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  1. Will Motorola Rise From the Ashes?
  2. Cell Phones To Be Allowed On UK Planes
  3. Acid3 Race In Full Swing, Opera Overtakes Safari
  4. Meet the Laptop of 2015
  5. CNET cutting 120 jobs (Reuters)
  6. BitTorrent Plugin Detects ISPs Raping Your Torrents
  7. Mozilla: Final Version of Firefox 3 Will Ship in June
  8. CORRECTED: Bangladesh to allow mobile networks in hill region (Reuters)
  9. Hacker Super Bowl pits Mac OS vs. Linux, Vista (InfoWorld)
  10. What Spooks Microsoft's Chief Security Advisor
  11. Why Cable And WiMax Shouldn’t Mix
  12. Chinese movie site sues Hollywood group (AP)
  13. Advice to parents: Give your kids their (My)space (USATODAY.com)
  14. Search with privacy: What a concept.
  15. Apple Forbids Windows Users from Installing Safari
  16. Lab test: Sun?s octo-core SPARC is made to multitask (InfoWorld)
  17. The Tech Industry's Alternatives to Waterboarding [COMIC]
  18. Motorola to break into 2 companies (AP)
  19. Maoists shun gun for mobiles in Nepal poll campaign (Reuters)
  20. China to clamp down on mapping websites: state media (AFP)
  21. Researchers Create a Protein Map of Human Spit.
  22. LA Times probes own report on Tupac attack (Reuters)
  23. What Makes a Good Mobile Application Great
  24. Oracle shares plunge on disappointing 3Q (AP)
  25. Malaysian blogger hit with libel payout: reports (AFP)
  26. Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques
  27. Reznor vs. Radiohead: Innovation Smackdown
  28. YouTube to provide more viewership info (AP)
  29. Free Web version of Photoshop launches (AP)
  30. ESB alternative cited for SOA (InfoWorld)
  31. Roleplayers Seek Removal Of Nerf Gun Ban
  32. March 27, 1933: Just One Word ... Plastics
  33. EFF and U.C. Berkeley Defend Accused Coupon Hacker
  34. Vietnam Memorial Wall Goes Online
  35. Free Web version of Photoshop launches (AP)
  36. Take-Two urges stockholders not to sell to Electronic Arts (AFP)
  37. Rubik's Cube Proof Cut to 25 Moves
  38. I’m not against Windows; Unix just works better
  39. Rubik's Cube Proof Cut to 25 Moves
  40. Amazon takes on Apple with copy-protection-free music
  41. CNet Networks to cut 120 jobs (AP)
  42. Report shows Google ad viewership flattening (Reuters)
  43. Waste Management sues SAP over software failure (Reuters)
  44. US Ignores Unwelcome WTO IP Rulings
  45. Rambus wins memory-chip trial (AP)
  46. Rent a Nanotechnology Lab
  47. Motorola to go broad with CTIA debuts (InfoWorld)
  48. Microsoft prepares 'Albany' to compete with Google Docs (InfoWorld)
  49. Blizzard Sues Creator of WoW Bot
  50. Rambus wins memory-chip trial (AP)
  51. Waste Management sues SAP over software quality (Reuters)
  52. Will Motorola Rise From The Ashes?
  53. Acid3 Race in Full Swing, Opera Overtakes Safari
  54. File sharers get help spotting ISP moves (AP)
  55. Online media company CNET cutting 120 jobs (Reuters)
  56. Oracle new software sales disappoint, shares down (Reuters)
  57. Cell Phones to be Allowed on UK Planes
  58. Acid3 Race in Full Swing, Opera Overtakes Safari
  59. Motorola insider tells all about the fall of technology icon
  60. Shuttle getting ready to land after 'adventure'
  61. Delta's New Sexy Safety Starlet
  62. Comcast, Sprint, Google May Fund WiMax
  63. Analyst: Apple Places Order for 10 Million 3-G iPhones
  64. Oracle 3Q profit meets expectations (AP)
  65. Xbox Live Cheaters Get Their Scores Wiped Out (NewsFactor)
  66. Icahn says still wants Meister on Motorola board (Reuters)
  67. Oracle new software sales at low end of estimates (Reuters)
  68. Take-Two urges stockholders not to sell to Electronic Arts (AFP)
  69. Acid3 Race in Full Swing, Opera Overtakes Safari
  70. Computers May Thwart 2010 Census
  71. Vietnam memorial wall now online (AP)
  72. LA Times probes own report on Tupac attack (Reuters)
  73. Teens turn deaf ear to risks of MP3 players (Reuters)
  74. Motorola to break into 2 companies (AP)
  75. Meet the Laptop of 2015
  76. Aerial Drones To Help Cops In Miami
  77. Up Your Geek Quotient, Learn to Play Contract Bridge
  78. Motorola Split: Death of a Great American Company?
  79. You'd Look Sweet Upon the Seat of a Spaceship Built for Two
  80. FriendFeed Offers Developers the Key to Build Custom Social Apps
  81. Help Us Pick the Most Effective Self-Promoters of All Time
  82. Malaysian leader regrets ignoring Web (AP)
  83. Software turns smart phone into hotspot (AP)
  84. New Web site offers Vietnam War records (AP)
  85. Yahoo Messenger beta for Mac adds voice (Macworld.com)
  86. Motorola to split into two in bid to regain leadership (AFP)
  87. 'Evil Empire' Woos Open-Source Developers (NewsFactor)
  88. Patent Reform Bill Unable To Clean Up Patent Mess
  89. Review: Hulu entertains with TV, movies (AP)
  90. Lawsuit over online sex toys settled (AP)
  91. Why OldTech Keeps Kicking
  92. Why doesn't Linux need defragmenting?
  93. Choosing the Sci-Fi Books We'll Pass Down to Our Kids
  94. Microsoft Eyes Development for Apple's iPhone (NewsFactor)
  95. CIOs warn that hosted software is not a panacea (InfoWorld)
  96. Aerial Drones To Help Cops In Miami
  97. Colbert, Kamen Solve the World's Water Problems
  98. Will California Kill the Electric Car -- Again?
  99. Head First JavaScript
  100. Canadian ISPs furious about Bell Canada's traffic throttling
  101. Help Azureus to Fight BitTorrent Throttling ISPs
  102. Using Sound to Get Fish to Catch Themselves
  103. A Geek Actor and His Passion for Videogames
  104. Another Company Joins the Tourism Space Race
  105. A Quarter-Billion Later, Navy Scuttles Weapons System
  106. Struggling Motorola to Split Into Two Companies
  107. A Thin Silver Lining to Antarctic Ice Collapse
  108. Motorola Will Divide Itself Into Two Companies (NewsFactor)
  109. Netflix will credit customers for outage (AP)
  110. MailTags 2.2 brings Mail 3.0 compatibility (Macworld.com)
  111. IBM, Universities Partner on Cloud Computing (PC World)
  112. Red Hat to Coax Code Contributions From Companies
  113. The Ups and Downs of ZAP's Stock Price
  114. MySpace and Friends Need to Make Money. And Fast.
  115. Hype Machine: Searching for ZAP's Fleet of No-Show Green Cars
  116. Don't Get Zapped by All ZAP's Hype
  117. Hackers Exploit Excel Hole (PC World)
  118. Sprint, Clearwire up on Wi-Max cable joint venture (Reuters)
  119. Nuclear Nose Cones Mistakenly Shipped to Taiwan
  120. New computers spell trouble for 2010 census
  121. Space-tourism race starts to heat up
  122. The Fedora Project releases Fedora 9 Beta
  123. AT&T's Spam Filter Gets A Bit Too Aggressive
  124. Image gallery: Meet the laptop you'll use in 2015
  125. Quad SLI with 9800 GX2: Pushing a System to it's Limit
  126. Motorola to break into 2 companies (AP)
  127. Open wireless network may not be so open (AP)
  128. Japanese Mobile System Hits 250M bps (PC World)
  129. Mobile calls set for take off on UK planes (Reuters)
  130. The Coming Digital Presidency
  131. NASA's New Lunar Rover in Action
  132. IP hypocrisy: US likes WTO rulings only when it wins
  133. Clothing Of The Future as seen in 1930s
  134. John C. Dvorak: The iPhone Is No Desktop
  135. Shakespeare goes digital (Reuters)
  136. IBM pushes cloud computing to universities (InfoWorld)
  137. Ellen top TV host, Larry King least sexy: AOL poll (Reuters)
  138. Western Digital's "Green" Hard Drives
  139. See The World's Lightest Cell Phone
  140. Ellen named top TV host, Larry King least sexy: poll (Reuters)
  141. Turn a Smart Phone into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot (PC World)
  142. Motorola to split in two (PC World)
  143. Oracle offers clustering for Linux (InfoWorld)
  144. City-Provided Wi-Fi Rejected Over "Health Concerns"
  145. Take-Two board rejects EA bid (AP)
  146. Futuristic Floor Glows With Each Footstep
  147. Amazon takes on Apple with copy-protection-free music (USATODAY.com)
  148. Take-Two urges shareholders to reject EA bid (Reuters)
  149. Endeavour ready for return to Earth
  150. Microsoft top brass 'burned' by Vista problems
  151. Alt Text: Perils of Joining the iPod Nation
  152. Suspended Animation In Mice Without Freezing
  153. Digg and Revision3's Kevin Rose on Blip.tv
  154. Real Electric Car Featured in Star Trek Movie
  155. The Web's best free stuff
  156. Is the USA Patriot Act haunting Gmail and Google Apps?
  157. Vista SP1: Threat or Menace?
  158. ODF Editor Says ODF Loses If OOXML Does
  159. SlySoft on Blu-ray BD+ crack: next time it will be easier
  160. Innocent man pinched by RIAA asks SCOTUS for attorney's fees
  161. Include Images in Craigslist Search Results
  162. SingleClick Links To Open Source Wireless Database (TechWeb)
  163. IBM Invests In MySQL/Oracle Competitor
  164. WSJ: Comcast, Time Warner may fund WiMax (AP)
  165. What Will Life Be Like In 2008?
  166. Turn Your PC into a DVD Ripping Monster
  167. Massive ice shelf on verge of break-up
  168. Rock Steady: Four Image-Stabilized Binoculars
  169. March 26, 1845: A Sticky Application for an Old Problem
  170. Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Perils of Joining the iPod Nation
  171. Industry Giants Face Off Amid Interference Claims
  172. Analyst: Microsoft Likely to Up Yahoo Bid
  173. Cable companies discuss funding wireless venture (Reuters)
  174. Yahoo backs Google's push for open social networks (Reuters)
  175. How to Set Up Dynamic DNS
  176. Living 'Lord of the Rings' at a Girl Scout Camp in New Jersey
  177. Dell, HP confronting laptop battery shortage (Reuters)
  178. Multi-Channel Communication Patent Up For Sale
  179. Court agrees to stay FCC's new "E911" standards (Reuters)
  180. Sprint pay incentives aim to slow cancellations (Reuters)
  181. The world's smallest, lightest phone
  182. Will Yahoo Negotiate? (PC World)
  183. Salesforce says CEO has "important announcements" (Reuters)
  184. Long-Dead ORDB Begins Returning False Positives
  185. Network Solutions in crosshairs over web site takedown
  186. Yahoo joins Google's OpenSocial platform (AP)
  187. The Long Defeat
  188. Steve Jobs' Music Poster Boy Reports iTunes Probs
  189. Tech: It Does Everything but Count Accurately
  190. Huge Chunk of Antarctic Ice Breaks Loose
  191. Reiser Delivers on 'Geek Defense,' But Is It Enough?
  192. Open wireless network may not be so open (AP)
  193. Red Hat: Open source benefits from U.S. unpopularity (InfoWorld)
  194. Municipal WiFi Moves Ahead In Houston
  195. Converted MacBook Tablet Is a Designer's BFF
  196. Sloan Foundation to give Wikipedia $3M (AP)
  197. China Unblocks the BBC (In English)
  198. A system call that should never fail has failed (pic)
  199. Hands On With Nintendo's New WiiWare Games
  200. Spies Come in From the Cold With Own Vid-Share Site
  201. Dish Network spectrum buy perplexes (AP)
  202. Hi-tech census costs, accuracy in doubt (AP)
  203. IBM Invests in Open-Source Database for Enterprises (NewsFactor)
  204. Likewise Opens Windows Networks to Linux, Macs (PC World)
  205. Yahoo Joins Google and MySpace in OpenSocial Foundation (NewsFactor)
  206. South African Minister Locks Horns With Microsoft
  207. Verizon's open access may not be that open
  208. Report: GE venture's workers face toxins (AP)
  209. Google holders seek human rights, censorship review (Reuters)
  210. Must a CD Cost $15.99?
  211. The Arthur C. Clarke Gamma Ray Burst
  212. Obsolete Technologies [PICS]
  213. Scientists Test Less Chilling Suspended Animation
  214. Army's New PTSD Treatments: Yoga, Reiki, 'Bioenergy'
  215. Computer Problems Take Out DVD Renter Netflix (NewsFactor)
  216. VIDEO GAMES: You and what army? (AP)
  217. The Arthur C. Clarke Gamma Ray Burst
  218. MacBook Air Prompts New TSA Screening Procedures (Really!)
  219. Q&A about Verizon's new open network (AP)
  220. SCOTUS Asked To Decide On Legal Fees In RIAA Cases
  221. Google Renews Push to Access White Space (NewsFactor)
  222. Someday You'll Hate Apple (And Google Too)
  223. Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses
  224. Imeem Opens Its Massive Media Catalog to Third Parties
  225. Seat 2B: Tips for a Sky-High Spring
  226. Citigroup launches new foreign exchange platform (Reuters)
  227. ISO Miscounted Cuban OOXML Vote
  228. Software troubles? We've got answers
  229. Analyze your PCs security
  230. Top 10 smart phones
  231. Writing for peanuts and loving it (AP)
  232. Samsung launches touch-screen, haptic cell phone (Macworld.com)
  233. To Search Smarter, Find a Person?
  234. Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously)
  235. Study: Warming Threatens Lake Tahoe's Pristine Waters
  236. Google sees wireless Internet on unused television airwaves (AFP)
  237. Google Looks to "White Space" Spectrum
  238. Have a brawl with 'Super Smash Bros.' on Wii
  239. Netflix resumes DVD shipping after online outage (Reuters)
  240. WiMAX Ready To Go Despite Australian Problems (NewsFactor)
  241. Apple's Safari browser likened to malware (InfoWorld)
  242. Microsoft Offers Way to Share Data With Social Networks (PC World)
  243. Screenshot Tour: Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" Beta
  244. 25 Years of the "Other" Star Wars
  245. Security Breach Exposes Facebook Faces to Prying Eyes
  246. BBC Says its Web Site is Unblocked in China (PC World)
  247. NVIDIA Quad SLI Disappoints
  248. Czech far-right backs anti-Quran film (AP)
  249. Media groups share content in ad deals (AP)
  250. Samsung launches haptic cell phone (InfoWorld)