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  1. How does Photoshop Express compare to Aviary?
  2. TorrentSpy Shuts Down (PC World)
  3. The Rush To Patent the Atomic Bomb
  4. Jail-Breaking iPhones at the Apple Store
  5. Pwn 2 Own- Ubuntu Laptop claims victory as Vista falls
  6. New Hidden Google Mobile Service Revealed
  7. F-22 Raptor Airframes Falling Apart Due to Bad Glue
  8. Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer
  9. Manufacture and Sell Anything -- in Minutes
  10. Last year's CanSecWest Winner Repeats on Vista, Ubuntu Wins
  11. Hacker Group Targets Firms that Hide Security Flaws (PC World)
  12. China Mobile Plans 3G Tests (PC World)
  13. The Rush to Patent the Atomic Bomb
  14. 80 Excellent Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials
  15. AT&T Readies MediaFLO Mobile TV (PC World)
  16. Huge Interest Brings Wikileaks Offline
  17. MacBook Air Parody
  18. A New Goldmine For Intel: The $6 Atom Processor
  19. Vista, MacBook Out--Only Linux Left in Hacking Contest (PC World)
  20. Creative Goes After Driver Modder
  21. Report Suggests That Nanny State Might Actually Not Be For the Best
  22. U.S Broadband Policy Called "Magical Thinking"
  23. Virgin America Uses Linux to Entertain Inflight
  24. INTERVIEW: Kevin Rose & Gary Vaynerchuk at FOWA Miami 2008
  25. Gallery: Mozilla at 10 - A Photo Tour of the Lizardís Lair
  26. GIs Turn Filmmakers in Bad Voodoo's War
  27. All 44 Blackboard Patent Claims Invalidated
  28. Building the World's 4th Fastest Supercomputer
  29. 11-year-old takes school network by the horns
  30. VeriSign Raises Doman Name Fees Again (TechWeb)
  31. HP's 'Fossology' Offers Help In Open Source Governance (TechWeb)
  32. Quake-Catcher Aims to be Largest Distributed Seismometer Network
  33. Blu Note: Dell Adds Blu-ray to Sub-$1,000 NoteBook (or Does It?) (PC World)
  34. Microsoft: When All Else Fails... (Mac vs. PC) [pic]
  35. Musicians take social networking into their own hands (Reuters)
  36. VeriSign Jacks Up .com, .net Prices To the Max
  37. The Most Depressing Watch Ever
  38. Anti-Quran Film 'Fitna' Pulled From Web Due to 'Threats'
  39. Plug-Ins are Headed for the Heartland
  40. Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer
  41. Cell Phones Don't Replace Freedoms (Investor's Business Daily)
  42. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  43. Top 10 Tech Toys to Blow Your Tax Refund On
  44. Hacking contest highlights value of vulnerabilities :-)
  45. 5 Unconventional Places to Scout for Web Work
  46. Review: 'Viking' Videogame Is Gruesomely Addictive
  47. Songbird Challenges iTunes With Major Update
  48. States reviewing Verizon-FairPoint deal (AP)
  49. Could worry over Oracle earnings mean deals for customers? (InfoWorld)
  50. Materials Science Toys on Display
  51. Ice shelf collapse: What does it mean?
  52. Maverick IT Entrepreneur Eckart Wintzen Dies
  53. LOLcat Guys Squeeze Laughs Out of Graphs
  54. Build Your Own Gaming PC for Under a Grand
  55. Top 10 April Fools' Pranks for Nerds
  56. Geist Creates His Own Do-Not-Call List
  57. Report Suggests That Nanny State Might Actually Not Be For the Best
  58. Apple begins widespread testing of Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update
  59. Beautiful Social Network Visualizations
  60. Mozilla's Asa Dotzler on Firefox, Fighting Bloat and the Problem With Democracy
  61. YouTube's New 'Insight' Underwhelms
  62. A Fond Look at Some Obsolete Ports
  63. Charity Battles Imaginary Killing Machines
  64. Major Web sites hit with growing Web attack (InfoWorld)
  65. Apple Updates iPhone SDK Amid Complaints (NewsFactor)
  66. Space Elevators Face Wobble Problem
  67. Gray wolf: Still endangered?
  68. 29% of Windows Vista crashes caused by NVIDIA drivers
  69. University reports data breach (AP)
  70. IRS Warns of New Online Tax Scams: Protect Yourself (PC World)
  71. Dell Rolls Out Sub-$900 Laptop With Blu-ray Drive (NewsFactor)
  72. Report Suggests That Nanny State Might Actually Not be for the Best
  73. Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline
  74. Gear Blog Rivals Engadget and Gizmodo Turn the Competition Up to 11
  75. Mukasey: piracy funding terror (AP)
  76. Researchers: GSM mobile security on the ropes (InfoWorld)
  77. Firefox 4 Will Push Edges of Browser Definition
  78. 60% of Photoshop Users are PIRATES!
  79. YouTube feature gives 'Insight' on viewer stats
  80. Can Google Stop the Brain Drain?
  81. Sound monitors protect premature babies (AP)
  82. Top 10: Moto split, Mac hack, Microsoft secrets (InfoWorld)
  83. Scientology's Credibility Questioned Over Video Channel
  84. MacBook Air Hacked -- But It Was the Browser's Fault (NewsFactor)
  85. Schwartz Comments On NSA/Sun OpenSolaris Collaboration
  86. Can a Swimsuit Be Too Good?
  87. Opera releases experimental public build that passes Acid3
  88. New 1978 Electronic Games
  89. China plans 3G commercial trials in 8 cities: report (Reuters)
  90. Mainstream Media Finally Catching On To How News Propagates
  91. French Recording May Trump Edison's 'Little Lamb'
  92. Sony unveils new Gran Turismo in London "pit lane" (Reuters)
  93. Microsoft Brand In Sharp Decline
  94. Parrot gives color to hands-free alternative
  95. Science project sparks subway scare
  96. Analysts see 3G iPhone coming out in 2nd quarter (Reuters)
  97. China Verging on 3G Phones; Market Quivers in Anticipation
  98. Malware cited in Hannaford breach (AP)
  99. Oregon Senate Candidate Steve Novick Answers Your Questions
  100. 149 Linux Boxes on every Virgin America flight
  101. Comrade Communications: Cubans Can Have Cellphones
  102. California Cuts Zero-Emissions Mandate in Favor of Hybrids
  103. JavaFX Script bringing RIAs to Java (InfoWorld)
  104. AT&T Will Offer Mobile TV Similar to Verizon's Service (NewsFactor)
  105. Microsoft renames CRM Live to 'CRM Online' (InfoWorld)
  106. US Broadband Policy Called "Magical Thinking"
  107. California lowers goal for zero-emission cars
  108. Ordinary Cubans gain access to cell service
  109. Restrictions on mobile phone use lifted in Cuba (AFP)
  110. Ericsson to Boost the H in HSPA (PC World)
  111. Is Parallelism the New New Thing?
  112. The Death of the Silicon Computer Chip
  113. Possible Manipulation of OOXML Process In Poland
  114. Possible Manipulation of OOXML Process In Poland
  115. Cuba lifting restrictions on mobile phones (Reuters)
  116. NTT DoCoMo steps towards bio-sensing cell phones (InfoWorld)
  117. NVIDIA's Drivers Caused 28.8% Of Vista Crashes In 2007
  118. MacBook Air First To Be Compromised In Hacking Contest
  119. Icelandís Largest BitTorrent Tracker Wins in Court
  120. iPhone SDK Beta 2 Now Available
  121. Mortgage rate freeze not good idea: OFHEO chief (Reuters)
  122. Great Shot of Dextre the Robo-Overlord Sitting On His Throne
  123. Open Source, Social App Server helps Crack Walled gardens.
  124. China to launch trial of 3G phones (AP)
  125. These Gizmos Connect to the Net, But You'd Never Know It.
  126. Red Hat earnings rise 7 percent (AP)
  127. Navy Has Five-Year Plan to Build Laser Blasters
  128. Figure out why an application hangs
  129. iPhone's Development Limitations Could Hurt It In the Long Run
  130. YouTube: Video Creators Know When and Where Clips Watched
  131. PWN 2 OWN over: MacBook Air gets seized in 2 minutes flat
  132. 100% Organic Software -Your New "Green" Firefox Browser
  133. Indonesian ministry Web site hacked over porn ban (Reuters)
  134. Google paid clicks data generate debate (AP)
  135. Price, specs announced for Penny Arcade game (Macworld.com)
  136. Earliest Audio Recording Resurrected, Scares Us To Dead
  137. Samsung cuts sales forecast (AP)
  138. Silicon Circuits That Bend and Stretch
  139. Gossip Web site denies wrongdoing (AP)
  140. Sony Reports Possible Security Breach On PlayStation Network (TechWeb)
  141. Red Hat Revenue Outlook Tops Forecasts (TechWeb)
  142. Xbox Live Cheaters Hit With Penalties (TechWeb)
  143. MacBook Air First To Be Compromised In Hacking Contest
  144. Find Out if You're a Buffet or a Buffoon at Tickerspy (PC World)
  145. Collective Licensing for Web-Based Music Distribution
  146. New Features OpenOffice.org 2.4.0 (available now)
  147. Which Browser Is Best Equipped for the Web of the Future?
  148. Sex Drive: IPhones, Twitter Let Sex Workers Spread Their Gospel
  149. March 28, 1910: It Floats, It Flies, It's a Seaplane
  150. Civil Libertarians See a Hopeful Dawn in 2009 ... or Not
  151. New Hampshire Joins Montana in Real ID Victory
  152. Comcast to modify network practices (Reuters)
  153. Li Ka-shing ups Facebook stake to $120 million: source (Reuters)
  154. Amaze Your Friends With These Can't-Miss Bar Tricks
  155. French recording may be world's first (AP)
  156. Is There Room For a Secure Web Browser?
  157. Anti-Emo Riots Break Out Across Mexico
  158. Cassini 'Tastes' Organic Material at Enceladus
  159. Google's Paid Clicks Continue to Slide
  160. BMI says ringtone sales are falling (AP)
  161. Anatomy of an Icon: Inside the Apple IIc
  162. Opinions Fly at California Air Resources Board Meeting
  163. Gallery: Nanotech Porn -- Convention Center Becomes Gadget Central
  164. EBay's early backer to leave board of directors (Reuters)
  165. Large Hadron Collider Sparks 'Doomsday' Lawsuit
  166. Card-Counting Geeks Take Vegas for a Ride in '21'
  167. Gone in 2 Minutes: Mac Gets Hacked First in Contest (PC World)
  168. Peruvian Teachers Begin OLPC Training
  169. Microsoft's vision on the future of healthcare
  170. Creationism Takes a Hit: Complexity Not Bad For Evolution
  171. Saving the Earth? Good for You — Just Be Sure to Watch the Bottom Line.
  172. TV Tidbits: Notes of Interest (Mediaweek.com)
  173. Spring upgrade to get REST as Java servers decline (InfoWorld)
  174. Adobe Puts Free Photoshop Online
  175. How User-Friendly Is Your Site?
  176. Swedish ISP Refuses To Block The Pirate Bay
  177. Protect Your Privacy While Downloading
  178. Google's Stock Falls as Its Click-Through Rate Flatlines
  179. VeriSign says registry fees for Internet domain names to rise (Reuters)
  180. AT&T plans MediaFlo mobile TV service for May (Reuters)
  181. Google: Web sites slow to fix serious Flash flaws (InfoWorld)
  182. Microsoft or Apple - Who Is the Faster Patcher?
  183. Music Outlaws, There's a New Sheriff in Town
  184. Red Hat earnings rise 7 percent (AP)
  185. Gone in 2 minutes: Mac gets hacked first in contest (InfoWorld)
  186. Google: No kids allowed
  187. Adobe Puts Free Version Of Photoshop Online
  188. The Tip of the Facebook Exploit Iceberg
  189. Linux gains new architecture
  190. High-Tech Soldier Suit, Crawling Back From the Dead
  191. Review: Sega Superstars Tennis is Not Quite Super
  192. Comcast's BitTorrent Accord Doesn't Satisfy Critics
  193. Comcast to modify network practices (Reuters)
  194. China's Battle to Police the Web
  195. Space Tourism Industry Gains New Competitor
  196. French court fines user-generated website for privacy breach (AFP)
  197. GSM gets a bandwidth boost (InfoWorld)
  198. OpenOffice.org Update Arrives (PC World)
  199. South Park To Be Available Online Free and Legal
  200. Google paid clicks data generate debate (AP)
  201. Waste Management sues SAP over ERP implementation (InfoWorld)
  202. OpenOffice.org 2.4 Released
  203. Cybersquatting cases on the rise (AFP)
  204. Microsoft vs. Apple: Who patches zero-days faster? (InfoWorld)
  205. Banshee 1.0 Alpha 2 Announced, Includes Video Support!
  206. Oracle Downplays Low Sales Growth for Applications (NewsFactor)
  207. Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison
  208. Amazon EC2 Now More Ready for Application Hosting
  209. Safari 3.1 For Windows Violates Its Own EULA, Vulnerable To Hacks
  210. Comcast, BitTorrent To Work Together On Network Traffic
  211. WebKit achieves Acid3 100/100 in public build
  212. Museums exhibit high-tech appeal (Reuters)
  213. Hacker Super Bowl pits Mac OS vs. Linux, Vista (Macworld.com)
  214. Adobe Makes Photoshop Express Available Free Online
  215. Origami Spacecraft to Fall to Earth Like a Cherry Blossom
  216. The Next Leap In Space Exploration
  217. TorrentSpy Shuts Down
  218. AMD announces tri-core, tweaked quad-core Phenoms CPUs
  219. Free Ways to Synchronize Folders Between Computers
  220. Comcast agrees not to interfere with file-sharing
  221. Comcast Reverses Policy, Will Treat Net Traffic Equally
  222. YouTube removes videos banned in Turkey (AP)
  223. Adobe's Photoshop Express Allows Online Photo Sharing (NewsFactor)
  224. Motorola Plans to Push Mobility, Home at CTIA (PC World)
  225. Britain to overhaul video game ratings system (Reuters)
  226. Comcast Makes Nice with BitTorrent
  227. Adobe Makes Photoshop 'Lite' Available for Free
  228. Changes Ahead for Popular BBC Sci-Fi Show, Dr. Who
  229. The Mysterious Case of Ohio's Voting Machines
  230. U.N. agency ousts record number of "cybersquatters" (Reuters)
  231. Wii Leads Jump in Japan's Game Market (PC World)
  232. SCO's "Least Supported Idea Yet"
  233. Microsoft prepares 'Albany' to compete with Google Docs
  234. Futurist Ray Kurzweil Pulls Out All the Stops (and Pills) to Live to Witness the Sing
  235. Still mail bills? Study says go green, go online (Reuters)
  236. Google Attempts to Allay US Privacy Fears
  237. Acid3 Race In Full Swing, Opera Overtakes Safari
  238. Comcast, BitTorrent working together (AP)
  239. Hacker Contest Tests Rival Operating Systems, Too (PC World)
  240. China to Use Silver Iodide & Dry Ice to Control the Weather
  241. Eee PC 900 MacBook Air Style Multi-touch Trackpad Revealed
  242. Brain Lamp - replica of the designer's brain
  243. Japan aims to launch paper plane in space
  244. Newest Eee PC Has Multi-Touch Trackpad (PC World)
  245. "Modder" turns hobby into career (Reuters)
  246. Safari 3.1 For Windows Violates Its Own EULA, Vulnerable To Hacks
  247. What Spooks Microsoft's Chief Security Advisor
  248. Researchers Create a Protein Map of Human Spit
  249. Roleplayers Seek Removal of Nerf Gun Ban
  250. Rubik's Cube Proof Cut To 25 Moves