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  1. Airlines Try to Lighten Up ... Literally
  2. Microsoft 'evaluating' its Yahoo offer (AP)
  3. Five-Megapixel Camera Phones Invade the Market
  4. Courts disagree on legality of uploading (AP)
  5. Gates says all-seeing Web helps government transparency (Reuters)
  6. Why "Vista" Nick White Left Microsoft
  7. Clarification: Faster Internet story (AP)
  8. AT&T, Verizon Plan Next-Generation Wireless (NewsFactor)
  9. SAP and Salesforce executive spar in software debate (InfoWorld)
  10. Bell Wants to Dump Third-Party ISP's Entirely
  11. Lawsuit Claim: Students' Lecture Notes Infringe on Professor's Copyright
  12. Rolling Stones Kick Off Living Legends, YouTube's Video Q&A
  13. Can Automakers Build a 100-MPG Car?
  14. Europeans Show Off Possibly Useful, Definitely Bizarre Inventions
  15. Couple sues Google for posting house pix (AP)
  16. Concept Computer Based on a Tea Cup Design
  17. US Cyber Command Reveals Plans To Hit Back At Cyber Threats
  18. HOWTO: Catch a Netflix Thief
  19. World's Hottest Tech Markets Voted Against Microsoft OOXML
  20. Canadians debating net neutrality in wake of Bell throttling
  21. New DNA Evidence of Early North Americans
  22. German Fans Craft Real 'World of Warcraft' Armor
  23. A new day for Macs in the enterprise? (InfoWorld)
  24. Microsoft's Savvy Open Source Move
  25. Bacteria That Thrive on a Diet of Antibiotics
  26. U.S. Cyber Command Reveals Plans to Hit Back at Cyber Threats
  27. AT&T Wanted Unrestricted Spectrum
  28. Feds Lift Ban on IBM Contracts
  29. Identify and Verify Users Based on How They Type
  30. IDG World Tech Update (Macworld.com)
  31. Windows XP Home Will Linger for Ultra-Low-Cost PCs (NewsFactor)
  32. Fantastic Picture: Atari user's desk, circa 1983
  33. Anonymous's Capture and Torture of Reddit Alien
  34. Creative Backs Down on Vista Driver Debacle
  35. ISPs hog rights in fine print (AP)
  36. No, your ISP doesn't own the Internet (AP)
  37. Verizon to use spectrum for broadband (AP)
  38. Apple's iTunes Store Becomes No. 1 in Music Sales (NewsFactor)
  39. Gates sees next Windows "sometime" in next year (Reuters)
  40. Google Ends Silence On C Block Auction
  41. How Microsoft Plans To Get Its Groove Back With Win7
  42. Navajo Nation likely to lose Internet service
  43. Sun Microsystems' Next Linux Move
  44. The 101 Coolest Easter Eggs Hidden in Your Software, DVDs an
  45. After China debacle, Yahoo boss champions cyber rights (AFP)
  46. Qutrits Bring Quantum Computers Closer
  47. Lenovo Completes Sale of Handset Unit (PC World)
  48. How Microsoft Plan To Get Its Groove Back With Win7
  49. Engineers Make Good Terrorists?
  50. Apple vs The Big Apple
  51. Judge kills RIAA subpoena: making available not infringement
  52. Rolling Stones, YouTube team up for music channel (Reuters)
  53. New Dune Movie Confirmed
  54. UK ISP Says No To Music Industry Pressure
  55. Vimpelcom sells first Russian BlackBerry contract (Reuters)
  56. UK ISP Says No To Music Industry Pressure
  57. When pictures paint a thousand words
  58. Microsoft will extend life of Windows XP--again
  59. DIY Battle Bot? All You Need Is $742 Million and No Sense of Reality!
  60. Verizon to use new spectrum for advanced wireless (Reuters)
  61. Oracle looks to India for financial services business (InfoWorld)
  62. IOC accepts Beijing Internet-access assurances (InfoWorld)
  63. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Will Be 64-Bit For Windows Only
  64. Cloudy Judgment on "Cloud Computing"
  65. The Inside Story: Why Microsoft's Surface Took So Long
  66. 4/4/75: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Form a Little Partnership
  67. Congress House Subcommittee Holds Hearing in Second Life
  68. Federal ban on contracts with IBM lifted (AP)
  69. Google Plans To Sell Part of DoubleClick
  70. Britain seeks pedophiles Facebook ban (AP)
  71. Lenovo completes sales of handset unit (InfoWorld)
  72. Weird world of inventions
  73. iTunes overtakes Wal-Mart in music sales (AP)
  74. 'Crisis Core' a must add to your 'Final Fantasy' library (USATODAY.com)
  75. UK pedophiles told to hand over email addresses (Reuters)
  76. Verizon to use spectrum for high-speed services: report (Reuters)
  77. Net Neutrality Debate Intensifies In Canada
  78. Scott Brown on Why 'Battlestar Galactica' Must Self-Destruct
  79. India firms see solution on BlackBerry by next week (Reuters)
  80. Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan in March (Reuters)
  81. Violent video games make people more relaxed (Macworld.com)
  82. FBI Reports All-Time High In Internet Fraud Losses
  83. Former Vanity Fair editor to launch Web site (Reuters)
  84. Nokia opens mobile gaming service N-Gage (Reuters)
  85. Saudi man catches daughter on Facebook, Murders Her
  86. Imagine a place.....
  87. Navajo Nation to lose Internet signal (AP)
  88. Google Making Millions Off Addictive Narcotics
  89. Intel Reveals 'Moorestown', World's Smallest Motherboard
  90. MySpace launches online music service (AFP)
  91. Linux Contributor List Grows Longer; Many Paid (TechWeb)
  92. April 4, 1975: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Form a Little Partnership
  93. AT&T: We wanted unrestricted spectrum (AP)
  94. 15 helpful WordPress plugins for the savvy user
  95. Qualcomm aims to expand TV service (AP)
  96. Neuromarketers Pick the Brains of Consumers
  97. Video game firm THQ sees buying opportunities (Reuters)
  98. MySpace Teams With Record Companies To Create Music Site
  99. Creative Barcodes (PICS)
  100. 20 Stores Sold Out of iPhone, 80% Chance New Ones On The Way
  101. NASA looks low-tech to fix high-tech shaking
  102. Cylon Mania Blazes Back in 'Battlestar Galactica'
  103. Carl Zimmer's Dissection: Your Brain is a Mess, but It Knows How to Make Fixes
  104. Biologists Take Evolution Beyond Darwin -- Way Beyond
  105. Motorola cuts another 2,600 jobs (AP)
  106. AT&T sees strategic success in U.S. wireless auction (Reuters)
  107. Microsoft Extends XP Through 2010 for Ultra-Low-Cost Laptops (PC World)
  108. Video game maker THQ sees buying opportunities: CEO (Reuters)
  109. Linux desktop market share is up as much as 61 percent, stud
  110. Supercharge Your Digital Camera With Open-Source Firmware
  111. Straight or gay? U.S. court says Web site can't ask (Reuters)
  112. Losses in Internet scams hit new high (AP)
  113. IBM expert: IT risk is opaque (InfoWorld)
  114. IBM Using Complex Math To Manage Natural Disasters
  115. MetroLyrics Becomes First Lyrics Site to Go Legit
  116. EBay Would Be Nuts to Sell Skype
  117. U.S.-Funded Health Search Engine Blocks 'Abortion'
  118. US intelligence estimate on Iraq paints positive picture: report (AFP)
  119. Google mulls next moves on U.S. wireless networks (Reuters)
  120. Microsoft Extends XP For Low-Cost Laptops
  121. Boot Sector Viruses & Rootkits Poised For Comeback
  122. Why Microsoft Surface Took So Long To Deploy
  123. How We Tweet: The Definitive List of the Top Twitter Clients
  124. Roommates.com Discrimination Lawsuit Can Move Forward
  125. US consumers lose record sums to Internet crooks: FBI report (AFP)
  126. Violent video games make people more relaxed (Macworld.com)
  127. Matrix-Like VR Coming in the Near Future?
  128. Lawless Gene-Testing Industry Needs a Sheriff
  129. Having Your ID Stolen Leads to Job Loss, Prosecution
  130. 5 Best Instant Messengers Compared & Analyzed
  131. The Single Greatest Use Of LED Techonology! [NSFW]
  132. Internet Posse Busts 'The Claw,' Canada's Dumbest Car Thief
  133. Scientists Find Another, More Reasonable Universe
  134. Deal With Your Mild Autism
  135. Shock absorbers may fix rocket shaking (AP)
  136. Apple says iTunes now top U.S. music retailer (Reuters)
  137. Boot Sector Viruses & Rootkits Poised for Comeback
  138. Motorola says to cut jobs, take $104 mln charge (Reuters)
  139. IBM Project Aims to Put Second Life Inside the Firewall (NewsFactor)
  140. Photoshop CS4 to Favor Vista for 64-Bit (PC World)
  141. Engineers Make Good Terrorists?
  142. Server Room In A Rain Shower
  143. iPhone 'clones' attack CTIA! [Slideshow]
  144. iTunes overtakes Wal-Mart in music sales (AP)
  145. Microsoft extends Windows XP through 2010 for ultra-low-cost laptops (InfoWorld)
  146. Inside Intel's $20M Multicore Research Program
  147. MySpace, Major Labels Join Forces for Online Music Store
  148. Goodbye, U740; Hello, Alias: Phones Get Better Names
  149. Murakami Makes Manga Larger Than Life (NSFW)
  150. Comcast Offers Superfast Internet in Twin Cities (NewsFactor)
  151. Execs speak out on regulations at U.S. wireless show (Reuters)
  152. Adobe to deliver TV shows (Reuters)
  153. New EMI Boss Says 'Downloads May Be Good'
  154. Low-cost computers get XP until 2010 (AP)
  155. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  156. Projectors to magnify cell-phone cinema (AP)
  157. IBM completes Telelogic buy (InfoWorld)
  158. Why Microsoft Surface Took So Long to Deploy
  159. MySpace Fields Online Music Venture
  160. Tech publisher IDG gets new CEO (AP)
  161. Nokia launches gaming service N-Gage (Reuters)
  162. Dell exec declines comment on talk of cell phone (Reuters)
  163. Microsoft Set to Announce Next-Gen Security Software (PC World)
  164. MySpace to launch social-networking website for US Latinos (AFP)
  165. New Service Maps Speed Traps By Cell Phone
  166. Art Lebedev's Defendius door chain
  167. Pwnage iPhone Hacking Tool Now Available and Tested
  168. Kevin Rose: ‘Digg will soon start suggesting stories’
  169. Back to pencil and paper for 2010 census
  170. Unmanned ship docks at space station
  171. European Web startups pitch investors (AP)
  172. Yahoo Unveils Open Searches for Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  173. Census Bureau To Scrap Handhelds — Cost $3 Billion
  174. Scientists Find Genetic Link to Smoking Addiction
  175. Cell phones could improve teens' health (Reuters)
  176. Not "Notable" Enough for Wikipedia? Biographicon Wants You
  177. UK man wins record Internet libel damages (Reuters)
  178. Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Found In Omega Centauri
  179. Upgrade Trick Still Present In Vista SP1
  180. Paramount goes 'There' with film clips
  181. Napster's revenue exceeds expectations
  182. Intel Unveils New Classmate PCs
  183. MySpace announces online music venture (AP)
  184. Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband... for $150 per month
  185. Is Ubuntu becoming the generic Linux distro?
  186. iPhone PwnageTool released!
  187. Feds lie about link between software piracy and terrorism
  188. Dell CEO says cost-cutting is a priority (AP)
  189. China seems to ease Wikipedia controls (AFP)
  190. Safend Protector Locks Endpoints To Stop Data Leaks (NewsFactor)
  191. Comcast Offers 50 Mbps Residential Speeds
  192. Maine Law Students Try to Derail RIAA Lawsuit Express
  193. Backhaul Woes Slow Sprint's WiMax Rollout (PC World)
  194. RIM Ships Record Number of BlackBerries (PC World)
  195. Apple Is Now the #1 US Music Retailer
  196. Motorola to Shut Singapore Plant, Lay Off 700 (PC World)
  197. EU's Anti-Trust Investigation of OOXML Continues
  198. Ditch your PC and live the shared apps life
  199. New Mobile Service "Trapster" Fights Speed Traps
  200. Administration Claimed Immunity To 4th Amendment
  201. Daily Caffeine Protects Your Brain
  202. Uncensored Internet and no TV delay in Beijing: IOC (Reuters)
  203. Murdoch sees Newsday as good fit: report (Reuters)
  204. Intel gives Classmate PC a makeover (InfoWorld)
  205. Microsoft to unveil 'Stirling' at next week's RSA security conference (InfoWorld
  206. Comcast punches up Net access, but it comes at a price (USATODAY.com)
  207. Blu-ray disc awareness on rise - survey (Reuters)
  208. Surface Computor - Awesome experience
  209. Opera Mini 4.1 beta is out
  210. eBay Bans Auctions Of Digital Goods
  211. Radiohead allows fans to remix new single (Reuters)
  212. Can the UK gov regulate US-based social networking sites?
  213. Death and Fanboys: Q&A With Sexy 'Galactica' Cylon Tricia Helfer
  214. ARIA Sells a Licence for DJs to Format Shift Music
  215. Apple passes Wal-Mart, now #1 music retailer in US
  216. Zillow launches mortgage marketplace (AP)
  217. iPhone popularity spurs Blackberry sales (AP)
  218. LG Telecom may offer 3G service on Google platform (Reuters)
  219. Sony to cut costs, boosts orders to fight strong yen (Reuters)
  220. Celine Dion concert in Beijing canceled (AP)
  221. Intel Gves Its Classmate PC a Makeover (PC World)
  222. Ubuntu’s Shuttleworth blames ISO for OOXML’s win
  223. Gizmodo Guy: iPhone Clone Innovation is 'Positively Listles'
  224. Motorola to shut Singapore mobile phone plant (AFP)
  225. Microsoft Told to Pay Tax on Licence Fee
  226. Paramount to open virtual movie vault (AP)
  227. Trademark Dispute Pits Apple vs. The Big Apple
  228. High-Tech Tomb Hunter Finds Unmarked Graves for a Living
  229. Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: The Difference Between Feeling and Reality
  230. April 3, 1973: Motorola Calls AT&T ... by Cell
  231. Intel unveils new Classmate PCs (AP)
  232. Britney Spears in talks to return to CBS sitcom: report (Reuters)
  233. Intel unveils new Classmate PCs (AP)
  234. Tsunami Spotted on the Surface of the Sun
  235. Ask Skewz.com Founder About Detecting Media Bias
  236. Scientists Discover Teeny Tiny Black Hole
  237. AT&T Jumps on Board with Google's Android (PC World)
  238. Yahoo fund aids 'cyber dissidents' in China (AFP)
  239. Yahoo adds voice search to mobile Internet service (AFP)
  240. The Real MIT Blackjack Mastermind
  241. Google to sell unit that sways results (AP)
  242. AT&T jumps on board with Android (InfoWorld)
  243. RIM profit, outlook punch through economic gloom (Reuters)
  244. AT&T eyes Google's Android, 3G iPhone (Reuters)
  245. Trends & Innovations - Wednesday (Investor's Business Daily)
  246. Burroughs Made It All Equate (Investor's Business Daily)
  247. Top 10 Linux Commercials
  248. 5 Things You Didn't Know Google Could Do
  249. Gallery: Shiny, Happy Cellphones From Your Future
  250. What's Wired This Month: Grand Theft Auto IV, Nick Cave's Dig!!! Lazarus Digg!!!, Ind