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  1. Airline Debuts In-Flight Mobile Phone Service (NewsFactor)
  2. Xerox Tool Calculates Environmental Impact of Printers (PC World)
  3. Windows 7 Likely Going Modular, Subscription-based
  4. Sony BMG developing online music service (AP)
  5. Justice Dept. Approves XM/Sirius Merger
  6. Shuttle crew prepares for landing
  7. Security lapse exposes Facebook photos
  8. Samsung Launches Touch-Screen Cell Phone (PC World)
  9. NEC Breaks Two Records With Itanium Server (PC World)
  10. Someday You'll Hate Apple (And Google Too)
  11. Windows is caught between Mac and Linux
  12. Indonesia passes bill to block porn sites (Reuters)
  13. Yahoo offers free supercomputing to Hadoop developers (InfoWorld)
  14. FBI Looks Into Chinese Role in Darfur Site Hack
  15. Netflix surveys members on Microsoft Xbox (Reuters)
  16. Columbia Holds Wake For Historic Cyclotron
  17. ‘Good’ Pirates Help Companies Sell More Products
  18. Breakdown knocks out Netflix site (AP)
  19. Freescale seeks new major mobile customer by end 2008 (InfoWorld)
  20. Criminals target CA's BrightStor in new attack (InfoWorld)
  21. NEC breaks two TPC-E records with Itanium server (InfoWorld)
  22. Bell Canada Throttles Wholesalers Without Notice
  23. The Illusion PC is a Hellraiser - Gizmodo
  24. Monks use YouTube to land an album deal
  25. What will life be like in the Year 2008?
  26. More Interest In Parallel Programming Outside the US?
  27. Programmer Buys Original Ada Lovelace Painting On eBay
  28. Kevin Rose Gives a Tour of Digg's Office
  29. Reclusive Bhutan uneasy as Internet pushes edge (Reuters)
  30. The Latest GPS Technology
  31. Submit Your Best Star Wars Tribute Photo
  32. Striking Back: Geeks Up in Arms Over Changes to Star Wars Fan Flick
  33. Open Source Software Made Developers Cool. Now It Can Make Them Rich
  34. It's a Wrap! Ernie Cline Has Written the Ultimate Star Wars Fan Movie
  35. Turkey blocks Web site over insults to Ataturk (Reuters)
  36. Cubicle Security For Laptops, Electronics?
  37. Do you hear the diference between a 128 and 320 kbps mp3?
  38. NASA sends mixed signals on Mars rover
  39. The Death of Windows XP
  40. Netflix Web Site Goes Down (PC World)
  41. March 25, 1954: RCA TVs Get the Color for Money
  42. Satellite radio merger gets antitrust OK (Reuters)
  43. Tracking Linux prereleases: OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora
  44. Windows XP: Going, going ... gone?
  45. Engineers Test Highly Accurate Face Recognition
  46. Security lapse exposes Facebook photos (AP)
  47. Trends & Innovations - Monday (Investor's Business Daily)
  48. Ringside Networks To Unveil Social App Server
  49. Hands On: Microsoft Office Live Workspace (PC World)
  50. Mars Rovers Facing Budget Cuts
  51. Video: Nintendo's Nightmarish CD-i Goof
  52. The Cigarette of the Future: All the Cancer, None of the Nicotine
  53. Photo Essay: Unlikely Places Where Wired Pioneers Had Their Eureka! Moments
  54. MindMentor, a Robot Psychologist, Does Psychotherapy on the Cheap
  55. Graphene May be the New Silicon
  56. Three Solid Ways to Build Your Own Computer System
  57. LEGO Futurama Fan Set Makes Official Line a Must
  58. Kevin Rose Eats Funny Red Pills Again, Predicts iPhone 3G
  59. Australian Company Calls WiMax a Disaster
  60. Doubts Spread About Google's 1Q Earnings
  61. Google's Stake in Search Engine Optimization (PC World)
  62. Sun aims lasers to boost computer performance (InfoWorld)
  63. Week in video-game news (AP)
  64. Justice Dept. Clears Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Merger
  65. Breakdown knocks out Netflix site (AP)
  66. Browser Wars Heat Up, Again (PC World)
  67. Salasaga Fills Flash Creation Hole for Linux
  68. Patriot Act Haunts Google Service
  69. XM and Sirius Merger APPROVED!
  70. Traditional media form online ad networks
  71. Money troubles stall green town project (AP)
  72. Google suggests safe harbor for wireless mics (InfoWorld)
  73. Plastic SCM 2.0 set for parallel development projects (InfoWorld)
  74. 'Star Wars' Turns 25; Is It Worth $120 Billion?
  75. Hyper-Entangled Photons — 'Superdense' Coding Gets Denser
  76. Greenpeace Says Sony TZ Is Greenest Laptop
  77. BMW 118d Wins 'World Green Car Award,' Then Goes Home
  78. Top 5 Reasons It Sucks to Be an Engineering Student
  79. Behind the Scenes of Fanboys
  80. Microsoft Offers Free Support for Vista SP1 (NewsFactor)
  81. NetSuite adds analytical, accounting programs (Reuters)
  82. Regular Expression Pocket Reference
  83. 'Stealth' Safari Installation Draws Fire for Apple (NewsFactor)
  84. Another Web-Based Game Targeting Casual Gamers Launches
  85. Google tells FCC of "white space" airwave plans (Reuters)
  86. Sun Turns to Lasers to Speed Up Computer Chips
  87. Evolution of Websites: 10 That Have (And Have Not) Changed
  88. Writing for peanuts and loving it (AP)
  89. Cuba blocks access to top Cuban blog (Reuters)
  90. Digital media group lobbies on royalties (AP)
  91. Does It Suck To Be An Engineering Student?
  92. Bill criminalizing WiFi leeching shot down, and rightly so
  93. Icahn sues for Motorola documents (AP)
  94. The Web's best free stuff (InfoWorld)
  95. EA CFO Warren Jenson leaving (AP)
  96. Google tells FCC of "white space" airwave plans (Reuters)
  97. Fujitsu plans speedy 320GB laptop drive (Macworld.com)
  98. Why Microsoft Won't Have Blu-ray on the Xbox
  99. OpenOffice 3.0 Promises to Bash Office
  100. CollabNet offers on-demand project management (InfoWorld)
  101. Seagate May Sue if Solid State Disks Get Popular
  102. Details on some media online ad networks (AP)
  103. Fixing the Unfairness of TCP Congestion Control
  104. Replacing Wire With Laser, Sun Tries to Speed Up Data
  105. Toshiba Preps 128GB Solid-State Notebook Drive
  106. 2,433 Unread Emails Is An Opportunity For An Entrepreneur
  107. Space construction like March Madness
  108. Die-hard fans should get 'Lost'
  109. From "Happy Hacking" to "Screw You"
  110. March's coolest gadgets (InfoWorld)
  111. Intelligence community to start using virtual worlds (InfoWorld)
  112. Electronic Arts CFO to leave the company (Reuters)
  113. Top 10 Software Easter Eggs
  114. FCC to Investigate D-Block Auction
  115. Is IT becoming extinct?
  116. InterDigital says in settlement talks with Nokia (Reuters)
  117. California Edges Toward Joining Real ID Revolt
  118. Media cos. battle Web portals on ads (AP)
  119. Important Life Lesson
  120. Evidence mounting: Windows 7 going modular, subscription
  121. Fujitsu plans speedy 320GB laptop drive (InfoWorld)
  122. Sony yanks bloatware removal fee from laptops (InfoWorld)
  123. Open source roundtable: Matt Asay (InfoWorld)
  124. Open source roundtable: Dave Rosenberg (InfoWorld)
  125. Open source roundtable: Javier Soltero (InfoWorld)
  126. Top 10 MP3 Players (Flash-Based)
  127. Lost in MySpace
  128. China to probe online text message spam (AP)
  129. Nuclear Scanning Catches a Radioactive Cat On I-5
  130. Google's Top 17 Easter Eggs, Gags, and Hoaxes
  131. Blu-ray and Sony enhance their profile on DVD (Reuters)
  132. The Most Beautiful Stairs or a Dizzying Experience? [Pics]
  133. "Dead Space" cartoon heralds videogame release (Reuters)
  134. A New Tool From Google Worries Brand-Name Sites
  135. Top 10 Wired Reader Self-Portraits, Decided by You
  136. Games Without Frontiers: Frag With a Friend for Ultimate Fun
  137. Editor's Picks for the Wired.com Self-Portrait Contest
  138. Show Us Your Best Night Photo
  139. March 24, 1976: Ford Orders Swine-Flu Shots for All
  140. Verizon's FiOS takes Manhattan (AP)
  141. Quanta, ooVoo to take on HD conferencing (AP)
  142. Quanta, ooVoo to take on HD conferencing (AP)
  143. The only valid measurement of code quality: WTF/minute
  144. First look at Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” beta
  145. Beer-Drinking Scientist Debunks Productivity Correlation
  146. 10 Tips and Tricks for Private BitTorrent Sites
  147. IT Workers Split For McCain, Obama
  148. Does IE8 Really Pass Acid2? [Updated]
  149. 'Fitna' Site Suspended...
  150. Scientists Find Giant Marine Species in Antarctic
  151. Astronauts Have Day of Rest After Last Spacewalk
  152. Does IE8 Really Pass Acid2?
  153. Network Solutions Suspends Site of Anti-Islam Film
  154. Lotus Helps Power Smartphones, IBM Says (PC World)
  155. LED patent dispute could block Blu-ray, cellphones imports
  156. Web site for anti-Quran film blocked (AP)
  157. "Shutter" a bland horror remake (Reuters)
  158. University of Penn. Recommends Against Vista SP1
  159. Media cos. battle Web portals on ads (AP)
  160. Home bipolar disorder test causes stirs (AP)
  161. Media groups share content in ad deals (AP)
  162. Calculating the Date of Easter
  163. Robot reports for security duty in Atlanta
  164. Astronomers Find Oldest Known Asteroids
  165. Techno-savvy Iraqis surf the cyber waves (AFP)
  166. Australian WiMax Pioneer Calls It a Disaster
  167. The Internet? Bah! (looking back to 1995)
  168. China Mobile Grows in all Ventures (PC World)
  169. Quantum Computing Not an Imminent Threat To Public Encryption
  170. Bad Vista "Reviews" from Apple Ad Not Actually Reviews
  171. ISPs Losing Interest In Citywide Wireless Coverage
  172. White House Says Hard Drives Were Destroyed
  173. Overstock.com CEO: Wikipedia an Instrument Of Mind Control
  174. Macintosh Developers Video
  175. Why Internet Censorship in China is So Incredibly Effective
  176. The P.G. Wodehouse Method of Refactoring
  177. Biggest Unix Cheat Sheet
  178. The Wrath of the Apple Tribe
  179. Intriguing Indie Game Explores Death in Ten Minutes
  180. Why Your e-Books Are No Longer Yours
  181. Should Microsoft Throw Away Vista?
  182. Buyback programs turn electronic trash to cash (Reuters)
  183. Astronauts check off to-do list on spacewalk
  184. Passport Files of Presidential Hopefuls Snooped
  185. Gibson sues over "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" (Reuters)
  186. A Super-Efficient Light Bulb
  187. Sony Retracts Bloatware Removal Fee
  188. Mozilla CEO Objects To Safari Auto Install
  189. US "Fusion Centers" For Intelligence Sharing
  190. Endeavour Astronauts Prepare for Mission's Final Spacewalk
  191. Air Force Launches Plan to Use Coal for Fuel
  192. Montana Governor: Homeland Security 'Blinks' on Real ID
  193. Yahoo! denies posting web photos of Tibetan protesters (AFP)
  194. Doctors To Control Robot Surgeon With Their Eyes
  195. India Votes Against OOXML
  196. Court Upholds Broadcom's Ban of Qualcomm Chips (PC World)
  197. Mozilla CEO Objects To Safari Auto Install
  198. MacBook Touch Concept BasedTransparent Displays Patent
  199. Prison Awaits Ex-Consultant for E-Rate Fraud (PC World)
  200. Mozilla CEO Objects to Safari Auto Install
  201. Microsoft, Intel Team on Multi-Core Research (PC World)
  202. Google Patents Detecting, Tracking, Targeting Kids
  203. Three Powerful Safari Features That Few People Use
  204. In the Wireless War, Google Can't Lose for Losing
  205. 'Mind Gaming' Could Enter Market This Year
  206. Microchip Powered by Body Heat
  207. On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a God
  208. Linux Gains Native RTOS Emulation Layer
  209. Bat-inspired spy plane
  210. DirecTV lobbied on digital TV switch (AP)
  211. Mozilla CEO says Apple's Safari auto-update 'wrong'
  212. Gibson Guitar tangles with game makers (AP)
  213. Cyber Attacks against Tibetan Communities
  214. Scholarships From FOSS Organizations?
  215. Coming Soon: The Cisco Blade Server?
  216. Hapless Deer Becomes Living Blogject
  217. John’s Blog » Apple Software Update and Safari
  218. Tinfoil Hats, Anal Probes Land at Alien Abduction Fest
  219. Celestial Jukebox Arrives, But Is It Any Good?
  220. Matter, Anti-Matter, and a New Subatomic Particle?
  221. Fans take "wiki" over MySpace for music info (Reuters)
  222. Mozilla CEO: Apple's Safari-To-Windows Distribution Scheme Is Wrong (TechWeb)
  223. HP To Ship ProLiant Servers With Virtualization Technology (TechWeb)
  224. Sony gives option to build your laptop crapware-free
  225. China Continues to Shut Down Video Sites
  226. E-voting vendor blocks security audit with legal threats
  227. Manipulation of light and space makes tiny house seem larger
  228. Music fans prefer Wikipedia to MySpace (Reuters)
  229. The World's Biggest Undersea Robot
  230. Little old lady suing Sony, Samsung, Nokia and everyone else
  231. Geeky Computer Stations (PICS)
  232. Sony Offers Bloatware Removal Service — For a Fee [Updated]
  233. DirectX Architect — Consoles as We Know Them Are Gone
  234. Crew uses boom to check shuttle's skin
  235. Wine 0.9.58 released
  236. Web 2.0, Meet JavaScript 2.0
  237. Sarkozy's 'cyber spin doctor' sparks wrath on the web
  238. Gibson Guitar Sues Harmonix, MTV, EA Over Music Patent
  239. Mutated HIV Suggests New Approach to AIDS
  240. Gibson Guitar sues over 'Rock Band' game (AP)
  241. "Harry Potter," "Chocolate Rain" win YouTube awards (Reuters)
  242. SlySoft Offers Blu-ray Copy-Protection Cracker (NewsFactor)
  243. From GNOME to KDE and Back Again
  244. Star explodes halfway across universe
  245. Sony Offers Bloatware Removal Service — For a Fee
  246. Wells Fargo Offers Online Safe-Deposit Box (NewsFactor)
  247. Novell Announces SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (NewsFactor)
  248. What Happens To Bounced @Donotreply.com E-Mails
  249. Gibson sues MTV, EA over "Guitar Hero" (Reuters)
  250. Sweetest Tweet Ever? Man Proposes Via Twitter