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  1. Algorithms Are Terrific. But to Search Smarter, Find a Person
  2. House Democrats Plan Attack on NASA's Mars Mission
  3. Computer Waste Heat to Warm Swimming Pool
  4. Get Business VoIP and Sleep the Night (PC World)
  5. Scientists Discover Teeny Tiny Black Hole
  6. Backhaul woes slow Sprint's WiMax rollout (InfoWorld)
  7. Samsung Instinct: Browse Web Pages with Tilt Navigation
  8. KDE 4.0.3 Released - Brings Lots of Improvements
  9. AT&T Wireless CEO Confirms: 3G iPhone Coming In Months
  10. ‘999’ Emergency Numbers For MySpace & Co.
  11. Remix Radiohead's 'Nude' and Win ... Something (Maybe)
  12. 'Google Slap' Destroys Revenue, Advertisers Say
  13. 'Trapster' Mobile Service Fights Speed Traps
  14. DDoS Packets are Two Percent of Net Traffic, Report Says
  15. Comcast plans faster Net speeds (AP)
  16. SAP's BI chief juggles independence, integration (InfoWorld)
  17. Feds Overstate Software Piracy's Link To Terrorism
  18. US Army "Scams" Service Members to Test Their Spam Gullibility
  19. Questionable search ads slip by Yahoo (InfoWorld)
  20. AT&T Mobility chief warms to Android (AP)
  21. US Army "Scams" Service Members to Test Their Spam Gullibility
  22. Website launches searchable register of British Empire's slaves (AFP)
  23. Research In Motion 4Q profit soars (AP)
  24. China Unicom shares slide on downgrade (AP)
  25. Iona linking Microsoft, other environments (InfoWorld)
  26. Should IT Shops Let Users Manage Their Own PCs?
  27. Should Drivers Pay for Global Warming?
  28. Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Available as Free Public Beta
  29. New mobile service fights speed traps (AP)
  30. Microsoft's Vista Blogger Quits
  31. Ask Skewz.com Founder About Detecting Media Bias
  32. UFL - Unidentified Flying Lawnmower
  33. Firefox 3 Beta 5 (Final beta) released!
  34. Economy in the dumps? Not for GameStop
  35. Review: Tracking your zzzzs not worth the $$$
  36. New R.E.M. Video Ignites Copyfight Squabble
  37. New Phones, iClones and Fake WiMax Zones Dominate CTIA
  38. Mozilla Releases Fifth (and Final) Beta of Firefox 3 Browser
  39. Satellite radio decision criticized (AP)
  40. Heat from data center to warm a pool (AP)
  41. Unions pounce on patent reform (AP)
  42. Intel Unveils Atom Processors for Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  43. Make the Most of Muxtape: A Field Guide to Playlists
  44. Intel unveils tiny chips tailored for mobile Internet gadgets (AFP)
  45. Laptop Makers Go for Single Adapter, Both 3G Cell Standards (PC World)
  46. Enterprises look at mobile Web monitoring service (InfoWorld)
  47. A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux
  48. The World Sighs as ISO Becomes Irrelevant
  49. Penny Arcade Harvests Top Indie Games for Greenhouse
  50. Stem Cell Research Is Growing Again
  51. China to Compete With Boeing, Airbus in Passenger-Jet Game
  52. Cell phone boosters coming for the home (AP)
  53. SAP anoints deputy CEO as next leader (AP)
  54. Surface computer arrives at AT&T first (AP)
  55. Firefox 3 Beta 5 Released
  56. Review: Sleeptracker fails to impress (AP)
  57. Web site turns evidence into cash (AP)
  58. Regulators struggling with Internet gambling rules (Reuters)
  59. Novell Rises to Second Highest Linux Contributor
  60. Microsoft's Office Open XML now an official ISO standard
  61. Study Links Preemies With Autism Signs
  62. Bush Push for NATO Missile Defense
  63. Retailer to pay millions in data breach (AP)
  64. Dot-com, dot-net fees go up again Oct. 1 (AP)
  65. AT&T rolls out DISH service in ex-BellSouth states (Reuters)
  66. US Cyber Command Wants Greater Attack Mentality
  67. State sues unclaimed-money site (AP)
  68. Pro baseball Web video woes continue (InfoWorld)
  69. iPhone shortage: supply woes or new model? (Reuters)
  70. Samsung's Instinct on Sprint Challenges Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  71. Spring Java developers offer enterprise package (InfoWorld)
  72. Will Twitter Join Podcasting on the 'Net Sidelines'?
  73. Yahoo adds voice commands to Web search on phones (Reuters)
  74. IBM merges System i and System p server lines (InfoWorld)
  75. Ask Skewz.com Founder About Detecting Media Bias
  76. ReiserFS creator on trail for murder
  77. Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile, IE Mobile Updates (NewsFactor)
  78. Potential and pitfalls seen from mobile phone ads (Reuters)
  79. Adobe, RealNetworks Join Intel to Boost Mobile Linux (PC World)
  80. Will Twitter Join Podcasting on the 'Net Sidelines?
  81. Breaking:Microsoft Surface launching April 17th.. with AT&T
  82. 42 Essential Web Design Resources [w/Links to 100s More]
  83. PWN 2 PAWN: Why the Vista hacker turned to eBay (PC World)
  84. 5.1 Sound Card Delivers 3 Streams of iTunes
  85. Serving JavaScript Fast
  86. eBay Yanks Sale of Hacked Vista Laptop (PC World)
  87. Adobe, RealNetworks back Linux on MIDs (InfoWorld)
  88. Youngest Planet Discovered
  89. Budget Everex Laptop Supports Sprint's WiMax (PC World)
  90. Atom-Powered Mobile Devices Will Run Windows (PC World)
  91. Apotheker named co-CEO of SAP (InfoWorld)
  92. FTP Sites Vulnerable to Data Breaches (NewsFactor)
  93. Number of GPL v3 projects tops 2,000
  94. Review: Bet on 'Rainbow Six Vegas 2'
  95. Australia opens plant to bury greenhouse gas
  96. What Happens When You Call Microsoft Support To Remove Linux
  97. Firefox Gains On Internet Explorer In Businesses
  98. ISO Approves MS Office 2007 Format
  99. Amazon Launches Text-Message Shopping
  100. India's Videocon Eyes Motorola's Phone Business (PC World)
  101. Number of GPL v3 projects tops 2,000
  102. Low-cost Everex laptop works with Sprint's Xohm WiMax (InfoWorld)
  103. Google Scoops Microsoft w/ Mesh Applications
  104. New 20" iMac Screens Show 98% Fewer Colors
  105. Is It a Lipstick ... Or a Vibrator?
  106. Apple Releases 2 New "Get A Mac" Ads
  107. Why the Vista hacker turned to eBay (InfoWorld)
  108. U. Maine Law Students Trying To Shut RIAA Down
  109. Memory makers hope Intel Centrino 2 spurs DDR3 (InfoWorld)
  110. Apple Releases 3 New "Get A Mac" Ads
  111. New ruling may "grease the wheels" of RIAA litigations
  112. MIDs will run Windows XP and Vista, Intel says (InfoWorld)
  113. Indonesia seeks to block YouTube over anti-Koran film (Reuters)
  114. Radiohead allows fans to remix new single (Reuters)
  115. Open Source Patent Donations?
  116. Sprint's Samsung Instinct First Hands On and iPhone Sizemodo
  117. Mark Cuban: Bloggers in the Locker Room = Pro's vs Joe's
  118. 10 things IT needs to know about AJAX
  119. Washington state passes toy safety bill: report (Reuters)
  120. Microsoft Promises Not to Hoard Crypto-Based ID Protection
  121. Facial Expression Simulator Lets You Play with Emotions
  122. 32 years, 32 memorable Apple products
  123. Deal puts 'Sopranos' on Canadian cell phones (Reuters)
  124. Dutch parliament votes against online gambling bill (Reuters)
  125. Blocking Steganosonic Data In Phone Calls
  126. Internet Explorer: A Browser Breaks
  127. UTV founders in news content tie up with Disney-ABC (Reuters)
  128. Motorola to stop Singapore mobile phone production (Reuters)
  129. SAP board set to name Apotheker co-CEO -source (Reuters)
  130. Amazon launches text-message shopping (AP)
  131. VC Funds Pour Into Commercial Open Source (TechWeb)
  132. Users Know Advertisers Watch Them, and Hate It
  133. VCs Adjust to Facing More Competitors for Fewer Companies.
  134. Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill
  135. Iron Man Inspires a Look at the Evolution of the Exoskeleton
  136. 15th Anniversary: Why the Future Still Needs Us a While Longer
  137. April 2, 1889: Aluminum Process Foils Steep Prices
  138. Sex, murder, tentacles -- octopuses have it all
  139. Australia cancels broadband deal (AP)
  140. Intel rolls out Atom chips at Shanghai tech forum (Reuters)
  141. Summer of Code Deadline Extended 6 Days
  142. Is Microsoft really any more trustworthy?
  143. Daniel_K, Who Fixed Creative's Broken Vista Drivers, Speaks
  144. Watch a drunken Jeff Goldblum pitch the iMac
  145. The Double-Decker Smart ForTwo: Twice the Space, Half the Handling
  146. Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands Outside Tennessee Courthouse
  147. Everything You Wanted to Know About the Wiretap Debate
  148. Estonia to drill NATO's future cyber-war defenders (AFP)
  149. NXP RFID Cracked
  150. Watch Diggnation LIVE from Amsterdam!
  151. Microsoft Promises Not to Hoard Crypto-Based ID Protection
  152. Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Don't Tug on Superman's Copyright
  153. Octopuses Have Kinky — and Short — Sex Lives
  154. Scientists Stream Human-Free Antarctic Soundscape
  155. Nokia tablet to use Sprint WiMax network (AP)
  156. So neighbors steal your wi-fi, kill the link or... have fun!
  157. Microsoft file format gets ISO signoff (AP)
  158. Qualcomm Plays Up 3G with Gobi Cards (PC World)
  159. Microsoft's ISO win may worsen its antitrust woes (InfoWorld)
  160. Nokia Comes Out with WiMax tablet (PC World)
  161. Using X-ray Radiography To Reveal Ancient Insects
  162. ISO Approves OOXML
  163. Military Report: Secretly 'Recruit or Hire Bloggers'
  164. Strip down yer XP to bare minimum
  165. Fall Like a Pro Skater
  166. Want to Drive in Manhattan? That'll Be $8, Please
  167. Curl joins the Eclipse Foundation (InfoWorld)
  168. Qualcomm plays up 3G with Gobi cards (InfoWorld)
  169. ISO Approves OOXML
  170. Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (April 2008): Cara Rae
  171. Want a Greener Tomorrow? Every 40-Ounce Counts
  172. No Open Networks for You, FCC Chair Tells Skype
  173. Video: See New WiiWare Games in Action
  174. T-Mobile Claims Trademark In the Color Magenta
  175. CNet dissidents outline turnaround plan (AP)
  176. Google Docs: Your Online Office? (PC World)
  177. Using Tire Pressure Sensors To Spy On Cars
  178. Digg Institutes Official Dress Code
  179. Could Apple sell 45 million iPhones a year?
  180. 'Dungeons & Dragons' faces future online (AP)
  181. Avatars at House hearing on virtual world (Reuters)
  182. Sony Launches Full-Length Mobile TV Movies (NewsFactor)
  183. Microsoft to make full-scale web browsing mobile this year (AFP)
  184. IBM federal ban tied to contract it lost (AP)
  185. Creative Vista Driver Modder Speaks Out
  186. Destroy Your Most Hated Gadget, Take Pictures
  187. RIAA "Making Available" Theory Rejected
  188. How Google Can Eat Amazon’s Lunch
  189. Nokia Unveils WiMax-Enabled Internet Tablet
  190. Teen Involved in MySpace Suicide Hoax Says Adult Also Participated
  191. Sprint Bets the House on an iPhone-Like Touch-Screen
  192. Confessions of a 'Grand Theft Auto' Virgin
  193. Exclusive Details of the Music Industry's Plan to Legitimize P2P
  194. Video: Surveying D&D's Entry-Level Spells
  195. Time is right for Linux PCs to emerge (AP)
  196. Home defibrillators save lives in study (AP)
  197. eBay yanks sale of laptop with Vista attack code (InfoWorld)
  198. Sprint shows off iPhone lookalike (InfoWorld)
  199. Vets pay tribute at virtual Vietnam wall
  200. Computer bug eats Ind. students' grades (AP)
  201. Blogonomics: 'I Don't Know What My Salary Is'
  202. Sprint's Hesse promises WiMax network (Reuters)
  203. Open source a no-brainer for SaaS providers (InfoWorld)
  204. Augmenting Data Beats Better Algorithms
  205. Is peer-to-peer downloading just digital gluttony?
  206. Hybrids Are All the Rage -- But Try Buying One
  207. Modder Explains How He Fixed Creative's Broken Vista Drivers
  208. YouTube 'Rickrolls' Everyone
  209. Nokia unveils N810 mobile Internet tablet for WiMax (Reuters)
  210. New Cell Phones: Color Them Anything But Dull (PC World)
  211. New 20" iMac Screens Show 98% Fewer Colors
  212. Linus: Youtube no workee - Fedora 9 not usable for wife.
  213. Digg's April Fool's Day Joke?
  214. Engadget painting the town magenta
  215. FCC chairman rejects Skype petition (AP)
  216. Nokia tablet to use Sprint WiMax network (AP)
  217. AT&T eyes millions of navigation users in 2 years (Reuters)
  218. First Linux-Based Mobile-Device Platform Released (NewsFactor)
  219. What Kind of Alternate Business Models Could ISPs Use?
  220. Microsoft updates Windows Mobile, IE Mobile (InfoWorld)
  221. Microsoft promises full Web browser for mobile (Reuters)
  222. FCC chairman Martin to reject Skype petition (Reuters)
  223. HP Buying E-Discovery Vendor Tower Software (PC World)
  224. IBM suspended from receiving new government contracts (InfoWorld)
  225. Scientists Build New Type of Photon Gun
  226. Google Docs gains Offline support
  227. MIT Team Designs Microchips That Run On Bodyheat
  228. Plaintiff Sues, Seeing Red Over Apple Color Claim
  229. IOC Tells China It Wants Unfettered Net for Olympics
  230. Blu-ray for the Xbox 360: Yes? No? Maybe?
  231. Microsoft upgrades Windows Mobile (AP)
  232. Google Word Docs Can Be Used Offline -- Like MS Word (NewsFactor)
  233. Sprint bets on Samsung phone to help recovery (Reuters)
  234. US Military Explored Hiring Bloggers As Propagandists
  235. Sprint to sell iPhone-like device (AP)
  236. "No cell phones when you vote," Italians told (Reuters)
  237. IBM Fine-Tunes Disaster Management Technology (PC World)
  238. The Original mcom.com Revived
  239. Norway's Yes-To-OOXML Is Formally Protested
  240. Gmail April Fools Not Very Funny: Started A Wikipedia War
  241. Algae: 'The ultimate in renewable energy'
  242. New Zealand convicts 'AKILL' of hacking
  243. IBM fine-tunes model for disaster management (InfoWorld)
  244. Google Docs Aims At Microsoft Office Live
  245. Lawsuit Against RIAA Tries To Stop Them All
  246. IBM Suspended From US Federal Contracts
  247. The best laptops under $1,000
  248. 10 extravagant PC designs
  249. 50 ways to make software do more
  250. Laptop With Vista Attack Code Listed on eBay (PC World)