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  1. Israel Moves Toward a National Biometric Database
  2. Review: Mummy 3 Comes Unraveled
  3. Third SpaceX Rocket Launch Attempt Fails
  4. 7 Fonts that should die
  5. Where To Draw the Line When Punishing Email Snooping?
  6. Massively Parallel X-Ray Holography
  7. 10 icons sets to customize your GNU/Linux desktop
  8. Ext3, ReiserFS & XFS in Windows thanks to coLinux
  9. Is Hushmail Still Safe?
  10. Gates Issues Call For "Creative Capitalism"
  11. College Teacher Shows Students How To Be Hackers
  12. SpaceX Launch Fails To Reach Space
  13. Two Black Hat Talks On Apple Security Cancelled
  14. KDE 4.1 Pushes Cross-Platform Support, UI
  15. Verizon Denies DSL Because of Subscriber's Name
  16. Foxconn releases test BIOS fixing Linux crashers
  17. Foxconn releases test BIOS fixing Linux crashers
  18. Toyota Announces the Winglet, Wannabe Segway Killer
  19. 9 Pieces of Unusually Geeky Office Furniture [w/Pics]
  20. What if Apple stopped issuing DRM keys?
  21. Chinese Restaurant Suffers Large Translation Error
  22. Most Dangerous Object in the Office This Month: Neodymium Supermagnets
  23. How to Get Out of a Cell Contract Without Paying an ETF
  24. Dell Tries To Trademark "Cloud Computing"
  25. Invisible Streetlight
  26. Collection of Cool Coca-Cola Ads [PICS]
  27. Biggest Military Hack of All Time Was Done With a 56k Modem
  28. Bruised S.Korean government takes on "infodemics" (Reuters)
  29. "Mobile Plate Hunter" Cameras Raise Questions
  30. Would You Pay $1,700 for a Digital Print of Dylan?
  31. Foxconn Releases Test BIOS Fixing Linux Crashes
  32. Yahoo lights up LinkedIn, Yelp in search results
  33. Brian May, Rock Legend, Publishes His Thesis
  34. The FCC on Comcast: Confusion in spades (CNET)
  35. Olympic head: No deal on Internet censorship (CNET)
  36. SpaceX Falcon 1 Rocket Is Set to Launch Tonight
  37. Toyota Announces Segway Killer: The Winglet Personal Transporter
  38. Reactions to FCC's Comcast decision come fast and furious
  39. EFF Releases Tool For Testing ISP Interference
  40. Band Leaks Own Album, Blames Pirates
  41. iPhone Tethering App Released, Killed In 2 Hours
  42. NVidia Reportedly Will Exit Chipset Business
  43. Web Sites Using SiteMeter Are Crashing With Internet Explorer
  44. Once Common on Skin, Anthrax in Lungs Is Fatal
  45. Tutorial: Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Modem
  46. An Introduction to Adobe Integrated Runtime
  47. Behold! The best description of an iPhone game… ever
  48. Third Falcon 1 Launch May Be This Afternoon
  49. White House Briefed On "Potential For Life" On Mars
  50. EFF Releases Tool For Testing ISP Interference
  51. Apple, AT&T Extend Monogamous Relationship
  52. Stockholders Vote to Keep Yahoo Execs on Board
  53. The Digg Science Review, Volume 2
  54. We Know How Many Kindles Amazon Has Sold: 240,000
  55. Not Calvin and Hobbes.... but Calvin and Steve Jobs! [COMIC]
  56. China Does U-Turn, Lifts Ban On Websites
  57. iPhone 3G Gets Hot and Melty, Cooks Dude's Leg
  58. Toyota Announces Winglet The Segway Killer
  59. Foxconn Releases Test BIOS Fixing Linux Crashers
  60. iPhone's AT&T exclusivity locked in until 2010
  61. New Results Contradict Long-Held Chemistry Dogma
  62. How To Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Modem
  63. 2008 Mozilla Summit Affected By Rock Slide
  64. White House Briefed On "Potential For Life"
  65. Building 'The Matrix'
  66. Make Your Own Device: Electronic Legos
  67. Digg integration in the Flock Browser
  68. EFF Tool Hunts BitTorrent Throttling ISPs
  69. Third Falcon 1 Launch May Be This Afternoon
  70. Awesome Pics of CERN's Large Hadron Collider
  71. iPhone Tethering App Released, Killed In 2 Hours
  72. Senate Passes Bill Targeting College Piracy
  73. Inside iPhone 2.0 Review Series: The New iPhone 3G Hardware
  74. Developing On the PS3 Under Fedora
  75. Make Windows Xp Look Like Ubuntu Linux
  76. Homeland Security: We Can Hold Laptops Indefinitely!!!
  77. The scam of phone battery and signal meters
  78. 25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets [PICS]
  79. SpaceX Conducts Full Thrust Firing of Falcon 9
  80. Mixed reviews for illegal file-sharing on campus (CNET)
  81. Best Buy Vending Machine Haunts Dallas/Forth Worth Airport
  82. Sun Releases JavaFX Preview (TechWeb)
  83. Congress Moves To Ban In-Flight Cell Phone Calls (TechWeb)
  84. Apple Pulls, Then Returns iPhone-PC Tethering App To Store (TechWeb)
  85. Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the Rock 'n' Roll Money Machine
  86. Gallery: San Francisco Cable Cars Still Humming on 19th-Century Tech
  87. What's Inside: Stomach-Bubble-Bursting Mylanta Classic
  88. Three-Tattooed Zune Boy buys...an 80GB iPod Classic
  89. Navajo Nation Losing Internet Access
  90. Nvidia strikes back: 9500GT, 9800GT and 9800GTX+ released!
  91. Historic Victory for Net Neutrality
  92. Creating a Security Test Environment?
  93. Band Leaks Own Album, Blames Pirates
  94. How to Backup a Web Server
  95. Yahoo board wins solid shareholder backing in vote (Reuters)
  96. RIAA Gets Nervous, Brings In Big Gun
  97. How to Feign Sincerity
  98. NetShare Tethering iPhone App Reappears on App Store
  99. RIAA Gets Nervous, Brings In Big Gun
  100. Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle?
  101. Forget the iPhone--The iPod Touch is Good Enough
  102. KDE 4.1: Better Than Any Mac Or Vista
  103. MediaDefender Walks The Plank to Bankruptcy
  104. Setting up LAMP on FreeBSD
  105. New 3.2Gbps FireWire spec approved, not as fast as USB 3.0
  106. Judge Trips Up Settlement In Hot Coffee Class-Action
  107. U.S. lawmakers query Internet firms on ad targeting (Reuters)
  108. Architects dream up wild homes of tomorrow
  109. House Dems Turn Out the Lights On the GOP
  110. NASA Shakes, Bakes, and Rattles Lunar Spaceship
  111. Yahoo board re-election results in - board does better than last year (CNET)
  112. Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1M Users, Music Industry Notices
  113. Apparent Suicide In Anthrax Case
  114. Linux Foundation Promises LSB4
  115. Apple Clients Still Vulnerable After DNS Patch
  116. Apple Pulls App To Make iPhone a Roving Hotspot (NewsFactor)
  117. China Lifts Some Internet Restrictions in Face of Pressure (NewsFactor)
  118. Nut jobs galore at Yahoo's big show (CNET)
  119. Test Selling "Last Mile" Fiber to Homeowners Under Way in Canada
  120. Today's Solar Eclipse: Photos From Around the World
  121. IPhone Modem App Is Still Available -- Here's the Link
  122. RIAA's Lawsuit Strategy in the Balance at Jammie Thomas Hearing Monday
  123. Damn You, Cult of Apple! [COMIC]
  124. Opt-in or opt-out? Street View case echoes privacy debate
  125. NASA Shakes, Bakes and Rattles Lunar Spaceship
  126. Chemical Test Confirms Water on Mars
  127. Time Warner says ex-AOL CEO can't join Yahoo board (Reuters)
  128. FCC says Comcast violated Web access policy
  129. A Photo That Can Steal Your Online Credentials?
  130. PaceCalc helps iPhone-touting runners (Macworld.com)
  131. Mother joins trend of turning to YouTube for help (Reuters)
  132. Bostock skips some key points at Yahoo meeting (CNET)
  133. Lawmakers demand info on Web tracking practices (AP)
  134. Massachusetts Pulls the Plug on ZAP's EVs
  135. The ResQtec V2 Ram Wrenches Trapped Drivers Free in 13 Seconds
  136. House Dems Turn Out the Lights on the GOP
  137. Delicious Gets New Look, Loses Dots
  138. Apple Releases DNS Poison Patch Nearly 3 Months Late
  139. Apparent Suicide In Anthrax Case
  140. Linux Foundation Promises LSB4
  141. Study: U.S., Europe Lag in Competitive Intel Technology Use (PC World)
  142. Dragster file transfer utility improves status display (Macworld.com)
  143. Yahoo Chairman says Microsoft never made a compelling offer (Reuters)
  144. FCC Declares Comcast's Throttling Violated Net-Neutrality Rules
  145. World's Sexiest Car Even Hotter Topless
  146. These Are Our Favorite Car Designers. Tell Us Yours
  147. Why I Hate the iPhone Camera and Loved the Best Rock Concert
  148. Canada seeks industry, not consumer input on secret treaty
  149. Live blog: Yahoo CEO faces shareholders (CNET)
  150. Week in review: Deal or no deal (CNET)
  151. Verizon labor deal to end, strike seen as unlikely (AP)
  152. Firefox Closer to Supporting Open-source Video Codec (PC World)
  153. How Linux Boots, The Boot Process Explained
  154. Towards an Exercise Pill
  155. Is it possible that Linux is going to surpass Mac?
  156. What part of "Our house burned" does Verizon not understand?
  157. Creating a Security Test Evironment?
  158. Apple Finally Releases DNS Patch for Mac OS X (NewsFactor)
  159. FCC formally rules Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent was illegal (CNET)
  160. Researchers Say They've Identified 'Rosetta Star'
  161. FCC rules Comcast violated Internet access policy (AP)
  162. Blizzard Tries To Forbid Open Sourcing Glider
  163. Sun expands stock buyback by $1 billion (AP)
  164. Sun's gloomy 1Q outlook hurts shares (AP)
  165. Toyota tests Segway-like stand-up-and-ride machine (AP)
  166. Anthrax Scientist Kills Self as Feds Close In
  167. Sun Says Q4 Profit Drops, Warns of US Economic Downturn (PC World)
  168. PCMark Memory Benchmark Favors GenuineIntel
  169. 3D Printing For Everyone
  170. Yahoo expected to spar with peeved shareholders (AP)
  171. Firefox market share exceeds 20%!
  172. Malwebolence: The World of Internet Trolls Explored
  173. Apple Patches Kaminsky DNS Vulnerability
  174. 'Exercise pill' burns fat -- if you're a mouse
  175. 'Electronic nose' could replace sniffer dogs
  176. Lander collects Mars water for tests
  177. China eases Internet access at Olympics
  178. Are we headed for a human-powered future?
  179. India's 3G Spectrum Policy Allows Foreign Bids (PC World)
  180. BREAKING: Sprint's early termination deemed illegal...
  181. Google Street View Gets Go Ahead
  182. DHS Allowed To Take Laptops Indefinitely
  183. Sun 4Q profit falls 73 pct, beats views (AP)
  184. Nisus Writer Express updated to 3.1 (Macworld.com)
  185. Sun Microsystems profit falls, expands buyback (Reuters)
  186. In-flight Cell Ban Advances In Congress
  187. Controversy as Rookie Admin Aspires to BitTorrent Domination
  188. The Original Google Storage (PIC)
  189. World's Scariest Robots (That Already Exist)
  190. New Linux file system in development: Tux3
  191. 10 Things We Want to See in the iPhone 2.1 Update
  192. UK P2P Fight Brewing
  193. NEC posts biggest fall in 21 yrs on profit slump (Reuters)
  194. 15 Incredible Do-It-Yourself Gadgets You Wish You Made
  195. Face-Swapping Software To Protect Privacy
  196. Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan in July (Reuters)
  197. China lifts some Internet curbs for Olympic press (AFP)
  198. Judge misdials in Sprint ruling on early termination fees (CNET)
  199. Firefox 3.1 Alpha Preview Delivers Slick New Features
  200. Software Backs Up Human Memory
  201. XKCD - Frustration
  202. Steve Jobs knows, ain't no cool like 'popped collar cool'
  203. China Hits Back at US Senator's Spying Claims (PC World)
  204. Sprint Rolls Out 'Airave' Cell Phone Signal Booster (TechWeb)
  205. Olympic organisers to lift Internet restrictions (Reuters)
  206. Expert urges China visitors to encrypt data (Reuters)
  207. Aug. 1, 1949: FCC Gets In on Cable TV
  208. Meet the Next Rocky Horrors: Tarantino's Hell Ride and Four Other Freaky Flicks
  209. Sex Drive Leaves Wired.com, Regina Lynn Says B4N
  210. Laptops With Certain NVidia Chips Failing
  211. Microsoft's Midori - a future without Windows
  212. Activision profit up on "Kung Fu," "Guitar Hero" (Reuters)
  213. NYT Explores the World of Internet Trolls
  214. iPhone Developers Get Push Notification API
  215. Using Sun's Energy to Split Water Means Solar Power All Night
  216. The War Against Virtual Beer Pong
  217. Patch Open Source Software
  218. New In Rainbows' Numbers Offer Lessons for Music Industry
  219. Lawmaker Crying Foul Ahead of FCC Net-Neutrality Decision
  220. Modest Analog Chips Getting Day In The Sun (Investor's Business Daily)
  221. Shareholder backlash expected at Yahoo meeting (AP)
  222. Shimano Shuns Cables for Full Electronic Shifting
  223. New Digg Mobile site released
  224. Top 10 Norton/Symantec Secrets You Shouldn't Know
  225. Using Sun's Energy to Split Water Means Solar Power All Night
  226. No showdown, just outcry, seen at Yahoo meeting (Reuters)
  227. Microsoft confirms it spent half billion on Danger (CNET)
  228. McAfee to Buy Data Protection Vendor Reconnex (PC World)
  229. Review: Svelte Samsung Slider Has a Mighty Morphin' Touch Screen
  230. Delicious 2.0 Launches. Really. It Totally Launched.
  231. Face Swapping Software To Protect Privacy
  232. Parents Can Control Kids' T-Mobile Use (PC World)
  233. NASA Announces Water Found On Mars
  234. Digg Recommendation Engine Updates
  235. Why Apple won't drop Intel chipsets any time soon
  236. Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads [PICS]
  237. "Kung Fu" and "Guitar Hero" hot sellers for Activision (Reuters)
  238. VMWare Gives Away ESXi To Manage Virtual Servers (NewsFactor)
  239. Reduce Cell-phone Cancer Risk (PC World)
  240. Cheap Catalyst Could Turn Sunlight, Water Into Fuel
  241. The $46,616.47 Oil Change and Size-22 Carbon Footprint
  242. How to Turn Anything Into a Screenplay
  243. Scrabulous Returns To Facebook, As Wordscraper
  244. Yahoo to face shareholder wrath at annual meeting (AP)
  245. The Pirate Bay Now Supports Tagging
  246. NASA "Bed Rest" Contractor Blogs the Days
  247. The Future of Windows: Microsoft's 'Midori' (PC Magazine)
  248. 6 Ways to Save on Groceries (The Motley Fool)
  249. 'Wordscraper' spells revival of Scrabulous online wordgame (AFP)
  250. Yale Students' Lawsuit Unmasks Anonymous Trolls