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  1. Author: The Grand Fantasies That Ruined National Security
  2. Sony Drops $50 Fee to Remove Useless Bloatware
  3. So Far, So Good, So Slow on the Tesla Assembly Line
  4. Love It or Hate It, In-Flight Cellphone Use Has Arrived
  5. HTC Shift + ThinkPad X300 + MacBook Air = Perfect Notebook?
  6. DiggFilter vs. DiggSuggest: 3rd Party Recommendation Engines
  7. Apple Uses iTunes to Put Fast Safari on Windows PCs (NewsFactor)
  8. Microsoft Hyper-V Leaves Linux Out In The Cold
  9. Tribune said to consider sale of Newsday (AP)
  10. Laughing Baby, Tay Zonday Win YouTube Awards
  11. Feds Tout New Domestic Intelligence Centers; Press Stays Home
  12. Sony charges $50 to remove laptop bloatware (Macworld.com)
  13. Astronomers Discover New Class of Pulsating Star
  14. California Backs Off Real ID
  15. State Dept. Apologizes to Obama for Passport Snooping
  16. Verizon, AT&T Are Big Winners in FCC Auction (NewsFactor)
  17. Wireless Auction Ends With Mixed Feelings
  18. MPAA to Congress: filtering is in colleges’ best interests
  19. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Beta released
  20. Viral videos sweep YouTube Awards
  21. Array-Based Memory May Put a Terabyte On a Chip
  22. theBroken Return Confirmed By Kevin
  23. Revision3 Branded Miro Player, Now Available for Download
  24. In the Wireless War, Google Can't Lose for Losing
  25. In Soviet US, Comcast Watches YOU
  26. PlayStation 3 Update Will Bring Interactive Blu-ray (NewsFactor)
  27. AT&T says to use funds from ops, debt to pay FCC (Reuters)
  28. Lessig Bets On the Net To Clean Up Government
  29. Sony Blu-ray Under Patent Infringement Probe
  30. Apple iPottie - The future of Technology
  31. Sneak peek at OpenOffice.org 3.0
  32. The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations
  33. Apple's fixes show it is a good open-source citizen
  34. China Web Crackdown Continues; No Mention of Tibet
  35. Evidence of Underground Ocean Found on Saturn's Titan
  36. Sony charges $50 to remove laptop bloatware (InfoWorld)
  37. Sony Removes Bloatware--for a Fee (PC World)
  38. Ubuntu 8.04 Beta Released
  39. Security Chief Quits OLPC (PC World)
  40. Road Coloring Problem Solved
  41. AT&T to pay FCC $1.3B down payment (AP)
  42. Blu-ray BD+ Cracked
  43. Blu-ray BD+ Cracked
  44. Security chief quits OLPC amid restructuring (InfoWorld)
  45. Buckyballs Can Store Concentrated Hydrogen
  46. Remembering the BBC Microcomputer
  47. Climbing robot throws its weight around (with video)
  48. New Version of Miro - Internet TV / Torrent Downloader
  49. Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time
  50. Sarkozy's 'cyber spin doctor' sparks wrath on the web (AFP)
  51. Elitegroup announces Eee rival with HSDPA (InfoWorld)
  52. Verizon Wireless, AT&T win in airwave auction (USATODAY.com)
  53. Google Japan Revamps Homepage - Looks cools
  54. White House Taps Tech Entrepreneur For Cyber Defense Post
  55. Inside The Twisted Mind of Bruce Schneier
  56. Save Music — Disconnect the Internet!
  57. Redesigning the Eiffel Tower (PICS)
  58. U.S. trade body to probe Sony (Reuters)
  59. Microsoft and HP to set up Taiwan technology centre (Reuters)
  60. FCC commish: Net neutrality shouldn't extend to illegal acts
  61. Wikipedia questions paths to more money (AP)
  62. Create Spectacular Concept Art in Photoshop
  63. China orders video Web sites to close (AP)
  64. "Manhattan Project" For Prosthetic Arms
  65. `Chocolate Rain' claims a YouTube award (AP)
  66. Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows users
  67. Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 beta is out!
  68. March 21, 1999: Around the World in 20 Days
  69. How To Find Lost Web Pages
  70. Carl Zimmer's Dissection: Distinguishing the Artificial From the Natural Is Possible,
  71. How Much Excel Is Too Much? (PC World)
  72. Welcome to Neil McAllister on Software (PC World)
  73. Apple Distributes Safari Via Software Update (TechWeb)
  74. Pennsylvania Voter Reg Site Leaked Personal Info (TechWeb)
  75. Sony To Update Blu-Ray Features In PlayStation 3 (TechWeb)
  76. Obama preacher met Bill Clinton at White House: photo (Reuters)
  77. Game Developers Should Ignore Software Pirates
  78. FileDropper: Best Free Uploader Ever. 5 gb File? No Problem!
  79. Verizon, AT&T win FCC auction, Google wins open spectrum (AFP)
  80. FBI Posts Fake Hyperlinks To Trap Downloaders of Illegal Porn
  81. Spectrum auction may boost gear makers' future (Reuters)
  82. Unlimited Tunes from Apple? Not So Fast
  83. Publisher Posts Mac Books on The Pirate Bay
  84. Palm 3Q earnings below expectations (AP)
  85. Google's wireless-auction loss called possible win (Reuters)
  86. DISH may plan mobile TV with new airwaves: analysts (Reuters)
  87. Hannaford breach raises new fears (AP)
  88. Verizon and AT&T dominate airwaves auction (Reuters)
  89. Airwaves auction winners named (AP)
  90. Cassini Finds Evidence For Ocean Inside Titan
  91. A Tech Rx for Doctors: The iPhone
  92. Boost Your Bottom Line with a Blog (PC World)
  93. AT&T Offers BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (PC World)
  94. Verizon, AT&T win FCC auction, Google wins open spectrum (AFP)
  95. Linksys, Trend Micro Pair Security Software with Routers (PC World)
  96. Would a National Biometric Authentication Scheme Work?
  97. Sequoia Vote Machine Can't Do Simple Arithmetic?
  98. Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig Bets 'Wikipedia' Approach Will Transform Congress
  99. Artist Pays Tribute to His Action-Figure Collection
  100. Analyst Calls Apple 'Recession Proof'
  101. Losing wireless battle may be Google win (AP)
  102. Questions Arising On Mercury In Compact Fluorescents
  103. Top 10 Video Formats HD DVD Will Meet in Heaven
  104. More Newspapers Joining Online Advertising System
  105. World of Warcraft Shines Light on Terror Tactics
  106. Shrimp Eyes May Hold Key to Better Communications
  107. In Spectrum Auction, Winners Are AT&T, Verizon and Openness
  108. Google a "Happy Loser" In Spectrum Auction
  109. Palm 3Q earnings below expecations (AP)
  110. Self-Healing Artificial Muscles
  111. Gen Y Workers Reinventing IT for the Better
  112. Blue Lights To Reset Internal Clocks
  113. 700MHz auction details, Verizon, AT&T big winners
  114. Verizon, AT&T win wireless airwave auction
  115. Google Loses as AT&T and Verizon Scoop Up Spectrum
  116. GM: We'll Lose Our Shirts on the Volt, But That's OK
  117. Pentagon: 'Augment' Reality With 'Video Game' Contact Lenses
  118. Hannaford breach raises new fears (AP)
  119. Winners of airwaves auction announced (AP)
  120. Activision to bring "Guitar Hero" to Nintendo DS (Reuters)
  121. New Rules Created For OOXML Vote
  122. EBay cuts 125 jobs in reorganization (AP)
  123. Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time (Reuters)
  124. Qualcomm can't hold off injunction in Broadcom suit (InfoWorld)
  125. Verizon and AT&T win big at airwave auction (Reuters)
  126. Sun Offers Virtual Desktop Managment Tool (NewsFactor)
  127. How To Use a Terabyte of RAM
  128. DiggSuggest - Using the Digg API to find stories for you!
  129. Firefox Add-On Contest Highlights the Catch-22 of Browser Extensions
  130. Start a Web business in an extra few minutes (Reuters)
  131. Adobe Offers DRM Content Control for Media (NewsFactor)
  132. Unified threat management rebounds (InfoWorld)
  133. A Step Towards Proving the Riemann Hypothesis
  134. Philip Morris Tries to Engineer the Cancer Out of Tobacco
  135. What Do the Scorpions, Beach Boys and J.K. Rowling Have in Common?
  136. Wikipedia questions paths to more money (AP)
  137. China expects 15 pct of GDP from online economy (Reuters)
  138. PS3 BD-Live Support Coming Soon (PC World)
  139. Verizon Wireless wins C block in U.S. airwave auction (Reuters)
  140. Inside the New 'Rock Band' In-Game Music Store
  141. Alt Text Video: Scrutinizing Superheroines
  142. China's Sina gets in shape for online Olympics (Reuters)
  143. Online Spreadsheet Introduces New Google Gadgets (NewsFactor)
  144. Alltel 4Q loss result of going private (AP)
  145. MD Bill Would Criminalize Theft of Wireless Access
  146. Apple researching autostereoscopic 3-D display hardware
  147. Sony's newest PS3 to allow downloads (AP)
  148. Nokia says European mobile phone growth fell in '07 (Reuters)
  149. Molecular Basis for Life Found on Extrasolar Planet
  150. Software Group Files Suit Against eBay Sellers (PC World)
  151. Lotus Expeditor inside Sprint Nextel's 'Titan' platform (InfoWorld)
  152. Comparing the RIAA To "The Sopranos"
  153. Slysoft AnyDVD (HD) cracks BD+ for real
  154. More Global Warming Evidence, From an 1868 Photograph
  155. Software group files lawsuits against eight eBay sellers (InfoWorld)
  156. Adobe Says Apple's SDK Blocks Flash on iPhone (NewsFactor)
  157. How To Communicate Science to a Polarized US Audience
  158. Apple considering free access to iTunes
  159. Astronauts testing emergency repairs
  160. New Dell Models Aimed at Chinese, Indian Markets
  161. More newspapers join online ad system (AP)
  162. Thousands seen stuck with fake art prints (Reuters)
  163. Nortel joins Thai Loxley in WiMax trial (Reuters)
  164. Red Hat Security Framework Goes Open Source (PC World)
  165. Microsoft Virtualization Technology on Schedule (PC World)
  166. Gen Y Workers Reinventing IT for the Better
  167. BBC Micro Creators Reunite In London
  168. Blue Lights To Reset Internal Clocks
  169. Tesla, Aptera Head a Packed Field Vying for Automotive X Prize
  170. Sprint Plans One Platform for Many Networks (PC World)
  171. Dell Offers New Servers for SMBs (NewsFactor)
  172. New X-Prize for Fuel Efficient Cars Announced
  173. Sprint aims for unified architecture for networks (InfoWorld)
  174. Intel Offers Classmate PC in Developed Countries (PC World)
  175. Sequoia Vote Machine Can't Do Simple Arithmetic?
  176. $10M purse for 100-mpg vehicle
  177. AOL Close to India Call Center Sale (PC World)
  178. HTC Names Google Phone (PC World)
  179. A Battlestar Galactica Prequel Series on the Way
  180. Happy 40th Birthday, Cubicle! Now die.
  181. Big newspaper publishers join new ad network (Reuters)
  182. Dell plans new PCs for China, India (AP)
  183. Cowardly robot steals show in Amsterdam (AP)
  184. Hacker pleads guilty to computer fraud for adware (InfoWorld)
  185. Ebay restructuring worldwide, cuts jobs (Reuters)
  186. Fannie and Freddie Set Free (BusinessWeek Online)
  187. New "Rainbow Six" game refines formula (Reuters)
  188. BBC Micro Creators Reunite in London
  189. Mininova to Launch BitTorrent Video Streaming
  190. Download shared iTunes Library over internet with Mojo!
  191. Google's U.S. search share up, Yahoo and Microsoft down (InfoWorld)
  192. D Block Spectrum Auction Fraud Alleged
  193. Dish Network has a lot of problems on its plate (USATODAY.com)
  194. Microsoft, IBM brainstorm enhancements to IDEs (InfoWorld)
  195. HTC names Google phone, 'Dream' (InfoWorld)
  196. Test Center Guide to the Vista and XP Service Packs (InfoWorld)
  197. Microsoft and HP to set up Taiwan R&D centre (Reuters)
  198. Stanford researchers developing 3D camera with 12,616 lenses
  199. Time Machine Now Works with Airport Extreme USB Drives
  200. Why We're Powerless To Resist Grazing On Endless Web Data
  201. Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion (PC World)
  202. McDonough takes to the "Street" as villain (Reuters)
  203. Blue Lights to Reset Internal Clocks
  204. Commentary: Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional
  205. Adobe Launches Media Rights Management Server (TechWeb)
  206. Apple Mulls Flat-Rate "Unlimited Music" Option
  207. How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8 Goes BoingBoing
  208. Google dominance over search market slipping, very slowly ..
  209. Stanford Team Developing Super 3D Camera
  210. The International Cyber Cop Unit
  211. Apple said to weigh unlimited music deal (AP)
  212. Seismologist Hiroo Kanamori Embraces Earth's Little Faults
  213. March 20, 1800: Volta's Battery Shows Potential
  214. Make a Local Backup of Your Gmail Account
  215. Dell Smartphone Appears Imminent, Analysts Say (PC World)
  216. How To Win Your March Madness Pool
  217. Sony Ericsson Sees Slowing Mobile Phone Sales (Investor's Business Daily)
  218. Silent Microchip 'Fan' Has No Moving Parts
  219. Apple considering premium for unlimited iPhone, iPod music
  220. The Pirate Bay to BBC We Dont Want To Be Information Slaves
  221. Google February search share down globally (Reuters)
  222. Scientists Create Room Temperature Superconductor
  223. Molecular Basis of Life Discovered on Extrasolar Planet
  224. Arthur C. Clarke: Artists Elegize an Icon
  225. 'Battlestar Galactica' Streams Into Season 4
  226. Google's Top 17 Easter Eggs, Gags, and Hoaxes
  227. A Dell smartphone appears imminent (InfoWorld)
  228. Red Hat open-sources security framework (InfoWorld)
  229. Eclipse planning an upgrade (InfoWorld)
  230. ISP Dispute Causing Connectivity Issues for Customers
  231. Windows Vista SP1 Meeting Sour Reception In Places
  232. Cowardly robot steals show in Amsterdam (AP)
  233. Sony Ericsson Says Slowing Sales Will Hurt Income (NewsFactor)
  234. FCC Wireless Spectrum Auction Nets $19.592 Billion (NewsFactor)
  235. New Futurama Movie Coming in June
  236. Bead Me Up, Scotty: A Crafty Take on 'Star Trek'
  237. Wells Fargo to sell online safes (AP)
  238. Dell denies report of hard drive returns (AP)
  239. Microsoft working with Eclipse on Vista, ID links (InfoWorld)
  240. Apple Mulls Flat-Rate "Unlimited Music" Option
  241. Convicted Abu Ghraib Guard Lynndie England Blames Media for Controversy
  242. Sundown with Arthur: Remembering Arthur C. Clarke
  243. FCC Clears Way for New Hearings on Net Neutrality
  244. S.F. Anti-War Activists Use Twitter, Pirate Radio to Manage Protesters
  245. Blogger: We Should Team Up to Take On Big Media
  246. China Destroys Tibet's Sacred Environment
  247. SanDisk Thinks MicroSD Is the New CD
  248. Ohio Investigating Possible Vote Machine Tampering Last Year
  249. How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong
  250. Google Docs now has Gadgets-in-Docs and Visualization API