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  1. 8 people Bought the $1,000 'I Am Rich' iPhone app
  2. Transmission BitTorrent Client Now Bundled With Clutch
  3. ISS Gets New Recycling Gear, Ready For Larger Crew
  4. Large Hadron Collider Goes Live September 10th
  5. How To Sell a Video Game Idea?
  6. Online social networking sites are hacker playgrounds (AFP)
  7. Typos can bedevil online political campaigns (AFP)
  8. Linux Foundation launches killer development tool
  9. Mozilla's "Snowl" hunts Twitter, RSS, and (soon) e-mail
  10. How Phishers Think, Act, and Make a Profit
  11. Spokeswoman: Bernie Mac responding to treatment (AP)
  12. Microsoft to seek credit for finding vulnerabilities (CNET)
  13. Digg This Story: Share Your Site's Content With ShareThis
  14. Mitsubishi Testing Its Cute EV in California
  15. French Reporters at Black Hat Hacked Fellow Reporters
  16. Google admits its AOL investment may be impaired (Reuters)
  17. Major flaw with iPhones paralyzing users
  18. Secret URL Allows Apple to Delete Your iPhone Apps Remotely
  19. MediaSentry Hired By People's Republic of China
  20. Netbooks A Linux Stronghold? (Investor's Business Daily)
  21. Nvidia's Mobile Chips Could Get Transmeta Technology (PC World)
  22. Google believes $1B investment in AOL is crumbling (AP)
  23. Dominate Your Son's Pinewood Derby
  24. 'Two Guys Drinking at a Bar' Parodies 'Lost, Galactica'
  25. Ohio Sues Over Missing Electronic Votes
  26. Google says AOL investment may be impaired: filing (Reuters)
  27. Airbus A380? Pfft. It's 747 v2.0
  28. Spokesman: Bernie Mac responding to treatment (AP)
  29. New SW would let iPhones access iTunes libraries [anywhere]
  30. Hacker Claims Apple Can Spy On iPhone Users Remotely
  31. Microsoft Games to Use Havok's Software Physics (PC Magazine)
  32. Early Mars Was Likely Habitable
  33. Chertoff Misleads on Laptop Searches, Feingold Charges
  34. How To Sell a Video Game Idea?
  35. FCC Is Field Testing Devices to Gauge Interference With Theatrical Microphone Frequen
  36. New Camera Mimics Design of Human Eye (NewsFactor)
  37. Malcolm McLaren + Vivienne Westwood = Terrorist
  38. Movie Theaters Stave Off Extinction
  39. McCain Campaign Offers Rewards For Turn-Key Comments
  40. JAJAH turns mobile telephones into translation tools (AFP)
  41. Even computer security pros vulnerable to scams (AP)
  42. Lightweight Linux Desktop Proves Popular with Netbooks
  43. Avoid the Highway to Hell With SafeRoadMaps.org
  44. Beijing Leads in Race for Most Polluted Olympics
  45. Download Torrents via Remote Control With Transmission
  46. Windows XP Still Outselling Windows Vista
  47. IBM Exec on Linux Apps: 'I'm Tired of Waiting' (PC World)
  48. Apple Expected to Redesign MacBooks, Revamp iPods (NewsFactor)
  49. Google Integrates DoubleClick Through Ad Features (NewsFactor)
  50. Creative Business Card Designs [PICS]
  51. DNS Flaw Hits More Than Just the Web
  52. Is JamLegend's Guitar Hero-Style Game the Next Scrabulous?
  53. What happened to the comments Digg?
  54. Lightweight GNOME alternative emerges [LXDE]
  55. Large Hadron Collider Goes Live September 10th
  56. New Study Finds Low Interest In Blu-ray
  57. Appeals court reinstates claims versus AT&T unit (Reuters)
  58. Vonage's subscriber growth grinds to a halt (AP)
  59. New US cyber defense coordinator hints at plans (AP)
  60. Why COBOL Could Come Back
  61. Libraries step into the age of iPod (Reuters)
  62. Vonage's subscriber growth grinds to a halt (AP)
  63. We Can Cut Fuel Consumption 50% in 25 Years
  64. Next-Gen RX-8 Gets Hydrogen Power
  65. Doing Something About the Weather, Financially at Least
  66. Where's the 'Dark Knight' video game?
  67. Worthless, $1000 "I Am Rich" iPhone App Disappears
  68. 11 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known
  69. Faux-CNN Spam Blitz Delivers Malicious Flash
  70. Apple Sued For Turning Workers Into Slaves
  71. IT Repair Installs Webcam Spying Software
  72. DNS Flaw Hits More Than Just the Web
  73. Wal-Mart's US sales chill in July (AFP)
  74. Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008 To Manufacturing (NewsFactor)
  75. Survey: Public divided on in-flight cell phone use (AP)
  76. Kaminsky provides the why of attacking DNS (CNET)
  77. Looking inside the Storm worm botnet (CNET)
  78. IBM Urges Better Linux Design, More Business Focus (NewsFactor)
  79. Cheaper Satellite Mobile Data Services 'by 2010' Says EU (PC World)
  80. Memo to Next President: How to Get Cyber Security Right
  81. Apple's Ability to Deactivate Malicious App Store Apps
  82. Reaching the 'unbanked' by cell phone
  83. Rare 110-year-old lizard to become daddy
  84. Google launches music service in China
  85. 'Oversharing' opens door for hackers
  86. Robots to spell end for teachers?
  87. Armchair astronomer finds 'cosmic ghost'
  88. Apple Sued For Turning Workers Into Slaves
  89. Ask Literacy Bridge Founder About Charity, Education, and the "Talking Book"
  90. The $1000 iPhone App: Why Apple Shouldn't Have Removed it
  91. ISS Gets New Recycling Gear, Ready for Larger Crew
  92. Mozilla Announces Snowl Messaging Project (PC Magazine)
  93. Athletes play video games as Olympics go virtual (Reuters)
  94. English "Lord" puts life up for sale on eBay (Reuters)
  95. Lenovo says quarterly profits up 65 percent (AP)
  96. 14 of the Most Useful Web Design Blogs
  97. E-Passports Can Be Hacked and Cloned in Minutes
  98. Gallery: Rise of the Open Source at LinuxWorld
  99. A camera that's more like an eye
  100. iPhone Coders Miffed, Muzzled By Apple s NDA
  101. Apple Sued For Turning Workers Into Slaves
  102. Warner Music says music video games must pay more (Reuters)
  103. Know thy enemy with France's spy software (Reuters)
  104. IKEA to sell solar panels? (CNET)
  105. Black Hats on Big ID Theft Hacker Indictment: Yeah? So What
  106. Expired-Tired-Wired
  107. SpaceX Launch Failure Due To Timing Problem
  108. 'Dark Knight' reigns not in video game (AP)
  109. TiVo filling up? DVR expanders provide more room to record (USATODAY.com)
  110. Chipped Passport Cloned In Minutes
  111. Text of Chinese Foreign Ministry's statement (AP)
  112. Ping.fm Blog - Socialthing! In The House
  113. Google launches free music search service in China (AP)
  114. Linux on Servers? Great. On PCs? Not So Much (PC Magazine)
  115. Nikon Unveils Six New Coolpix Cams (PC Magazine)
  116. Product review: Parallels Server for Mac underwhelms (InfoWorld)
  117. F*cking NDA: iPhone Coders Upset With Apple
  118. Nintendo DS to become personal beauty consultant (AFP)
  119. Apple's secret to selling iPhones: Windows Mobile
  120. The Price Difference Between Macs & PCs Widens
  121. Open-Source e-Voting Gets Linuxworld Test Run
  122. Mozilla mocks up possible Firefox successors in idea factory
  123. Hacking Ring Nabbed By US Authorities
  124. 8 Useful Adobe AIR Applications That Work In Linux
  125. This Guy Actually Bought "I Am Rich" App for $999.99
  126. Note to privacy advocates: Good luck (CNET)
  127. 2 IP addresses, 40 matches: Tufts tries to cut RIAA driftnet
  128. BitTorrent Fires 20% of Its Employees
  129. Google Earth Used To Predict Electrical Problems
  130. Aug. 7, 1944: Harvard, IBM Dedicate Mark I Computer
  131. Hackers target Google Gadgets (AP)
  132. EFF Supports TorrentSpy in Electronic Privacy Case
  133. Viruses Infected By Viruses
  134. Monitor Who Views and Downloads Your Private Docs Online
  135. Comcast Offers You A $500 Credit After Digging Up Your Lawn
  136. University wants cease-and-desist order for MediaSentry
  137. U.S. probe into Heath Ledger death closed: report (Reuters)
  138. Major Internet security flaw also affects e-mail (AP)
  139. Black Hat: DNS Flaw Much Worse Than Previously Reported
  140. Chertoff: I'm Listening to the Internet (Not in a Bad Way)
  141. Gallery: Rise of the Open Source at LinuxWorld
  142. How to Watch the Olympics Online
  143. Students Learn To Write Viruses
  144. Xbox 360's 'Tales of Vesperia' Launches in Tokyo (PC World)
  145. High oil prices spur demand for low energy electronics (Reuters)
  146. Review: 'Pineapple Express' Lightens Summer Superhero Overload
  147. Apple Recieves Six New Patents: New MacBook, Docks Coming ?
  148. Digg Toolbar for Firefox is 100% open source! Grab the code!
  149. Would you like to play on this!!!
  150. Blackboard expects 2Q sales in line with estimates (AP)
  151. Cogo 2Q profit rises 27 pct despite tough market (AP)
  152. Opposing Sides Weigh In on Flying Fat
  153. Viruses Get Viral Infections, Too
  154. Faux-CNN Spam Blitz Delivers Malicious Flash
  155. Restructuring costs widen VeriSign's 2Q loss (AP)
  156. Google launches free music search service in China (AP)
  157. Ubuntu wins “Best Desktop Solution” at Linux World Expo 2008
  158. NASA Plans Test of New Plasma Drive
  159. 2008 Lunar Lander Challenge Teams Announced
  160. Lotus Makes Hybrids Sound Like Real Cars
  161. Could a Little Indecency Save Network TV?
  162. iPhone Coders Miffed, Muzzled By Apple's NDA
  163. Airlines Add Wi-Fi as They Battle for Customer Revenue (NewsFactor)
  164. Internet flaw a boon to hackers (AFP)
  165. Hacker indictment greeted with muted response (AP)
  166. Air-Quality Data Prove Olympic Committee Can't Control Beijing Smog
  167. No Linux IdeaPad For Lenovo's US Customers
  168. Caliper loss widens in second quarter (AP)
  169. Study finds Net search becoming far more prevalent (AP)
  170. Black Hat: Security Geeks Converge on Vegas
  171. Fedora Releases Alpha Preview of Next-Gen Linux
  172. Dell 'carbon-neutral' with renewable energy
  173. $12 MIT Computer Based On NES, Not Apple II
  174. I heard Linux was getting bloated, but I had no idea ...
  175. IBM Open Sources Supercomputer Code
  176. Comcast sweetens its online menu with Daily Candy (AP)
  177. Review: With 10-inch screen, Eee PC grows up (AP)
  178. How to watch full-length TV shows online
  179. Are desktop PCs a thing of the past?
  180. NASA Plans Test of New Plasma Drive
  181. The DIY Dialysis Machine
  182. Missing Registered Traveler Laptop Found (PC World)
  183. Why 'Rhythm Heaven' Is So Awesome
  184. Olympus, Panasonic Plan Assault on Fortress of Pretentious Photography
  185. Paris Hilton Enters Election Fray, Viral History
  186. Nissan Puts the Meddle to the Pedal
  187. StreamGraph Maps Twitter Word by Word
  188. iPhone: It is Hard to Decide Which Update to Pick
  189. New google tool - "Google Insights"
  190. iPhone Nano: I'm Everywhere Around You...[COMIC]
  191. New Firefox 3 Digg Extension Released
  192. Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008 (PC World)
  193. Dell says its operations are now carbon-neutral (AP)
  194. New Olympics Scoring: No More Perfect 10.0
  195. Get Ready For the Nerdlympics
  196. Eye spy: U.S. scientists develop eye-shaped camera (Reuters)
  197. Sweet Revenge: iRobot Sells Former Foe's Machine
  198. Why Game Developers Go Rogue
  199. TSA To Allow Laptops In Approved Bags
  200. VMware Joins Linux Foundation (PC World)
  201. Google Updates Its Enterprise Search Appliance (NewsFactor)
  202. A Planned Assault on the Fortress of Pretentious Photography
  203. Dutch Town Lays Air-Purifying Concrete
  204. Subject to Change
  205. Mozilla's Aurora Shows Concepts for Future Browsers (NewsFactor)
  206. Dutch Town Lays Air Purifying Concrete
  207. France's Publicis to buy search unit from Google (Reuters)
  208. Disney Leading Hollywood to the Videogame Grail
  209. TSA To Allow Laptops In Approved Bags
  210. Mexico's America Movil sets regional iPhone launch (Reuters)
  211. Scientists hope for new tricks in data analysis (AP)
  212. Tightrope: Are cellphones safe? Entrepreneurs need to know (USATODAY.com)
  213. Scouts fall-in online to do their virtual best (Reuters)
  214. Revised Yahoo Vote Reveals More Disdain for Board
  215. Banking by phone for the poor (AP)
  216. New Olympics Scoring: No More Perfect 10.0
  217. Why Game Developers Go Rogue
  218. Edison: Free energy-saving PC software (CNET)
  219. Gorilla discovery boosts survival hopes
  220. Egypt to test fetuses from King Tut's tomb
  221. Social networking site goes to the dogs
  222. Hackers create fake sites through flaw
  223. Internet Censorship is On it's Way. The i-Patriot Act
  224. Mozilla Unveils Aurora Concept Browser
  225. UBS says Microsoft aims for $20 billion buyback: report (Reuters)
  226. Google backs ISP-guaranteed minimum data rates
  227. Google Research:All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broke
  228. Time Warner 2Q net drops 26%; AOL Drags, Film and TV Boosts
  229. Time Warner to split AOL in two, beats estimates (Reuters)
  230. Patry Copyright Blog Closed
  231. "Clear" Laptop Found, In the Same Locked Office
  232. Sprint Nextel reports 2Q loss (AP)
  233. Sprint posts quarterly loss, revenue falls (Reuters)
  234. Google offers music search service in China (AFP)
  235. 5 Known Office Suites for Linux
  236. Debunking Common Windows Performance Tweaking Myths
  237. IBM Challenges Microsoft for the SMB Desktop (PC World)
  238. Tufts Tells Judge, We Can't Tie IP To MAC Addresses
  239. US cracks 'biggest ID fraud case'
  240. Psystar lawyers hint at antitrust filing against Apple
  241. Exclusive Defcon 16 Badge Sneak Peak
  242. Textbook Torrents Makes Long Awaited Comeback
  243. IBM Granted "Paper-or-Plastic?" Patent
  244. India's Airtel to launch 3G iPhone on Aug 22 (Reuters)
  245. UrbanDaddy heads south to Miami (CNET)
  246. Google launches free music service in China (Reuters)
  247. uTorrent Developer Shares BitTorrent Speed Tips
  248. New Google box for offices can search 10 mln files (Reuters)
  249. High-tech Peeping Tom rigged laptop webcam to snap nude pics
  250. Patry Copyright Blog Closed