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  1. IBM's 1Q earnings jump 26 percent; company raises outlook (AP)
  2. Software to Randomize Police Operations at LAX
  3. AMD's Quad-Core Opteron Available in Dell Servers (PC World)
  4. CEO Subpoena Scam Fires up Anew (PC World)
  5. Father of chaos theory dies at age 90
  6. New Spam Site Found Every Three Seconds
  7. The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Blogging Service
  8. New battery prototype may mean the end of exploding laptops
  9. Gallery: Journey Into the Science of the Sun
  10. April 17, 1970: Houston, We No Longer Have a Problem
  11. Movies and TV shows coming to PS3?
  12. Watch the Sunset From Google Earth 4.3
  13. Small Company Sues 14 Digital TV Goliaths
  14. Dying 'Last Lecture' Prof's New Book Becomes Runaway Bestseller
  15. Comcast Sets its Sights on Peer to Peer Apps (PC World)
  16. Sun to Begin Close Sourcing MySQL
  17. New data reveal online video views are soaring (AP)
  18. PC shipments post double-digit rise as US lags (AP)
  19. How Social Networking Could Kill Web Search as We Know It
  20. Internal Microsoft Vista Video is as Painful as Videos Get
  21. Songbird media player: the love child of Mozilla and WinAmp
  22. Watchdog wants global drive against online abuse (Reuters)
  23. Video: Water Balloon Exploding at 2,000 Frames per Second
  24. How to Make Your Own Björk-tastic 3-D Glasses
  25. Flickr Quells Video Fears With Free Doughnuts
  26. The Inside Story of the Armed Robot Pullout Rumor
  27. Darwin's private papers get Internet launch (Reuters)
  28. Handwriting Recognition for iPhone Now Available (PICS)
  29. Bush shifts view on climate change
  30. Neanderthal speaks after 30,000 years
  31. Republicans Say Google 'Duped' FCC in Spectrum Auction
  32. Fetish: High-IQ Toaster, Wind-Driven Gadget Charger, Nine-Grand Diving Watch
  33. Survey: 12 Percent of Consumers 'borrow' Free Wi-Fi (PC World)
  34. Starbucks Network Switch Has Begun (PC World)
  35. Computers Emulate Neanderthal Speech
  36. Hardy Heron Making Linux Ready for the Masses?
  37. Is Captcha's Moment Passing?
  38. Bash Airlines All You Want, But Flying Still Beats Driving
  39. PC shipments post double-digit rise as US lags (AP)
  40. Six Apart and Facebook Create Web-Wide Blogging Tool (NewsFactor)
  41. MySQL users mostly unphased by Sun acquisition (InfoWorld)
  42. Google's Urchin 6 arrives after years-long delay (InfoWorld)
  43. Google's Urchin 6 Arrives After Years-long Delay (PC World)
  44. Google Crawls The Deep Web
  45. How to fight splogs
  46. Enthusiasts find big is not always best with social networks (AP)
  47. IBM Earnings Beat Analyst Expectations (PC World)
  48. Comcast to skip latest FCC network management hearing (AP)
  49. IBM's Q1 earnings jump 26 pct, company increases outlook (AP)
  50. EBay posts 22 percent hike in 1Q profit (AP)
  51. Pittsburgh museum to open robot exhibition (AP)
  52. Legal dispute could increase cost of digital TV (AP)
  53. Comcast, Pando Want to Develop a P2P Bill of Rights (NewsFactor)
  54. IBM profit rises on services, software strength (Reuters)
  55. Video-game reviews: Golf, tennis and fishing (AP)
  56. Folding@home GPU2 Beta Released, Examined
  57. Mac Clone Psystar Exposed: Looks Like a Hoax (PICS)
  58. Twitter Saves Berkeley Student Arrested in Egypt
  59. MySpace, Facebook: Big not always better
  60. Video: How to Fix Your Broken NES
  61. Six Apart's 'Blog It' Turns Facebook Into a Fire Hose
  62. Angry Wife Lashes Out in 'YouTube Divorce' Video
  63. Toshiba's High-Powered CT Scanner Could Save Your Life in a Heartbeat
  64. 'The Sims' sells 100 million copies worldwide (AP)
  65. EarthLink Returns Wi-Fi Networks to Two Cities (PC World)
  66. Microsoft to offer SQL Server 2005 SP3 (InfoWorld)
  67. Consumer Groups Advocate for 'Do Not Track' Registry
  68. iPhone SDK and Free Software Don't Match
  69. Why the Titanic Sank: Lousy Rivets
  70. Analysts Doubtful as Google Quarterly Earnings Approach
  71. AOL, transitioning to ads, moves closer to ad center in NYC (AP)
  72. Fring Brings Mobile VoIP to Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  73. Novell Announces Suse Appliance Program for ISVs (PC World)
  74. Microsoft to Offer SQL Server 2005 SP3 (PC World)
  75. How Social Networks May Kill Search as We Know It
  76. New music video Web site features major label artists (AP)
  77. Novell CEO: Linux for the consumer desktop will take years (InfoWorld)
  78. ISO Releases OOXML FAQ
  79. The Javabot Combines Engineering and Coffee
  80. Dreamworks Acquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell
  81. Facebook Launched A New Way To Share With Friends
  82. Americans, warm up for Wii Fit
  83. Army to use portable polygraphs with suspects, base visitors (AP)
  84. Google adapts copyright-ID technology for child-porn fight (AP)
  85. Most computer users repeat passwords, at their peril (AP)
  86. 1.6 Million PCs Track Popular P2P Clients
  87. Report: 6 Million Pounds of Trash Litter World's Shorelines
  88. Top 5 Viable New Cancer Treatments
  89. New High-Res Map Shows U.S. Per-Capita CO2 Emissions
  90. Now They Ask: Comcast and File-Share 'Bill of Rights'
  91. Fake Subpoenas Drive the Latest Phishing Attack (NewsFactor)
  92. The Javabot Combines Engineering and Coffee
  93. Dreamworks Aquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell
  94. Schoolboy Corrects NASA's Math On Killer Asteroid
  95. Is Fast Memory Really Worth It?
  96. AOL Buys Sphere to Expand Search, Online Ads (NewsFactor)
  97. Programming Collective Intelligence
  98. Schoolboy Corrects NASA's Math On Killer Asteroid
  99. Consumer groups urge "do not track" registry (Reuters)
  100. NASA extends Saturn mission
  101. Dutch to go online to register life's milestones
  102. Forget the Courts Apple May Fight Mac Clones With Tech
  103. Sound the Alarm, IPv6 Execs Say (PC World)
  104. iPhone SDK and Free Software Don't Match
  105. Comcast Proposes Self Regulation and P2P Bill of Rights
  106. Blackberry Devices: A history
  107. Controversial ad system keeps its eye on the money (InfoWorld)
  108. Open Source Census launches (InfoWorld)
  109. Dreamworks Aquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell
  110. Scientists develop 300 GHz circuits for processors
  111. EU approves Vivendi-Activision videogame deal (Reuters)
  112. Do a Cloud Scan for Malware and Try for a Prize (NewsFactor)
  113. Comcast, Pando call for pact on peer-to-peer rights (InfoWorld)
  114. New Chip Material Expected to Lead Innovations (NewsFactor)
  115. First Full Review of New Asus Eee PC 900
  116. 10 Million computers to
  117. Head-mounted camera for recording special moments
  118. Yahoo to Take on Google Analytics
  119. Comcast wants 'bill of rights' for file-sharers and ISPs (AP)
  120. FBI Lied To Support Need For PATRIOT Act Expansion
  121. More airports to use ' body imaging' machines
  122. NVIDIA 8800GT for Older Mac Pros Now Available
  123. Revolutionary video game controller taps into your brain
  124. Study: Google Lost Share of Search Ad Dollars to Yahoo
  125. E-mail carriers deliver gifts of nifty features to lure, keep users (USATODAY.com
  126. Irked Chinese Web users turn chatrooms red (Reuters)
  127. Need to Slice Through a Boulder? Try a 10,000-Degree Tactical Cutter
  128. Maverick Swedish Pop Star Reveals What Britney Could Have Been
  129. Man Reprograms Bejewled to Propose to Girlfriend
  130. How To: Wifi Predator
  131. Programmers, DIY Types Embrace the 'Soft, Hackable Chumby'
  132. For CS Majors, How Important Is the "Where?"
  133. ISPs Meddled With Their Customers' Web Traffic, Study Finds (PC World)
  134. O2 and Carphone cut iPhone price in Britain (Reuters)
  135. LG Electronics posts net profit (AP)
  136. Is the Net Too Neutral? - Comcast had been stifling traffic!
  137. Cyber bullying common in Japan school Web sites: study (Reuters)
  138. LG Elec says LCD TV competition will impact plasma (Reuters)
  139. Bell Canada's Misinformation About Throttling
  140. Mac clone maker vows to test Apple on OS X licensing terms
  141. Steve Jobs Introduces The Apple "i"
  142. A year later, sales of Linux on Dell computers THRIVE!
  143. Intel 1Q sales, sunny guidance surprise Wall Street (AP)
  144. Comcast to spearhead creation of P2P Bill of Rights
  145. Show Us Your Most-Wanted Rare Gadgets
  146. April 16, 1813: Specifying the Interchangeability Standard
  147. Jaxtr offers free texting between 38 countries (Reuters)
  148. Open Source Census Launches (PC World)
  149. Schoolboy Corrects NASA's Math On Killer Asteroid
  150. The Pirate Bay Demands Compensation for IFPI Block
  151. Oklahoma Leaks Tens of Thousands of SSNs
  152. Apple Wins Ultimate Mac vs. PC Abusive Lab Test
  153. Wife takes divorce drama to YouTube
  154. Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Flickr Fans Flustered Over Video Posting
  155. Lawmakers Proposing Millions for Elementary School Surveillance Cams
  156. Marketing On a .EDU Domain
  157. Comcast, Pando Call for Pact on P2P Rights (PC World)
  158. What Should We Do About Security Ethics?
  159. McCain's Gas-Tax Holiday: Smart Politics, Stupid Policy
  160. Forget the Courts — Apple May Fight Mac Clones With Tech
  161. How To Fight Splogs
  162. Malicious microprocessor opens new doors for attack (InfoWorld)
  163. Google talks up Android: open ecosystems lead to innovation
  164. Programmers, DIY Types Embrace Soft, Hackable Chumby
  165. Newspaper owner, saddled with debt, to leave stock exchange (AP)
  166. CinemaNow, Technicolor have new delivery platform (Reuters)
  167. End of the Internet's Tax-Free Ride?
  168. Fake Subpoenas Sent To CEOs For Social Engineering
  169. Super Mario Galaxy Wii mod
  170. Image Editor GIMP, the 'Free-Software Photoshop,' Gets New Look
  171. Intel 1Q profit meets subdued forecasts, revenue hits record (AP)
  172. "Secure Elections Act" Coming Up For Vote
  173. IBM Demonstrates High-k/Metal Gate Chips
  174. Gone in 60 seconds: Spambot cracks Live Hotmail CAPTCHA
  175. US online social network MySpace launches Korean service (AFP)
  176. Videogames Keep Olympic Shot-Putter Reese Hoffa Busy
  177. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Will Come This Month (NewsFactor)
  178. FBI Caused Delay in Terror Case Ahead of Senate Testimony
  179. Seagate Technology 3Q profit beats profit forecasts (AP)
  180. EBay to end links to open-outcry live auctions (Reuters)
  181. Windows Live Hotmail CAPTCHA Cracked, Exploited
  182. 16 awesome image editing tutorials
  183. Square Shooters: Four 5-Megapixel Camera Phones Judged and Rated
  184. Comcast wants 'bill of rights' for file-sharers and ISPs (AP)
  185. EBay says it will end auction house collaboration (AP)
  186. Lawmakers complain that Google 'gamed' auction (InfoWorld)
  187. Papers tailor online content to increase audience, ad sales (AP)
  188. AOL buys Web tech firm Sphere Source (Reuters)
  189. Microsoft completes Danger acquisition (InfoWorld)
  190. Doctorow Tears Up ISP Contract Over Net Neutrality
  191. The Milky Way's Black Hole Is Not So Quiescent
  192. Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone
  193. Bad Karma? Tesla Sues Henrik Fisker Over Sedan Design
  194. Microsoft Completes Danger Acquisition (PC World)
  195. MySQL upgrade now slated for June, Sun says (InfoWorld)
  196. MySQL Upgrade Now Slated for June, Sun Says (PC World)
  197. Seagate Sues STEC For Patent Infringement
  198. iPhone VOIP tested Live on TUAW
  199. Column: How to avoid big bills when using your cell abroad (AP)
  200. Egypt police seize book published by jailed blogger (Reuters)
  201. Psystar Says Apple Can't Stop Mac Clone Sales (NewsFactor)
  202. Monster Cables Pushes Around the Wrong Small Company
  203. MySpace launches Korean-language site
  204. Programmer devises a 'Bejeweled' proposal
  205. The Return of Ada
  206. As seen on TV gadgets
  207. The cream of the new cell phone crop
  208. High-tech team-ups that changed the world
  209. Cuba's Cellphone Era Opens With Long Lines
  210. Banks May Be Screwing You, But Their Websites Rock
  211. Armed Robots Not Actually Gone From Iraq
  212. HD-Telephony: Hip or Hype?
  213. For WiiWare, Ninento Summit Brings More Questions Than Answers
  214. Delta, Northwest Merger May Be Only Tip of the Iceberg
  215. Agreement by Mobile Giants Brings Fast LTE Closer (NewsFactor)
  216. Oklahoma Leaks 10,000 Social Security Numbers
  217. Bush Cyber Initiative Aims To Monitor, Restrict Access To Federal Network
  218. Malaysian Candidates Required to Have Blogs
  219. Review: 'Kane's Wrath' a brainy addition
  220. Blockbuster's plan for 'convergence' won't pay off
  221. 10 Genius Inventions We're Still Waiting For
  222. Motley Crue to release single on Rock Band game (Reuters)
  223. Bush Cyber Initiative Aims To Monitor, Restrict Access to Federal Network
  224. Blue Jeans Strikes Back at Bully Monster Cable
  225. Amazing Apple IIGS Laptop
  226. Tech That Will Save Our Species - Solar Thermal Power
  227. India, BlackBerry to meet April 21 on security fears (Reuters)
  228. MySpace offers site designed for Korea (AP)
  229. US slowdown curbs profits at India's Infosys (AFP)
  230. Microsoft Accommodating Eee With Lightweight XP
  231. Counterfeit DFI Motherboards Surface In Indonesia
  232. IBM Using Hot Water to Cool Supercomputer
  233. Ask Questions and Get Answers on Twitter via @answerme
  234. "Exaflood" Disaster Appears Unlikely
  235. Counterfeit DFI Motherboards Surface In Indonesia
  236. Iron Man's New Villain — an Open Source Terrorist
  237. He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)
  238. Starbucks' Retro Logo
  239. Updated Web Browsers: Which One Works Best?
  240. Parent of a Dead Child? We CAN Clone Him!
  241. Slow growth at India's Infosys (AP)
  242. Motley Crue to release single on Rock Band game (Reuters)
  243. The Filter's mission: Refine music, video and movie tastes (USATODAY.com)
  244. Counterfeit DFI Motherboards Surface in Indonesia
  245. Adventures in lightweight Internet app development (InfoWorld)
  246. A new way to monitor your Windows systems' performance (InfoWorld)
  247. Nokia launches new phone with electronic wallet (Reuters)
  248. NEC Unveils Lui Home Media Server and Portable Clients (PC World)
  249. The beauty of programming
  250. With Vistas View Getting Dim Should You Give Linux A Chance?