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  1. Carl Zimmer's Dissection: How to Date the Grand Canyon -- Go With the Flow
  2. Judge KOs challenge to Internet bet law (AP)
  3. Neither Intellectual Nor Property
  4. Panel: Who Should Bear Cost of Tomorrow's Broadband? (PC World)
  5. Apple opens iPhone software to outside developers (AFP)
  6. Microsoft cited for open efforts, eyes Eclipse (InfoWorld)
  7. New Lock Aims To End Chip Piracy
  8. Microsoft buys U-Prove technology (InfoWorld)
  9. Apple iPhone aiming to dethrone BlackBerry (AFP)
  10. Apple Tops Expectations as iPhone SDK Released (NewsFactor)
  11. Bank That Suppressed WikiLeaks Gives It Up
  12. Satellite shows Saturn moon might have rings
  13. EDITING Swiss Bank Drops Controversial Wikileaks Suit (NewsFactor)
  14. Patent reform tops BSA's legislative priorities (InfoWorld)
  15. Consumer-Level Haptics On the Way
  16. Whistle-Blower: Feds Have High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless
  17. Ziff-Davis Files for Bankruptcy
  18. Drugs, Body Modifications May Create Second Enlightenment
  19. CeBIT Exhibitors Busted for Suspected Patent Violations
  20. The Internet Is Changing the Scientific Method
  21. New phone coaches, monitors heart rate (AP)
  22. iPhone is Getting Spore. Yes, Spore.
  23. Google-DoubleClick approval expected in Europe (InfoWorld)
  24. iPhone opens to Exchange e-mail (InfoWorld)
  25. IE8 Aims to Let Web Designers Focus on Rich Content (NewsFactor)
  26. An App Store For iPhone Software
  27. The Cuban Memory Stick Underground
  28. FreeBSD 7.0 Bests Linux In SMP Performance
  29. Apple goes after BlackBerry
  30. SKorea alleges factory design espionage (AP)
  31. Apple Throws the iPhone Apps Door Wide Open (PC World)
  32. When Should We Ditch Our Platform?
  33. Exhibitors raided at German tech fair (AP)
  34. Apple says iPhone to support Microsoft Exchange (Reuters)
  35. IBM CEO says he has no plans for a mega-merger (Reuters)
  36. Live Blog: Steve Jobs Announces iPhone SDK Roadmap
  37. Apple tweaks iPhone for business uses (AP)
  38. Who should bear the cost of tomorrow's broadband? (InfoWorld)
  39. Who needs IT experts? Workers take control (Reuters)
  40. Canadian Regulator CRTC Saves Independent ISPs
  41. Live from Apple's iPhone SDK press conference
  42. Manmade flood to roar through Grand Canyon
  43. Student accused of cheating using Facebook
  44. Brad Paisley, Sugarland lead CMT nods (AP)
  45. Adobe Cites Flash Success Despite Jobs' iPhone Stand (NewsFactor)
  46. Using Excel As a 3D Graphics Engine
  47. Moore's Law Is Microsoft's Latest Enemy
  48. Manmade Flooding of Grand Canyon Nourishes Ecosystem
  49. Microsoft Demos "ADD TO DIGG" Feature in IE8
  50. Unique locks on microchips could reduce hardware piracy
  51. Cheap Chips Prompt Intel to Broaden Market Reach
  52. Microsoft Promises That IE8 Will Play Nice
  53. Underground Freight Networks
  54. "Bilski" Case May End Business Method Patents
  55. Thunderbird 3.0 to begin ascent next month: what to expect
  56. Companies Taking Wi-Fi to the Seas (PC World)
  57. Development Model Predicts Software Flaws (PC World)
  58. "Frontlines" aims to break out of shooter pack (Reuters)
  59. Aussie Cops Want Powers To Search Any Computer
  60. RIM to bring Will.i.am's Dipdive to BlackBerry (Reuters)
  61. Novell Execs Discuss Microsoft Interoperability Pledge (PC World)
  62. A Modular Snake Robot
  63. Wanna protect Windows from Hackers?...Set NO Password !!
  64. The first days of Second Life (Reuters)
  65. FreeBSD 7.0 Bests Linux In SMP Performance
  66. Brain Scanner Can Tell What You're Looking At
  67. Singapore faces blogging ire over militant escape (Reuters)
  68. Bangladesh adds 2.05 mln mobile phone users in Jan (Reuters)
  69. MPA: Studios settle internet piracy case (AP)
  70. Yahoo tries to delay Microsoft showdown (AP)
  71. Apple iPhone Event (Macworld.com)
  72. Jobs Says Flash Video Not Suitable for iPhone
  73. Is this the perfect celebrity?
  74. CG Girls #3
  75. Disney to produce animation in Japan (AP)
  76. Toshiba to open up U.S. nuclear power business (Reuters)
  77. NASA to Test Emergency Ability of New Spacecraft
  78. IE8 Public Download Site Up and Running
  79. Censorship with your free Wi-Fi?
  80. SCO Preps Appeals Against Novell and IBM
  81. KDE 4.0.2 Released with New Features in the Plasma Desktop
  82. Circuit City Trading In HD DVD for Blu-Ray Players
  83. TiVo beats analysts' estimates (AP)
  84. Ziff Davis Media files for bankruptcy (AP)
  85. 'I in the Sky' Broadcasts Your Face Above Times Square
  86. What's Inside: This Exterior Latex Paint Coats Walls, Fights Diarrhea
  87. March 6, 1937: Birth of a Soviet Hero, First Woman Into Space
  88. Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: The Myth of the 'Transparent Society'
  89. A New Automaker Is in Hot Pursuit -- of the Perfect Police Car
  90. Apple Set to Reveal Road to iPhone Third-Party Apps
  91. What Apple Should Announce (PC World)
  92. Penthouse magazine plans $250 mln IPO (Reuters)
  93. Microsoft releases new Web browser beta (AP)
  94. Will Mars be a One-way Trip?
  95. Is America ready for a gay 'Idol'? (AP)
  96. How to Speed Up Your Mac
  97. Brain Scanner Can Tell What You're Looking At
  98. Hardware Hacking Figures Large at ETech Conference
  99. Why Wii Shovelware Is a Good Thing
  100. Intel CEO vows to improve memory biz (AP)
  101. Microsoft entices new users with cash (AP)
  102. Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier
  103. Even the BBC is using Linux
  104. Internet Explorer 8 Has Arrived
  105. More FBI privacy violations confirmed (AP)
  106. Redesign the Wired.com Logo, Dungeons & Dragons-Style
  107. Record Box Office Indicates MPAA 'Piracy Problem' Hot Air
  108. Record Box Office Indicates MPAA 'Piracy Problem' Hot Air
  109. Study: Piracy is Caused by Poor Choice
  110. Microsoft releases Silverlight 2 beta (InfoWorld)
  111. AOL Opens Up the AIM Instant Messaging Network
  112. Apple to reveal iPhone blueprint for outside developers (AFP)
  113. Controller Provides a Realistic Touching Experience (NewsFactor)
  114. Kids see mum raped on YouTube
  115. Steve Jobs pans Flash on the iPhone
  116. Apple falls short of rental-movie target (AP)
  117. CS Degrees Low in 2007 But Bouncing Back
  118. Whistleblower: Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier
  119. Americans Would Ditch Landline in Favor of Cellphones
  120. VW's Golf Diesel Hybrid Debuts. Tell Us Why You Love It
  121. Yahoo tries to delay Microsoft showdown (AP)
  122. TiVo narrows 4Q loss on lower costs (AP)
  123. Apple Hints at Enterprise Future for iPhone (PC World)
  124. Telephony Fraudster Gets Lifetime Ban from Telecom Business
  125. Acid3 Test Released
  126. Swiss bank drops Wikileaks' lawsuit (AP)
  127. Game Review: 'Lost' never takes off (AP)
  128. Acid3 Test Released
  129. Microsoft rolls out test of new Internet Explorer 8 (Reuters)
  130. Apple hints at enterprise future for iPhone (InfoWorld)
  131. The Copyright Crusade a Lost Cause?
  132. Office Live vs Google Docs: Feature-by-Feature Comparison
  133. Global Activists Use Web 2.0 to Organize, Get the Word Out
  134. Butterflies Remember What They Learned as Caterpillars
  135. Study: Cell phone now most vital device (AP)
  136. Review: Stylish unit turns vinyl digital (AP)
  137. Sites with anti-fraud sign still flawed (AP)
  138. Ozzie: Microsoft needs Yahoo for Web, advertising plan (InfoWorld)
  139. Ala. city eyes developing-world laptops (AP)
  140. Google Gears Can Now Update Mobile Devices (NewsFactor)
  141. Apache Cookbook 2nd Edition
  142. The trouble with Steve Jobs
  143. AOL Unlocks Its IM Network With OpenAIM 2.0
  144. Where Have All the Girl Scout Cookies Gone? Check eBay
  145. Gallery: New Experiment Could Make Quantum Networks Possible
  146. Jimmy Wales Faces Allegations of Corruption
  147. Airport blocks some Internet sites (AP)
  148. Dell's Ruggedized Laptop Features Simplicity (NewsFactor)
  149. Internet Explorer 8 Beta Features Revealed
  150. Apple TV vs. Vudu vs. Xbox 360: Video Download Battlemodo
  151. Yahoo moves to check Microsoft's takeover gambit (AFP)
  152. Companies take Wi-Fi to sea and the emergency room (InfoWorld)
  153. Linus Denounces NDISWrapper, Denies It GPL Status
  154. iPhone Lining Up for a Shootout With BlackBerry (NewsFactor)
  155. Novell execs discuss Microsoft's interop pledge (InfoWorld)
  156. eBay Battles Power Sellers
  157. Carry a PC in your pocket
  158. 15 offbeat computers
  159. OECD: Address Climate Change Now, or Pay Stiff Price Later
  160. Yahoo Maneuvering, Seeking Options to Microsoft Takeover
  161. AT&T Plans $1 Billion Network Investment (PC World)
  162. Should RIAA Investigators Have To Disclose Evidence?
  163. AT&T plans $1 billion network investment (InfoWorld)
  164. Avaya demos iPhone version of one-X Mobile (InfoWorld)
  165. Electronics greener, but long way to go: Greenpeace (Reuters)
  166. Microsoft Singularity Now Open Source
  167. UN Makes Its Statistical Data Free and Searchable
  168. Security Holes In Google's Android SDK
  169. Domains Blocked By US Treasury 'Blacklist'
  170. Yahoo scrambles to block Microsoft deal (AP)
  171. Levitating Haptics Joystick Gives Good Feedback
  172. The week in video-game news (AP)
  173. D&D's Story Manager Answers Your Questions on Camera
  174. NIN Confirms Uploads to Public and Private Torrent Sites
  175. Ask.com revamps, lays off 40
  176. Clinton Takes Ohio, Texas; McCain Seals The Deal
  177. Eos system distributes iPod music wirelessly (Macworld.com)
  178. IBM takeover of Telelogic gets European approval (InfoWorld)
  179. Air Force Emails Sensitive Information to Tourism Site
  180. EU regulators approve IBM takeover of Telelogic (AFP)
  181. Statue of Galileo Planned for Vatican
  182. Watch out! Thai exam cheat triggers phone-watch ban (Reuters)
  183. Apple set to release OS X 10.4.12
  184. GeoSentric puts social networking service on iPhone (Reuters)
  185. NIN's Music Experiment Sells Big Numbers
  186. Yahoo, Time Warner step up combination talks: report (Reuters)
  187. Facebook in talks with major music labels: report (Reuters)
  188. UN Makes Its Statistical Data Free and Searchable
  189. EFF to take RIAA on in court over "making available"
  190. Nielsen says mobile ads growing, consumers respond (Reuters)
  191. Clive Thompson on How DIYers Just Might Revive American Innovation
  192. Frame That Spam! Data-Crunching Artists Transform the World of Information
  193. CeBIT tech fair presents gadgets both hot and weird (AFP)
  194. OpenMoko Offers 3-D Printing For Cell Phones (TechWeb)
  195. WaveMaker Seeks To Ease Pain Of Ajax Development (TechWeb)
  196. Security Holes in Google's Android SDK
  197. Open source in schools could save the taxpayer billions
  198. Online game players to elect council (AP)
  199. Psychologist Beating Math Nerds in Race to Netflix Prize
  200. LED Breakthrough...2X More Efficient than ANYTHING
  201. Samsung First to Ship 500GB Laptop Hard Drive (PC World)
  202. Psychologist Beating Math Nerds in Race to Netflix Prize
  203. Amazing New Modular Bags [and How to Win Yours]
  204. Windows passwords easily bypassed over Firewire
  205. Microsoft researchers show off latest (AP)
  206. "Dexter" brings killing spree to videogame (Reuters)
  207. Supercharge Your Wireless Router With Open Firmware
  208. March 5, 1872: Westinghouse Gives Railroads a Brake
  209. Alt Text: Powerbocks Steal Dork Prize From Segways
  210. Google exec hired as Facebook's chief operating officer (AFP)
  211. Web Developer's Guide: How to Talk to Non Tech-Savvy Clients
  212. How to Optimize A Fresh Ubuntu Installation
  213. Samsung's new drives can give laptops 1TB of storage (InfoWorld)
  214. Microsoft's Gamble With Xbox Business Has Turned Corner (Investor's Business Dail
  215. Hackers Target MySpace and Facebook
  216. Ask.com seeks makeover as women's site (AP)
  217. 14 charged in child porn case (AP)
  218. New ARG's Special Sauce? McDonald's
  219. Applied Materials gets $1.9B solar order (AP)
  220. Inside Microsoft Research: The Cutting Edge on Display (PC World)
  221. IBM promotes agile development (InfoWorld)
  222. ASUS' 9-inch Eee PC, now with living pixels!
  223. New Rugged Dell -- the 'Anti-Air'
  224. Did The Clinton Campaign Doctor Its TV Ad To Make Obama 'Blacker'?
  225. A Good Read Is Always Great, Especially When It's Free
  226. Domains Blocked By US Treasury 'Blacklist'
  227. PHP Optimized for Windows Server 2008
  228. NYC Premiere of 'Dead Man's Cell Phone' Opens (Playbill)
  229. Microsoft Develops New Operating System From Scratch (PC World)
  230. Probe Captures Avalanche on Mars
  231. D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax Has Passed Away
  232. Quantum computer may be capable of seeing the big picture
  233. 100+ Essential Resources for Web Developers
  234. Sense of touch comes to computers (AP)
  235. International child porn ring uncovered (AP)
  236. Apple Expected to Tightly Control iPhone Applications (NewsFactor)
  237. Should RIAA Investigators Have to Disclose Evidence?
  238. PhotoShelter Protects Your Pics From Would-Be Flickr Thieves
  239. Popularity of iPod Causing a Spike in Crime, Study Says
  240. US Internet users going mobile: study (AFP)
  241. For Web apps, get a service-level guarantee (InfoWorld)
  242. Facebook Hires Away Google Online Ad Exec (PC World)
  243. Facebook Scrabble Rip-off Capitalizes on Mattel's Lethargy
  244. Plug-'n'-Play USB Virus Makes MacBooks Fall to Pieces
  245. At A Staggering Cost Of $8000/Gallon; We All Pay The Price
  246. Terraforming Dubai's Next Artificial Island City [PICS]
  247. 'Puppy Torture' Video Sparks Outrage, Military Investigation
  248. A Beginner's Guide to Muslim Bioethics
  249. Gary Gygax, 'Father of D&D,' Dies at 69
  250. Wikipedia's Wales hit over expenses (AP)