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  1. Space station's new robot on blink
  2. India Still Wants Access to BlackBerry Transmissions (PC World)
  3. Enhancement To P2P Cuts Network Costs
  4. Yahoo Embraces The Semantic Web
  5. Andersen attorney on RIAA suit: "They can't run now"
  6. Why We're Powerless To Resist Grazing On Endless Web Data
  7. Sweden to get tough on file-sharers (AP)
  8. Hackers Attack Trend Micro (PC World)
  9. An AI 4-Year-Old In Second Life
  10. Google Apps Get Two-Factor Authentication (PC World)
  11. Samurai-Sword Maker May Cool Nuclear Revival
  12. The Best Tools for Visualization
  13. Cuba lifts ban on computer, DVD sales
  14. Microsoft to buy Web ad analysis company (AP)
  15. India may stop short of BlackBerry ban over security (InfoWorld)
  16. MySpace apps gallery opens up in test mode (InfoWorld)
  17. FBI Hid Patriot Act Abuses
  18. Trend Micro hit by massive Web hack (InfoWorld)
  19. China video site Youku ties up with MySpace China (Reuters)
  20. Adobe executive leaves for equity firm (Macworld.com)
  21. Vivendi seeks $3 billion PTC damages from Poland (Reuters)
  22. You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz (InfoWorld)
  23. MPAA boss: Net Neutrality Would Cramp our P2P Snooping Plans
  24. Nine Inch Nails album earns $1.6 million on Web (Reuters)
  25. Winking Star Decoded as Root of Planetary System
  26. Skype 2.0 Final for Linux is out!
  27. Rumors rise over Sprint Nextel's fate (AP)
  28. China outsurfs the US: research firm (AFP)
  29. India says not considering banning BlackBerry (Reuters)
  30. Debian Cluster Replaces Supercomputer For Weather Forecasting
  31. Dupre's MySpace page evolves with scandal
  32. The True iPhone Anti-Christ Is Here! Repent! (PICS)
  33. Microsoft and Yahoo met to discuss merger: report (Reuters)
  34. Red Hat Buys Amentra To Boost JBoss Middleware (TechWeb)
  35. Sun, NSA Link Arms To Improve Solaris (TechWeb)
  36. Microsoft Could Pose Patent Threat to GPL-licensed Software
  37. Intel to release new OCTOGON processor
  38. Verizon gets cozy with P2P file-sharers (AP)
  39. House of Representatives To Discuss Wiretapping In Closed Session
  40. Yahoo to move European HQ to Switzerland (AFP)
  41. $5 Per Month Fee Proposed For Legal Music P2P
  42. 12 Future Apps For Your iPhone
  43. Sharp to sell cell phones in China before Olympics (Reuters)
  44. March 14, 1899: Zeppelin Gets Patent for a Really Big Idea
  45. Access YouTube's Secret, High-Quality Videos
  46. Most Native Americans share 6 ancestors
  47. Filmmakers Find Fresh Talent on MySpace
  48. Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux
  49. "Brain" For Nanobots Developed On The Microscopic Scale
  50. First Video of Hacked iPhone 2.0 In Action
  51. Some viruses come pre-installed (AP)
  52. Scott Brown's 72 Hours on the Long Tail of Celebrity
  53. Reviews: Mena Suvari in Stuck, A Journey Round My Skull, Professor Layton and the Cur
  54. Johns Help Each Other Find the Right 'Internet Sex Provider'
  55. $5 Per Month Fee Proposed For Legal Music P2P
  56. Obama's Pet Projects: Lasers, Hybrid Hummers
  57. Electronic Arts' Takeover Bid for Take-Two Gets Hostile
  58. Report: FCC Enforcement Office Is A Bureacratic mess
  59. Hands-On Review: Smart's 2008 Coupe, Mercedes' Pint-Size City Car
  60. Arcot brings two-factor authentication to Google Apps (InfoWorld)
  61. Game maker EA's Take-Two bid now hostile (AP)
  62. Lack of competition sends Blu-ray player prices upward
  63. Electronic gadgets latest sources of computer viruses
  64. Game|Life Episode 5: 'God of War: Chains of Olympus,' 'Pong'
  65. Blog Fight! WordPress and Movable Type Square Off
  66. Pentagon: $520 Million for Space Weapons Research
  67. Capcom Spiffs Up Arcade Classics With Hi-Def
  68. Cassini Dives Through Ice Geyser Live on NASA.gov
  69. U.S. video game sales jump 34 percent in Feb (Reuters)
  70. KPMG Expert: Wi-Fi Security Still Too Complicated (PC World)
  71. AOL inks deal to buy social-networking website Bebo (AFP)
  72. High Expectations For Google Android
  73. EA games giant launches new bid to capture 'Grand Theft Auto' (AFP)
  74. Prostitution in a wired world
  75. Bundled With Your Gadget's Software: Viruses
  76. US Plans "Disposable" Nuclear Batteries
  77. Why Don't We Invent That Tomorrow?
  78. Nine Inch Nails Album Generates $1.6 Million in First Week
  79. Pranksters Fighting for MySpace Page of Woman at Center of Spitzer Scandal
  80. MSN chief leaves Microsoft (AP)
  81. IT M&A provides opportunities (InfoWorld)
  82. Activision Fights Back in Guitar Hero Patent Suit (NewsFactor)
  83. A Congressman Who Can Code Assembly
  84. AI Researchers Say 'Rascals' Might Pass Turing Test
  85. Useless Body Parts
  86. HP Researchers Study Digg's Front Page
  87. GNOME 2.22 released, brings new architectural features
  88. What Are You Paying for Gas? Send Us a Pic!
  89. FBI Tried to Cover Patriot Act Abuses With Flawed, Retroactive Subpoenas, Audit Finds
  90. Antismoking Pill Chantix May Ease Depression -- Or Cause Suicidal Thoughts
  91. Spot Runner hires away a top Microsoft Web exec (Reuters)
  92. Google exec praises, criticizes Apple iPhone (InfoWorld)
  93. Zoho Launches Web-Based HR Freeware (NewsFactor)
  94. Some viruses come pre-installed (AP)
  95. 10,000-website Strong Malware Maze Created by Criminals
  96. AI Researchers Say 'Rascals' Might Pass Turing Test
  97. Digital New York 3D Model
  98. 3 Ways to access ‘Must Sign Up to View’ Sites
  99. Hackers Crack Open iPhone 2.0
  100. Theatrical Speed Racer Trailer Kicks Us Into Overdrive
  101. Nigerian patent suit still dogs OLPC (AP)
  102. Eking extra juice from iPod, laptop batteries, maybe (Reuters)
  103. Electronic Arts Launches Hostile Battle for Take-Two (NewsFactor)
  104. Batteries Explode But Industry QA Remains Unchanged
  105. Syria expands "iron censorship" over Internet (Reuters)
  106. Gates urges U.S. to free up more spectrum for Wi-Fi (Reuters)
  107. Congress Turns Up The Heat on FCC's Chairman
  108. British scientists' project to create real-life Transformers
  109. AOL to buy Bebo for $850 million
  110. Apple TV DVR interface revealed in patent filings
  111. How to Speed Up Windows XP
  112. Microsoft To Buy Virtual PC Manager Kidaro (NewsFactor)
  113. The Secret China-U.S. Hacking War?
  114. Red Hat buys Amentra to bolster JBoss enterprise plan (InfoWorld)
  115. Japan's Unique Cow/Whale Hybrid Experiments
  116. 10 Unusually Creative Ways to Reuse Ordinary Trash [PICS]
  117. MacBook Pro Blows Up While Surfing Digg.
  118. I'm Giving Away My Isolation Tank!
  119. House Democrats: Classified Documents Show Telcos Don't Deserve Amnesty
  120. AOL Acquires No. 3 Social Network Bebo (NewsFactor)
  121. NBC Still Down on P2P But Plans To Use It Themselves
  122. Hong Kong Flu Outbreak Not Linked to Bird Virus
  123. YouTube Videos Will Appear on TV Through TiVo (NewsFactor)
  124. Legal Counsel Advises Against Accepting OOXML Pledge
  125. Gates predicts big technological leaps (AP)
  126. American Indians Linked by 6 Maternal Lineages
  127. Gates: Next Decade to Bring Huge Software Advances (PC World)
  128. 'Guitar Hero' Maker Runs Afoul of a Real Guitar Maker
  129. EA Thinks It Will Take $2 Billion to Take Take-Two
  130. AOL, Still Struggling, Hopes Bebo Acquistion Boosts Fortunes
  131. Microsoft Buys Desktop Virtualization Firm Kidaro (PC World)
  132. Apple Sued Over Fundamental iTunes Model
  133. Net Neutrality Blasted by MPAA Bosses
  134. NASA: Data from Saturn moon 'looks great'
  135. Study traces Native Americans' DNA
  136. Windows Eee PC Will Outsell Linux Version, Says Asus (PC World)
  137. Master photoshopper makes futuristic flying cars
  138. Electronic Arts goes hostile with Take-Two offer (Reuters)
  139. SaaS Data Storage Partnership Announced (NewsFactor)
  140. Nintendo eyes smash hit with "Smash Bros Brawl" (Reuters)
  141. Vaporware - the Tech That Never Was
  142. Asus predicts Windows Eee PC will outsell Linux version (InfoWorld)
  143. AOL to buy Bebo for $850 million (InfoWorld)
  144. EA Launches 'Hostile' Bid for GTA Publisher
  145. What’s This “Linux” Thing and Why Should I Try It?
  146. Can Microsoft Make Users Love Its Software? (PC World)
  147. Linux Foundation - We'd Love to Work with Microsoft
  148. Geckos' feet inspire new high-tech bandage
  149. U.S. launches secret satellite
  150. Forgive us father, we'd rather go online
  151. Harvard says hacker broke into system (AP)
  152. AOL to buy Bebo social network (Reuters)
  153. Late Adopters Prefer the Tried and True
  154. AOL to pay $850M for social network Bebo (AP)
  155. Password-stealing hackers infect thousands of Web pages (InfoWorld)
  156. Gibson Accuses Guitar Hero of Patent Violation
  157. Google launches hosted ad management service (InfoWorld)
  158. Nokia court papers claim $1 billion Qualcomm payments (Reuters)
  159. Electronic Arts goes hostile on Take-Two (AP)
  160. China overtakes U.S. as top Web market: researcher (Reuters)
  161. Virtualization's secret security threats (InfoWorld)
  162. Asustek says two-thirds of Eee PCs will have Windows XP (Reuters)
  163. DOE Shines $14M on Solar Energy Research
  164. Study: Amount of digital info > Global Storage Capacity
  165. EA plans tender offer for Take-Two: source (Reuters)
  166. Endeavour docks with space station
  167. Google to unveil new ad service for publishers: report (Reuters)
  168. EA plans tender offer for Take-Two: source (Reuters)
  169. Nerve-tapping Neckband Allows 'Telepathic' Chat
  170. EA to turn Take-Two bid hostile: WSJ (Reuters)
  171. See Flickr Images Globally as they are uploaded
  172. New sales program pays Facebook members (AP)
  173. AOL launches paperless coupons service (AP)
  174. Oracles Certifies Nokia Products (TechWeb)
  175. The National Cryptologic Museum
  176. 30+ Useful Websites You Probably Didn't Know About
  177. Music Industry Proposes a Piracy Surcharge on ISPs
  178. IBM moves on secure mashups (InfoWorld)
  179. ‘IFPI Advertising' Boosts Visitors To Blocked Torrent Site
  180. Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons
  181. A Robotic Taxi Named robuCAB
  182. Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs
  183. GoDaddy Silences RateMyCop.com
  184. Company sues iTunes over alleged patent violations (AFP)
  185. Israelis Sue Government for Laser Cannons
  186. March 13, 1842: Henry Shrapnel Dies, But His Name Lives On
  187. Former Microsoft Genius Masters the Culinary Art of Sous-Vide
  188. Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: A Sweet-Sounding Software App Climbs the Charts
  189. Lenovo's Got a MacBook Air Without the Compromise
  190. New French rave shows Web branding at work (Reuters)
  191. Password-Stealing Hackers Infect Thousands of Web Pages (PC World)
  192. EPA orders multibillion-dollar smog cleanup
  193. Apple sued over iTunes technology (AP)
  194. 'Guitar Hero' subject of patent dispute (AP)
  195. Microsoft Submits Windows 7 for Antitrust Review
  196. Kevin Rose's parties bid SXSW goodbye
  197. Michigan says MediaSentry (RIAA) lacks necessary PI license
  198. Apple sued over iTunes technology (AP)
  199. eBay now letting Skype be Skype, exec says (InfoWorld)
  200. Acer unveils multimedia-optimized notebooks (InfoWorld)
  201. Oil Hits $110 a Barrel, and Gas Prices Jump Accordingly
  202. Clinton Debunks Claims She De-Spitzerized Her Campaign Site
  203. Did Limbaugh's Crossover Voters Break Ohio Law?
  204. Microsoft delivers first update for Mac Office 2008 (InfoWorld)
  205. MIT Picks Top 10 Emerging Technologies
  206. Photo retouching to the limits
  207. Linux Foundation: We'd love to work with Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  208. Can Microsoft make users 'love' its software? (InfoWorld)
  209. The week in video-game news (AP)
  210. A RoboticTaxi Named robuCAB
  211. Air Force F-117 stealth fighters making their final flights
  212. Pirate Bay to Hollywood: Open your Own Torrent Site
  213. Review: Compelling strategy games (AP)
  214. Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs
  215. Acer to launch 6-speaker movie laptop (AP)
  216. Tivo On Board With YouTube's New API
  217. Chemical brain that controls nanobots invented
  218. Hydrogen Cars Are Here, So Where's the Hydrogen?
  219. New sales program pays Facebook members (AP)
  220. TiVo, YouTube to deliver videos to TVs (AP)
  221. TiVo to bring YouTube videos to TV screens (Reuters)
  222. Developer Reactions to Apple's iPhone SDK Are Mixed (NewsFactor)
  223. Firefox 3 Nears Release With New Features (NewsFactor)
  224. Israelis Sue Government for Laser Cannons
  225. 'Population Bomb' Author Paul Ehrlich Tackles Cultural Evolution
  226. New Tools From YouTube Turn Any Website Into a Video Sharing Hub
  227. APIs Will Put YouTube Features on Other Web Sites (NewsFactor)
  228. BBC Offers iPhone Version of iPlayer, Accessible to Linux Users Too
  229. Carmack Speaks On Ray Tracing, Future id Engines
  230. Microsoft Submits Windows 7 for U.S. Antitrust Review (PC World)
  231. Spacecraft to Fly Through Geyser Plumes On Saturn Moon
  232. 'Swatter' Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Hostage Hoaxes
  233. Video: Korg Turns Your DS Into a Music Machine
  234. Researchers show off laser-guided robot (AP)
  235. Security card chip can be hacked (AP)
  236. Disney CEO: Won't bid for AOL (AP)
  237. Gibson: Activision's "Guitar Hero" violates patent (Reuters)
  238. Sony Home Theater PC Swaps Substance For Style
  239. Spark-Spewing iPod Prompts Japanese Investigation
  240. The Children of Hurin
  241. Behind the Scenes at a Rock 'n' Roll Poster Studio
  242. Microsoft submits Windows 7 for U.S. antitrust review (InfoWorld)
  243. GoDaddy Silences RateMyCop.com
  244. How software helped nail Eliot Spitzer, prostitution ring
  245. The 411 on Text Msg Spam
  246. Sun Unveils The Most Powerful Super-Computer on the Planet
  247. Firefox 3 Memory Usage
  248. Review: 'Idol' Wii game a bit off-key (AP)
  249. Intel Confirms It Will Ship 160GB Flash Drives
  250. RIAA Denies Hypocrisy in Royalties Dustup