)
  78. US Senate Asks for National Security Letter Explanation
  79. The Pirate Bay File Police Bribery Complaints
  80. Q&A: Actor Szmanda tunes in new role at radio station (Reuters)
  81. A Baseball Hat That Reads Your Mind
  82. Linux On A Stick: Fedora 9 Puts Your Desktop on a USB Drive
  83. Breaking: Condé Nast/Wired Acquires Ars Technica
  84. New comments system crashes Opera.
  85. 'X-Files' Scribe Switches to Superhero Mode for 'Hancock'
  86. Lawmakers concerned over Charter's Web tracking (AP)
  87. Say Goodbye to Muni-Fi (PC World)
  88. DNS trouble knocks NSA off Internet
  89. Amputee Sprinter Wins Olympic Appeal to Compete
  90. How to Set Up a Pirate Radio Station
  91. Nintendo set to launch "Wii Fit" exercise game (Reuters)
  92. $100 Laptop Platform Moves On
  93. How did Ubuntu end up so popular?
  94. Craigslist answers eBay allegations in court (AP)
  95. HP-EDS Buy, Icahn Strikes Again, China Quakes (PC World)
  96. Compuware 2.0 set as rebirth of company (InfoWorld)
  97. Can Charter Broadband Customers Really Opt-Out of Spying? Maybe Not
  98. Cable companies to ramp up Web, HD, mobile service (AP)
  99. EchoStar to showcase first product for cable (AP)
  100. Lockheed Martin Awarded GPSIII
  101. Indictment puts Internet pranksters on notice
  102. Disney Launches DGamer Community for Nintendo DS (NewsFactor)
  103. Apple's iPhone Continues its Worldwide March (NewsFactor)
  104. Jawbone's Bluetooth Headset Merges Tech and Style (NewsFactor)
  105. ObjectWave's Swan swims for RIA connectivity (InfoWorld)
  106. Is Marc Andreessen Through with the Press?
  107. Facebook, Google Square Off Over Which One Owns Your Data
  108. Yahoo seeks to conceal parts of shareholder suit (AP)
  109. Bender Forms Group to Promote OLPC's Sugar UI (PC World)
  110. Senators OK $1 Billion for Online Child Porn Fight
  111. Multitouch Goodness: Full-Screen Multitouch Mac OS X Is Here
  112. Airwolf for Sale on eBay!
  113. Nintendo's latest game wants you off the couch (AP)
  114. Shape-Shifting Malware Hits the Web
  115. Dutch Voting Machines De-Certified
  116. File Sharing Comes to the iPhone
  117. Silicon Valley Book Party Turns Up the Heat
  118. Congressmen Ask Charter to Freeze Web Profiling Plan
  119. AOL seeks growth in shift from mass site to niches (AP)
  120. AOL sheds its brand to draw specialty audiences (AP)
  121. Routine conduct at risk with MySpace suicide case (AP)
  122. Roaming in Flight with iPass (PC World)
  123. Understanding Your Sales Networking Skills (NewsFactor)
  124. Soaring Over the Alps on Homemade Jet Wings
  125. Review: Casio EX-F1 Is a Speed-Demon Snapper
  126. How Clear Channel Will Change Deal-Making
  127. Laptop Bags From the Scrap Heap (PC World)
  128. DARPA Celebrates 50 Years of Pushing the Envelope
  129. How Apple is changing DRM
  130. Air Force Bails Out on Social Network Ban
  131. Keeping Customer From Accessing My Database?
  132. Taking Your Laptop into the US? Be Sure to Hide Your Data
  133. Worried About Carbon? Don't Forget Nitrogen
  134. Mechanical-Limbed Runner OK'd for Olympics. Game On.
  135. Web classifieds rise point to consumer bargain-hunt (Reuters)
  136. Honeywell & Airbus To Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel
  137. Why Gen Y Is Going to Change the Web
  138. OLPC Will Ship With Windows XP
  139. One Laptop Per Child Embraces Windows XP (NewsFactor)
  140. Code Quality In Open and Closed Source Kernels
  141. Online publishers upbeat despite economic downturn (Reuters)
  142. Fermilab Calls For Code Crackers
  143. Worst.Cellphone.Ever.
  144. Former Tech Executive Found Guilty of Securities Fraud (PC World)
  145. What To Do With Old Laptops?
  146. It's Bike To Work Day: Here's How to Make It Happen
  147. IE 7.0/8.0b Code Execution 0-Day Released
  148. $100 laptop' nonprofit now teamed with Microsoft - AP
  149. Bletchley Park Facing Financial Ruin
  150. OLPC Now Teamed With Microsoft
  151. Woman Indicted In MySpace Suicide Case
  152. Yahoo downgrades antispam measure
  153. 'GTA IV' needs just 5 days to run over competition in April (USATODAY.com)
  154. How Virtual Teams Can Succeed (BusinessWeek Online)
  155. Verizon Joins Linux Mobile Foundation
  156. Apple OK with Safari's "Carpet Bombing" Vulnerability
  157. May 16, 1960: Researcher Shines a Laser Light
  158. Happy Birthday, Lasers: Wired.com's Best Laser Stories
  159. France's Orange signs new iPhone deal with Apple (AP)
  160. Online maps reveal noise levels across England (Reuters)
  161. More than 200,000 demand Microsoft save XP (InfoWorld)
  162. CNET: CBS' YouTube, or Its Waterloo?
  163. Icahn to Yahoo board: Sell to Microsoft or leave (AP)
  164. Decent Book Clubs for Sci-Fi Fans?
  165. Demographics now available in YouTube Insight
  166. Top 10 Social Networking Annoyances
  167. 5 Amazing Oddball Flying Machines
  168. Flash Player 10 [Beta] coming with Ubuntu support
  169. Andersen gets highest-ever attorney fees award against RIAA
  170. Yahoo, WPP form multiyear ad-trading partnership (Reuters)
  171. RocketRAID 3522 card update supports Mac Pro booting (Macworld.com)
  172. Hearts Turn to Rainbows in Quake's Wake (PC World)
  173. Carl Icahn Takes on Yahoo's Board
  174. Comcast Lied to FCC, Blocks BitTorrent Traffic 24/7
  175. '$100 laptop' nonprofit now teamed with Microsoft (AP)
  176. Missouri Mom Indicted In MySpace Cyber-Bullying, Suicide Case (TechWeb)
  177. Black Holes Don't Trap Information Forever
  178. Experts Say MySpace Suicide Indictment Sets 'Scary' Legal Precedent
  179. Tech's best workspace: Digg
  180. Streamlining and Testing RFID Technology
  181. Crazy Sneaker Boy AJ Vaynerchuk shows his Digg Love
  182. Icahn moves to replace Yahoo board, restart Microsoft talks (AFP)
  183. Woman indicted in Missouri MySpace suicide case (AP)
  184. Apple's New Boston Store, "A Diamond in a Rock Pile"
  185. Krusty the 'Simpsons' Clown Gets His Own Roller Coasters
  186. Windows Coming on Dual-boot OLPC (PC World)
  187. Windows to run on One Laptop Per Child computer (Reuters)
  188. U.S. game sales jump 47 percent in April on GTA4 (Reuters)
  189. Digg Lab's Big Spy on Chumby!
  190. The PC Repair Toolkit in your Pocket: Boot CD on a USB Stick
  191. Facebook's Big Facelift
  192. Video game, accessory sales jump 47 pct in April (AP)
  193. Trends & Innovations - Thursday (Investor's Business Daily)
  194. Microsoft and OLPC Agree To Put XP On the XO Laptop
  195. NY Times, USA Today multiple online EPpy winners (AP)
  196. Does Icahn Have a Backup Plan? (PC World)
  197. Details for Guitar Hero 4 Released
  198. CloudTrade Brings Free Music Sharing to Smartphones
  199. Judge Says First-Ever RIAA Piracy Trial May Need a Do-Over
  200. Chevrolet Volt Hits the Road With Li-Ion Batteries, 40-Mile Range
  201. Gemstar-TV Guide ex-CEO now wanted for obstruction (AP)
  202. Key events in the Megan Meier case (AP)
  203. Pirate Bay, AMD Chip Plans, Creative Capitalism (PC World)
  204. Moving Toward a Single Linux UI?
  205. The future of the Firefox address bar
  206. What to Expect From Apple at WWDC 2008
  207. Big Payday for Web 2.0
  208. Comcast, Cox Slow BitTorrent Traffic All Day
  209. Changing a School's Tech Disposal Policy?
  210. 3 Rugged Notebooks Take a Beating
  211. Agile project management set for small teams (InfoWorld)
  212. David Pogue Gushes Over the Chumby
  213. Changing a School'sTech Disposal Policy?
  214. Digg: New Comments System Released!
  215. Prius Sales Top 1 Million. Want One? Better Move Fast
  216. Lori Drew Charged With Conspiracy for Deadly MySpace Hoax
  217. Recover Your Password-Protected MS Office Docs
  218. Icahn moves to replace Yahoo board, restart Microsoft talks (AFP)
  219. Nintendo Loses $21 Million Patent-Infringement Lawsuit (NewsFactor)
  220. Verizon's Decision a Setback for Google's Android Plans (NewsFactor)
  221. Online Quiz As a Gateway to P2P
  222. Good News From Sprint, Covad WiMax Trials (PC World)
  223. David Pogue Gushes Over the Chumby
  224. Worst of the Web for two years running
  225. 20 Useful Tools to Make Web Development More Efficient
  226. Mom indicted in deadly MySpace hoax
  227. Robotic suit amplifies human strength
  228. CNET Employees Happy to be CBS Employees
  229. Report: Government's Cyber-Security Plan Is Riddled With New Spying Programs
  230. First Peek at Whedon's Killer Dolls
  231. Scientists Pinpoint the Next Big Pollution Problem
  232. Our Data, Ourselves
  233. Air Hostesses of Yesteryear
  234. After 'treasure Hunt,' Hacker Releases IE Attack Code (PC World)
  235. Darpa Aims to Snuff Flames With Electricity, Sound
  236. Indictment Expected in Megan Meier Cyberbullying Case
  237. Guitar Tutorials Rocket Up iTunes Podcast Charts
  238. Study: Comcast, Cox Slowing P2P Traffic Around the Clock (PC World)
  239. Changing a School'sTech Disposal Policy?
  240. Judge in Capitol v. Thomas Considers New Trial
  241. IBM Touts Supercomputers for Enterprise
  242. TENORI-ON: Now How COOL Is This Musical Instrument!
  243. Indictment sought in MySpace cyberbullying case (AP)
  244. Judge in Capitol v. Thomas Considers New Trial
  245. PurchasePro founder convicted in stock fraud scheme (AP)
  246. DNS Trouble Knocks NSA off Internet (PC World)
  247. More Americans snipping landlines in favor of cell phones
  248. Impressive Viz Tool Shows Who's Connected to Whom
  249. Microelectronics Platforms: MCMs [from GSM to UMTS]
  250. Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux) Released