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  1. Synchronize Pro X 6.0 adds 'Fast Scan' (Macworld.com)
  2. Hans Reiser was convicted Monday of first degree murder in t
  3. Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software
  4. Falling Microsoft Income Endangers Yahoo Bid
  5. Warning Buoy Network Protects Right Whales
  6. Ribbit Launches Phone Service for Salesforce (PC World)
  7. CinemaNow to offer movie orders via cell phone (Reuters)
  8. "Grand Theft Auto" launches to queues, rave reviews (Reuters)
  9. Bollywood film legend Bachchan turns blogger (AFP)
  10. How to Miniaturize a Scene
  11. Coachella: Pig Flies, and There's a $10,000 Reward
  12. April 29, 1964: Godzilla, Mothra Clash for First Time
  13. Yahoo to outsource Messenger phone calls to Jajah (AP)
  14. Media co. Cox eyes online ad growth, buys startup for $300M (AP)
  15. Microsoft Finalizes $1.2 Billion Fast Search Purchase (TechWeb)
  16. EULAs For Malware
  17. Sony, Samsung Launch New Blu-ray Disc Products (PC World)
  18. Microsoft Downplaying Recent DNS Vulnerability
  19. 'Free Tibet' flags made in China - The Irony
  20. Killer 'Grand Theft Auto IV' game spree begins tonight (AFP)
  21. Tech sector laughs in the face of recession
  22. Broadband 2.0 Poised to Reshape Web, TV
  23. SEC charges of stock option abuse loom for former Pixar CFO (AP)
  24. Oakland software programmer found guilty in wife's death (AP)
  25. Take-Two Waiting On Grander Offer (Investor's Business Daily)
  26. Lawyers Would Rather Fly Than Download PGP
  27. Microsoft Takes Its Sweet Time With Yahoo
  28. Hans Reiser Guilty of First Degree Murder
  29. 50 (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos
  30. When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web
  31. MySpace unveils new karaoke feature (AP)
  32. Video: Omega Pedal Adds Kick to 'Rock Band'
  33. Schism Grows Between Obama and Liberal Bloggers
  34. Forget Brain Age: Researchers Develop Software That Makes You Smarter
  35. Effect of Virtual Avatars On Real-Life Behavior
  36. India Launches 10 Satellites At Once
  37. Google Researchers Want to Improve Image Searches (NewsFactor)
  38. DNA Link Found Between Frozen Aboriginal Man and 17 Living People
  39. Get Better Product Recommendations From Amazon
  40. Live Video: Reiser Murder Trial Verdict Due Momentarily
  41. Half a Million Microsoft-Powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection
  42. Effects of Virtual Avatars In Real-Life Behavior
  43. WB relaunches as online video network (Reuters)
  44. 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Shifts Into Media Overdrive
  45. Back to the Drawing Board, and Glad of It
  46. Google VisualRank for Image Search
  47. Review: Navigon GPS Provides Mediocre Guidance on the Cheap
  48. Behind the Memes With ROFLCon's Biggest Cewebrities
  49. Blackberry Faces a Strong Challenge From the iPhone (NewsFactor)
  50. Electronic Arts co-founder joining Kleiner Perkins VC firm (AP)
  51. Second Galileo Test Satellite Now in Orbit
  52. Foxconn wins 3G iPhone contract, 3M units shipping in June
  53. Hands on: Opera 9.5 beta 2 improves speed, adds features
  54. Social Networking Applications Can Pose Security Risks
  55. WB relaunches as online video network (Reuters)
  56. VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Gran Turismo 5 missing something (AP)
  57. Effects of Virtual Avatars In Real Life Behavior
  58. Microsoft, Yahoo aren't talking as investors await next move (AP)
  59. 'Rookie' Webisodes provide fix for '24' fans (AP)
  60. Ruby and Java Running in JavaScript
  61. Sweet 1:5 scale A-10 Warthog remote control model
  62. Metallica Considering Radiohead-Style Release
  63. Half A Million Microsoft-Powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection
  64. Warner Bros. pushes shows online with 2 new Web sites (AP)
  65. Record companies sue Project Playlist on copyright (Reuters)
  66. Cray picks Intel for supercomputers (AP)
  67. Take-Two shares rise amid rave reviews for GTA4 (Reuters)
  68. Smithsonian Gets Military UAVs
  69. RallyPoint — The Computerized Combat Glove
  70. AMD wants a piece of Intel’s business CPU pie
  71. Verizon weathers economic slowdown (Reuters)
  72. Data Center In a Shoe Box
  73. Idaho lab develops a quicker way to catch a thief (AP)
  74. Old Bailey trials go online for first time (Reuters)
  75. Gadget Tracks a Good Nights' Shuteye (PC World)
  76. Nokia Announces Three New Mid-Range Phones (NewsFactor)
  77. Negroponte vs. Open-Source Fundamentalists
  78. All the rage in Europe: Firefox marketshare climbs higher
  79. Coldplay offers free download of new `Violet Hill' single (AP)
  80. First Psystar Mac Clones Ship
  81. Why doesn't Microsoft out-innovate Apple?
  82. VisualRank:"Google algo" rankin images tht look most similar
  83. What laptop does Steve Ballmer use for his presentations?
  84. Steve Ballmer can't hear your 'Save XP' pleas (InfoWorld)
  85. India Launches 10 Satellites At Once
  86. 'Boys with toys' expo hawks security goods
  87. 'Viking: Battle for Asgard' a weekend skirmish
  88. Social networking applications pose risks
  89. Mobile, Fios Push Verizon Income up (PC World)
  90. CRM Mashup Apps Help Businesses Make Connections (NewsFactor)
  91. First Superheavy Element Found In Nature
  92. Official: Apple updates iMac
  93. BlackBerry’s Quest: Fend Off the iPhone
  94. U.S. newspaper circulation falls 3.6 percent (Reuters)
  95. Microsoft in Quandary Over Yahoo Bid as Key Deadline Passes
  96. Growing Customer Base Boosts Verizon 1Q Profit by 9.8 percent
  97. Average Web Page Size Triples Since 2003
  98. `GTA IV' expected to sell 9 million copies at launch (AP)
  99. Microsoft in quandary over Yahoo bid as key deadline passes (AP)
  100. Synchronize Pro X 6.0 adds 'Fast Scan' (Macworld.com)
  101. Spore Editor Available June 17th
  102. Exclusive Video: Psystar in the Wild
  103. Matsushita profit surges on sales of cell phones, TVs (AP)
  104. Social Networking Applications Can Pose Security Risks
  105. Payment Fraud Moves to Internet in Europe, Says Commission (PC World)
  106. Spore Editor Available June 17th
  107. Social Networking Applications Can Pose Security Risks
  108. Usability Testing Hardy Heron With a Girlfriend
  109. Growing customer base boosts Verizon 1Q profit by 9.8 pct (AP)
  110. Week in video-game news (AP)
  111. What's the next big thing for the wireless industry?
  112. iTunes Store May Capture 1/4 of Worldwide Music by 2012
  113. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  114. Virtualization's dirty little secrets (InfoWorld)
  115. Who Stole the Plans for iRobot's Battle Bots?
  116. Nature Conquers Micropolis in Dioramas Photographed to Look Real
  117. Nokia unveils 3 new mid-range phone models (Reuters)
  118. Who Runs RIAA's Settlement Information Center?
  119. Long before there was Twitter, there was AOL
  120. IBM's Inexpensive Notes/Domino Push Against MS
  121. Black Duck Buying Koders for Code Search (PC World)
  122. Copyright Expert Uninvited From Canada Policy Forum
  123. Subversion, Not Sexism, in Internet Culture
  124. Is Cheap Video Surveillance Possible?
  125. Is Ubuntu usable enough for a non-tech-savvy girlfriend yet?
  126. The Top 5 Laziest Inventions
  127. Broadband 2.0 Poised to Reshape Web, TV
  128. April 28, 1947: Kon-Tiki Sets Sail From Peru to Polynesia
  129. 'Guitar Hero': Gateway Drug to Six-String Bliss
  130. Rumor: Apple Developing a New iTunes App for the iPhone
  131. I'm Going To Scale My Foot Up Your Ass
  132. Consumer Ethanol Appliance Promised By Year's End
  133. Freenet signs agreement to buy Debitel for $2.5B (AP)
  134. Consumer Ethanol Appliance Promised By Year End
  135. File Sharing Site Offers 250GB Storage Free to Diggers
  136. Breakthrough in Gene Therapy Improves Sight in Nearly Blind
  137. Cuban Blogs Offer Candid View of Life Under Communism
  138. Smartphone Battle Is Shaping Up As RIM Vs. Apple
  139. Smartphone Battle Is Shaping Up As RIM Vs. Apple
  140. Mac & PC UK
  141. Coachella: Saturday Night Live With Kraftwerk, Portishead, M.I.A. and Yo! Majesty
  142. Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters
  143. Coachella: Portishead Returns, Rocks
  144. iTunes Store May Capture One-Quarter of Worldwide Music by 2012
  145. Coding Around UAC's Security Limitations
  146. Is Google Neglecting Blogger?
  147. From Spacemen 3 to Spiritualized: Jason Pierce Transcends Time
  148. Mining the Cognitive Surplus
  149. Apple working on iTunes controller for iPhone?
  150. Bloggers offer glimpse of uncensored Cuba (AP)
  151. Malware Modification Contest Has Antivirus Vendors Upset
  152. Rossellini unsure if films can make money online (Reuters)
  153. Big Media Continues to Fight Net Neutrality
  154. Dell to Sell XP after Cutoff, Microsoft to Pretend its Vista
  155. Metallica May Follow In Footsteps of Radiohead, NIN
  156. Nikon Beats The Crap out of Canon at TIPA Photography Awards
  157. Blake's 7 Remake In the Works
  158. Hackers Now Target Firefox and Safari
  159. Dreamliner to Have 23-Inch Displays on First Class Seats VID
  160. Judge Demands Information About Missing White House Emails
  161. Business Week Takes On the RIAA
  162. Macs Gaining a Bigger Role In Enterprise
  163. Details On Windows XP SP3 Leaked
  164. Does foxnews.com Hate Linux Users?
  165. Urban miners look for precious metals in cell phones (Reuters)
  166. Microsoft takeover deadline for Yahoo expires (AFP)
  167. Filesharing Report Shows Explosive Growth for uTorrent
  168. Parliant adds pro voice services to telephony tools (Macworld.com)
  169. Microsoft takeover deadline set to expire for Yahoo (AFP)
  170. Party Ideas For Math Nerds?
  171. Coachella: Saturday Starts With Uffie, Kavinsky and Little Brother
  172. Macs Gaining a Bigger Role In the Enterprise
  173. Create a Sleek, High-End Web Design from Scratch
  174. Cheers and fears as Grand Theft Auto IV revs at starting line (AFP)
  175. Mission Critical iSCSI Storage Networks
  176. D-Day: Still No Word From Microsoft
  177. IBM Trying To Patent Timed Code Inspection
  178. Coachella: Aphex Twin, Pendulum, Aesop Rock and More
  179. Behind the Memes: JibJabbin' the Day Away
  180. Is Mathematics Discovered Or Invented?
  181. Genius Hacker Released from Prison; Lands Job with IT Firm
  182. DTV Is Coming and I'm Not Ready
  183. Phantom Lapboard May Actually Ship
  184. Is Mathematics Discovered Or Invented?
  185. What I've Learned, by Vint Cerf, Creator of the Internet
  186. ROFLCon: Internet Meme Conference Gathers Steam
  187. Despite Scorching Heat, Coachella Packs 'Em in With High-Energy Sets
  188. Congress Considers Reform On Orphaned Works
  189. Saudi blogger freed after 4 months jail: colleague (Reuters)
  190. Why it's time to dump the Web 2.0 sobriquet once and for all
  191. Review: Subtle Touches Enrich Banks' Matter
  192. D-Day: Still No Word From Microsoft
  193. Study: Narwhals Are at Greater Risk Than Polar Bears
  194. Competition In the Free Textbook Market
  195. Call For Open Source Awards 2008 Nominations
  196. How to Monitor Websites that don’t have RSS Feeds
  197. Donald Knuth Rips On Unit Tests and More
  198. Nanomicroscopic Image Or Modern Art?
  199. Self-Healing Computers For NASA Spacecraft
  200. Senate Proposal To Clarify 'State Secrets' Doctrine
  201. Larrabee Team Is Focused On Rasterization
  202. New Attack Exploits "Safe" Oracle Inputs
  203. Donald Knuth Rips on Unit Tests and More
  204. Five Days Locked in a Room With GTA IV
  205. Microwave Resolution Could Lead to Wireless Power
  206. Nanamicroscopic Image or Modern Art?
  207. Does She Look Like a Music Pirate?
  208. What Edubuntu can teach your kids
  209. World's elite hackers warn chains of cyber terrorism threat
  210. Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30, and I Still Hate it!!!!
  211. Bill Gates' Disdain for Open Source Even in Retirement
  212. The Physics of Zero-G Whipped Cream
  213. AT&T Denies Resetting P2P Connections
  214. Nvidia declares the CPU dead
  215. 10 Tips for After You Install or Upgrade Ubuntu
  216. Facebook’s Insatiable Hunger for Hardware
  217. Self-Healing Computers for NASA Spacecraft
  218. US targets China, Russia, 7 other nations on copyrights (AP)
  219. Parliant adds pro voice services to telephony tools (Macworld.com)
  220. 5 Important Security Apps for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  221. Louis Vuitton Sues Darfur Fundraiser for Copyright Infringem
  222. Backup Tapes With 2 Million Medical Records Stolen
  223. Robotic Exoskeleton Replicates Iron Man
  224. YouTube University Gets Failing Grade From Prof, Students
  225. Crime pays for music biz with new Grand Theft Auto (Reuters)
  226. Web 2.0: Whatever Google Knows About Spam, It Isn't Saying (TechWeb)
  227. Comprehensive list of low-cost ultraportables
  228. Reviews: Personal Days, PBS' Iraq-Bound Carrier, Rapper Dizzee Rascal
  229. Peak Water: Aquifers and Rivers Are Running Dry. How Three Regions Are Coping
  230. 15th Anniversary: Tractors Turn Out as Smart as One Writer Predicted
  231. US cites China, Russia for failing to protect intellectual property (AFP)
  232. Senate Proposal to Clarify 'State Secrets' Doctrine
  233. Nano Photos Rival Modern Art
  234. Microsoft deadline looms for Yahoo (AFP)
  235. The Last Pinball Machine Factory
  236. Breaking: Windows XP SP3 final trudges into the torrent
  237. Go Go Curry Brings Japan's Authentic Comfort Food to NYC
  238. Fisker Says Tesla's Claim He Stole WhiteStar's Design Is 'Nonsense'
  239. Which Gov Agency Should Be Your Computer's Firewall?
  240. Microsoft CFO Explains Why the Stock Sucks: Yahoo
  241. EPA Wants New Rules for Testing Bacteria Levels in Airplane Tap Water
  242. E-Trade CFO and general counsel resign (AP)
  243. Networking Fest Stakes New Claims (PC World)
  244. Desktop Clutter Art A Go-Go
  245. Focused Microwaves Could Enable Wireless Power Transfer
  246. Is HDTV Compression Damaging Picture Quality? (PC World)
  247. 30 Exceptional CSS Techniques and Examples
  248. War Games Sequel Goes Direct to DVD
  249. ROFLCon: Welcome to the Fame Revolution
  250. Coming Soon to All 50 States: VW's 60 mpg Jetta Diesel