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  1. Web firm sounds alert on criminal data trove (Reuters)
  2. 5 Bionic Exoskeleton Suits of the Future
  3. Blu-ray Hits Bumps in the Road to HD Market Dominance
  4. Pentagon Wants Cyberwar Range to 'Replicate Human Behavior and Frailties'
  5. Peter Gabriel's Web Server Stolen
  6. Satan, Britney Spears Top Paris Hilton In OSS References
  7. Eagle to get second chance with 'bionic beak'
  8. Kilauea's toxic gas kills crops
  9. Skip an Ad? Not if You Picked It
  10. Malware vs. Anti-Malware, 20 Years Into The Fray
  11. Stephen Colbert takes home top Internet award (Reuters)
  12. It's a Gene-Test Jungle Out There, So Watch It
  13. HTC's 3G Touch Diamond to Challenge Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  14. Prototyping 50 Games in One Semester
  15. 101 fantastic freebies
  16. If it's good enough for Shatner ...
  17. 'Grand Theft Auto IV': Exceeds every expectation
  18. Will.i.am wins Webby award for Obama video (AFP)
  19. Nokia, Ikivo partner on Java for mobile devices (InfoWorld)
  20. Satan, Britney Spears Top Paris Hilton In OSS References
  21. iPhone announced for Australia, New Zealand & 8 Others
  22. Warner Music Group Plays with the Price of Music
  23. NYT: Yang Says Microsoft Didnt Want to Negotiate
  24. AT&T Cell-Phone TV Service Runs on its Own Network (NewsFactor)
  25. Do Zebra Stripes Actually Help?
  26. Gates says big changes in store for Internet in next decade (AP)
  27. Microsoft breaks ground on 280-mln-dlr Beijing research facility (AFP)
  28. Wireless Power Companies Merge, But No Real-Life Devices Yet
  29. RIAA Says No Mystery In Rash of College Complaints
  30. Colbert, will.i.am Among Special Webby Winners
  31. Microsoft Adds TV Shows to Zune Marketplace
  32. RIAA Says No Mystery in Rash of College Complaints
  33. Stupid Hacker Tricks - The Folly of Youth
  34. Air Force Communications Squadrons editing Wikipedia
  35. Colbert, will.i.am among special Webby award recipients (AP)
  36. Stupid Hacker tricks - The Folly of Youth
  37. Gaze Gaming Tech Promises Faster Eye-Controlled Interaction
  38. US Court Orders Company to Use Negative Keywords
  39. Colbert wins 'Webby Person of the Year'
  40. Yahoo Sets July 3 Annual Meeting: Expect Fireworks
  41. Cutting Costs with Online Coupon Sites (BusinessWeek Online)
  42. HTC Beats Apple to 3G With Microsoft-based IPhone Rival (PC World)
  43. Melting Microchip Defects May Extend Moore's Law
  44. How Much File Sharing Traffic Travels the Net?
  45. Google Seeks Open-Access Pledge From Verizon
  46. The camera that captures someone else's moment
  47. Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial
  48. Yahoo CEO Open to More Microsoft Talks
  49. Qwest 1Q profit falls on taxes (AP)
  50. Microsoft could still snag Yahoo, experts say (USATODAY.com)
  51. Many wireless resellers going under (USATODAY.com)
  52. Spielberg switches direction to family video games (USATODAY.com)
  53. Does Ballmer Need To Go?
  54. Newspapers likely to be free in the future: survey (Reuters)
  55. Product review: Apple's little big iron (InfoWorld)
  56. Stupid hacker tricks part 2: Youth and consequences (InfoWorld)
  57. CoreCodec Apologizes For CoreAVC Takedown
  58. Moving to Unicode 5.1
  59. Internet Protocol Television Households
  60. Apple Tries To Move Into Your Living Room
  61. 14 Old-Timey Smoking Accessories that Nobody Should Own
  62. Malaysian blogger charged with sedition (AP)
  63. Vodafone to distribute iPhones in ten new countries (AFP)
  64. Nokia to launch new phone for Chinese market (Reuters)
  65. Vodafone to distribute iPhones in 10 new countries (AFP)
  66. Does Ballmer Need To Go?
  67. Vodafone to sell Apple's iPhone in 10 countries (Reuters)
  68. Yahoo shares dive after Microsoft abandons bid, Yang defends strategy (AFP)
  69. Lights, Rockets, Robots Take Center Stage at Maker's Faire
  70. Microsoft signs software deal with Hyundai and Kia (AP)
  71. Yahoo Uses McAfee SiteAdvisor to Filter Evil Web Sites (PC World)
  72. Microsoft brings TV shows from NBC, others to Zune (Reuters)
  73. New Boston Apple Store Largest In the World
  74. Cell Phones, Missing Persons, and Privacy
  75. Microsoft, chasing Apple, adds TV shows to Zune Marketplace (AP)
  76. Yahoo teams with McAfee on secure search (AP)
  77. Ecuador will renew America Movil deal (AP)
  78. Google Nervous About Verizon's Open Access
  79. Linux Desktop Distro Shootout
  80. Yahoo stock slips as buyout talks end; Google may be winner (AP)
  81. Sprint in M&A play, shares surge (Reuters)
  82. Ruckus Sues Netgear Over Wi-Fi (PC World)
  83. Wired Video: How to Make Carrot 'Caviar'
  84. Spielberg's 'Boom Blox' Brings Art of Destruction to the Wii
  85. May 6, 1937: A Ball of Fire und Alles Ist Kaput
  86. Games Without Frontiers: Online Play Kicks 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Into Overdrive
  87. Internet Mysteries: How Much File Sharing Traffic Travels the Net?
  88. Google Backs Open-source CERT Group (PC World)
  89. Hackers harpoon US executives with phony email subpoenas (AFP)
  90. VeriSign Granted a Patent Covering SiteFinder
  91. Government wiretaps—the ones we know about—up 20% for 2007
  92. File-Sharer Convicted in Sweden’s Biggest P2P Case
  93. Amarok2 Nightly Builds avaliable!
  94. Pentagon Wants Cyberwar Range to 'Replicate Human Behavior and Frailties'
  95. Essential Camping Gadgets for City Dwellers
  96. Megapixel, Shmegapixel: Tips for Digital-Camera Buyers
  97. Yahoo CEO open to more Microsoft talks (Reuters)
  98. Steven Spielberg's Wii-Inspired Videogame Is a Demolitious Block Party
  99. How Microsoft Dropped the Ball With Developers
  100. Clinton delivers Top 10 list on Letterman show (Reuters)
  101. ACLU Warns of Next Pass At Telecom Immunity
  102. Qwest drops Sprint in favor of Verizon Wireless (AP)
  103. Microsoft Should Sideline Search, Focus on Strengths (PC World)
  104. Qwest Drops Sprint for Verizon (PC World)
  105. Coming along strong: first look at openSUSE 11 beta 2
  106. Sprint Nextel silent on report of DT mulling bid (AP)
  107. Hands-On With SteelSeries Ikari Mouse and New 7G Gaming Keyboard
  108. Dell, OLPC Affordable Laptop Bout Only Hurts Users (PC World)
  109. Yahoo stock slips as buyout talks end; Google may be winner (AP)
  110. Blu-ray Sales Stagnant, Unlikely To Improve in 2008 (NewsFactor)
  111. "Grand Theft Auto" publisher sues over pulled ads (Reuters)
  112. OpenSolaris Indiana Released
  113. Did Bill Miller Blow the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal?
  114. Sun cites open source tribulations (InfoWorld)
  115. Top 10 Renewable Tech Gadgets
  116. Why the Govt Is Spending More on TV Switch than LITERACY
  117. Yahoo Shareholders Restive After Deal Collapses
  118. Monster.com Founder Starts Social Networking Site for the Dead
  119. McCain woos Hispanics and launches Spanish web site (Reuters)
  120. Qwest signs wireless deal with Verizon (Reuters)
  121. T-Mobile Begins Rolling Out a U.S. 3G Network in New York (NewsFactor)
  122. IBM technology strategy and hardware execs retiring (Reuters)
  123. War Brewing on the Inexpensive Laptop Front
  124. Maker Faire 2008: Scale Model Battleships and Pyrotechnic Sculpture
  125. Walking away could turn out best for Yahoo and Microsoft (AP)
  126. T-Mobile Launches 3G in NYC (PC World)
  127. Longtime IBM executives Donofrio, Zeitler to retire (AP)
  128. Gaze Gaming Tech Promises Faster Eye-Controlled Interaction
  129. 'Green Porno' features sex lives of bugs
  130. Commands (PICS)
  131. Check if Compiz will run well on your Linux
  132. What top tech CEOs really make
  133. India's Bharti says in exploratory' talks with SAfrica's MTN (AFP)
  134. First 'Massively Multi-User Online Music Fest' in Works
  135. Creative Clones the Flip, a Popular $100 Camcorder
  136. Sun Challenges Linux Vendors With OpenSolaris (NewsFactor)
  137. SAP Notes Growing Adoption Among SMEs in Q1 (PC World)
  138. Gaze Gaming Tech Promises Faster Eye-Controled Interaction
  139. VIDEO-GAME NEWS: 'Grand Theft Auto' backlash begins (AP)
  140. Second Person
  141. India's Bharti says in exploratory' talks with MTN (AFP)
  142. Tesla Motors Opens Retail Store
  143. Your Next Flight May Be Fueled by Trash. And Manure
  144. Wired.com Photo Contest: Black and White
  145. Top 10 Wired.com Reader Transportation Photos, Decided by You
  146. Editor's Picks for the Wired.com Transportation Photo Contest
  147. WTO gives Japan until September to change chip import rules (AP)
  148. T-Mobile brings 3G wireless to NYC; other markets to follow (AP)
  149. T-Mobile eyes 25 U.S. high-speed markets in '08 (Reuters)
  150. US Court Orders Company to Use Negative Keywords
  151. Robotic squirrel helps decode animal behavior
  152. Border-fence dispute snares rare jaguars
  153. Employee confession opens up suit against GeekSquad
  154. Nine Inch Nails Gives Fans The Slip
  155. US, EU asked to reconsider biofuel goals as food prices rise (AP)
  156. Egypt asks mobile firms to bar anonymous users (Reuters)
  157. T-Mobile and Nokia Offer Joint Mobile Services in Europe (NewsFactor)
  158. Tesla Motors Opens Retail Store
  159. ISPs & P2P, Getting Along Without Getting Cozy
  160. Beauty and the Beak: Bald Eagle Goes Bionic
  161. Linux Desktop Distro Shootout
  162. Open-Source, Multitouch Display
  163. Wiretapping is really, really easy
  164. AP launches news service geared for iPhone (AP)
  165. Mavel-ous 'Iron Man' Pure Gold at the Box Office
  166. How Water Forms in Interstellar Space at 10K
  167. Speed Racer's Visual FX Uncovered
  168. Speed Racer's Visual FX Uncovered
  169. China's Cyberwar Against India
  170. DT mulling bid for Sprint Nextel
  171. Senators: What's Up With the Secret Cybersecurity Plans?
  172. Amazon suing NY state over sales tax law (Reuters)
  173. India said to have 114,000 BlackBerry users (Reuters)
  174. China's Cyberwar Against India
  175. Sprint shares up on report of D.Telekom interest (Reuters)
  176. Yahoo shares plunge after Microsoft drops takeover bid (AFP)
  177. The [Virtual] Global Office (BusinessWeek Online)
  178. GAMES REVIEW: 3 handheld gems from 'Final Fantasy' house (AP)
  179. China Wants US-Owned Hotels to Censor Internet
  180. USA TODAY Talking Tech video podcast with Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham (USATODAY.
  181. China Wants US-Owned Hotels to Censor Internet
  182. Google Takes Down Open-source Project After DMCA Complaint (PC World)
  183. Product review: Zoho CRM aims big, hits small (InfoWorld)
  184. Oyster smart card melted down to the the copper wiring
  185. At Amazon, Sun Coming Out From the Cloud
  186. Stupid hacker tricks, part two: The folly of youth (InfoWorld)
  187. 100 Email Bouncebacks - Welcome to Backscattering
  188. Nokia to offer "a lot of" new phones in the U.S. (Reuters)
  189. The Continuing War Against Microsoft's "Facts" Campaign
  190. Battery Shortage Should Evaporate by Q3 (PC World)
  191. Nine Inch Nails Give Away New Single on Facebook
  192. Smarter Electric Grid Could Save Power
  193. OpenSolaris OS officially debuts (InfoWorld)
  194. "Grand Theft Auto" simplifies song purchasing (Reuters)
  195. Raptor Menu for KDE4
  196. Yahoo CEO on hot seat after rebuffing Microsoft's $47.5B bid (AP)
  197. US-backed plan sees shiny future for embattled Green Zone (AP)
  198. Homer Simpson Drawn With Web 2.0-Style ASCII Art
  199. Stealth Paint From German Inventor Werner Nickel
  200. Investors eye Yahoo's alternatives to Microsoft (Reuters)
  201. May 5, 1992: 'Wolfenstein 3-D' Shoots the First-Person Shooter Into Stardom
  202. Behind the Scenes at Maker Faire's Bot Battles
  203. Google Pulls Open Source CoreAVC Project Over DMCA Complaint
  204. Does Ballmer Need To Go?
  205. Use BitTorrent To Verify, Clean Up Files
  206. Science Documentaries for Youngsters?
  207. China Farms the World to Feed Ravenous Economy
  208. Electronic Warfare Insects Coming Soon
  209. Sony Unveils Ultrasmall Hybrid Fuel Cell for phones
  210. Amazon suing New York state over new sales tax law (Reuters)
  211. Jack Thompson's Letter To Take-Two Exec's Mother
  212. Smarter Electric Grid Could Save Power
  213. Stealth Paint From German Inventor Werner Nickle
  214. VirtualBox 1.6 is a major update with 2000 improvements
  215. Competitive zeal of Ballmer key element in Yahoo chase (AP)
  216. 'Smart' power meters herald future of our electricity use (AP)
  217. Timeline: Microsoft, Yahoo's merger-and-acquisition dance (AP)
  218. MacGyver Film In the Works?
  219. ABC News: Microsoft vs. Yahoo: Winner Is Google?
  220. Bringing Surgical Robots Into the Mainsteam
  221. Iron Man's Soundtrack Draws on Heavy Sonic Roots
  222. The Mac In the Gray Flannel Suit
  223. Modeling Supernovae With a Supercomputer
  224. German group patents 'smell-phone'
  225. Science Documentaries for Youngsters
  226. 100 E-mail Bouncebacks? You've Been Backscattered
  227. Taser International Wins Lawsuit to Change Cause of Death
  228. The "Hello World" Program, in 366 Programming Languages!
  229. Semiconductors through the Ages- A Moore's Law Visualization
  230. Taser Manufacturer Wins Lawsuit to Change Cause of Death
  231. Dan Rutter Suggests Tossing Some Wi-Fi At the Neighbors
  232. Google To Be Sued in UK For Trademark-Linked Ads
  233. An Inside Look At Iran's Nuclear Program
  234. Google To Be Sued in UK For Trademark-Linked Ads
  235. MPAA Silently Drops Case Against BitTorrent Site
  236. Cell phones top SKorean kids' gift list (AFP)
  237. Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Acquisition (PC World)
  238. Microsoft Walks! Says Yahoo Demands Don't Make Sense
  239. How Earth Resembles a Gooey Confection
  240. The Internet as a Walled Garden?
  241. Microsoft Uses Open Source Project To Extend Management To Linux (TechWeb)
  242. Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo (Reuters)
  243. Data Centers Expected to Pollute More Than Airlines by 2020
  244. ASIMO to Conduct Symphony Orchestra
  245. NewYorkCountryLawyer Debates RIAA VP
  246. Microsoft Withdraws Bid for Yahoo!
  247. Microsoft withdraws proposal to acquire Yahoo (AFP)
  248. EV71 Outbreak In China Sparks Fears For Olympics
  249. Microsoft Withdraws Its Bid for Yahoo
  250. Microsoft withdraws Yahoo bid