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  1. MySpace tells AP it has won $234M spam judgment (AP)
  2. Terrafugia CEO Responds To "Flying Car" Criticism
  3. Office for Mac Sales Soar, VBA Support To Return (NewsFactor)
  4. Fedora 9 Released (PC World)
  5. Nintendo Launches WiiWare for Game Downloads (NewsFactor)
  6. Google Begins Blurring Faces In Street View
  7. Official: HBO now on iTunes
  8. Steve Jobs to showcase OS X, iPhone platforms at WWDC
  9. Sale to HP will end EDS independence (AP)
  10. Craigslist sues eBay, alleging corporate spy plan (Reuters)
  11. Apple's 3G iPhone Faces Challenges Overseas (NewsFactor)
  12. Hawking Searching For Africa's Einsteins
  13. Craigslist countersues eBay, saying it's competing illegally (AP)
  14. Apple now sells HBO shows on iTunes store (AP)
  15. Electronic Arts shows wider 4th-qtr net loss (Reuters)
  16. Getting the Best Buy on a Computer Power Supply
  17. Fedora 9 Sulphur Released!
  18. Some Final Thoughts on Our Friend Michael Arrington
  19. Pop Artist Robert Rauschenberg, 82, Dies
  20. We're watching the 'oppressors': world telecoms boss (AFP)
  21. Circuit City wants out of digital TV fines (AP)
  22. Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope
  23. New Mars Lander Looks for Water, Could Find Life
  24. France's Larousse sets up Wikipedia rival (AFP)
  25. AT&T Pushes Fiber Service for Small Businesses (PC World)
  26. Microsoft Reveals SMB Software Pricing, Previews (PC World)
  27. Charter Is Latest ISP To Plan Wiretapping Via DPI
  28. Libertarian Bob Barr Hopes to Scoop Up Ron Paul's Internet-Driven Support
  29. Roaming in Flight with iPass (PC World)
  30. Microsoft Reaches Out To Blender
  31. How to Geotag Your Digital Photos
  32. Britain complains to EU about Microsoft file system (AP)
  33. iPhone Spreads to Carriers in Asia and Australia (NewsFactor)
  34. Sprint faces tough questions (Reuters)
  35. How the RIAA Targets Campus Copyright Violators
  36. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released
  37. Use an iPhone to Slim Down Your Wallet
  38. 8 ways to customize your life
  39. 10 killer texting tricks
  40. Identity-theft protection: What services can you trust?
  41. Sprints CEO asks shareholders' patience (AP)
  42. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released
  43. EarthLink to pull the plug on Wi-Fi in Philadelphia (AP)
  44. HBO Programs Will Be Sold on Apple's iTunes Store (NewsFactor)
  45. Taiwanese firm debuts potential rival to Apple's iPhone2 (AFP)
  46. Microsoft's Bid for Family-Friendly Xbox Games
  47. HP Buying EDS With Its Head in the Clouds
  48. Don't Peel & Stick Me, Bro!
  49. Modified Human Embryo Stirs Fears of 'Designer Babies'
  50. Mobile phones more important than wallets: survey (Reuters)
  51. Debian Bug Leaves Private SSL/SSH Keys Guessable
  52. 4D Analogue of Megaminx Puzzle
  53. HP seals the deal, buys EDS for $14B
  54. Experts: 'Indiana Jones' pure fiction
  55. Wind-Powered Energy More Than Just Hot Air
  56. HP Acquires EDS for $13.9B and Targets IBM Services (NewsFactor)
  57. 4D analogue of Megaminx Puzzle
  58. HP Seals the Deal, Buys EDS For $14B
  59. China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing
  60. COFFIN TABLE: rethink your life with your morning coffee
  61. So much for my time away from the computer
  62. China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing
  63. Google joins effort to make more Web sites more sociable (AP)
  64. Japanese Internet Satellite Hits 1.2Gbps (PC World)
  65. Study: US Corporate Software Spending Slowing (PC World)
  66. HP to buy EDS for $13.9 bln, to expand services (AFP)
  67. Just How Effective is System Hardening?
  68. Gadget Freaks Guide to Spending Stimulus Check
  69. Powerset Unveils Test Version of Google-killer
  70. Eco-fashion: Transforming trash into treasures
  71. Homemade VoIP Network Over Wi-Fi Routers
  72. A Walk Through the Hard Drive Recovery Process
  73. Blu-ray interactivity enlivens 'Sleeping Beauty' (USATODAY.com)
  74. Lectures On the Frontiers of Physics Online
  75. Could Apple, NBC Be Patching up Differences?
  76. Why you might soon think you're hearing things
  77. Microsoft Eyes 40 Percent of Smartphone Market by 2012 (PC World)
  78. Pioneer to End Plasma Display Production (PC World)
  79. Microsoft Faces Another Interoperability Complaint in Europe (PC World)
  80. Free (As In Speech) Beer, V2.0
  81. 88,000 UK Homes Get 100 Mbps via Sewer-Line Broadband
  82. Bot Bartenders Slinging Drinks at Roboexotica
  83. Microsoft to bring back Visual Basic in Office for Mac (Macworld.com)
  84. Seeking Signs of Ancient Martian Life
  85. Earthquake In China
  86. ChrisBrogan.com: Best Social Media Advice From This Site
  87. Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope blasts off (AP)
  88. Google offers to imbue all websites with social networking (AFP)
  89. Microsoft software gives free tours of space (Reuters)
  90. "Understanding" Search Engine Enters Public Beta
  91. 70 Really Stunning Typographic Designs
  92. Online network puts health front and center (Reuters)
  93. New Spider Species Named After Neil Young
  94. McCain Breaks From Bush on Climate Change, Calls for Mandatory Caps
  95. May 13, 1637: Cardinal Richelieu Makes His Point
  96. David Byrne Converts Building Into Giant Instrument
  97. Deep packet inspection under assault over privacy concerns
  98. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  99. Nokia Phone Maps Will Get Webbed Feet (PC World)
  100. Using Microwaves To Cook Ballast Stowaways
  101. HBO seen selling shows on Apple's iTunes (Reuters)
  102. Disney to create lab to test ads for ABC, ESPN (AP)
  103. HP in talks to buy EDS to compete with IBM (Reuters)
  104. Digg's CEO Comments On Recent Events
  105. HP in talks to buy EDS, for reported $12B to $13B (AP)
  106. Disney to create lab to test ads for ABC, ESPN (AP)
  107. RIM's 'Bold' Assault On Upgraded iPhone Adds 3G, GPS, Tunes (Investor's Business
  108. SOA Software buys LogicLibrary (InfoWorld)
  109. A Walk Through the Hard Drive Recovery Process
  110. Chile probes data theft and posting by hacker (AP)
  111. NASA Does a U-Turn, Opens To Private Industry
  112. Windows 7 Features Demo
  113. XBMC Turns Your Mac into the Ultimate Media Center
  114. Sun to Clarify JavaFX Open-source Plan Later This Year (PC World)
  115. Microsoft readies service packs for dev tools (InfoWorld)
  116. Brad Neuberg, Google Gears, and the Future of the Web
  117. Big Content fighting campus P2P by lobbying for state laws
  118. Apple Stock may skyrocket based on new iPhone deals
  119. International Hackers Indicted for Sniffing Credit Cards from Dave & Buster's
  120. Wind Could Power 20 Percent of U.S. Grid by 2030
  121. PC World Editor to Step Down, Start Own Venture
  122. Dish Network's 1Q profit up 65 pct amid slowdown (AP)
  123. Apple: iPhone Sold Out Online in U.S., Britain
  124. Renault Will Bring EVs to America -- By Way of Israel
  125. Windows XP SP3 Woes Especially Affect AMD Systems (NewsFactor)
  126. HP in talks to buy EDS to compete with IBM (Reuters)
  127. First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Under Review
  128. New Google Service Turns Web Pages into Networking Sites
  129. Clear Channel in settlement talks, trial delayed (Reuters)
  130. Wired.com's WiiWare Launch Guide
  131. Google Friend Connect Turns Web Sites Into Social Networks (NewsFactor)
  132. 'Boom Blox,' 'Echochrome' offer pure fun (AP)
  133. First Space Lawyer Graduates
  134. Bot Bartenders Sling Drinks at Roboexotica USA
  135. Webcam, Remote Access Nab Mac Laptop Thieves (NewsFactor)
  136. Despite Grand Theft Auto, Nintendo Leads Game Sales (NewsFactor)
  137. Screen With 180 Degree Field of View
  138. Researchers Create First Genetically Modified Human Embryo
  139. Report: HP nearing deal to buy EDS for $12B to $13B (AP)
  140. Google joins effort to make more Web sites more sociable (AP)
  141. FTC to Scrutinize Contactless Payment Technology
  142. AT&T now showing "iPhone Black" model in device listing
  143. Air Force Colonel Wants to Build a Military Botnet
  144. Free Music Studio Means No More Excuses
  145. MIT students show power of open cell phone systems (AP)
  146. Canada Considering A Three Strikes And You're Off The Internet Policy?
  147. Apple: iPhone sold out
  148. Apple: iPhone sold out in US, UK (AP)
  149. 80 Gbps Deep Packet Inspection Hardware Announced
  150. Source: Apple, HBO Content Deal Imminent
  151. AMD Introduces Energy-Efficient Server Chips (NewsFactor)
  152. To Curb Truancy, Dallas Tries Electronic Monitoring
  153. Gates Foundation to announce new CEO at 10 a.m. PT (AP)
  154. HBO seen selling shows on Apple's iTunes (Reuters)
  155. Newest BlackBerry aims to keep Apple iPhone at bay (AFP)
  156. USAF Considers Creation of Military Botnet
  157. New BlackBerry ups resolution
  158. They That Go Down to Sea ... on a Permanent Basis
  159. Google Steps Into Data Portability Dance With Friend Connect (PC World)
  160. Broadband: Other Countries Do it Better, But How?
  161. Sprint affiliate sues to block Clearwire deal (AP)
  162. An Inside Look at the Great Firewall of China
  163. SMS 4x More Expensive Than Data From Hubble
  164. What A New OS Needs
  165. 'Virtual watercooler' makes work fun
  166. Is your meeting green enough?
  167. Hacker steals data of 6 million Chileans
  168. Salesforce Offers New Collaboration, Community Tools (NewsFactor)
  169. Microsoft 'Shared Source' Attempts to Hijack FOSS
  170. What Google Knows About Spam
  171. How to Love a LEGO Lunatic
  172. Track The First Solar Aircraft Virtual Flight Live
  173. Second Gen iPhone To Toggle 3G/EDGE for Battery Life?
  174. First Look: Hands On with the BlackBerry Bold
  175. McCain, blogger trade barbs over his 2000 vote (Reuters)
  176. Where Are The Space Advocates?
  177. Cablevision Buys Newsday for $650 Million
  178. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  179. Sprint's loss widens on lost subscribers (Reuters)
  180. History of Computing: Chronological Timeline
  181. A Buyer’s Guide to Inventions, in Plain English
  182. With Murdoch Out, Cablevision/Newsday Deal Possible Today
  183. Mitek CEO pins turnaround on wireless check deposits (USATODAY.com)
  184. Social-networking sites work to turn users into profits (USATODAY.com)
  185. DVD Porn Viruses Ravage US Soldiers' Computers
  186. Sailing Robots To Attempt Atlantic Crossing
  187. Facebook users warned about ads
  188. Sprint Nextel reports larger loss in 1st-qtr (AP)
  189. ATM Glitch Hits Systems Integration at Major Japanese Bank (PC World)
  190. The Cost of Living on the Edge
  191. First look: Google's high-flying cloud for Python code (InfoWorld)
  192. Apple to Take IPhone Nonexclusive in Australia and India (PC World)
  193. Biq Quake Takes out Mobile Network in Chengdu (PC World)
  194. Can Sun rejuvenate Java? (InfoWorld)
  195. Rich Web development: Is the browser doomed? (InfoWorld)
  196. Dealing With Dialup
  197. Web start-up unveils semantic Wikipedia search tool (Reuters)
  198. Gallery: How to Make Super-Strong, Super-Flexible Metals
  199. MSI's Upcoming Wind Laptop Priced From $560 (PC World)
  200. Government Efficiency and Network Theory
  201. SingTel, associates to bring iPhone to Asia this year (Reuters)
  202. DataStorm V1.0, a Full-Auto Floppy Disk Cannon
  203. Dispatches magazine prefers print over Internet (Reuters)
  204. RIM's new BlackBerry Bold targets business market (Reuters)
  205. RIM's BlackBerry Bold Beats Apple to the 3G Punch (PC World)
  206. Kimball University: Better Business Skills for BI and Data Warehouse Professionals
  207. New top-of-the-line BlackBerry doubles screen resolution (AP)
  208. Music biz hopes device upgrades boost mobile sector (Reuters)
  209. XP SP3 Crashes Some AMD Machines
  210. Finally the definition of Web 2.0 & 3.0
  211. May 12, 1941: Fog of War Shrouds Computer Advance
  212. Hydrogen Cars Won't Make a Difference for 40 Years
  213. Carly Fiorina: McCain Different Than Bush on the Environment. Really
  214. Hacker splashes data from six million Chileans on Internet: report (AFP)
  215. Meet the Pulverizers: New Munitions Tear Up Rock and Concrete Quick
  216. Google TiSP Joke Becomes Reality
  217. Hiding a Rootkit In System Management Mode
  218. Changes In Store For PHP V6
  219. Data Centers and Global Warming, Will the web crash?
  220. IFPI Advises Kids to Use LimeWire and Kazaa
  221. VIA Releases 16K-Line FOSS Framebuffer Driver
  222. Recruitment Options For a Small-Scale FOSS Project?
  223. What Is the Oldest Code Written Still Running?
  224. Next generation of business software could get more fun (AP)
  225. Happy Mothers Day Google Logo 2008
  226. Once shunned by academics, Wikipedia now a teaching tool (AFP)
  227. DDR3 RAM Explained
  228. Families to Plead Case for Vaccine Link to Autism
  229. China to Make Its Own Jumbo Jets
  230. Fedora 9 released ! we have the first screenshots of Sulphur
  231. Developing New Materials With Space Science
  232. How the NSA Took Linux To the Next Level
  233. Zune breaks 2 million sold, stealing market from Creative
  234. The 25-Year-Old BSD Bug
  235. Zeppelins Over California
  236. Creating Designer Isotopes
  237. Creating Designer Isotopes
  238. The (Virtual) Global Office
  239. NSA Takes On West Point In Security Exercise
  240. Preserving Old Movies, At 40 Degrees
  241. Kombat's creator: 'Dramatic' changes for game
  242. Tricky Exposes His Roots, Crowdsources Remixes
  243. Nintendo Taps U.S. Indie Talent in Search of WiiWare Hits
  244. DARPA Wants Matrix-style Virtual World for Cybergeddon
  245. Your Chance to Finish a Movie Microsoft Started
  246. Spam Filtering For Small/Medium Business?
  247. Space History Footage In HD
  248. "Back To My Mac" Catches a Thief
  249. Zeppelins Over California
  250. The 25 Year Old UNIX Bug