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  1. Nokia Smartphones Will Use Microsoft's Silverlight (NewsFactor)
  2. DARPA Fractionated Spacecraft Program Starts
  3. Did iPods cause a crime wave? (AP)
  4. Facebook hires Google exec, hitting Google shares (Reuters)
  5. AMD's Hybrid Graphics Unveiled, Tested
  6. Creating rich Internet applications on Linux with WebKit
  7. Facebook partner's with iTunes for music store
  8. Hamas Replaces Rocks With Rockets
  9. Microsoft Backs Down: Internet Explorer 8 Will Embrace Web Standards
  10. Dear Diary: 'Wii Fit' Says I'm Fat
  11. IE8 Will Support Current Web Standards by Default (NewsFactor)
  12. New Microsoft OS aimed at researchers (InfoWorld)
  13. 'Death Star' Aimed at Earth
  14. Gary Gygax, D&D creator, dies
  15. Get lost in stunning 'Odyssey'
  16. Neilsen says mobile ads growing, consumers respond (Reuters)
  17. Lessons from the HD Format War
  18. Bet you didn't know Linux could do this!
  19. TopCoder, AOL forge app dev partnership (InfoWorld)
  20. D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax Has Passed Away
  21. Facebook hires top Google exec as COO (AP)
  22. Medical Groups Launch E-Prescription Advocate Site (PC World)
  23. Angela who? Vodafone search fails to identify Merkel (Reuters)
  24. Brilliant R2D2 Computer Case Mod [Photos]
  25. We need some Linux standardization!
  26. Prosecutors quiz Samsung brother-in-law (AP)
  27. Drive maker Seagate boosts outlook (AP)
  28. Nike, Apple send iPod to gym (AP)
  29. Yahoo's onePlace Aims to Manage Mobile Content (NewsFactor)
  30. Mebroot Proves Tough to Crack (PC World)
  31. Google Street a Slice of Dystopian Future?
  32. Bill Allows Teachers to Contradict Evolution
  33. Nike, Apple bring iPod to gym near you
  34. GM to make lithium-ion powered hybrid cars
  35. IE8 will render standards-mode pages as best it can
  36. Medical groups launch e-prescribing Web site (InfoWorld)
  37. Microsoft Offers Free Web-Based Office Extension (NewsFactor)
  38. Robotic Orbiter Captures Image of Martian Avalanche
  39. Future of Solar Energy May Go Through New Mexico
  40. Hosted SharePoint Sidelines Partners (PC World)
  41. PHP Optimised for Windows Server 2008
  42. Iran May Shut Down Internet During Election
  43. Yahoo adds OnePlace to its mobile suite (InfoWorld)
  44. Vendors Mull Security Software for OS X (PC World)
  45. NetSuite wants buyers to customize and sell software (Reuters)
  46. Experiment Shows Traffic 'Shock Waves' Cause Jams
  47. Sony launches Skype on PSP in Japan
  48. Bach bust displayed in Berlin (AP)
  49. Security vendors prep anti-virus software for Mac OS X (InfoWorld)
  50. Seriously Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect [PICS]
  51. Nokia Smart Phones Getting Microsoft Silverlight (PC World)
  52. OLPC Mesh Networking Tester Explains How It Works
  53. Aging Security Vulnerability Still Allows PC Takeover
  54. Top 15 Concept Cell-Phones
  55. Sun Hires Two Key Python Developers
  56. New Yahoo tool gathers favorite Web places on mobiles (Reuters)
  57. Mobile games industry eyes social networking, Nokia (Reuters)
  58. SAP, Intel partner on new ERP appliance (InfoWorld)
  59. Online videos can be the big ticket to Hollywood (USATODAY.com)
  60. Sony to launch Skype via PSP in Japan this month (AFP)
  61. IBM, allies offer Microsoft-free PCs for E.Europe (Reuters)
  62. Obituary For the Sony Trinitron
  63. ModBook Review (Verdict: A Perfect Touchscreen MacBook)
  64. Blink and you'll miss it: Japan's new eye iPod (Reuters)
  65. SAP, Intel to offer out-of-the-box servers for SME's (Reuters)
  66. Identity Theft Rates Among Top Banks
  67. Internet Lessons from Nine Inch Nails and Obama
  68. Sony to add Skype service to PSP in March in Japan (Reuters)
  69. Top 10 Barely-Legal Gadgets for the Modern Spy (W/Cool Pics)
  70. Thai monks told to behave on networking Web sites (Reuters)
  71. Nokia opens online music store in Germany (Reuters)
  72. The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon's Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam
  73. Dear Hollywood Studios: Let My Video Go
  74. Pioneer to end plasma panel output, source says (Reuters)
  75. Daylight Saving Time Wastes Energy
  76. D-Link launches Quadband DIR-855 Wireless N Router
  77. Hands-on with the 9-inch Eee PC
  78. MonsterCable vs.CoatHanger, Audiophiles can't see difference
  79. N.M. attracts solar manufacturing plant (AP)
  80. Branson's online charter plane service launches (Reuters)
  81. Zend PHP to run on Windows Server 2008 (InfoWorld)
  82. Dealing With a GPL Violation?
  83. Advocacy groups bash Comcast's "technical-sounding nonsense"
  84. Champion: A Guinness record typeface
  85. IE8 Will Be Standards-Compliant By Default
  86. Avalanches seen on Mars
  87. Pioneer reviewing plasma business (AP)
  88. The Man Mainly Responsible For Apple's Desgins
  89. USB Air Conditioning
  90. DARPA Military Robot
  91. March 4, 1890: Bridge Tech Takes a Great Leap Forth
  92. How To: Optimize A Fresh Ubuntu Installation
  93. Pioneer to cease output of plasma panels, source says (Reuters)
  94. Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard for Mac mini
  95. Hosted SharePoint stifles partners, for now (InfoWorld)
  96. Building an IT Infrastructure Around Mars
  97. Cisco unveils advanced edge router (Reuters)
  98. Hands On: GPC Mini Gives Mac Mini Run for Its Money
  99. Wikipedia Founder Hit With Allegations of Excessive Spending
  100. Intel lowers gross profit margin outlook (AP)
  101. Why I'm done with portable hard drives
  102. Lightning GT: The World's First Green Supercar?
  103. Informal Conference Borrows TED's Big Ideas, Not Its Pretense
  104. DHS Doesn't Want to Monitor Net, Chertoff Tells Bloggers
  105. Agile progress report shows adoption has hit a wall (InfoWorld)
  106. Industry Group Sponsors College Course To Create Fake Blog
  107. Babies See Pure Color, but Adults Peer Through Prism of Language
  108. Microsoft Workspace graduates from beta (InfoWorld)
  109. Paypal Advises Users To Stop Using Safari
  110. MacBook Air aflutter: demand stays strong, sold out often
  111. Scientists Unearth Fossils of One-Ounce Primate in Mississippi
  112. Hydrogen Sulfide May Kill Us, Bring Us Back to Life, Paleontologist Peter Ward Says
  113. Cyber-Goggles Record and Identify Every Object You See
  114. Gates: Google Not a Threat to Hosted Services (PC World)
  115. SharePoint growth drives improvements (InfoWorld)
  116. MIT's Nano Storage Could Replace Hybrid Batteries
  117. Steve Wozniak 'Disappointed' With the iPhone
  118. Nine Inch Nails Gets Creative With Radiohead-Style Release
  119. Your Data Can be Stolen on Airport Wireless Networks (NewsFactor)
  120. China Mobile Eyes iPhone as Unlocked Market Blooms (NewsFactor)
  121. Dell Documents Reveal Microsoft's Pre-launch Vista Errors
  122. Inside Obama's Online Grass-Roots Campaign
  123. Revealed: Volkswagen's 69.9-MPG Diesel Hybrid
  124. 70% of P2P Users Would Stop if Warned by ISP
  125. Jimmy Wales Breaks Wikipedia Rules for Girlfriend
  126. Microsoft grows Web business services (AP)
  127. Microsoft expands online business software services (AFP)
  128. Microsoft to offer hosted versions of SharePoint and Exchange to SMBs (InfoWorld
  129. A Virus that Attacks Brain Cancer
  130. Nokia opens online music store in Germany (Reuters)
  131. Visto, Microsoft Settle Patent Dispute (PC World)
  132. The Ruby Programming Language
  133. Fuel cells make power for homes in Japan (AP)
  134. Intel Sees Tiny Atom Chip Powering Mobile Internet (NewsFactor)
  135. Canon intros Pixma MX7600 all-in-one printer (Macworld.com)
  136. Comparing the OLPC, Classmate and Eee
  137. First spam felony conviction upheld: no free speech to spam
  138. Gateway P-6831 FX Gaming Laptop Leaves You With Money to Burn
  139. Dogs to sniff out DVD piracy in Malaysia (AP)
  140. Visto: Microsoft has settled patent dispute with company (InfoWorld)
  141. Customers Want Green Software, Microsoft Says (PC World)
  142. North Church goes high-tech with LEDs
  143. Johann Sebastian Bach, as His Friends Knew Him
  144. Wikileaks Returns as Judge Reverses Himself (NewsFactor)
  145. Software AG lays out aggressive growth plan (InfoWorld)
  146. Higher-Resolution YouTube Videos Currently In Testing
  147. Open-source developers make more money
  148. Microsoft Expands Business Online Services (NewsFactor)
  149. Anti-Botnet Market is Black Eye for AV Industry
  150. Cobra language goes to open source (InfoWorld)
  151. Microsoft kicks off CeBIT tech fair with green message (AFP)
  152. 7 Secure USB Drives Reviewed
  153. 'Indiana Jones' trailer a hit -- everywhere
  154. CeBIT Trade Show Takes On a Decidedly Greener Cast
  155. Americans Working More, Sleeping Less to Compensate
  156. Jack Nicholson uses movie clips to boost Clinton (Reuters)
  157. Samsung Pushes into Printer, Laptop Markets (PC World)
  158. Microsoft Extends Hosted Software Services (PC World)
  159. FreeCRM.com Integrates Vonage Service (NewsFactor)
  160. The Law and Politics of Battlestar Galactica
  161. Microsoft's Google - killer strategy: Finally on the way?
  162. Everex launches a tiny Linux PC - The Everex gPC Mini
  163. Woz Dumps on MacBook Air, iPhone, AppleTV
  164. French court tells Web site not to mark teachers (Reuters)
  165. Samsung sets sights on mobile computing (InfoWorld)
  166. Reznor Follows Radiohead, Offers Free Album
  167. Return to Dark Castle demo available for download (Macworld.com)
  168. Robots enter Japan's daily life
  169. Court upholds limits on Navy sonar training
  170. Deutsche Telekom keeps its '4G' options open (InfoWorld)
  171. Sun hires two key Python developers (InfoWorld)
  172. United Tech Bids $2.6B for Diebold
  173. Old North Church goes modern with LEDs (AP)
  174. China's Baidu Tests IM Service (PC World)
  175. Visto says ends patent dispute with Microsoft (Reuters)
  176. Commercial support for open source Drupal on the way (InfoWorld)
  177. Pirates Find Proper Way to Crack Vista's Activation Schema
  178. Scripting language set for semantic Web (InfoWorld)
  179. Qualcomm loses another legal fight (AP)
  180. Microsoft expands hosted software offering for business (InfoWorld)
  181. One in Ten Americans Are Chronically Sleep Deprived
  182. 30 Fonts That ALL Designers Must Own
  183. Making the iPhone work for business (InfoWorld)
  184. Product review: Inside open source AJAX toolkits (InfoWorld)
  185. Nokia unveils 6650 model to T-Mobile clients only (Reuters)
  186. China Mobile says keen on iPhone, but not in talks (Reuters)
  187. Canadian University Puts Tech Whiz Kids in 'Dormcubator'
  188. At CeBIT tech show, a green undercurrent (AP)
  189. Mitsubishi Electric to exit mobile phone ops (Reuters)
  190. Drinkable Languages Offered At LA Time-Travel Mart
  191. Startup Readies Supported Drupal Distribution (PC World)
  192. Microsoft to expand its Web services for businesses (Reuters)
  193. Coming soon to Japan: remote control with a wink (AFP)
  194. Web Videos Show Off the Wonders of Chemistry
  195. Microsoft adds to SharePoint collaboration capabilities (InfoWorld)
  196. Solar and Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles
  197. Dear Comcast, Why Is My DVR So Dumb?
  198. Mitsubishi Electric to stop making mobile telephones (AFP)
  199. There's a reason Google's best...
  200. After Hijacking Site, Scammers Move to Seize Shareaza Tradem
  201. Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos
  202. Eliot Van Buskirk's Listening Post: Put Your Money Where Your Indie Rock Is
  203. A Lesson in Internet Anatomy: The World's Densest Meet-Me Room
  204. Strict Order Boarding Would Get Planes in the Sky Faster
  205. Buy a MacBook, get a free… husband?
  206. This Psychologist Might Outsmart the Math Brains Competing for the Netflix Prize
  207. March 3, 1879: Birth of the B's (Thought for Food)
  208. HP Looks To Improve Power Management Coordination
  209. Introducing SkyTran - Your Personal Maglev System [Photos]
  210. iPhone gets native P2P torrent software
  211. Akamai Wins Lawsuit to Protect Obvious Patent
  212. Why Attracting More Users to Linux Matters
  213. Can Architects Save Libraries from the Internet?
  214. Over 50% of companies fire workers for e-mail, 'Net abuse
  215. The X300 Could Usher in a New Generation of ThinkPads
  216. At CeBIT tech show, a green undercurrent (AP)
  217. Why Is Less Than 99.9% Uptime Acceptable?
  218. How to Stop a 500-Foot Monster, Continued
  219. Mozilla Hitting 'Brick Walls' Getting Firefox on Phones
  220. Fight Comcast, Support Net Neutrality, Send Comment to FCC
  221. The Future of Robots in Japanese Society
  222. Appeals Court Upholds Limits on Navy Sonar
  223. MSI Develops a Heat-Driven Cooler
  224. Israeli army gives rocket safety tips on Internet (Reuters)
  225. USB Lamp
  226. Large Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes Produced
  227. Robots Entering Daily Life in Japan
  228. The 10 Best iPhone Applications
  229. U.K.'s fastest supercomputer unveiled
  230. Government Mistakenly Declares Deaths of Citizens
  231. Bill Gates 'Innovation by Immigration' plan hurts US Workers
  232. Intel Researchers Consider Ray-Tracing for Mobile Devices
  233. Motorola wins $335 million Saudi contract (Reuters)
  234. Sneak Peek at Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope
  235. OCZ Prepares Neural Impulse Actuator for Shipping
  236. Court Finds Spamming Not Protected By Constitution
  237. 158 Pages of Microsoft's Dirty Laundry
  238. Pirates of the Caribbean Online gets new content (Macworld.com)
  239. OCZ Prepares Neural Impulse Actuator for Shipping
  240. Good Looks Ahead: What's Next for HDTV? (PC World)
  241. Tellme Founder Tells Yahoo Not to Worry Over Microsoft Takeover
  242. Staples Rips Off Elderly - $390 For Basic Computer Repair
  243. Sex-Changing Chemicals Make Male Starlings Sing Sweet Songs
  244. Bush Nominates Three to Empty Privacy Board
  245. Expected MySpace service to compete with iTunes (Reuters)
  246. End Software Patents Project Comes Out Swinging
  247. Was Windows XP Microsoft's last good OS?
  248. Autonomous Garden Watering System Concept [PICS]
  249. Jury Finds Spamming Not Protected By Constitution
  250. Acer Ferrari 1100, One Large Disappointment