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  1. State Attorneys General Propose Free Satellite Radio
  2. GPL Edutainment Software
  3. Report clears adviser's role in wireless auction (Reuters)
  4. Nanoparticle Infused Gauze Quickly Stanches Wounds
  5. Hardy Heron Makes Linux Worth Another Look
  6. Microsoft Ponders Next Move in Yahoo Chess Match
  7. Internet Economy Looks Strong, Some Experts Say (PC World)
  8. GPS Losing Its Bearings in the Marketplace
  9. Why Microsoft Won't Extend Windows XP's Lifespan
  10. Google, ComScore Trade Blows Over Clicks
  11. Ctrl-Alt-Ouch! How to Reset a Dislocated Shoulder
  12. Microsoft in quandary over Yahoo bid as key deadline looms (AP)
  13. Larrabee Team Is Focused On Rasterization
  14. U.S. Online Video Startups Raised $461M in 2007
  15. IFPI Expert Witness in Pirate Bay Case Worked for IFPI
  16. AT&T Begins Wi-Fi Rollout at Starbucks Stores (NewsFactor)
  17. "Grand Theft Auto 4" set to entertain and inflame (Reuters)
  18. Further Details From Soyuz Mishap
  19. Review: LG enV2 Cellphone — Slim. Small. Sucky.
  20. Coming Soon to All 50 States: VW's 60 mpg Jetta Diesel
  21. New Attack Exploits "Safe" Oracle Inputs
  22. 3G IPhone Due on June 9, Analysts Say
  23. Yahoo To Rewire for Social Networking with Open Strategy (NewsFactor)
  24. Dell Will Offer XP Past Cut-off Date
  25. Toshiba's Big Hit for HD DVD Flop: Profits Fall 95 Percent
  26. Swedish City Gears Up For Virgin Galactic Spaceport
  27. Skype Adds Calling to Mobile Phones (PC World)
  28. US targets China, Russia, 7 other nations on copyrights (AP)
  29. ROFLCon: It's Not Easy Being Memes
  30. China's rural Internet users more than double in 2007: report (AFP)
  31. GPS market at turning point with sliding prices, demand off (AP)
  32. America Movil shares plunge, weighing down Mexican market (AP)
  33. The Future of Space Sports
  34. Cuban Bloggers Defy Government Control
  35. Behind the Memes: Kickin' It With the I Can Has Cheezburger? Kids
  36. Multimedia guide tracks Berlin Wall (AP)
  37. Report: Global cell phone sales up 14 pct in 1Q (AP)
  38. Hacks, More Hacks, Ballmer on Yahoo, OLPC Woes (PC World)
  39. Microsoft Insists XP Death Date Firm Despite Ballmer (NewsFactor)
  40. FBI Wants Authority To Filter Net Backbone
  41. Launch of RIM's 3G BlackBerry faces delay: report (Reuters)
  42. One Laptop Per Child Controversy Centers on Windows (NewsFactor)
  43. Spam Is 30 Years Old
  44. China Ties US for Most Web Users
  45. 500 Thousand MS Web Servers Hacked
  46. Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail
  47. The slow process of digitizing books
  48. Choosing an SSL Provider?
  49. KDE Desktops For 52 Million Students In Brazil
  50. Companies To Be Liable For Deals With Online Criminals
  51. Hacker testifies News Corp unit hired him
  52. Nintendo bucks tradition, says no price cuts for Wii (AP)
  53. Goodbye To the SPOT Watch
  54. SDK Showdown: Apple IPhone vs. Google Android
  55. Diebold Admits ATMs Are More Robust Than Voting Machines
  56. Dell: Decent Customer Service Is Going To Cost Extra
  57. Build Custom Templates For Your Data-Driven Web Sites
  58. Propaganda Design & Aesthetics: 29 Soviet Retro Posters
  59. Garmin's Forerunner 405 watch, GPS fitness done right
  60. Ericsson shares up jump 25 percent on 1Q report (AP)
  61. Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot
  62. HOWTO: Build A Spy GPS Tracking System
  63. Increased piracy hurt Microsoft's quarter
  64. Spammers Ramp up Siege on Google's Blogger via Bots (PC World)
  65. Nintendo: no plan to cut Wii, DS prices this year (Reuters)
  66. Toshiba's net profit plunges (AP)
  67. China Tops US for Internet Population Lead (PC World)
  68. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  69. Yahoo to Radically Open Its Platforms
  70. Huge iPod Turned into Porta-Party Kissing Booth
  71. Solar Powered Microbes Manufacture Biofuels
  72. Developers question openness of Microsoft's Mesh
  73. Yahoo to expand data sharing among friends online (Reuters)
  74. People's decisions to cut back add up to weaker economy (AP)
  75. Ultra-Long-Endurance Aircraft to Stay Aloft for Years
  76. Homemade 'Bum Bot' Has Water Cannon, Shoots Vagrants
  77. Opera Desktop Beta 2 (Kestrel) now available for download
  78. Guillermo del Toro Will Direct "The Hobbit"
  79. Ericsson Q1 profits beat forecast, outlook repeated (Reuters)
  80. Samsung Q1 Soars on Strong Displays, Mobile Phones (PC World)
  81. Cellphone market Q1 growth fastest since 2006 (Reuters)
  82. Microsoft sticks to its bid for Yahoo (AFP)
  83. Scanning world's every book means turning many, many pages (AP)
  84. New "Iron Curtain" for Russian Internet
  85. The Pirate Bay Smashes 12,000,000 BitTorrent Users
  86. Samsung Q1 net jumps on LCDs and handsets (Reuters)
  87. Sun Buys Processor Startup Montalvo Systems (PC World)
  88. Keys cancels Cleveland concert with swollen vocal chords (AP)
  89. Microsoft talks tough on Yahoo, reports 11 pct profit drop (AP)
  90. Samsung Electronics 1Q profit, sales rise 37 percent (AP)
  91. Samsung Electronics 1Q profit, sales rise 37 percent (AP)
  92. Predicting Human Errors From Brain Activity
  93. What's Inside: For a Refreshing Hint of Tear Gas, Light Up a Cigarette
  94. Solo Animator's 'Sita Sings the Blues' Makes Tribeca Film Fest
  95. Sex Drive: 7 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Sex Conferences
  96. How Good Lighting Can Make Digital Renders Look Real
  97. Court: Government Must Reveal Watch-List Status to Constantly Detained Americans
  98. April 25, 1859: Big Dig Starts for Suez Canal
  99. Nanoparticles Help Gauze Stop Gushing Wounds
  100. How-to: Make a PS3 Laptop of your very own (part 1)
  101. Yahoo plans makeover with elements of social network (AP)
  102. Custom wetsuit protects patchy penguin
  103. VCs Pour On Investments For Open-Source Leaders (Investor's Business Daily)
  104. Microsoft results disappoint (Reuters)
  105. Firms Getting Blind-sided by Social Networking (PC World)
  106. NASA To Develop Small Satellites
  107. How to Touch Up Your Snapshots on the Cheap
  108. Heavyweight Wristwatch Crams Geeky Features, Is Thicker Than J-Lo
  109. Sun continues pursuit of Java for iPhone (InfoWorld)
  110. Microsoft's play for cloud computing (InfoWorld)
  111. Yahoo! Expands Open Web Platform Plans
  112. Bill Prohibiting Genetic Discrimination Moves Forward
  113. Microsoft 3Q Profit Falls From Vista-Heavy '07 Quarter
  114. Microsoft sticks to its bid for Yahoo (AFP)
  115. After Web Defacement, University Warns of Data Breach (PC World)
  116. Pick me, Paris! 85,000 vie to be Hilton's new BFF (AFP)
  117. Humans Nearly Went Extinct 70,000 Years Ago
  118. Mac... Pc.
  119. Geoengineering Quick-Fix Would Wreak Ozone Havoc
  120. 3G IPhone Due on June 9, Analysts Say (PC World)
  121. Mozilla: Fennec to Revolutionize Mobile Browsing (PC World)
  122. Microsoft quarter earnings view shy of Wall St. (Reuters)
  123. Microsoft Earnings Flat, Despite Server Launches (PC World)
  124. Bill Prohibiting Genetic Discrimination Moves Forward
  125. Genetic Nondiscrimination Bill Clears Congress
  126. AOL exec cleared by jury in civil fraud case brought by SEC (AP)
  127. Are C and C++ Losing Ground?
  128. Massive Desktop Linux deployment (52 MILLION new users!)
  129. 1337! 5 Killer PC Games playable on Ubuntu: Hardy Heron
  130. Qwest introduces 20 megabit DSL in some areas (AP)
  131. Microsoft 3Q profit falls from Vista-heavy 2007 quarter (AP)
  132. The State Of Grayware On the PC
  133. Google Launches Mobile Banner Ads
  134. How to survive the switch to Digital TV
  135. Court cuts $200M from royalty judgment against Genentech (AP)
  136. Qwest Rolls out Faster Broadband (PC World)
  137. Dell to offer Windows XP beyond June 30 cutoff (InfoWorld)
  138. IBM News May Signal Enterprise Mashup Maturity (PC World)
  139. Black Hole Particle Jets Explained
  140. Cho Escapes From 'Guantanamo Bay' to 'Star Trek'
  141. Honda Goes Crazy With a Hot Wheels Racer
  142. Yahoo to Radically Open Its Platforms (PC World)
  143. Why OpenSolaris Failed To Build a Community
  144. Nokia Internet Tablets get Ubuntu and Qt
  145. BTW, teen writing may cause teachers to :(
  146. Latest Ubuntu Release Brings Power and Polish to the Linux Desktop
  147. Strong Earnings Could Reinvigorate Microsoft's Yahoo Bid
  148. Drought Nearly Killed Off Humans 70,000 Years Ago
  149. Yahoo to harmonize user profiles (Reuters)
  150. Rambus Wins Appeal of FTC Anti-Trust Ruling
  151. Apple Prepares For the Coming iPod Slump
  152. Bill Gates On the GPL — "We Disagree"
  153. Patch the Linux Kernel Without Reboots
  154. Spike Lee teams with Nokia on cell phone movie (Reuters)
  155. Live Video Review of the Nokia N95 8-GB Cellphone
  156. Downed Georgian Drone Stirs International Incident
  157. IBM Unveils Cool Web 2.0 Server System (NewsFactor)
  158. Leaked: Grand Theft Auto IV Hits the Torrents (NewsFactor)
  159. S. Korea Will Deploy Cloned Drug-Sniffing Dogs
  160. Asian history inspires new online games (Reuters)
  161. Ubuntu 8.04 Released (PC World)
  162. France 'suspends' Creation of Big-brother Database (PC World)
  163. Apple Prepares for the Coming iPod Slump
  164. NextWave shares soar on plans to sell spectrum holdings (AP)
  165. iBand makes music with two fingers... and iPhone (AFP)
  166. Renault to roll out another Nokia co-branded car (Reuters)
  167. Researchers Infiltrate and 'Pollute' Storm Botnet
  168. WebKit GTK+ port passes Acid3 on Linux
  169. Kip Kedersha earned $102,000 from MetaCafe last year.
  170. Retailers stay up late for 'Grand Theft Auto IV'
  171. Early humans nearly wiped out, study says
  172. Water desalination becoming more realistic
  173. Bill Gates on the GPL - 'We Disagree'
  174. Ballmer Pumps Vista While Offering Hope for XP
  175. Gossip Girl a Big Hit, Just Not on TV
  176. Not all :) as informal writing creeps into teen assignments (AP)
  177. Microsoft enhances hosted customer service platform (InfoWorld)
  178. Patch the Linux Kernel Without Reboots
  179. Researchers: Windows Update Should Be Redesigned (PC World)
  180. GPS locators collar info on endangered zebras
  181. China, U.S. tied for most Web users
  182. Ubuntu 8.04 Released
  183. Negroponte Says Windows 'Runs Well' On XO Laptop
  184. Google's Ginormous Food Budget: $7,530 Per Googler
  185. Ubuntu Hardy Heron Released!
  186. Apple posts profit of $1.05B, ships nearly 2.3 million Macs
  187. Sony off to races with "Gran Turismo" (Reuters)
  188. Google Turns Over Data on Suspected Pedophiles In Brazil
  189. Google introduces brand-image ads for phones (Reuters)
  190. PC Gaming Suggestions for Console-like Fun?
  191. Science machine
  192. Microsoft offers hope for people who want to keep XP (AP)
  193. Ad-funded telco reaches 100,000 clients in Britain (Reuters)
  194. Motorola loss widens on weak phone sales (Reuters)
  195. Microsoft to heed consumers over XP phaseout: CEO (Reuters)
  196. US Spies Use Custom Video Games for Training
  197. Cramer: "Apple's competitors are no longer relevant"
  198. Nintendo's profit surges on strong sales of Wii, DS (AP)
  199. Playing Beamz is addictive fun - but not worth $600 (USATODAY.com)
  200. Big supply of chips makes for great buys (USATODAY.com)
  201. Motorola 1Q loss widens as phone sales fall (AP)
  202. Cheap Infrastructure for Start Ups
  203. T-Mobile to ship 1st Android-Based handsets by End of 2008
  204. LOLcat Hiring! Spelling Skillz Optional
  205. Product review: Adobe Flex Builder speeds RIA development (InfoWorld)
  206. Nintendo operating profits double amid brisk Wii sales (AFP)
  207. Vuze Study Exposes P2P Throttling By Canadian ISP Cogeco
  208. Build A Customizable RSS Feed Aggregator In PHP
  209. Ubuntu's Firefox Start Page redesigned before 8.04 release
  210. Vodafone in venture to boost mobile Internet (Reuters)
  211. Nintendo sees 9 pct growth this year on Wii sales (Reuters)
  212. China ties US for most Web users (AP)
  213. NASA Responds To MMO Concerns
  214. China becomes world's largest Internet population (Reuters)
  215. Amazon 1Q profit rises; investors still worry about economy (AP)
  216. Ars Technica takes a sneak-peek at RapidWeaver 4
  217. Apple Revenues Up 43% On Mac Sales (TechWeb)
  218. ISP Sued By Irish RIAA
  219. Wind Power On The Go
  220. Yoko Ono sues in NY over song in movie challenging evolution (AP)
  221. Celebrity Birthdays (AP)
  222. Web Apps Developers Told to Aim for Lofty Goals (PC World)
  223. U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think
  224. Trojan Horses Still Kicking After All These Years
  225. New Galaxy Images Released for Hubble's 18th Birthday
  226. Give Your Intellect a Boost — Just Say Yes to Doing the Right Drugs!
  227. Wired.com Readers' Brain-Enhancing Drug Regimens
  228. Top 10 Amazon Power Shopper Tools
  229. Best Way To Avoid Keyloggers On Public Terminals?
  230. Crooks Rig ATM with Eee PC to Steal Credit Card Info
  231. Megan Fox crowned sexiest woman in the world (Reuters)
  232. April 24, 1184 B.C.: Trojan Horse Defeats State-of-the-Art Security
  233. Apple 2Q profit jumps 36 percent, but stock wobbles (AP)
  234. So What Is an Enterprise Mashup, Anyway? (PC World)
  235. Nintendo: Average Wii Sits on Shelf for Just an Hour
  236. NYC Is Getting a New High-Tech Defense Perimeter. Let's Hope It Works
  237. 15th Anniversary: Underwater-Robot-Building MIT-Defeating High Schoolers Grow Up
  238. Hacker testifies News Corp unit hired him (Reuters)
  239. Cable companies pull out of Sprint joint venture (Reuters)
  240. Honda Robot Will Conduct Detroit Symphony
  241. Iron Man's Suit Defies Physics -- Mostly
  242. Enterprise mashups revealed at Web 2.0 conference (InfoWorld)
  243. Negroponte Says Windows "Runs Well" On XO Laptop
  244. 5 Appliances That Might Be Smarter Than You Are
  245. Kicker iPod Dock Punches You in the Chest With Sound
  246. Qualcomm profit up, 2008 view disappoints some (Reuters)
  247. Greenhouse gases building faster, NOAA says
  248. Google introduces brand-image ads for phones (Reuters)
  249. How to Fight a Ticket
  250. Hack into Obama campaign site exploited a coding flaw (AP)