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  1. World's Smallest Helicopter Ready For a Spin
  2. 12 Effective Strategies Apple Uses to Create Loyal Customers
  3. Twitter Emerges as Key Communications Channel in China Quake
  4. Tiny chopper to fly over da Vinci's birthplace
  5. Author: Sci-fi means freedom
  6. CNET: CBS' YouTube, or Its Waterloo?
  7. Robotic suit could usher in super soldier era (AP)
  8. WiiWare beefs up Nintendo's online service (Reuters)
  9. Deutsche Telekom says iPhone meeting expectations (AP)
  10. EBay Seller Pleads Guilty to Software Piracy Charges (PC World)
  11. Air Force Aims for Control of 'Any and All' Computers
  12. Early Review Calls New Indiana Jones Film Dreadful
  13. Microsoft Is First to Sell 10 Million Game Consoles (NewsFactor)
  14. Study: Cox, Comcast Internet Subscribers Blocked
  15. Reversing Trend, Cable Modems Win Over DSL in Q1
  16. Yahoo lets websites customize how searches work (Reuters)
  17. Comcast Buys Plaxo Social-Networking Site (NewsFactor)
  18. Securing Your Notebook Against US Customs
  19. Teen alleging rape turns to YouTube
  20. Colonel: Build military botnet as cyber weapon
  21. More are scooting to save gas
  22. Devastating China Quake Struck in 2 Stages
  23. Watchdog asks BCE to justify Web traffic shaping (Reuters)
  24. AT&T limits iPhone, one per customer (InfoWorld)
  25. Web advice changing holiday landscape (Reuters)
  26. Shuttleworth Calls For Coordinated Release Cycles
  27. 3 Rugged Notebooks Take a Beating
  28. Breaking: CBS to acquire CNET for $1.8 Billion
  29. NBC-Vista copy-protection snafu reminds us why DRM stinks
  30. It's Official: Icahn Takes on Yahoo
  31. Reversing trend, cable modems win over DSL (AP)
  32. Billioniare Icahn launches bid to replace Yahoo board (AFP)
  33. Moonlight release puts Silverlight on Linux (InfoWorld)
  34. CBS Acquires CNET Networks for $1.8 Billion
  35. CBS to buy web publisher CNET for $1.8 bln (Reuters)
  36. Flash Player 10: Dazzling Effects, Better Performance, Runs on Linux
  37. Review: Jawbones Latest Headset is Smaller Skinnier Sexier
  38. Colossus Cipher Challenge Winner On Ada
  39. Study: Cox, Comcast Internet subscribers blocked (AP)
  40. Phone-wallets still years away (Reuters)
  41. UMG Calls Infringement Damages "Excessive"
  42. CBS to buy CNet for $1.75 billion
  43. Consumers ditching land-line phones (USATODAY.com)
  44. Swarming Ants Destroy Electronics in Texas
  45. NBC Activates Broadcast Flag
  46. Einstein Letter Goes on Sale
  47. Google kills Anonymous AdSense account
  48. Watch Out! They Will Be Watching What You Do On The Web
  49. CBS agrees to buy CNet for $1.75 billion (AP)
  50. Designer Miyamoto makes video games pulse with life (USATODAY.com)
  51. NBC Activates Broadcast Flag
  52. Xbox 360 sales surpass Wii, PS3 (Reuters)
  53. BT 4Q profit falls costs rise, customers flee (AP)
  54. ATI Radeon 4800 launch details: Meet Makedon and Trojan
  55. Protect Any Hard Drive With This Drive Enclosure
  56. EU says Google map images could be a problem (Reuters)
  57. Visual Basic to Return to Mac Office (PC World)
  58. Brits Want Microsoft Office 2007 Expelled From Classrooms --
  59. 'Hyperconnected' users growing
  60. ITP show: Using a wheelchair (and Wiimote) to create art...
  61. May 15, 1930: The Skies Get a Little Bit Friendlier
  62. Electronics maker NEC's profit more than doubles (AP)
  63. Einstein Letter Goes on Sale
  64. Google Code Blog: Introducing Google Doctype
  65. UK software piracy rate declines
  66. Google social network ad business "improving": Brin (Reuters)
  67. Did Twitter Beat Media With Earthquake News? (PC World)
  68. GhostReader assistive software adds new voices (Macworld.com)
  69. Trends & Innovations - Wednesday (Investor's Business Daily)
  70. Estonian Cyber Defence Hub Set Up
  71. Look What They Sell on the Streets in Italy, Openly! [PIC]
  72. Pictures of Asustek's Atom-based Eee PC 901 Appear Online (PC World)
  73. Ask.com buys Dictionary.com parent Lexico (Reuters)
  74. New York Stock Exchange Runs Trades On Red Hat Linux (TechWeb)
  75. Adobe refreshes Flash Player (InfoWorld)
  76. Colonel suggests using hackers' tool against them (AP)
  77. Why So Sweaty on 'Demetrius'? Science of 'Battlestar Galactica'
  78. Radical Cyclists Take to L.A. Freeways to Say Bikes Are Better
  79. Ask.com acquires Dictionary.com, other references (AP)
  80. IBM Touts Supercomputers for the Enterprise
  81. Jury orders Nintendo to pay gaming company Anascape $21M (AP)
  82. Comcast to Buy Plaxo for Social Networking (PC World)
  83. IBM Boosts BlackBerry Access to Cognos, Lotus Software (PC World)
  84. Elude Your ISP's BitTorrent Blockade
  85. Youngest supernova only 140 years old
  86. Cable Guy's New Address Book: Comcast Buys Plaxo
  87. Sen. Arlen Specter Demanding Probe of 'Spygate'
  88. Sony shares rise 10 pct after strong profit forecast (Reuters)
  89. Someone's Out to Get Wikimedia's Deputy Director
  90. San Francisco Wants to Make Electric Cars as Common as Cable Cars
  91. Icahn to lead mutiny against Yahoo board: report (AP)
  92. Comcast to acquire contact manager Plaxo (AP)
  93. Spammers ordered to pay MySpace 230 mln dlrs (AFP)
  94. Nurture Key Relationships (Investor's Business Daily)
  95. China Buying US Directed Sound 'Weapon'
  96. Philly Won't Fight to Save Wi-Fi Network (PC World)
  97. Virgin USA in Talks Over Mobile Operator Helio (PC World)
  98. Microsoft Surface Model -- She's now an American Gladiator
  99. Splashtop Linux desktop to appear on every Asus motherboard!
  100. Review: Asus Eee PC 900 Is Even Better Second Time Around
  101. Get Started With Amateur Radio: A Guide for 'New Hams'
  102. Christian Warrior is Behind the Obama Smear Video
  103. Comcast to acquire contact manager Plaxo (AP)
  104. Swiss Man Flies With Jet Powered Wing
  105. SIngle-man flying wing takes to sky
  106. Samsung joins forces with LG, Harris on mobile TV (AP)
  107. VeriSign wins patent for Internet typo redirection (AP)
  108. Google blurs faces in street view map pictures (AFP)
  109. 10 ways the Chinese Internet is different from yours[Slides]
  110. Flock social web browser adds Digg, Pownce, and AOL Mail
  111. NPR news station WBUR is now streaming in Ogg Vorbis!
  112. YouTube's Unspoken Linking Policy For Copyright Infringers
  113. Lifehacker's Top 10 Things You Forgot Your Mac Can Do
  114. Al Gore’s CurrentTV Offered $100 Million For Digg In 2006
  115. Intel Confirms Atom-based Larger iPhone (Mini-Tablet)?
  116. Marauding Ants Foul Houston-Area Computers
  117. Google starts to blur faces in Street View photos (AP)
  118. EarthLink Backs Out of Philly Wi-Fi Deal (NewsFactor)
  119. Steve Jobs Keynote Heightens Expectations for 3G iPhone (NewsFactor)
  120. EDS Catapults HP Right Behind IBM in IT Services (NewsFactor)
  121. Vatican Says Alien Life Plausible
  122. Polar bear now listed as 'threatened' species
  123. Entertainment Industry Leaned on L.A. Politicos to Declare Piracy a 'Public Nuisance'
  124. SK Telecom in 'strategic' talks with Virgin Mobile (AP)
  125. Camera memory card tags location info using Wi-Fi (AP)
  126. NATO launches cyber defence centre in Estonia (AFP)
  127. Games With A Purpose Help With Tasks That Tax Computers
  128. Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers
  129. AT&T to boost 3G speeds more than fivefold by 2009
  130. Fewer Flying This Summer, But Air Travel Will Remain Hellish
  131. California Hands-Free Cellphone Law Could Save 300 Lives a Year
  132. ComScore puts Google sites at No. 1 for first time (AP)
  133. Xbox 360 sales beat out Wii, PS3 (Reuters)
  134. Review: Foneshow makes podcasts available by cell phone (AP)
  135. Hacker Writes Rootkit for Cisco's Routers (PC World)
  136. Hitler Remixes Are Big -- on YouTube
  137. Broadcom co-founders charged in stock options probe (AP)
  138. Virgin Mobile USA in 'strategic' talks with SK Telecom (AFP)
  139. Techies Keen to Keep Jobs In the Family
  140. Youngest Galactic Supernova Found, But No Aliens
  141. Digg Townhall and Meet-up News
  142. Linux gains action RPG
  143. Solar Power Table in Your Office? Why Not?
  144. First Look: Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Adds Tabs, Better Mac Support
  145. Craigslist Countersues EBay, Escalating Legal Fight (PC World)
  146. Nokia sells line fit automotive business to Novero (Reuters)
  147. Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5
  148. NASA Discovers Galaxy's Most Recent Supernova
  149. MySpace Gets $230 Million Judgment Against 'Spam King'. Good Luck Collecting.
  150. Software piracy increases in Asia-Pacific: industry group (AFP)
  151. Syrian Blogger Sentenced to Three Years in Jail
  152. NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing
  153. Youngsters Skip DVR Ads Less Than Seniors
  154. Fedora 9 Gives Ubuntu a Run For Its Money
  155. PC Club / Club IT Closed?
  156. Car navigator remotely manages Web-enabled home (AP)
  157. Developers: Adobe Delaying Online Music Apps
  158. Switzerland's top telecom to carry iPhone (AP)
  159. IBM to offer business intelligence via BlackBerry (Reuters)
  160. New Antivirus Tests Show Rootkits Hard to Kill
  161. Linux Desktop to Appear On Every Asus Motherboard
  162. British "X-files" Released to Public
  163. 85% of Chinese Citizens Like Internet Censorship
  164. MySpace Wins $230 Million Judgment Against Sanford Wallace
  165. Game Web site gets users to help make computers smarter (AP)
  166. Test spin: Google App Engine (InfoWorld)
  167. Openness Convert Verizon Joins LiMo Foundation (NewsFactor)
  168. Embarq CFO: May drop wireless customers after 2009 (AP)
  169. British ' X-files' Released to Public
  170. Britain Opens Archives on UFO Sightings
  171. Africa making progress in Internet access (Reuters)
  172. O2 prompts speculation over 3G iPhone (Reuters)
  173. SK Telecom, Virgin Mobile USA confirm talks (Reuters)
  174. 85% of Chinese Likes Censorship
  175. Vote - Tech's 10 Best Workspaces
  176. Landline Use Falls Off as Mobile Usage Grows
  177. Is the browser doomed? (InfoWorld)
  178. MySpace Wins $230 Million vs Sanford Wallace
  179. MySpace Gets $230 Million Judgement Against 'Spam King'. Good Luck Collecting.
  180. May 14, 1796: Jenner Tests Vaccination on Human Subject
  181. Alt Text: Workin' at the Internet Cafe -- Laptop Dilemma
  182. King Conan pillages before online gaming debut (Reuters)
  183. Verizon Wireless to introduce Linux phones (AP)
  184. Running Mac OS X on standard PCs
  185. Virtual Police Lineups [VIDEO]
  186. Honda robot conducts Detroit symphony
  187. Verizon Wireless joins LiMo Foundation (Reuters)
  188. Syrian Blogger Sentenced to Three Years in Jail
  189. Mormon Church Goes After WikiLeaks
  190. Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love
  191. Consumers ditching land-line phones (USATODAY.com)
  192. Asus pins future on small but mighty laptop (USATODAY.com)
  193. VBA Will Return To Mac Office
  194. 3 in 10 get all or most calls on cell phones (AP)
  195. Google opens geographic search interface
  196. Bill Gates Isn't Leaving Microsoft (PC Magazine)
  197. Product review: Jive Software's social enterprise (InfoWorld)
  198. Powerset Debuts With Search of Wikipedia
  199. Hey Einstein! You're a Geek
  200. 10 Million iPhones by Year’s End? NP.
  201. Sony profits almost triple to hit record (AFP)
  202. NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing
  203. 'Twitters' beat media in reporting China earthquake (AFP)
  204. Sony Misses PS3 Target as Annual Shipments Hit 9.2M (PC World)
  205. Nokia sees half of cellphones with GPS in 2010-12 (Reuters)
  206. Sony returns to profit in fourth quarter (AP)
  207. Landlines go dead as more use cell phones
  208. 'Virtual watercooler' makes workplace more fun
  209. Montage screenwriting software reworks styles (Macworld.com)
  210. Youngsters Skip DVR Ads Less Than Seniors
  211. 3G iPhone to have conferencing, GPS, and more
  212. Round 1 Winners of the Android Developer Challenge
  213. Sony posts surprise loss, forecasts growth (Reuters)
  214. Paparazzi snap Britney Spears as she rear-ends SUV (AP)
  215. Smart fortwo micro car receives top crash scores (AP)
  216. Videos and Report From Embedded Linux Conference
  217. Charter to Share Broadband Customers' Web Histories With Ad Networks
  218. MySpace awarded $230 million in spam case
  219. A View From Inside the OLPC Project
  220. Sun's McNealy: 'I Don't Want to Be On the Network'
  221. Craigslist countersues eBay, saying it broke antitrust laws (AP)
  222. Craigslist sues eBay, alleges corporate spy plan (Reuters)
  223. Pop and country unite to fight wireless proposal (Reuters)
  224. Get Vista's Best Features in Windows XP
  225. MySpace says it has won $234M spam judgment (AP)
  226. Comparing 3G Networks
  227. Internet TV Will Let You be a Couch Potato in Traffic
  228. Bush comments on everything from wedding to Iraq (AP)
  229. HP To Challenge IBM with $13.9 Billion EDS Acquisition (NewsFactor)
  230. Electronic Arts profit outlook disappoints (Reuters)
  231. Craigslist countersues eBay
  232. Download Now: Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope Released
  233. BitTorrent Community Mourns as Tracker Founder Passes Away
  234. DefectiveByDesign.org Action Alert: Libraries, No DRM!
  235. Quantum Cryptography Broken, and Fixed
  236. 5 IRS Employees Charged With Snooping on Tax Returns
  237. Get Used to It — Sky-High Oil Prices Are Here to Stay
  238. Is Icahn Maneuvering to Oust Yahoo Board?
  239. Fisker's Still Testing Its $80K Hybrid, But Already Considering a Sequel
  240. Exercise May Protect Girls From Breast Cancer
  241. 10 Million iPhones by Year's End? NP.
  242. Timeline: Microsoft's Pursuit of Yahoo (PC World)
  243. Craigslist vs. eBay: Spying, Lying and Hyperlink Abuse
  244. Imeem Unseats Yahoo as Top Music-Streaming Site
  245. Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers
  246. Wireless patient devices at risk from proposed Internet use (AP)
  247. UK Agency Files OOXML Complaint, EU Demurs
  248. Hope and Horror: Your Take on First GM Human Embryo
  249. Ron Paul Supporters, What Are Your Plans?
  250. Reports: Carl Icahn considering attempt to oust Yahoo board (AP)