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  1. New Tool Helps Protect, Locate Lost Cell Phones (NewsFactor)
  2. Asian WiMax Operators Sign Roaming Deal (PC World)
  3. Windows XP Gets Reprieve for Low-Cost Laptops (PC World)
  4. Micro-Projectors May Bring YouTube On-The-Go
  5. NZ man convicted in cybercrime ring (AP)
  6. IBM Served by US Attorney's Office (PC World)
  7. OOXML Rumored to be Approved, Announcement Wednesday
  8. New Google Services Launched
  9. Verizon converges BlackBerry and desk phones (InfoWorld)
  10. New world wines star in Paris thanks to Internet (Reuters)
  11. IOC tells Beijing: Don't block Internet (AP)
  12. Lawsuit Against RIAA Tries to Stop Them All
  13. Survey: Apple is awesome, Microsoft is 'stodgy'
  14. Xoopit Will Turn Your Inbox Into a Social Network
  15. Fingernail-Watching Cam Makes Everything A Touchpad
  16. How to Deal With Bully Bosses
  17. Pay-per-view funerals go live online in Britain (Reuters)
  18. Dell eyes $3 billion in cost savings in 3 years (InfoWorld)
  19. HP to buy e-discovery vendor Tower Software (InfoWorld)
  20. NYC Lawyers Subpoena Code
  21. Sony to offer movies on AT&T phones (AP)
  22. Linux kernel community grows, but elite group remains (InfoWorld)
  23. Source: Windows XP to get reprieve for low-cost laptops (InfoWorld)
  24. Once the World's Great Factory, China Is the Next Great Innovator
  25. 10 Best: April Fools' Gags (the Web Is Closing for Spring Cleaning!)
  26. Today's spies find secrets in plain sight (USATODAY.com)
  27. Apple reveals Mac OS XI specs (InfoWorld)
  28. OLPC offshoring trend heats up (InfoWorld)
  29. IBM targets Global Services customers with System z (InfoWorld)
  30. Two Totally Unique Star Systems Discovered
  31. IBM banned from Gov't Contracts
  32. Women's attractiveness judged by software
  33. Analysts: iPhone driving smartphone sales (Macworld.com)
  34. IBM Suspended from US Federal Contracts
  35. Amazing new Gmail feature!!!
  36. RadioShack in wireless money transfer venture (Reuters)
  37. The Pirate Bay Moves Servers to Egypt Due to Copyright Laws
  38. IOC puts pressure on Beijing over Internet access (Reuters)
  39. Rambus Wins Patent Case
  40. McClatchy to boost Spanish content (AP)
  41. Reports: Query for Samsung exec's wife (AP)
  42. IPass Offers Dual 3G, Wi-Fi Hotspot Service (TechWeb)
  43. Heal a Robot, Go to War
  44. Cybercrime Book Excerpt: 'Zero Day Threat'
  45. April 1, 1960: First Weather Satellite Launched
  46. Military Report: Secretly Recruit or Hire Bloggers
  47. Review: 'Condemned 2' Favors Action Over Atmosphere
  48. 'Wii Fit' Challenge: After a Month, Doughy but Dropping
  49. Woody Allen sues American Apparel over ads (Reuters)
  50. Dodo: Web-based time machine!
  51. Excavations at Stonehenge May Answer Questions
  52. Apple is sued over iMac colors claim (AP)
  53. U.S. suspends IBM from seeking new federal contracts (Reuters)
  54. Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks
  55. Disturbing Wiring, Part 4 [PICS]
  56. A Screenshot Review of KDE 4
  57. Smartphones on The Rise? Thank the iPhone (PC World)
  58. IBM says suspended from new work with US agencies (AFP)
  59. When in Rome: engineering the Firefox 3 user experience
  60. CPR Experts Advise Hands-on-Chest, No Mouth-to-Mouth
  61. Video: Potenco's Latest Pull-Cord Power Generator
  62. Timothy Ferriss Takes Wired.com's Self-Promotion Prize
  63. Pitching business software assurance (InfoWorld)
  64. Linux Declared 'Hacker Proof'
  65. Sony BMG's hypocrisy: company busted for using warez
  66. Sacramento Bee names new publisher (AP)
  67. Norway's Yes-to-OOXML is Formally Protested
  68. Wireshark 1.0 Released
  69. Spam blights e-mail 15 years on
  70. ISP To Voluntarily Disconnect File-Sharers, Offers Free Usen
  71. Record Labels Seek $2.5 Million in Damages From Pirate Bay
  72. IBM Banned From Government Contracts; Reason Unclear
  73. Gore Steps Up Pressure on U.S. to Cut Emissions
  74. Casio's G'zOne Cellphone Endures Wired.com's Ultimate Gadget-Abuse Test
  75. How to Kid-Proof Your Home Theater
  76. US suspends IBM from seeking new federal contracts (Reuters)
  77. Neal Stephenson Returns with "Anathem"
  78. Adobe Joins Linux Foundation, Develops AIR For Linux
  79. World's Fastest Net Link 'Used To Dry Laundry'
  80. Blockbuster Heart Disease Drugs Get Busted
  81. Adobe Releases AIR for Linux, Sees Better Linux Apps on Horizon
  82. Dell to save $3B over 3 years (AP)
  83. Google starts letting users edit documents offline (Reuters)
  84. The low-cost laptop offer Microsoft can't refuse (InfoWorld)
  85. Adobe Releases AIR for Linux, Joins Foundation (NewsFactor)
  86. Freenet Version 0.7 Release Candidate 1 Available
  87. CIA Enlists Google's Help for Spy Work
  88. Virgin Media takes fight to illegal downloaders in the UK
  89. Adobe AIR Makes Its Way to Linux
  90. Roaming Service Pins 3G and Wi-Fi for Heck of a Deal for Travelers (PC World)
  91. How To Begin the Networking Adventure (NewsFactor)
  92. Scientists Want Your MacBook for Earthquake Detection
  93. Creative Labs Cracks Down on Driver Repairman
  94. YouTubers Say 'Sorry' for Quran-Bashing Film 'Fitna'
  95. 'Max Payne,' From Video to Silver Screen
  96. Gov't temporarily bans IBM from deals (AP)
  97. EU debates cybercrime law enforcement (AP)
  98. CareerBuilder, Facebook in job ads venture (Reuters)
  99. iPass helps individuals go mobile (InfoWorld)
  100. Women's Attractiveness Judged by Software
  101. Al Gore kicks off global warming campaign
  102. European Union, NATO to tackle cybercrime
  103. T-Mobil Tells Engadget Mobile "Stop using the color Magenta"
  104. Grocery Chain Data Breach Offers Lessons for CIOs (NewsFactor)
  105. Scientists Look at Martian Salt for Ancient Life
  106. Geeky April Fools' Day Prank Roundup
  107. Aloha Means Goodbye to a Venerable Hawaiian Airline
  108. Sony/BMG Accused of Software Piracy
  109. Family seeks to revive suit vs MySpace (AP)
  110. GAMES: Week in video-game news (AP)
  111. Russian Home Networking Disasters (PICS)
  112. Site launched in protest of Creative's egregious actions!
  113. "This Year's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries" (Slideshow)
  114. Rare & Historical: US Presidential Manuscripts on Sale
  115. Report Says Apple's 3G iPhone Will Debut in May (NewsFactor)
  116. Windows Forensic Analysis
  117. Doubt hangs over personal gene scans (AP)
  118. Africa, Asia cushion mobile phones from slowdown (Reuters)
  119. Report: Number of GPL v3 projects tops 2,000 (InfoWorld)
  120. Researchers Unravel Mystery of Lightning Diversity
  121. Inside UC Berkeley's High Tech Joke Recommender
  122. Creative Sound Card Customer Revolt and Newegg(?) Response
  123. Stunning Hi Tech Architecture:Pritzker Winner Jean Nouvel
  124. Evolution: After Myspace & Facebook comes ...
  125. Britons get stressed without mobile phones: survey (AFP)
  126. Vista Hacked Through Adobe Flash, Ubuntu Stands (NewsFactor)
  127. Yahoo hopes to 'Shine' with new site
  128. AirPort gives 'Express' route to Internet
  129. DNA Scanning Unlocking Genetic Links to Disease
  130. Scent of a Woman: Yahoo Smells an Ad Opportunity
  131. New Heathrow Terminal Only Compounds the Misery
  132. Clandestine Operations at Google
  133. The Evidence for a 3G iPhone... June 2008
  134. One step forward: a review of GNOME 2.22
  135. Cellphone Makers Realize: It's the Software, Stupid
  136. New look for the BBC News website
  137. Microsoft's Bid for Yahoo Is All About Big-Budget Brand Advertising
  138. Cellphone Makers Realize: It's the Software, Stupid
  139. Yahoo's Shine Focuses on Female Decision-Makers (NewsFactor)
  140. Mobile broadband subscribers increase by 850 percent (InfoWorld)
  141. Ray Tracing To Debut in DirectX 11
  142. World's Fastest Net Link 'Used to Dry Laundry'
  143. Online help-wanted ads down in March (Reuters)
  144. Microsoft 'white spaces' prototype shuts down, again (InfoWorld)
  145. Zoho Challenges Business App Industry Heavyweights (NewsFactor)
  146. Adobe Joins Linux Foundation, Develops AIR for Linux
  147. How to Create Your Own HDR Photos/Photomatix tutorial
  148. 4 Ways to Carry your PC on iPod or USB Thumbdrive
  149. Adobe joins Linux Foundation, Previews Air for Linux (PC World)
  150. 3G iPhone Going Into Production In May
  151. Rumors fly as Zimbabwe bloggers wait impatiently (Reuters)
  152. Adobe joins Linux Foundation, develops AIR for Linux (InfoWorld)
  153. World's Fastest Net Link 'Used to Dry Laundry'
  154. Creative's fall from glory - Consumers fighting back!
  155. Leopard Beats Vista for Corporate Satisfaction
  156. 3G iPhone Going Into Production in May
  157. Mobile phones cut China Telecom profits (AP)
  158. With Vista breached, Linux remains unbeaten in hacking contest (InfoWorld)
  159. The Man Who Guards Clinton's Wikipedia Entry
  160. The 10 Greatest Faked Tech Vids of All Time
  161. Vt. OKs phone deal, despite debt change (AP)
  162. EBay bids for durability in changing digital world (USATODAY.com)
  163. A New Hat For The Eiffel Tower [PICS]
  164. Product review: Dell?s mighty mobile workstation rewards the strong-armed (InfoW
  165. Murdoch's Hacker Speaks Out
  166. Google has lots to do with intelligence
  167. Why it sucks to be friends with Jason Calacanis.
  168. Sony films headed to mobile phones (Reuters)
  169. Microsoft eyes doubling of mobile shipments to China in yr (Reuters)
  170. Why the RIAA Really Hates Downloads
  171. Yahoo introduces Shine, a site for women (Reuters)
  172. What Are Must-Sees For Open Day At the LHC?
  173. Yahoo launching site for women 25-54 (AP)
  174. WSO2 boosts Spring developers with Web services (InfoWorld)
  175. What Are Must-Sees For Open Day At the LHC?
  176. 5 Incredible Design Proposals for 3D Urban Farms [PICS]
  177. Study Leads to Doctors' About-Face on Cholesterol Drug
  178. New DNA Scanning Tech Enables Rapid Disease Findings
  179. March 31, 1932: Ford's Flathead V-8 Cheap, Durable ... and Fun
  180. OOXML Will Pass Amid Massive Irregularities
  181. iPhone PWNED
  182. Introduction to Linux
  183. This Is What I Did To My Xfi This Morning [pic]
  184. Hands-On With the Windows XP-Based Asus Eee PC
  185. Alternate Baseball Universes
  186. Comcast Puts the Screws To HDTV
  187. The 101 most useful websites
  188. Microsoft Renames CRM Service (PC World)
  189. Alternate Baseball Universes
  190. OOXML Vote: Irregularities all over Europe
  191. Will Oracle Cut Deals to Boost Earnings? (PC World)
  192. Sony BMG Sued For Using Pirated Software
  193. Business Budgets Still Cover Upgrades (PC World)
  194. Reply to BlackBerry e-mail hands-free!
  195. Tron's Classic Light Cycle Scene 'Sweded'
  196. Cities Round the Globe Go Dark for Earth Hour
  197. Newspapers Are Dying, Blog At 11
  198. Tetris Shelves
  199. Photoshop Express Terms of Use Cause Stir, Will Be Revised
  200. Practical Experience As a Beginning Programmer?
  201. Reinventing the Drawbridge [pics]
  202. Google Sustains a Lull in Paid Search (PC World)
  203. 11-Year-Old Becomes Network Admin for Alabama School
  204. 11-Year-Old Becomes Network Admin for Alabama School
  205. Record Setting Silicon Resonator Reaches 4.51 GHz
  206. BitTorrent Inc. + Comcast = Love, Peace, Harmony…Not!
  207. Homemade Battlestar Galactica's Viper Flight-Sim Cockpit
  208. Linux Developer Gets Laid
  209. Three Minutes with Lenovo's Leader (PC World)
  210. Stroustrup Says C++ Education Needs To Improve
  211. 10 Millionth Article Written on Wikipedia
  212. Common Mobile Security Doesn't Cut it, Hackers Say (PC World)
  213. China Could Be Another Hurdle In MS Yahoo Bid
  214. An Indian call centre that works
  215. Study Shows Males Commonly Mistake Sexual Intent
  216. Study Shows Males Commonly Mistake Sexual Intent
  217. Wordpress 2.5 Released, Finally!
  218. Latest iPhone 2.0 Firmware Unlocked Again in 24 Hours
  219. Swiss Bank Secrecy Under Renewed Attack
  220. Iceland Woos Data Centers As Power Costs Soar
  221. Virgin America Uses Linux to Entertain Inflight
  222. Creative Goes After Driver Modder
  223. Swiss Bank Secrecy Under Renewed Attack
  224. Sports themes dominate new game releases (AFP)
  225. Adobe Doesn't Really Read it's Own EULA
  226. Iceland Woos Data Centers As Power Costs Soar
  227. Dave Stewart, Nokia envision brave new mobile world (Reuters)
  228. You're never out of the loop when using Twitter
  229. Amazon Insists Publishers Use Their On-Demand Printer
  230. Amateur sleuths name anonymous dead (AP)
  231. HP Media Vault Linux Server Reviewed: It Kicked-Ass
  232. Canadian ISPs Limiting Access To CBC Shows
  233. Top 5 Real Biology Concepts in BioShock
  234. Google Goes Black for Earth Hour
  235. Cisco, Troll Tracker Blogger Sued For Defamation
  236. Creative threatens community modder
  237. Who Patches Bugs Faster, Apple or Microsoft? (PC World)
  238. Griefers Assault Epileptics Via Message Board
  239. All About Linux 2008: Should Microsoft be afraid of Linux?
  240. Scrapblog Sharpens Photo Editing Tools (PC World)
  241. Hacker Club Publishes German Official's Fingerprint
  242. Hacker Club Publishes German Official's Fingerprint
  243. Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Release Notes Rewritten in Plain Eng
  244. Steve Jobs puts customer straight over water damaged Mac
  245. Another Microsoft Wireless Prototype Fails (PC World)
  246. OOXML Vote Tracker and Calculation Guide
  247. Norwegian ISPs Refuse MPAA’s Request to Disconnect Pir
  248. Philippine company launches 406-dollar mini laptop (AFP)
  249. Adobe Tackles Flash Flaw (PC World)
  250. Open Source Business Model Using Software Patents