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  1. Vista SP1 Released to Automatic Update (PC World)
  2. Evidence Of Glaciers On Mars Suggests Recent Climate Activity
  3. Five Million Users And Nearly Five Billion Stumbles Later
  4. Research: Security gaps open when ISPs hire third parties (AP)
  5. FCC Reports Comcast P2P Blocking Was More Widespread
  6. Behind the Memes: Ji Lee, Bubble Project Media Jammer
  7. Is Apple Recession Proof? Find Out Today
  8. Apple 2Q profit jumps 36 percent (AP)
  9. Lolcat site hiring; spelling skillz optional (AP)
  10. Blackberry maker to open research facility in Germany (AFP)
  11. OLPC Switch to Windows on XO Is 'muddled,' Developers Say (PC World)
  12. Apple earnings cheat sheet: It’s all about the Mac units
  13. Sonic device that repels teens causing outcry
  14. How to survive the switch to HD
  15. Soyuz capsule's perilous re-entry investigated
  16. Telecom Carriers: 'Phantom' Voice Traffic Costing Billions (PC World)
  17. Apple profit rises on strong Mac, iPod sales (Reuters)
  18. Comcast pulls out of Sprint joint venture Pivot (Reuters)
  19. Sun to Fully Open Source Java
  20. Anna Nicole Smith's mother sues lawyer, Web sites (Reuters)
  21. Craigslist's Feelings Are Hurt, Lashes Back at eBay
  22. Qualcomm's second-quarter profit up 6 pct on strong sales (AP)
  23. Amazon.com 1Q profit rises 29 percent (AP)
  24. Apple agrees to buy processor-design company (AP)
  25. Sony Ericsson Sees Softening Demand for Some Phones (NewsFactor)
  26. FBI Renews Push for ISP Data Retention Laws
  27. Microsoft CEO has no plans to raise offer for Yahoo (AP)
  28. Cable companies pulling out of venture with Sprint Nextel (AP)
  29. Sony To Launch PS3 Video Download Service
  30. Biggest RC Airplane Competition in the World (VIDEO+PICS)
  31. Yahoo Earnings Beat Wall Street Targets
  32. Publisher to tackle German Wikipedia volume
  33. Greenhouse gases on rise, U.S. agency warns
  34. Review: Digital converters keep the old tube TV useable (AP)
  35. RIM to open new R&D facility in Germany (Reuters)
  36. Speech Input, GPS Make Mobile Search Smarter (PC World)
  37. Finnish Electric Solar Sail Nears Implementation
  38. Reader Poll: Did the Prosecution Prove Murder in the Hans Reiser Trial?
  39. No fleet-footed action, but robot players learn soccer (AP)
  40. Google hands over data on suspected pedophiles to Brazil (AFP)
  41. DARPA Working On Arthur C. Clarke Weapon Idea
  42. Sun looks to open-source Java, have it ship with Linux
  43. Acer to Reveal Laptop With Intel's Atom in June (PC World)
  44. Microsoft tests subscription pricing for Office (AP)
  45. IBM Turns Server Sideways for Web 2.0 Build-out (PC World)
  46. Publisher plans printed version of Wikipedia (AP)
  47. 'Evolution of the Internet' Powers Massive LHC Grid
  48. EPA scientists cite political interference
  49. Restoration projects recharging rivers
  50. AMD's Triple-Core Phenom X3 Processor Launched
  51. 10 cool gadgets you can't get here -- yet
  52. The 5 best SLR cameras
  53. Digital photo tools and downloads
  54. iPhone Unpacking Like You've Never Seen Before
  55. Craigslist Calls eBay Lawsuit 'Unethical' (PC World)
  56. SANS: Pressure on vendors can prevent security woes (InfoWorld)
  57. IBM Flips Server Sideways for Web 2.0 (PC World)
  58. Conserve Biodiversity or Risk Medical Losses, U.N. Warns
  59. Craigslist Fires Back, Calls eBay's Actions 'Unethical'
  60. Obama Concedes Nothing in Post-Primary YouTube Video
  61. Microsoft Takes a Step Away From the Desktop
  62. Latin America, a Leader in Alternative Aviation Fuel
  63. Expo Examines Web 2.0 in the Workplace (PC World)
  64. eBay Sues Craigslist
  65. Seagate Ships Billionth Hard Drive
  66. Arranged marriage gets high-tech twist
  67. PETA offers $1 million for lab-grown meat
  68. Voice commands come to BlackBerry
  69. 10% of Broadband Users Eat 80% Bandwidth, P2P Not to Blame
  70. Craigslist calls eBay lawsuit 'unethical' (InfoWorld)
  71. Acer Readies Ultralight Atom Laptop for June (PC World)
  72. First Looks at Microsoft's New 'Live Mesh' Platform
  73. Seagate Ships Billionth Hard Drive
  74. Russian prosecutors eye Internet censorship (AFP)
  75. Sony Again Delays PS3 Home Online Community (NewsFactor)
  76. Seagate Ships Billionth Hard Drive
  77. Apple Buys Chip Designer
  78. Sony to Buy Gracenote
  79. Web criminals fuel big rise in "trojans" (Reuters)
  80. IBM turns server sideways for Web 2.0 build-out (InfoWorld)
  81. Apple Buys a Chip Company for $278M
  82. Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart
  83. Firefox 3's new bookmarking system
  84. Sony Ericsson sees profits halved in first quarter (AFP)
  85. Top 10 Wired Reader Macro Photos, Decided by You
  86. Alt Text: Twitter Away Your Life With Social Networking
  87. Sun gears JavaFX for consumer move (InfoWorld)
  88. Next-Generation CAPTCHA Exploits the Semantic Gap
  89. Slowing sales drag Sony Ericsson 1Q down 48 percent (AP)
  90. Microsoft's Tellme launches BlackBerry voice search (AP)
  91. In a flash, Strobist blog about lighting photos hit it big (USATODAY.com)
  92. The Test Center guide to rich Web app dev tools (InfoWorld)
  93. Microsoft CEO stands by bid for Yahoo (Reuters)
  94. Testifying @ FCC @ Stanford
  95. Clock sculpture with more than 150 analog hands
  96. Blu-ray boom not enough to rescue DVD sales (Reuters)
  97. EMI Says Online File Storage Is Illegal
  98. "Irresponsible" online gambling advert banned (Reuters)
  99. Twitter launches in Japan, land of haiku (AFP)
  100. All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts
  101. Anti-Piracy Blunder Shuts Down BitTorrent Tracker
  102. IBM to unveil new computer for big data centers: report (Reuters)
  103. Who needs legs? Honda develops walk-assist technology
  104. Hamilton savings bond calculator adds import/export (Macworld.com)
  105. GPS Used To Find Graves In Eco-Burial Sites
  106. Britain's ITV seals iTunes deal for classics (Reuters)
  107. Urinal Elephant - Cleans Urinals [w/video]
  108. Driving Site Traffic With Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising (PC Wor
  109. Inspirational PDF Magazines
  110. Storing Data For the Next 1,000 Years
  111. 'Internet Freedom' Being Fought for by Writers
  112. What's Wired This Month: Portishead's Return, Wii Fit, Torrentfreedom.com
  113. Cloud Computing. Available at Amazon.com Today
  114. Caffeinate With Care: Small Shots Do a Brain Better Than Big Blasts
  115. Internet proves powerful tool for Chinese protests (AFP)
  116. Microsoft's Tellme launches BlackBerry voice search (AP)
  117. Editor's Picks for the Wired.com Macro Photo Contest
  118. Sony BMG to offer music through Nokia phones (AFP)
  119. Sony to Buy Gracenote Music Data Company (PC World)
  120. German Wikipedia To Be Published As a Book
  121. Why 'no Macs' is no longer a defensible IT strategy
  122. Wired.com Photo Contest: Transportation
  123. How to Become an Energy Drink Connoisseur
  124. April 23, 1940: Batteries Included, and They Don't Leak
  125. Pennsylvania Election Results Mapped With Voters' Race, Age and Religion
  126. It's no LOL: Few US doctors answer e-mails from patients (AP)
  127. EBay claims Craigslist unfairly diluted eBay's stake in it (AP)
  128. EBay sues Craigslist over alleged stake dilution (Reuters)
  129. MSN Music DRM Servers Going Dark In September
  130. Gold-plated MacBook Air
  131. Dell introduces tiny, bamboo-covered green PC
  132. Yahoo 1Q profit rises, but Microsoft bid likely to stand pat (AP)
  133. Wireless Growth Gives Biggest Lift To AT&T's Q1 Results (Investor's Business Dai
  134. Close Call: Apple OS X Almost Looked Exactly Like OS 8
  135. Microsoft Loses Appeal of "Vista-Capable" Lawsuit
  136. Earth Day & Digg Meet-up News
  137. History's Five Best Interface Designs
  138. Google accused of deception in selling AdSense keyword ads (AP)
  139. $1/Gallon "Green Gasoline" In Sight
  140. Yahoo Q1 Profit Comfortably Beats Estimates
  141. Court overturns government's ruling against Rambus (AP)
  142. Apple Seeks Patent on iPhone Instant Messenging (NewsFactor)
  143. Pentagon Manipulating TV Analysts
  144. Academia's big guns fight 'Google effect'
  145. 'Nova' Goes Open Source for 'Car of the Future'
  146. Guitar Hero to Become Everything Hero
  147. Bill Gates on Pharmaceuticals: The System Isn't Working
  148. Yahoo 1Q profit rises, but it might not thwart Microsoft (AP)
  149. SEC charges Broadcom with stock option backdating (AP)
  150. Sony BMG Jumps on Nokia Music Phone Bandwagon (NewsFactor)
  151. Broadcom beats revenue view, sees growth continuing (Reuters)
  152. Google's Latest Move Hints at Next-Generation Social Network
  153. Your Earth Day: 7 Online Tools for a Green Wired Life
  154. Sun looks to free up the rest of Java (InfoWorld)
  155. Blogger Successfully Quashes Subpoena
  156. Turn Your MacBook Into a Seismometer
  157. Happy Earth Day: Beautiful Pictures of Our Planet
  158. Behind the Memes: iJustine Reveals Offline Talents
  159. EBay sues Craigslist over ownership stake (AP)
  160. Marshall University Challenges RIAA
  161. Hardy Heron reflects Ubuntu Linux ambitions
  162. Photobucket Opens Up to Mashups With New Developer's Tools
  163. Why Cheaters Prosper in 'Grand Theft Auto'
  164. Overstock Accused of Stock Manipulation
  165. Low-cost laptop program sees a key leadership defection (AP)
  166. It's no LOL: Few US doctors answer e-mails from patients (AP)
  167. EBay sues Craigslist over alleged stake dilution (Reuters)
  168. Hamilton savings bond calculator adds import/export (Macworld.com)
  169. Recruiting Friendly Botnets To Counter Bad Botnets
  170. Court upholds Netflix "throttling" settlement (Reuters)
  171. An ExpressCard Slot Computer Designed to Protect Main Machine (PC World)
  172. Microsoft to host partner software (InfoWorld)
  173. Bluetooth Surveillance Tested In the UK
  174. Want to Remember Everything? Surrender to This Algorithm
  175. Merger Most Foul: Hard Road Ahead for Delta, Northwest
  176. Netflix's stock plunges more than 20 pct on cost concerns (AP)
  177. EU to Set Guidelines on Video Game Sales to Children (PC World)
  178. Laptops Can Be Searched At the Border
  179. Robotic vigilante: Homemade 'Bum Bot' patrols in Atlanta (AP)
  180. Hannaford spending millions to upgrade after security breach (AP)
  181. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Due Out Next Week (NewsFactor)
  182. It's official! Windows XP SP3 goes RTM today
  183. Crossing the Atlantic With Barely Enough Fuel to Spare
  184. Column: Digital TV switch won't give you high-definition TV (AP)
  185. Microsoft Figures Show Some Users May Like Adware (PC World)
  186. Wireless, Enterprise Drive Strong AT&T Growth (NewsFactor)
  187. Microsoft: Some users may like adware (InfoWorld)
  188. EU tells videogame industry to protect minors better (Reuters)
  189. 80% of MS Server Protocols Are Unpatented
  190. How Duct Tape Saved Apollo 17's Moon Buggy
  191. Software AG's 1Q profit rises (AP)
  192. SugarCRM, NetSuite Get Boost From BT Deal (PC World)
  193. How Duct Tape Saved Apollo 17's Moon Buggy
  194. Blizzard to Boll - DENIED!
  195. When green comes home
  196. Writers want Internet freedom protected
  197. Worst Captcha Ever
  198. California Will Help China With Cutting Emissions
  199. Hawking: Intelligent Life Elsewhere? Sure, but Likely Rare
  200. Survey: Mobile Banking Catching On ... Slowly
  201. Love the Steak and Save the Cow
  202. SugarCRM, NetSuite get boost from BT deal (InfoWorld)
  203. Microsoft claims of multi-tenancy for Dynamics CRM in doubt (InfoWorld)
  204. Fujitsu HDD with AES 256-bit Encryption
  205. Photobucket opens API, seeks developers (InfoWorld)
  206. Schneier: Lots of Security Software Is 'snake Oil' (PC World)
  207. Walter Bender Resigns From OLPC
  208. China Vaults Past USA In Internet Users
  209. Turn Your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot (NewsFactor)
  210. Sony BMG to offer music through Nokia phones (AFP)
  211. China faces severe botnet problem (InfoWorld)
  212. Sony announces further delays to its PS3 virtual universe (AFP)
  213. Blizzard to Boll - DENIED!
  214. Stephen Hawking Thinks Aliens Likely
  215. Sony delays virtual world release, again
  216. Sony to delay "Home" online service for PS3 again (Reuters)
  217. FBI Concerned About Implications of Counterfeit Cisco Gear
  218. Apple’s Q2 earnings: What to watch
  219. Did Canonical Just Get Punked by Red Hat and Novell?
  220. Sony BMG joins Universal in offering catalog on Nokia phones (AP)
  221. Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
  222. Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower
  223. Find Your Inner Spock: Jonny Magic's Logic Tips
  224. 6 Intelligence Myths Exposed
  225. Stephen Hawking Thinks Aliens Likely
  226. China Faced With Growing Botnet Problem (PC World)
  227. Dynamics CRM Online now available (InfoWorld)
  228. NJ Supreme Court Rules For Internet Privacy
  229. HP's Upline hosted storage service remains down (InfoWorld)
  230. Samsung's last 'Ultra edition' handset goes on sale (InfoWorld)
  231. AT&T profit rises on wireless sales (Reuters)
  232. AT&T 1Q profit up 22 percent on strong wireless growth (AP)
  233. The Military Plans To Regrow Body Parts
  234. Is that Miley Cyrus flashing her bra on the Internet? (AP)
  235. Mac hack contest bug had been public for a year (InfoWorld)
  236. Microsoft data show Web attacks taking off (InfoWorld)
  237. Full-length shows,even movies,growing on cellular (USATODAY.com)
  238. $25,000,000,000 Eigenvector: Linear Algebra Behind Google
  239. The (new) Fastest Hard Drive Ever
  240. Nokia signs Sony BMG for free music offering (Reuters)
  241. BT Group retrofits to reduce carbon footprint (InfoWorld)
  242. OLPC low-power laptop empowers and inspires (InfoWorld)
  243. Verizon Wireless rings in desktop power savings (InfoWorld)
  244. Sun plants pods for sustainability and savings (InfoWorld)
  245. How To Build a $188M Submarine Cable System
  246. Microsoft Predicted to Back Away from Vista
  247. Asustek to Share Eee PC at Taiwan Open Source Summit (PC World)
  248. Unreleased Atari 2600 Game Found At Flea Market
  249. Writers push for laws to maintain Internet freedom (AP)
  250. Asus, Intel Team up for PC Recycling in Taiwan (PC World)