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  1. Shareholder Backs Yahoo!, Supports Independence
  2. Computer experts protest global pact (AP)
  3. Parallels Server Beta 3 now available (Macworld.com)
  4. Developers ponder Web 2.0 app dev needs (InfoWorld)
  5. Flickr Adds Video Capabilities to Service
  6. New Kraken Worm Evading Harpoons of Antivirus Programs
  7. An Open Source Class-Five Telephony Switch
  8. 3D Printer that can copy itself!
  9. BBC and ISPs Clash over iPlayer
  10. High-tech LZR Racer swimsuit making waves
  11. Car rentals go "green"
  12. EMC Snaps Up Storage Also-Ran Iomega
  13. It's A-OK for Korea's First Astronaut; Mom Faints Anyway
  14. Microsoft jumps into European health-care market (InfoWorld)
  15. Configuring Juniper NetScreen & SSG Firewalls
  16. Nokia Promises 'Tube' to Compete with Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  17. Microsoft Jumps Into European Health-care Market (PC World)
  18. Create your own podcasts
  19. The most and least wired airlines and airports
  20. Sites' personal questions may pose security risk
  21. Australian iPhone release info revealed!
  22. Feds work on hacker attack warning system
  23. Google Takes Down HuddleChat After Complaints
  24. EU panel: delete Internet data promptly (AP)
  25. Google Says, 'Sorry, You Search Like a Bot'
  26. Without a Central Core, Can Mass Transit Work in L.A.?
  27. HP Admits Selling Infected Flash-Floppy Drives
  28. IKEA decks out Kobe train [PICS]
  29. Hubble Maps Changing Constellation of Internet 'Black Holes'
  30. Fraud Online Costs Businesses Far More Than Individuals (NewsFactor)
  31. Internet Black Holes
  32. Climate Change Finally Impacts Important Industry
  33. Video of Vista running 100 apps simultaneously
  34. Microsoft discloses 14,000 pages of coding secrets
  35. High-Tech Olympic Torch Carries 5,000 Years of History
  36. Can gas really go bad?
  37. Yahoo acquires IndexTools' Web analytics business (InfoWorld)
  38. Adobe fixes seven flaws in Flash Player (InfoWorld)
  39. Pixar to Release All New Movies in 3D
  40. Motorola names ex-AT&T boss as chairman (AP)
  41. Your Identity Is Worth Less Than $15
  42. Digg’s Jay Adelson Speaks!
  43. Japanese-Style Keyboards Look Almost Too Good for Typing
  44. Adobe Fixes Seven Flaws in Flash Player (PC World)
  45. Video game review: You can't tilt this (AP)
  46. Yahoo's Flickr expands into online video (AP)
  47. Yahoo adds video sharing to Flickr photo website (AFP)
  48. Adobe debuts Media Player, video content (InfoWorld)
  49. Anti-virus software isn't the only computer security tool (USATODAY.com)
  50. Motorola names David Dorman as chairman (AP)
  51. Hackers infiltrate search engines, social networks (USATODAY.com)
  52. Adobe Debuts Media Player, Video Content (PC World)
  53. iPhone is already the top mobile browser (Macworld.com)
  54. Lab test: Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway (InfoWorld)
  55. The Texas Petawatt Laser
  56. Adobe Rolls out Media Player, Video Content (PC World)
  57. Wireless power charging technology may unplug Apple's iPhone
  58. Old Subway Cars As Artificial Reef
  59. Nielsen's top 20 prime-time TV shows (Reuters)
  60. Trying to Design a Truly Entertaining Game Can Defeat Even a Certified Genius
  61. Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Fat Lady Sings for Geeky Time Traveler
  62. 15th Anniversary: Do You Speak Meme? Match the Buzz Phrase With Its Definition
  63. The Mac Guru of Damascus in the Case of the Missing Laptops
  64. Texans Build World's Most Powerful Laser
  65. April 9, 1806: I.K. Brunel Is Born, a Giant Among Engineers
  66. General Data, MobileFrame To Develop Enterprise Apps (TechWeb)
  67. Hitachi Acquires ID Management Software Maker M-Tech (TechWeb)
  68. Microsoft To Mainstream Containerized Data Centers With C-Blox (TechWeb)
  69. Horror writer King blasts banning violent videogames (Reuters)
  70. Oil Deposit Could Increase US Reserves 10x
  71. Flickr Video Launches - A Unique Experience
  72. Flawed Security Lets Sprint Accounts Get Easily Hijacked
  73. What Font Color Is Best For Eyes?
  74. HP launches The Linux Powered Mini Note Micro Notebook
  75. Chertoff pushes cybersecurity goals (AP)
  76. GAO: Millions wasted on gov't cards (AP)
  77. Guitarati Sees a Rainbow Where Others See Music Genres
  78. Google Mail Servers Enable Backscatter Spam
  79. Flickr Adds Video Sharing for 'Pro' Members
  80. High-Tech Olympic Torch Carries 5,000 Years of History
  81. Avoid Paying Late Fees at the Video Store
  82. TIME Magazine Wins Threat Level's Competition for Best Blog-Rating Story
  83. Space Startup Rocketplane Fails to Launch
  84. Scammers Exploit DTV Coupon Program
  85. Purdue Students Win Rube Goldberg Contest
  86. Indonesia blocks access to YouTube over anti-Koran film (Reuters)
  87. Clinton and Obama Talk Religion, Not Science
  88. Study: Editor-Reader Gap in News Sites
  89. Enter Navigenics, Where Personal Genomics Gets More Medical
  90. Review: Pacemaker Portable DJ Machine Skips A Beat
  91. Yahoo's Flickr expands into online video (AP)
  92. Chertoff pushes cybersecurity goals (AP)
  93. GAO: Millions wasted on gov't cards (AP)
  94. The Bearable Lightness of HP's 2133 Mini-Note PC (PC World)
  95. $90 Asus Sound Card Whips Creative's Best
  96. Google's US Search Market Dominance Hits All Time High
  97. Multicore, clouds, social nets top disruptive list (InfoWorld)
  98. VIA Announces Open Source Driver Initiative
  99. AT&T, 2Wire Ignoring Active Security Exploit
  100. Major tech trade groups to combine (AP)
  101. IBM Updates High-end Servers (PC World)
  102. Tech Companies, One Economy Launch Broadband Program (PC World)
  103. Apple Error Leaves iPhone Developers In the Lurch
  104. How to Call Web Services using AJAX
  105. AP News Alert (AP)
  106. Purdue Students Win Rube Golberg Contest
  107. Google Guns for Amazon With App-Hosting Service
  108. Microsoft-Yahoo Proxy Fight Seems Likely
  109. EC Proposes Rules for In-Flight Use of Mobile Phones (NewsFactor)
  110. Control your Mac with an e-mail
  111. Thousands of posts flood Starbucks site (AP)
  112. Study: Editor-reader gap in news sites (AP)
  113. Xiotech Unveils Disruptive Storage Technology
  114. Olympic Torch Emits 5,500 Tons of CO2
  115. U.S. Cybersecurity Plans Take Center Stage at RSA
  116. Olympic Torch Protesters Go Viral to Rally Support
  117. Seat 2B: The Big Airlines Smell Blood ... Yours
  118. Author Probes Sex-Obsessed Scientists in 'Bonk'
  119. Video: 'Line Rider 2,' 'Viking' Take Drastically Different Paths to Fun
  120. YouTube, MySpace Blocked by Indonesian ISPs
  121. Keeping Search Data is Beneficial, Google Says (NewsFactor)
  122. Nokia agrees terms for German plant closure (AFP)
  123. AMD To Shed 10% of Its Workforce
  124. Google Jumps Head First Into Web Services
  125. Big Content in worldwide "whisper campaign" against fair use
  126. Google Previews App Engine Platform for Web Applications (PC World)
  127. Google StreetView Is In Your Driveway
  128. HP Unveils Small Commercial Linux Laptop
  129. Half of Google Adwords Traffic is from Worthless Link Farms
  130. iPhone Developer pink screen of death strikes
  131. TomTom shares fall on profit warning (AP)
  132. New Xbox 360 Controller May Poach Nintendo's Wii Market (NewsFactor)
  133. Important Court Decisions Chip Away At ISP Liability Shield
  134. U.S., European Physicists Race to Isolate 'God Particle'
  135. Online Sales Expected to Rise, Defying Lousy Economy
  136. Glut Makes It a Bear Market for Online Thievery
  137. Need a Little Jet Fuel? Try the Algae Farm
  138. Microsoft says publishes more software information (Reuters)
  139. LG teases latest 'Black Label' cell phone ahead of launch (InfoWorld)
  140. Hitachi Buys Majority Stake in ID Management Vendor (PC World)
  141. Alligator Blood May Be Source of New Antibiotics
  142. California Lawmaker Proposes Music Download Tax
  143. Facebook unveils instant message feature
  144. Google Earth maps refugee crises
  145. MySpace expands site targeting U.S. Latinos
  146. Japanese company testing scent downloads
  147. Report: Taxpayer records not secure
  148. Google, UN put refugees on the map (AP)
  149. Mainsoft supports Microsoft technology for Java, Linux (InfoWorld)
  150. Google maps give close-up view of U.N. refugee camps (Reuters)
  151. Sony Thinks Blu-ray Will Sell Like DVDs by Year End
  152. Red Hat Asks Federal Court To Limit Patents On Software
  153. When roses won't do, e-mail a fragrance (InfoWorld)
  154. IBM confident of victory in patent spat with Asustek (InfoWorld)
  155. Google Previews App Engine
  156. UN links up with Google Earth to help refugees (AFP)
  157. Cisco, EMC extend security partnership (InfoWorld)
  158. Rumors of a 'Whisper Campaign' Forming Against Fair Use
  159. IBM's project Phantom to lock down virtual machines (InfoWorld)
  160. Week in video-game news (AP)
  161. Astronomers Locate Solar System Very Similar To Our Own
  162. Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 faster on Mac OS X than Safari 3.1
  163. IBM updates high-end servers, returns to water-cooling (InfoWorld)
  164. Google offers to host services for free on App Engine (InfoWorld)
  165. HP ships ultraportable laptop with Via, not Intel, inside (InfoWorld)
  166. ICANN Moves Against GoDaddy Domain Lockdowns
  167. The Idea Factory That Spawned the Internet Turns 50
  168. Disney game arm to buy Chinese developer (AP)
  169. Online music site Sellaband gets $5 mln investor (Reuters)
  170. Astronomers Locate Solar System Very Similar To Our Own
  171. HP Ships Ultraportable Laptop With Via Inside, Not Intel (PC World)
  172. Nokia to open research center in Switzerland (Reuters)
  173. Apple says AirPort Disk use with Time Machine is unsupported
  174. Samsung Unveils Its First HSUPA Cell Phone (PC World)
  175. What should the next iPhone have?
  176. New style MacBook and MacBook Pro's coming soon.
  177. News Corp ad network buys stake in Utarget (Reuters)
  178. EU Recommends Slashing Search Data Retention
  179. IBM Confident of Victory in Patent Spat With Asustek (PC World)
  180. Google defends user data policy after EU report (Reuters)
  181. April 8, 1953: Hollywood Finally Catches 3-D Fever
  182. CBS in talks to use CNN for news gathering: report (Reuters)
  183. NTT DoCoMo Market Share Drops Under 50% (PC World)
  184. IBM's Project Phantom to Lock Down Virtual Machines (PC World)
  185. Richard Dawkins to Appear on Doctor Who
  186. The Most Addictive Social Site You Haven't Heard Of
  187. Online crooks face tough competition (AP)
  188. Online sales to grow 17 percent in '08 (AP)
  189. HP unveils small laptop for schoolkids (AP)
  190. Spring Users To Get Assist In Building Java Web Services (TechWeb)
  191. Adobe Merges Business Units Serving PCs, Mobile (TechWeb)
  192. IBM Updates High-end Servers, Returns to Water-cooling (PC World)
  193. Comcast Blocks Web Browsing
  194. Online crooks face tough competition (AP)
  195. HP unveils small laptop for schoolkids (AP)
  196. LG Teases Latest 'Black Label' Cell Phone Ahead of Launch (PC World)
  197. Imperial Storm Troopers Skirmish in Latest IP Battle
  198. MySpace expanding site for US Latinos (AP)
  199. Yahoo! Rejects Microsoft's Offer, Says 'Still An Option'
  200. Cisco, EMC Extend Security Partnership (PC World)
  201. The Top 25 Blogs: Time.com's First Annual Blog Index
  202. Green Ghostbusters Nab Hidden Power Leaks
  203. MySpace expanding site for US Latinos (AP)
  204. AMD lowers sales outlook, plans job cuts (AP)
  205. Beamz Infomercial Is Most Stupid Promo Video in History
  206. Scientists Unveil High-Res Map of the U.S. Carbon Footprint
  207. Foil Identity Thieves
  208. 'Regional' Nuclear War Would Cause Worldwide Destruction
  209. Amazon Web Services has another outage (InfoWorld)
  210. Virginia Becomes First State to Mandate Internet Safety Lessons
  211. Beautiful Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy
  212. Hans Reiser Turns Up 'Geek Defense' to 11
  213. 3D Self-Replicating Printer to be Released Under GNU License
  214. Nokia readies iPhone response (InfoWorld)
  215. Settlement in Facebook Lawsuit Reported Near (NewsFactor)
  216. Yahoo responds to Microsoft ultimatum: more money please
  217. 'Star Wars' Costume Copyfight Spreads to Britain
  218. Steppenwolf Answers Sarah Ruhl's 'Cell Phone' Opens (Playbill)
  219. Social Site imeem Buys SNOCAP Music Service (NewsFactor)
  220. Solar System Look-Alike Found
  221. AMD trims outlook, plans job cuts (AP)
  222. Citigroup card customers can't access Web site (Reuters)
  223. Some Anti-Spam Vendors Blocking and Slowing Gmail
  224. HTC Shift UMPC Is Barely Mobile, Hardly Useful
  225. imeem acquires tracking firm Snocap (AP)
  226. Adobe merges business units serving PCs, mobile (Reuters)
  227. Uwe Boll To Quit Making Movies With 1M Signatures
  228. Viruses Expected to Hit 1 Million This Year
  229. The Best Blogs for your Money (PC World)
  230. New Jersey E-Voting Problems Worse Than Originally Suspected
  231. Blackwater Bulks Up Air Power Using Little-Known Company
  232. New Wireless Technology Will Use 700-MHz Spectrum (NewsFactor)
  233. Hitachi buys majority stake in ID management vendor (InfoWorld)
  234. Wicked Cool PHP
  235. Researchers Create an Automatic Backup Band for Singers
  236. It's Official: Imeem Buys Snocap
  237. Facebook Can Afford to Buy Back Its Good Name
  238. Another Likely Effect of Global Warming: Disease
  239. The DIY Tank
  240. Software: Are You Being Served? (PC World)
  241. IBM, others bring event-driven tools to SOA (InfoWorld)
  242. If Men Think About Sex and Money, Well, It's Natural
  243. AMP From Yahoo Offers Online Ad Management (NewsFactor)
  244. The DIY Tank
  245. Researchers Create an Automatic Backup Band for Singers
  246. A Decade of OSS, 10 Years After the Summit
  247. Comcast Blocks Web Browsing
  248. New Botnet Dwarfs Storm
  249. 10 Cool Gadgets You Can't Get Here
  250. Computer Games Make Players Less Violent