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  1. Breach exposes 4.2M credit, debit cards (AP)
  2. Print Media Popular Online, But Money Is a Problem (NewsFactor)
  3. Advanced Rails
  4. A New Type of Game Turns Web Surfing Into All-Out Information Warfare
  5. Radiohead Pulls a Reznor, Solicits Fan Animations
  6. 'Nerdcore Rising' Charts Geek Rap's Ascent
  7. American Consumers Not as Enlightened as You Think
  8. SAS buys natural language processing vendor Teragram (InfoWorld)
  9. Potty Mouths: Nine of the Nastiest Trash-Talking Toys
  10. Video of BigDog Quadruped Robot Is So Stunning It's Spooky
  11. Advertisers shun user-generated video
  12. Researchers Design Microchip Ten Times More Efficient
  13. Supreme Court to Hear FCC Indecency Case
  14. Judges bar law on violent video games (AP)
  15. Windows Mobile to get Flash, PDF support (Macworld.com)
  16. From BFS to ZFS: past, present, and future of file systems
  17. 40% of all spam comes from just one source
  18. Radiohead hosts online video contest (AP)
  19. Primary databases getting bloated (InfoWorld)
  20. Supreme Court to Hear FCC Indecency Case
  21. YouTube May Feed Your Ego, but Not Your Pocketbook
  22. Red Hat Will Buy Systems Integrator Amentra (NewsFactor)
  23. Official: Apple Airport Express now 802.11n
  24. ValueClick to pay $2.9 million to settle spam complaint (InfoWorld)
  25. 100-Year-Old Electric Car Design Makes a Comeback
  26. Identifying Manipulated Image
  27. ValueClick to pay $2.9M in spam case (AP)
  28. Microsoft Licenses Flash Lite Against iPhone and its own Silverlight (NewsFactor
  29. Facebook gets entangled in Middle East conflict (Reuters)
  30. 20+ Excellent Resources for High-Res Desktop Wallpapers
  31. Iomega likes new EMC takeover bid (AP)
  32. Second Life Founder Steps Back From CEO Role (PC World)
  33. EU backs Nokia standard for mobile TV (Reuters)
  34. Young Employees Pose Increasing Risk to Networks
  35. EBay to Take Over Affiliate Program's Management (PC World)
  36. Single Photons Bounced Off Orbiting Satellite
  37. Justices turn down Microsoft appeal (AP)
  38. Microsoft CRM Takes on Salesforce.com (NewsFactor)
  39. Identifying Manipulated Image
  40. Astronauts flex robot arms, prepare for walk
  41. Online campus gossips protected by law
  42. U.N.: Glaciers shrinking at record rate
  43. Icelands Largest BitTorrent Tracker Faces Permanent Shutdown
  44. Net video ads: attention vs. annoyance (AP)
  45. Berners-Lee Rejects Tracking
  46. Windows Mobile to Get Flash, PDF Support (PC World)
  47. BMC to buy BladeLogic for $800 million (InfoWorld)
  48. IBM India develops customer service tool (InfoWorld)
  49. Advertisers shun user-generated video (AP)
  50. Craigslist not liable for illegal ads, court says (Reuters)
  51. Most Spam Comes From Just Six Botnets
  52. Google News, YouTube blocked in China amid Tibet riots (InfoWorld)
  53. The Net's Effect on Journalism
  54. China blocks YouTube over Tibet videos (AP)
  55. GAMES: Week in video-game news (AP)
  56. How The Latest in High Tech Works
  57. Botnet scams are exploding (USATODAY.com)
  58. Windows Mobile to get Flash, PDF support (InfoWorld)
  59. Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.
  60. DoCoMo demands Softbank pull cellphone handset (Reuters)
  61. 100,000 customers tell Microsoft to save XP (InfoWorld)
  62. Product review: WSO2 Mashup Server takes first steps (InfoWorld)
  63. What's Your Favorite Monster?
  64. China block YouTube The Great Firewall of China strike again
  65. Vista Service Pack One Almost Here
  66. SpringSource offers SpringSource Tool Suite for Java (InfoWorld)
  67. New immigration points could hit software trade: Indian minister (AFP)
  68. MIT Student Gets Artistic With LED Art
  69. Google says Microsoft's Yahoo buy might hurt Internet (Reuters)
  70. Microsoft licenses Adobe mobile software (AP)
  71. Eclipse to stress component, runtime efforts (InfoWorld)
  72. NetBeans beta IDE to ship (InfoWorld)
  73. Bill Would Double Cap on H-1B Visas
  74. [PIC] iPod Pictured Onboard Space Shuttle Endeavour
  75. Study: Internet Has Affected Journalism in Unexpected Ways
  76. CBS orders "Birbiglia's Journal" (Reuters)
  77. "Borat" co-star joins Bernie Mac comedy (Reuters)
  78. Newly Discovered Fungus Threatens World Wheat Crop
  79. Experts Advise More Testing for Drugs in Water Supply
  80. Hey, Facebook, just let go of me
  81. Help Leo Laporte break Stickam
  82. How Yahoo Lost its Way - By Investing in Google
  83. We Want Apple Hungary
  84. March 17, 1885: Merrick's Physician Hazards a Diagnosis
  85. Kyoto Prize Winner Dreams of a Carbon Future
  86. Analysts Forsee Another Banner Year For Videogame Industry
  87. Get Back your Screen Space: Maximize Firefox Viewing Area
  88. Unreleased iPhone 2.0 May Already Be Hacked
  89. Mergers are in the Air (PC World)
  90. UK Police Want DNA of 'Potential Offenders'
  91. Software as Service Draws Interest, Doubts (PC World)
  92. China Blocks YouTube Over Tibet Videos
  93. Crazy Old Phone Hack
  94. Speed Up Linux
  95. Blogger Hilton's Power in Music Industry Is Evident at SXSW
  96. World's Glaciers Are Shrinking at Record Rates
  97. Astronauts Attach 11-Foot Arms to Space Station's Robot
  98. China Blocks Access to YouTube After Tibet Coverage
  99. Net video ads: attention vs. annoyance (AP)
  100. Startup aims to broker customer feedback (AP)
  101. Yahoo!/Microsoft Execs Meet For Round Two
  102. Harvard Scientists Aim To Stop Cancer In Its Tracks
  103. Hotmail Full Version With Linux (Blocked By Microsoft)
  104. UK's MI5 Wants Oyster Card Travel Data
  105. Demonoid Tracker Moves to the Ukraine
  106. Zebrafish Regenerative Ability May Lead To Help In Humans
  107. Gossip blogger shows music power at SXSW (AP)
  108. Wikileaks Releases Early Atomic Bomb Diagram
  109. Your Moment Of Zen, Brought To You By Word (PIC)
  110. Google Sky Now Available Through Your Browser
  111. Spacewalkers resort to banging, pry bar
  112. Getting Stuff Done on Linux
  113. China blocks YouTube over Tibet videos (AP)
  114. America's Robot Army
  115. The Uncertain Future of Global Population Numbers
  116. Japanese ISPs To Cut Net Access For File Sharers
  117. The Joy of the Flash Drive
  118. The Uncertain Future of Global Population Numbers
  119. Spam King Pleads Guilty in Seattle
  120. Spam King Pleads Guilty in Seattle
  121. Top 10 Up-And-Coming Tech Cities
  122. IBM Joins The Startup Buying Binge In ID Management (TechWeb)
  123. Spam King Pleads guilty in Seattle
  124. The Worst Designed Site on the Web - WTF!
  125. Court Backs Craigslist in Discrimination Brouhaha
  126. Astronauts Take a Walk Outside Space Station
  127. New mini laptop to cost under $300
  128. A New Concept in Supercomputers
  129. Sweden to Give Courts New Power to Hunt IP Infringers
  130. The Future is Here!
  131. eBay's Meg Whitman to co-chair McCain's campaign (Reuters)
  132. Japanese ISPs Agree to Ban Pirates from the Internet
  133. Hacking the Tux Droid
  134. That's not a floppy disk....THIS is a floppy disk!
  135. OMG, Scientists Invent Holodeck!
  136. Craigslist not liable for illegal ads, court says (Reuters)
  137. Wikileaks Publishes FBI VoIP Surveillance Docs
  138. More bands embrace the option of giving away music (Reuters)
  139. Indie labels take e-commerce into their own hands (Reuters)
  140. Class Action Complaint Against RIAA Now Online
  141. The Myth of Web 2.0 Non-Participation [PIC]
  142. Make the MacBook better for gaming
  143. Google's New Patent on Commercial Breaks
  144. The REAL Reason We Use Linux
  145. The Pirate’s Dilemma: To Compete or Not To Compete
  146. Inside the Playboy Party With Moby and Justice
  147. What You Don't Know About Living in Space
  148. Endeavour Astronauts Get Ready to Take a Spacewalk
  149. Photoshoped animals into fruits
  150. Japan to strip Internet for illegal downloaders: report
  151. Pre-Inca temple uncovered in Peru
  152. Ga. Tech president to head Smithsonian
  153. Space robot powers up
  154. Guerrilla Filmmaking Group Fights Anti-Obama Virus
  155. Will Revived RIAA Racketeering Suit Survive?
  156. Yahoo, Microsoft Execs Discuss Takeover Bid
  157. Red Hat Buys Amentra (PC World)
  158. What You Don't Know About Living in Space
  159. A New Concept in Supercomputers
  160. Ten Sites for Finding Wonderful Things
  161. Concept: A New Generation of Supercomputers
  162. A Glimpse of Microsoft's Enterprise Goals (PC World)
  163. Breakdowns of Website Defacement by Platform
  164. UAE telecom group launches mobile operation in Nigeria (AFP)
  165. Breakdowns of Websight Defacement by Platform
  166. Man-in-the-Middle Attack on MySpace with Cain
  167. Swarm Robot Immune System?
  168. Microsoft to Buy Web Ad Analysis Company
  169. Comcast Kicks Tires On 100-Gig Optical Links
  170. Chinese seeth on Web over rare riots in Tibet (Reuters)
  171. Behold: San Francisco in the 22nd Century
  172. Scientology Injunction Denied Against "Anonymous"
  173. Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service
  174. Google: "Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Will Break The Internet"
  175. Microsoft, Yahoo execs finally meet (AP)
  176. Japan to strip Internet for illegal downloaders: report (AFP)
  177. DARPA Chief Outlines Array of Future Projects
  178. Court upholds tossing Craigslist lawsuit (AP)
  179. You Tell Us: What Goes in This Year's Tech Top 100? (PC World)
  180. Woman to record industry: Stop spying (AP)
  181. Man pleads guilty in e-mail spam case (AP)
  182. WiiWare Week Round Up
  183. Data Injection
  184. French video site stakes claim to indie cool (Reuters)
  185. Microsoft Developing News Sorting Based On Political Bias
  186. The PC of the Future Looks Just Like the iPhone
  187. Sex Drive: Unzip American Sexuality and What Do You Find? Tech
  188. Greasemonkey to the (Web Fixing) Rescue!!
  189. DVR could turn Apple TV into multi-billion dollar business
  190. Whole Blu World: The Format War's Bloody Aftermath
  191. Quite Possibly The Worst Invention Ever (PIC)
  192. The New Evernote Is Backup for Your Brain
  193. Build a Digital Music Server and Stream Your Tunes Anywhere
  194. NSF Head: All Hail the Cluster
  195. Trends & Innovations - Friday (Investor's Business Daily)
  196. Stay Up On Newest Tech (Investor's Business Daily)
  197. Chinese Game Maker Seeks To Conquer World With Ancient Myth (Investor's Business
  198. Sun's plan for Java on iPhone could hit roadblock (InfoWorld)
  199. Enterprises warm up to SaaS, but concerns remain (InfoWorld)
  200. BattleBots Delayed, Will Go Brains Over Babes
  201. Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux
  202. Forget Facebook. The web's platform is Mozilla's Firefox
  203. Mastodon skeleton awaits sale in California garage (Reuters)
  204. Fetish: Truly Wire-Free Earbuds, Glove-Friendly GPS Handheld, Tough-as-Nails Videocam
  205. US House Rejects Telecom Amnesty
  206. Hobbyists Create GPLed DIY Super TV Antenna
  207. Getting dumped inspired Katy Perry (AP)
  208. On Photobucket, babies in diapers are seen as 'nudity' !!
  209. Verizon embraces P4P, a more efficient peer-to-peer tech
  210. Apple mass-rejects iSDK Developer Programme applications
  211. No Recession for U.S. Videogamers With $$ to Burn
  212. House Passes Spy Bill, Rejects Telcom Amnesty Despite Veto Threat
  213. Microsoft, Yahoo execs finally meet (AP)
  214. AT&T Offers Broad Coverage with BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (NewsFactor)
  215. Wireless Networks That Build Themselves
  216. Video: How to Use Shrinky Dinks to Grow Stem Cells
  217. Peer-to-peer networks go legit (AP)
  218. Top 10: Spitzer falls, Bebo goes to AOL, Gates to D.C. (InfoWorld)
  219. Microsoft Blames Xbox Shortages for Lagging Sales (PC World)
  220. Some viruses come pre-installed on newly purchased devices
  221. Photoshop Tutorial » Create a Photorealistic Reflections
  222. California Internet sales tax bill faces long odds (Reuters)
  223. The Night the IETF Shut Off IPv4
  224. Happy Pi Day
  225. FTC Puts $1.9M Kink in Phone Bill Crammer's Wallet
  226. Data Art: The Sheep Market
  227. $5 a month for legal P2P could happen sooner than you think
  228. Mac Pro...Mini?
  229. *THE* classic Unix horror story
  230. HOWTO: Travelers Guide to Customs-Proofing Your Laptop
  231. Linden Lab CEO to step down (AP)
  232. Outgoing eBay CEO to stump for McCain (AP)
  233. LG Electronics says turnaround coming (AP)
  234. Zend PHP framework upgraded (InfoWorld)
  235. Cassini Geyser-Tasting a Bust
  236. At SXSW, Chicken S#@t Bingo Drops Its Lucky Load in Austin
  237. Verizon Reports P4P Can Slash P2P's Impact on ISPs (NewsFactor)
  238. Wintel, Universities Team On Parallel Programming
  239. Swedes Clear a Path for File Sharing Crackdown
  240. EPA Caves to Bush in Weakening Smog Restrictions
  241. Verizon Decides to Help File Sharers, Not Block Them
  242. Nigerian patent suit still dogs OLPC (AP)
  243. Sweden could force Internet firms to name file sharers: report (AFP)
  244. RIAA Will Finally Face the Music In Court
  245. What happens when a Windows developer gets a Mac?
  246. Fingerprint-Protected USB Sticks Cracked
  247. The Shareaza Conspiracy In a Nutshell
  248. February video game sales up 34 percent (AP)
  249. Microsoft Buys Rapt for its Ad Management Tools (PC World)
  250. Physics Journal May Reconsider Wikipedia Ban