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  1. Comcast Floats a 250GB Monthly Bandwidth Limit
  2. The Best 10 All-Purpose Laptops
  3. PCs of the future, here today [Slideshow]
  4. Device lets ships hear whale chatter
  5. Women, click here for good health
  6. MySpace's fashionable child launches new designers (Reuters)
  7. Microsoft to Increase Focus on Handsets for Poor (PC World)
  8. In Australia, XP Cheaper Than Linux On Eee 900
  9. Firefox Vietnamese Language Pack Infected With Trojan
  10. China to Deploy Secure GPS by 2010
  11. DOE Pumps $126.6 Million Into Carbon Sequestration
  12. MPAA is Awarded $110 Million In TorrentSpy Case
  13. A Copyright Cop In Every Zune
  14. Comcast Mulling Net Usage Cap to Discourage 'Excessive' Use
  15. Iphone Coming to Latin America
  16. Google looking golden again after challenging stretch (AP)
  17. id Software Announces Doom 4
  18. Data Recovered From Space Shuttle Columbia HDD
  19. Academic says gadgets threaten Internet's future (Reuters)
  20. Tethered gadgets threaten Internet future: academic (Reuters)
  21. Sun defends JavaFX Script (InfoWorld)
  22. NASA Offers $5000 a Month For You to Lie in Bed
  23. China to Deploy Secure GPS by 2010
  24. NASA Builds a Cheap Standardized Space Probe
  25. OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta Released!
  26. Best Buy puts $2.1 billion into European cell phone retailer (AP)
  27. Nintendo Wii makes Yamauchi Japan's richest: Forbes (Reuters)
  28. Papa John's online pizza sales top $1 billion
  29. Facebook users willing to let employers see profiles (Reuters)
  30. Yahoo India Search Results Combine Text, Video, and Images (PC World)
  31. Softbank's annual net profit surges to record high (AP)
  32. Top 10 Tools to Get Blogging Done [Lifehacker Top 10]
  33. China won't guarantee Web freedom over Olympics (Reuters)
  34. China to Deploy Secure GPS by 2010
  35. AMD Must Rebuild Momentum, Despite Customer Loyalty (PC World)
  36. Five Software Tools to Speed Up Your Day (PC World)
  37. Sprint Wastes $100 Million Kicking iPhone In Nuts
  38. Yahoo News. #1 Online News Site.
  39. Papa John's surpasses $1 billion in online pizza sales (AP)
  40. NASA Builds a Cheap Standardized Space Probe
  41. Spore, Mass Effect DRM Phone Home For Single-Player Gaming
  42. TorrentSpy Slapped with $110 Million Judgement
  43. Rumor: Comcast Considering Monthly Data Caps,Overage Fees
  44. HSBC admits to losing data of 159,000 account holders (Reuters)
  45. DOE Pumps $126.6 Million into Carbon Sequestration
  46. Author: Microsoft is Still Here, Dammit!
  47. Firefox Infects Vietnamese Users With Trojan Code
  48. Gear Gallery: New Motorola Slider, Mobile TV and the Ultimate Gadget Watch
  49. May 8, 1790: Liberté! Egalité! Métriqué!
  50. Airline Emissions: Even Worse Than You Think
  51. Report: Hoax Anti-Obama E-Mails Still Fool Dumb White Guys
  52. Apple inks Latin American deal for iPhone (AP)
  53. WiMAX promises to transform wireless Internet world (AFP)
  54. "Grand Theft Auto" sales top $500 mln in 1st week (Reuters)
  55. MPAA is Awarded $110 million in TorrentSpy Case
  56. Radiohead Extends Remix Voting as Entrants Bellyache
  57. WiMax Player Intel Nears Own Rollout (Investor's Business Daily)
  58. Mozilla: Firefox Plugin Shipped With Malicious Code (PC World)
  59. MPAA is Rewarded $110 million in TorrentSpy Case
  60. Hackers' posts on epilepsy forum cause migraines, seizures (AP)
  61. OpenOffice 3.0 Public Beta Released (PC Magazine)
  62. Call for Topics: Digg Townhall this Monday
  63. OS X Capable PC Arrives
  64. Is Tween Vampire Flick 'Twilight' the Next 'Harry Potter'?
  65. TorrentSpy Dinged $111 Million in MPAA Lawsuit
  66. New Anti-Obesity Drugs Could Stunt Kids' Brains
  67. Hello NASty: DroboShare Storage Device and HP's Media Vault 2120 Reviewed
  68. Microsoft's Blue Hat Conference
  69. NASA Offers $5,000 a Month for You to Lie in Bed
  70. KDE 4.0.4 Released
  71. Russians to operate computers by power of thought
  72. 'Grand Theft Auto IV' by the Numbers
  73. Air Force's Scare-Mongering Space Ad Shoves Facts Out the Airlock
  74. How Scuba Tanks and Bungee Cords Could Save NASA a Fortune
  75. Nintendo Channel Stealth-Launches, Wants Your Info
  76. IBM, Microsoft Trounce Apple in Climate-Friendliness Showdown
  77. Studios win $111 million judgment against TorrentSpy.com (AP)
  78. Comcast mulling Net usage cap to discourage 'excessive' use (AP)
  79. Archive.org Defeats FBI's Demand For User Information
  80. A Copyright Cop In Every Zune
  81. Broadband service over power lines in Texas to shut down (AP)
  82. Research firm cuts into Sony claims for super-thin TV (AP)
  83. Internet Archive Challenges FBI's Secret Records Demand (PC World)
  84. Yahoo Teams with McAfee for Safer, More Secure Searching (NewsFactor)
  85. Sun Unveils JavaFX for Rich Internet Applications (NewsFactor)
  86. HTC's Touch Diamond Won't Touch iPhone 2.0 (NewsFactor)
  87. Chief RIAA Litigator Named Colorado Judge
  88. Online Music Festival Takes Interactive Leap
  89. Know Nukes — How to Survive an Atomic Blast
  90. Google looking golden again after challenging stretch (AP)
  91. Joint Sprint, Clearwire network could boost consumer power (AP)
  92. Gaming Gear Showdown, Simplicity vs. Hype
  93. Now GPS Can Tell You Where the Cops Are
  94. US State Dept. Loses Anti-Terrorist Program Laptops
  95. Switched On: The Linux ultraportable opportunity
  96. Test: Does Your ISP Slow Down BitTorrent Traffic?
  97. Senator to ISPs: "Think twice" about Net neutrality, or else
  98. Space Nazis Attack in Sci-Fi Spoof 'Iron Sky'
  99. Review: Mint shows me the money, and that's half the battle (AP)
  100. Bill Gates Says Microsoft Will Make its Own Advances (NewsFactor)
  101. 'Grand Theft Auto IV' races into videogame record books (AFP)
  102. Data Recovered From Space Shuttle Columbia HDD
  103. FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret 'National Security Letter,' Loses
  104. You 2.0: Closing the Genetic Gap
  105. Flying saucers, tiny helicopters compete in British war game (AP)
  106. Terrorist Recognition Handbook
  107. Washingtonpost.com Wants Identities of Posters
  108. First Town In US To Become 100% Wind Powered
  109. "Crimeserver" Full of Personal/Business Data Found
  110. New Live Search homepage: innovations nowhere to be seen
  111. HP labs director seeks more help from academia (AP)
  112. Sprint, Clearwire Join for WiMax Venture (PC World)
  113. Embarcadero buys CodeGear (InfoWorld)
  114. UAVs Will Study Californian Smog
  115. Spore, Mass Effect DRM Phone Home For Single-Player Gaming
  116. Review: This 'Iron Man' soars in game
  117. Microsoft Adds Sociability to its Zune Brand (NewsFactor)
  118. France Télécom Waiting for Next-gen IPhone to Change Pricing (PC World)
  119. Artists, developers to synch up in NetBeans (InfoWorld)
  120. Plattner: On-demand ERP Delay Has Silver Lining (PC World)
  121. OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta Released
  122. Internet2 and You
  123. First Caller-ID Spoofers Punished
  124. New prosecutor jobs to target online predators (AP)
  125. Microsoft to hook up with Parallels (InfoWorld)
  126. Microsoft sends out feelers to Facebook: report (Reuters)
  127. CCTVs Don't Work in the UK
  128. An e-friendly résumé in 5 easy steps
  129. Cuban blogger to receive Spanish prize
  130. Koalas threatened by eucalyptus leaves
  131. More commercial bee colonies lost
  132. Sprint, Clearwire To Power $14.5 Billion WiMAX Initiative (NewsFactor)
  133. Indigo home automation software supports new devices (Macworld.com)
  134. Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto IV tops $500M in 1st-week sales (AP)
  135. Spore, Mass Effect DRM Phone Home For Single Player Gaming
  136. Tech's Top 10 Workspaces
  137. At Long Last, Windows XP SP3 Arrives. Again.
  138. Want a Psystar? Be Careful What You Wish For.
  139. Sprint Nextel, Clearwire form WiMax group with Google, others (AFP)
  140. Global Piracy Rampant -- But You Can Fight Back (NewsFactor)
  141. Java platform to get modularity, OSGi support (InfoWorld)
  142. A Yottabyte of Storage Per Year by 2013
  143. 5 DIY Inventions That Might Outperform Big-Name Predecessors
  144. Compiz Fusion Truly Spherical Desktop View Arrives!
  145. Internet2 and You
  146. Unlocked and pricey, iPhone is coveted in Israel
  147. Musicians embrace Blu-ray format
  148. Microsoft Going 'Independent' Way: Gates
  149. Cisco Q3 Profit Beats Estimates
  150. SKorea to stick to US beef deal despite wave of criticism (AFP)
  151. Tech's Top 10 Workspaces
  152. Company Floats Ads in 'Clouds' Shaped Like Logos
  153. GAMES REVIEW: 'Iron Man' video game clunky (AP)
  154. Clearwire, Sprint Nextel to Form $14.55 Billion Wireless Company
  155. European Commission Considers SMS Roaming Price Cap (PC World)
  156. "Grand Theft Auto" first week sales top $500 million (Reuters)
  157. First Caller-ID Spoofers Punished
  158. Investigate the Pentagon Pundit Project (and The New York Times) Yourself, Online
  159. Feed Your Mind With Impressive Information
  160. Cubicle Culture: Tech's top 10 workspaces
  161. China behind recent hack attacks, says Indian government
  162. Sprint, Clearwire to build national Wi-Max network (USATODAY.com)
  163. Clearwire, Sprint Nextel announce Wimax deal (Reuters)
  164. Microsoft's Gates plays down prospects of fresh Yahoo bid (AFP)
  165. Earth May Once Have Had Multiple Moons
  166. Bill Gates: Microsoft going 'independent' way (AP)
  167. Wired SKorea battles Web of rumours over US beef (AFP)
  168. BT launches Blackberry-style device with broadband (Reuters)
  169. Books On Electronics For the Lay Programmer?
  170. Pope to give new meaning to religious text (AFP)
  171. iPhone SDK beta 5 released
  172. May's Coolest Gadgets (PC World)
  173. What to Do When Windows Gets Really Messed Up
  174. AP sources give inside look at Microsoft's raised Yahoo bid (AP)
  175. Ad firm Spot Runner lands $51 million in funding (Reuters)
  176. Cisco 3Q profit beats views, shares rise (AP)
  177. Electronic Arts Looks To Wii To Drive Sports Growth (TechWeb)
  178. Iron Sky Trailer
  179. Web Developer tools from Opera (Alpha 1)
  180. What can you do with a second Ethernet port?
  181. Pope goes digital to better connect with youth (Reuters)
  182. Clinton, McCain Gas-Tax Cut Reimagined as Phishing Scam
  183. Hollywood producers suspend talks with Screen Actors Guild (AP)
  184. Washingtonpost.com Wants Identities of Posters
  185. San Diego GOP Chairman Alleged To Be a Fairlight Co-Founder
  186. Malware vs. Anti-Malware, 20 Years Into The Fray
  187. May 7, 1895: Calculator Learns to Multiply
  188. In Next-Gen Bullets and Bombs, Even the Casing Explodes
  189. Alt Text: Sad Explanations for Supernatural Phenomena
  190. 'Green Porno' Star Isabella Rossellini Takes on Insect Sex
  191. Cuba refuses to give blogger visa to collect prize (AFP)
  192. Sprint, Clearwire to reveal $12 bln JV: sources (Reuters)
  193. First Town In US To Become 100% Wind Powered
  194. Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera
  195. Travel Tips for Globetrotting Geeks
  196. 'Mass Effect' for PC Includes Serious Security Measures
  197. Qtrax Inks Deal With Universal for Legal P2P Music
  198. Isohunt Founder at Center of U.S. Torrent-Tracking Legal Battle
  199. UMG confirms deal with Qtrax to allow free music downloads (AP)
  200. Spark A Healthy Career (Investor's Business Daily)
  201. Response Team Boosts Open Source Security (PC World)
  202. Trojan Adware Hiding in MP3s, McAfee Says (PC World)
  203. SAP Exec: No Plans for Additional On-demand ERP (PC World)
  204. Webbys: Digg wins People's Voice Award for Best Practices
  205. "Crimeserver" Full of Personal/Business Data Found
  206. New Digg Comment System Video
  207. Global Telcos Plotting a Skype Rival?
  208. The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site
  209. Tropics face warming threat, scientists say
  210. Video: Why 'Boom Blox' Rocks and 'Mario Kart Wii' Doesn't
  211. Yahoo board may face shareholder mutiny at annual meeting (AP)
  212. Person close to talks: Sprint close to WiMax financing deal (AP)
  213. Electronic Arts looks to Wii to drive sports growth (Reuters)
  214. In-Depth With Qt 4.4
  215. VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1 Launches; 2.0 will be free upgrade.
  216. The Identity Button - Firefox 3's New Security UI
  217. Hacker Marketplace to Help Build 0day Appliance (PC World)
  218. Sprint, Clearwire to announce $12 bln JV: source (Reuters)
  219. MySQL Reverses Decision On Closed Source
  220. Yahoo Searches Will Use McAfee for Security Alerts (NewsFactor)
  221. Vodafone Will Sell Apple's iPhone in 10 Countries (NewsFactor)
  222. Google Asks FCC To Verify Verizon's Open-Access Stand (NewsFactor)
  223. Microsoft Releases XP SP3 After Delay (PC World)
  224. Sun offers JavaFX road map (InfoWorld)
  225. Hacking Canon Point-and-Shoot Cameras
  226. How To Move Your Linux Systems To ext4
  227. Locking down laptops from the TSA
  228. CoreCodec apologizes for wrongful Google DMCA takedown
  229. Sprint, Clearwire to announce $12 bln venture: report (Reuters)
  230. OLPC Tries to Bridge Gap With Developer Community (PC World)
  231. Microsoft adds TV shows to Zune players in software update (AFP)
  232. Cisco 3Q profit falls, but adjusted income tops analyst view (AP)
  233. Florida Judge Smacks Down RIAA
  234. Collapse Yahoo talks leaves advertisers with less leverage (AP)
  235. Verizon joins another undersea cable network (Reuters)
  236. HP Brings Storage, Servers Into One Rack (PC World)
  237. San Diego GOP Chairman Alleged To Be a Fairlight Co-Founder
  238. Why Yahoo Turned Microsoft Down
  239. Barnes & Noble to sell online magazine subscriptions (Reuters)
  240. Google Puts Open-source Project Back up (PC World)
  241. SAP, IBM Still Chummy After BI Acquisitions (PC World)
  242. Fusion 2 Ups the Ante for Mac Virtualization
  243. Wired's 'Boom Blox' Blowout
  244. Neil Young to release archive on Blu-ray discs (AP)
  245. 6 Excellent Firefox Extensions Made To Save You Time
  246. IM Iron Man
  247. India's Bharti says no offer yet for MTN but still talking (AFP)
  248. Who Owns Software?
  249. Review: Spielberg's 'Boom Blox' Rocks
  250. Microsoft GM to Yahoo: Good-bye to You (PC World)