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  1. AOL Buys Search Company (PC World)
  2. Weak Rivets May Have Sped Sinking of Titanic
  3. Ubisoft buys India video game development studio (Reuters)
  4. 10 beautiful iMac setups worth a look (pics)
  5. Chinese demand Carrefour boycott for Tibet "support" (Reuters)
  6. Iron Man's New Villain — an Open Source Terrorist
  7. Survey: Online banking satisfaction up (AP)
  8. April 15, 1912: 'God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship'
  9. Mandriva Tailors Linux For Budget PC Market (TechWeb)
  10. Rocket Racing League Ready To Launch
  11. Rising satisfaction with banking online (AP)
  12. Giant Millennium Falcon Toy Jumps Out of Hyperspace (PICS)
  13. Building a 5-Ton Calculator From 19th-Century Plans
  14. Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: Tobacco Vending Machines Block Underage Smokers
  15. Men's Little 500 Race Makes Its 58th Run
  16. Yuri's Night: Bay Area 2008
  17. How to Lace Your Shoes
  18. Slumping TV sales damp Philips 1Q profit (AP)
  19. Google-Salesforce alliance aims at Microsoft software market (AFP)
  20. No harm, no foul, no attorneys' fees for RIAA victim
  21. Local TV station owners push mobile TV (AP)
  22. Laser Triggers Electrical Activity In Thunderstorm
  23. Delta OKs deal to take over Northwest (AP)
  24. New Book Celebrates Singular Scientists and Their Beautiful Experiments
  25. The week in video-game news (AP)
  26. Run Google App Engine Apps On Amazon's Cloud
  27. MySpace offers site designed for Korea (AP)
  28. Better Bass: Skip the Subwoofer, Hack Your Hearing?
  29. Sun Developing Open Media Stack
  30. Sun Certifying Ubuntu - with Hardy Heron!
  31. http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/04/deutsche-bank-l.html
  32. When Your Personal Life Is Your Business, Is Everything a Tax Write-off?
  33. Eve Online Client Source Code Leaked
  34. Dealing With an IT Bully
  35. ISO Calls For OOXML Ceasefire
  36. Nvidia Physics Engine Almost Complete
  37. Study Reports On Debian Governance, Social Organization
  38. After Delays, Rocket Racing Finally Coming to Air Shows
  39. Flickr's Doughnut Giveaway Morphs into Worldwide Event
  40. Psystar Offers a Mac Clone, OpenMac, for $399 (NewsFactor)
  41. IBM boosts performance, cuts power intake on chips (InfoWorld)
  42. IBM Boosts Performance, Cuts Power Intake on Chips (PC World)
  43. Dealing with An IT Bully
  44. Psystar Offers $399 "OpenMac" Computer
  45. Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Leaves Desktop Linux Behind
  46. 7 Apple's Greatest Innovations
  47. Online Petition Favors Windows XP Over Vista (NewsFactor)
  48. Paisley, Sugarland lead CMT nominations (AP)
  49. Deal in a Box: MacHeist Retail Bundle Puts Shareware on Shelves
  50. 'OpenMac' Is a Poor Man's Mac Likely to Attract Apple's Lawyers
  51. Adobe's CinemaDNG Aims to Solve Video Format Woes
  52. Mobile Phones Play Role in Zimbabwe (PC World)
  53. Eco-Marathon Team Hits 2,843 mpg
  54. Iceland, Scandinavia are Europe's top Internet users: study (AFP)
  55. Google-Salesforce alliance aims at Microsoft software market (AFP)
  56. Physicist John A. Wheeler is Dead at 96
  57. Sabdes 50M Brings Hybrid Power to Megayachting
  58. Linux System Programming
  59. Latest iPhone Firmware Saves Pictures from Safari
  60. Adobe Plans CinemaDNG Format for Digital Movies (NewsFactor)
  61. Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Leaves Desktop Linux Behind
  62. Free Municipal Wi-Fi Hits the Streets
  63. ISO Calls for OOXML Ceasefire
  64. FTC Urged to Adopt Microsoft's Privacy Standards (NewsFactor)
  65. AP cuts prices, announces mobile product (AP)
  66. Oracle Announces Content, E-mail Archiving Products (PC World)
  67. Nvidia Physics Engine Almost Complete
  68. Fictional Gadgets Come To Life
  69. Google Apps Integrates with Salesforce.com (NewsFactor)
  70. Oracle announces content, e-mail archiving products (InfoWorld)
  71. Guerrilla IT, Embracing the Superuser?
  72. Blockbuster Wants Circuit City; Offers $1 Billion
  73. U.S. Airlines Must Join EU Carbon Program -- Or Else
  74. Researcher: BT Home Hub Wi-Fi Security Easy to Crack (PC World)
  75. Cubans line up to buy cellular phones for first time (Reuters)
  76. Nokia, Ericsson and others in mobile tech agreement (Reuters)
  77. On-Demand CRM Poised for 41Percent Growth (NewsFactor)
  78. Laptops Screens, Glare or Matte?
  79. Study Reports on Debian Governance, Social Organization
  80. Skewz.com Founder Vipul Vyas Answers Your Questions About Media Bias
  81. Researcher: BT Home Hub Wi-Fi Security Easy to Crack (PC World)
  82. Users petition to keep Windows XP
  83. First Looks at The Gimp 2.5
  84. Colombian man sentenced for computer fraud (InfoWorld)
  85. Wikipedia Breeds Unwitting Trust (Says IT Professor)
  86. TV sales in US drag Philips 1Q (AP)
  87. Monsanto's Harvest of Fear
  88. Users fight to save Windows XP (AP)
  89. Fujitsu to show laptop with wooden case (InfoWorld)
  90. Citrix sets price and release date for XenDesktop (InfoWorld)
  91. What's Inside: Don't Let the Algae Sour You on Hostess's Lemon Pie
  92. Are iPhones from Mars, BlackBerrys from Venus?
  93. Google and Salesforce Join to Fight Microsoft
  94. You won't guess who's the bad guy of ID theft (USATODAY.com)
  95. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  96. Guerrilla IT: How to stop worrying and learn to love your superusers (InfoWorld)
  97. Rage Against the Machines: Gallery of Gadget Revenge
  98. 'OpenMac' Promises $399 Headless Mac... But Not From Apple
  99. Can You Access Your Own Cash Register Data?
  100. IBM and the Future of the Mobile Phone
  101. First Look: The GIMP 2.5.0
  102. China 3G permits may take up to 2 more years: E&Y (Reuters)
  103. WoW exceeds 1 million concurrent Chinese players (Macworld.com)
  104. History Channel teams with Library of Congress (Reuters)
  105. Salesforce Announces Integration With Google Apps (PC World)
  106. Satellite IDs Ships That Cut Cables
  107. Why Use Linux?
  108. 10 ipod Touches used to display Diggnation Logo
  109. Australia plans counter-terrorism email checks (Reuters)
  110. Updated Web Browsers: Which One Works Best? (PC World)
  111. Salesforce adds Google e-mail, office programs (Reuters)
  112. Windows XP fans donít want it to XPire
  113. Movie Industry Doubles Down on 3-D
  114. Salesforce.com to sell Google apps (AP)
  115. AOL lands Verizon advertising deal (Reuters)
  116. Google, Salesforce.com join forces for business apps (InfoWorld)
  117. In Australia, Bosses May Get Power To Snoop On Emails
  118. US To Employ Overhead Spying Domestically
  119. Russia To Build an Orbital Construction Plant
  120. How To Improve Notebook Battery Life
  121. Sun Tackles Video Codec
  122. Brain Study Calls Free Will Into Question
  123. Rage Against the Machines: Gallery of Gadget Revenge
  124. April 14, 1932: Zounds! We've Split the Atomic Nucleus
  125. Fujitsu to Show Laptop With Wooden Case (PC World)
  126. Gartner: "Windows is too monolithic" - Opens door for Linux
  127. Cluttered desktop folders become art [PICS]
  128. Russia To Build an Orbital Construction Plant
  129. Meet Facebook's New Number Two
  130. Instant Digital Prints (and Polaroid Nostalgia)
  131. Jailbroken iPod Touches shows up in weekend ads!
  132. Fans Tout Windows XP's Superiority
  133. Govs to Attend Climate Change Meeting at Yale
  134. Virgin Media CEO Says Net Neutrality Is Already Gone
  135. US To Employ Overhead Spying Domestically
  136. Teen Creates Chemistry Trading Card Game
  137. Cops Can't Catch 'Em -- So Online Posses Nab Car Thieves
  138. African Americans and the Video Game Industry
  139. Keep Your Pussy Off The Keyboard
  140. Cancer Therapy Without Side Effects Nearing Trials
  141. Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them
  142. Their passion is Windows XP (AP)
  143. Everyone's a conductor with new game (AP)
  144. The Pioneer Anomaly & Other Breaking Physics News
  145. Virgin Media CEO attacks net neutrality
  146. Cisco Turns Routers Into Linux App Servers
  147. NVIDIA CEO: "We're Going to Open a Can of Whoop Ass"
  148. ISO Takes Control Of OOXML
  149. 156 step Rube Goldberg Burger
  150. NASA Selects Landing Site for Phoenix Mars Lander
  151. The Effect of Social Missions On Tech Innovation
  152. Linux Is No Longer The Cool New Kid On The Block
  153. MIT's Nexi robot displays facial emotions
  154. Stolen US Military Equipment Being Sold On eBay
  155. Flowers' Smell Not Traveling As Far
  156. Microsoft employee lists reasons why to use Linux
  157. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Delayed Again
  158. WoW exceeds 1 million concurrent Chinese players (Macworld.com)
  159. Demonoid Tracker Is Back Online
  160. ODF is now a Brazilian Standard: NBR ISO/IEC 26300 !!!
  161. Linux Is No Longer The Cool New Kid On The Block. So Now What? (TechWeb)
  162. The Dead Sea Effect In the IT Workplace
  163. Name For a Community-Owned Fiber Network?
  164. Top 25 Linux Games
  165. U.S. Government Seeks Input on Vaccine Policy
  166. Mobile devices stoke 'micro-blogging' fervor (AFP)
  167. Bill Gates's Wish Is Homeland Security's Command
  168. 10 Futuristic Movie Gadgets That Become Reality
  169. Behold the Flying Robots
  170. Feds Admit Accidents With Foot-and-Mouth Disease
  171. Skin-Breathing Frog Offers Insight Into Species Evolution
  172. TV Networks Take Risks on Web Viewers
  173. Asetek LCLC Takes Liquid Cooling Mainstream
  174. eye-Phone: YES, it's REAL and it's AMAZING...
  175. Geek Squad Soaks Your Computer, Blames You
  176. Internet Sites Biased Towards Supporting Suicide
  177. "John Mayer Here" Works, Gets Direct Apple Reply to Anyone
  178. Planning a Semantic Web site
  179. Why haters shouldn't hotlink images
  180. Canada Blocks Sale of Space Tech Company To US
  181. Where Are All The Google Data Centers?
  182. Paraguay Telco Hijacks DNS Before Elections
  183. 5 Gadgets That Make You Seem Artistic
  184. Internet Community Catches a Car Thief
  185. UK ISPs Could Face Government Broadband TV Tax
  186. MySQL 5.1 Improves Performance, Partitioning, Bug Fixes
  187. National Archives Cuts Back On Web Site Archiving
  188. Distance Record Broken For a Walking Robot
  189. MySQL 5.1 Improves Performance, Partitioning, Bug Fixes
  190. National Archives Cuts Back on Web Site Archiving
  191. Nomads at Last
  192. Yahoo Likely to Accept Microsoft's Offer
  193. China Mobile seeking small stakes in global peers (Reuters)
  194. TiVo Patent Victory Over Dish Network Upheld
  195. Distance Record Broken for a Walking Robot
  196. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Others Fined Over Digital TV Notices
  197. TV networks seek formula for online ads (AP)
  198. AMD's chief technology officer resigns (AP)
  199. Harvard Adds Open Source to its MBA Curriculum
  200. Analysts Say Vista Will "Collapse," Yahoo Deal Must Happen
  201. Nikon S52c Still Limits Transfers over Wi-Fi (PC World)
  202. WoW exceeds 1 million concurrent Chinese players (Macworld.com)
  203. Robot Rebellion Quelled in Iraq
  204. iPhone: Support GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, Nike+, Battle Hackers
  205. Incredible Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know About
  206. New York to Implement an 'Amazon Tax'
  207. Hands on: new Microsoft Live Maps improvements impressive
  208. Wired's Geekster Handbook, a Field Guide to the Nerd Underground
  209. Australia requests bids for $8.8 bln broadband network (Reuters)
  210. On Location With an 'Obama in 30 Seconds' Crew
  211. NASA Launches New Science Website
  212. What is Rick Rolling? CNN takes a look at this Viral hit.
  213. Visualizing Viruses
  214. Reviews: M83 Ups the Tempo, X Saves the World, God of War Invades PSP
  215. MPAA Gets a Slap From Norwegian ISPs
  216. Microsoft Designed UAC to Annoy Users
  217. Analysts predict bleak future for Windows
  218. How To Take Your Music Open Source With Ogg Vorbis
  219. Microsoft Designed UAC to Annoy Users
  220. Samsung chief to ponder resigning (AP)
  221. Colombian Man Sentenced for Computer Fraud (PC World)
  222. Hurricane's Deep Ocean Roar Sounds Its Strength
  223. RIA platform links to Google App Engine (InfoWorld)
  224. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  225. Sun claims big leap with MySQL upgrade next week (InfoWorld)
  226. Demonoid is back!
  227. Yuri's Night: The Complete World Space Party Users Guide
  228. Security Guru Gives Hackers a Taste of Their Own Medicine
  229. Yuri's Night 2008: Submit Your Space Party Photos
  230. Sun Claims Big Leap With MySQL Upgrade Next Week (PC World)
  231. Congress Gets Their Own Piece of YouTube to Host Videos
  232. Music Label's Eternal Ownership Argument is Rubbish
  233. TiVo Patent Win Upheld! - No More DVR For Dish
  234. That Blissfully Quiet Electric Car Might Just Kill You
  235. Its Contagious: Quarantine, the Next Viral Movie Craze
  236. Grants, tax relief continue for Dell (AP)
  237. "Tonight Show's" John Melendez aims at film career (Reuters)
  238. Nikon S52c Still Limits Transfers over Wi-Fi (PC World)
  239. ISPs Say P4P Negates Need for Net Neutrality Regs
  240. Ready for a CyberWalk?
  241. Yahoo weighs options as Microsoft drama continues (InfoWorld)
  242. What Does Google Know About Us?
  243. TV networks seek formula for online ads (AP)
  244. Video of teen beating raises questions (AP)
  245. Microsoft Proposes Tiered Privacy in Online Advertising (PC World)
  246. Verizon Sues Time Warner Cable Over 'Fiber' Ad (NewsFactor)
  247. Sun ponders video codec technology (InfoWorld)
  248. Ten Weirdest Types of Computers
  249. Nvidia CEO "Not Afraid" of CPU-GPU Hybrids
  250. Show Us Your Hilarious Shrine to Science