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  1. 'Wordscraper' spells revival of Scrabuous online wordgame (AFP)
  2. Next-Gen Prius Is More of the Same, But Bigger
  3. Firefox 3.1 Alpha Previews Sleek New Features
  4. AT&T tells the FCC it'll Cut Off P2P users on its 3g Network
  5. Air Force Looks To Laser-Proof Its Weapons
  6. Amazon Payment Systems Take On PayPal
  7. First Look at Nintendo's Summer of Japanese Awesome
  8. South Park Studios Releases Uncensored 'Imaginationland'
  9. Judge Rules Sprint Early Termination Fees Illegal
  10. Ogg Theora In Firefox, With Wikimedia Support
  11. Alfresco Wants to Stand in for SharePoint Server (PC World)
  12. What Do Small Open Source Projects Do With Money? Not Much
  13. Study Promises Benefits of Exercise in a Pill
  14. If Steve Jobs Had A Comic Book… [COMIC]
  15. Cuil Proves the Bubble Is Back
  16. AT&T Could Cut Off P2P Users
  17. R.I.P Usenet: 1980-2008
  18. New LG Blu-ray Player Streams Videos From Netflix (NewsFactor)
  19. Red Hat Bets Big On Cloud Target
  20. R.I.P Usenet: 1980-2008
  21. Saturn moon has liquid on surface, NASA says
  22. 'Smart shoe' could prevent elderly falls
  23. Astronaut's son spending his fortune to fly
  24. Olympic official: I'm 'fall guy' for Web site ban
  25. Lifehacker's Top 10 Command Line Tools
  26. Digg Shuts Down Digpicz.com
  27. Band Leaks Track to BitTorrent, Blames Pirates
  28. Get to know the Linux Logical Volume Manager
  29. $10,000 Polo Shirt Repels Automatic Weapon Fire
  30. Next Debian's 'Lenny' frozen
  31. Kleiner Perkins invests in iPhone game publisher (Reuters)
  32. Gamers hit the virtual gridiron early (Reuters)
  33. Citizens Spy On Big Brother
  34. Scrabulous -- er, 'Wordscraper' -- is Back
  35. GENI To Replace Internet, Gets $12M Funding
  36. Google Street View is approved for the U.K. (CNET)
  37. Video game spawns naughty Web 'Sporn'
  38. The Most Awesome Looking Treehouse Ever
  39. AT&T To Cut Off P2P Users
  40. IOC Caves to China Internet Censorship (PC World)
  41. Scrabble knockoff returns to Facebook with changes (AP)
  42. Project toRebuild Internet Gets $12M, Bandwidth
  43. Sun Releases Preview of JavaFX SDK (PC World)
  44. Oracle Buys Global Knowledge Software (PC World)
  45. Banshee 1.2 Released
  46. Cuil Proves the Bubble Is Back
  47. Liquid Lakes On Saturn's Moon Confirmed
  48. Motorola Clings to Third Place in Mobile Market (PC World)
  49. Motorola posts small profit, keeps No. 3 ranking (Reuters)
  50. Surfing on Google Earth
  51. Apple Tells Retailers to Stock Up on Current Macs and iPods
  52. Intel to lose its lead in chip manufacturing tech in 2009
  53. Google Says Complete Privacy Does Not Exist
  54. Motorola posts small 2Q profit, beats expectations (AP)
  55. HTC's 3G IPhone Rival out in 30 Countries Already (PC World)
  56. Nokia to invest $150 mln in venture arm growth (Reuters)
  57. Nokia cuts phone prices across portfolio: sources (Reuters)
  58. Gamers hit the virtual gridiron early (Reuters)
  59. Apple Says MobileMe Service Is Fixed, Finally
  60. Google Testing “AdSense for Games”
  61. FCC: Comcast Illegally Interfered With File-Sharing Traffic
  62. MailSite Fusion 9 vetted for iPhone use (Macworld.com)
  63. US To Launch Military Orbital Spaceplane
  64. IOC "surprised" by Games web censorship (Reuters)
  65. Apple warns resellers of Mac and iPod drought, says load up
  66. Sony Begins Accepting Applications for PlayStation Home Beta (PC World)
  67. Amazon Payment Systems Take On PayPal
  68. Report: Google developing VC arm (CNET)
  69. 6 Ways the iPhone has Changed My Smartphone Use
  70. 8 Best E-mail Clients for Linux
  71. What Do Small Open Source Projects Do With Money? Not Much.
  72. An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Cable You Need
  73. China lashes out at US, says Internet curbs will stay (AFP)
  74. Bacon Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Smell of Sizzling Bacon!
  75. Nintendo Clear Winner in Second Quarter Game Shipments (PC World)
  76. E-mail your query, say businesses -- but few reply (Reuters)
  77. Garmin cuts '08 outlook, delays nuvifone
  78. Microsoft's Open Source Guru Faces Tough Fight
  79. Rebooting Windows: How To Recover From Vista Crashes (TechWeb)
  80. Cloud Computing Dream Team (TechWeb)
  81. Sprint Updates Its Mobile Web Browser (TechWeb)
  82. Nokia to beef up venture fund, expand in China (AP)
  83. Hollywood Has Finally Figured Out How to Make Web Video Pay
  84. Julia Allison on her Job In/Security and Going for the Oprah Model
  85. July 31, 1790: New Nation Issues First Patent
  86. Playlist: Thumpin' Rmxxology, Reebok's Monopoly Sneakers, Hitachi's Ultrathin HDTV
  87. Overclock world record: Q6600 2.4GHz run at 5.1GHz
  88. Toshiba's Former CEO to Join IBM Board (PC World)
  89. Review of Sun's Free Open Source Virtual Machine
  90. Atty: Britney wants no contact with Sam Lutfi (AP)
  91. Air Force Looks To Laser-Proof Its Weapons
  92. NPR to offer webcast of Newport music festivals (AP)
  93. Automate a Remote Login Using SSH-Agent
  94. How American Youth Will Screw Viacom
  95. US says China has 'nothing to fear' from Internet (AFP)
  96. Google Moves to Reinvent Transportation
  97. Getting Inked for Tux at OSCON
  98. Go to Space With Your Frequent Flier Miles
  99. How to Stop a Fight
  100. New YouTube Audio Compression Stymies Uploaders
  101. UK panel wants more vetting of video websites (Reuters)
  102. New iPod nano: Taller, Skinnier, More Zune-Like! (Gasp!)
  103. How to configure and deploy the iPhone 3G for business
  104. How to Install KDE 4.1 on Ubuntu 8.04
  105. Yahoo Offers Compensation For Unplayable Music
  106. Adobe: Flash Gaining Traction in the Enterprise (PC World)
  107. Firefox Alpha Improves the AwesomeBar (PC Magazine)
  108. Microsoft Redesigns Live.com (PC World)
  109. Microsoft takes mouse maker to court (CNET)
  110. Review of Sun's Free Open Source Virtual Machine
  111. India's "$10 Laptop" To Cost $100 After All
  112. Think Your're Fast? Prove It With Your iPhone, Punk
  113. World's First Computer Displayed Olympic Calendar
  114. Review of Sun's Free Open Source Virtual Machine
  115. Scrabble on Facebook Crashes, and EA Blames Hackers (NewsFactor)
  116. 'FailWhale' Gives Frustrated Twitterers Something to Smile About
  117. Inventor unveils $100,000 jet pack
  118. Caltech Shows Off a Lensless, Miniaturized Microscope
  119. Dual Boot Not Trusted, Rejected By Vista SP1
  120. Problems Reported with DNS Vulnerability Patch (NewsFactor)
  121. New Dell MP3 Player Poised for Launch, Again (NewsFactor)
  122. Amazon Launches PayPal, Google Checkout Competitors (NewsFactor)
  123. GeekDad Podcast 24: Blu-ray Nightmares, Tron and Dangerous Playgrounds
  124. British UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon Is Coming to America
  125. Nintendo Profit Rises 34 Percent (PC Magazine)
  126. US says China has 'nothing to fear' from Internet (AFP)
  127. Project to rebuild Internet gets $12M, bandwidth (AP)
  128. Low-end grudge match: Nano vs. Atom
  129. New iPod Touch Hidden in Firmware
  130. 1,000 apps today, 10,000,000 iPhones tomorrow
  131. Lake of Petroleum-Like Liquid Confirmed on Titan
  132. The New Arms Bazaar: From Russia, With No Love
  133. Workings of Ancient Calculating Device Deciphered
  134. China to censor Internet access at Olympics
  135. New Windows Vista Ads That Will Crumble Apple Mac Propaganda
  136. Free Multiservice IM App Arrives on iPhone
  137. LA Times: Revision3's Web TV Runs On Star Power
  138. Face Swapping Software Keeps Your Privacy Online
  139. Lawyer Exposes RIAA’s Legal Bullying
  140. Cal Tech Shows Off a Lensless, Miniaturized Microscope
  141. Summary Box: Alternatives to Apple's iPod Nano (AP)
  142. Review: In an iPod Nano world, some rivals lure (AP)
  143. Next space tourist spending bulk of fortune to fly (AP)
  144. Dude -- Are You Going to Get a Dell MP3 Player?
  145. Why Richard Garriott Can't Play 'Tabula Rasa' in Space
  146. Windows Mojave Gimmick Looks Like a Mirage
  147. Review: Newest T-Mobile Sidekick's Got Nothing on Burt Ward
  148. Virtual Honeypots
  149. MailSite Fusion 9 vetted for iPhone use (Macworld.com)
  150. Bus Ridership Explodes in the Hinterlands
  151. KDE 4.1 is a Must-Have for Linux Desktop Fans
  152. Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows on BitTorrent (wk30)
  153. Twittering the California Earthquake
  154. Are iPhone 3Gs developing cracks?
  155. Hidden van Gogh painting unveiled
  156. Windows Is Dead – Long Live Midori?
  157. Air Force Looks to Laser-Proof Its Weapons
  158. Study: Clear Strategy Key for SaaS E-commerce Success (PC World)
  159. IOC Admits Internet Censorship Deal With China
  160. Firefox 3.1 Alpha "Shiretoko" Released
  161. UK Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
  162. IOC Admits Internet Censorship Deal With China
  163. IAC swings to 2Q loss on charges (AP)
  164. 10 Cool Open Source Easter Eggs
  165. RIAA Critic Publishes a Paper on the RIAA Litigation Process
  166. Mozilla releases first Firefox 3.1 alpha
  167. Firefox 3.1 Alpha "Shiretoko" Released
  168. Garmin reports higher 2Q profits, delays Nuvifone (AP)
  169. U.S. online help-wanted ads fall in July: report (Reuters)
  170. Music purchased from Yahoo could stop working soon (AP)
  171. From Wall Street to the Secrets of Life
  172. Hummer owners still love to play dirty
  173. Will pond scum become the new oil?
  174. The Ridiculous LexisNexis Search that the Justice Department Used
  175. Qwest begins offering Verizon Wireless services (AP)
  176. YouTube, Google hit with lawsuit from Italian media company (CNET)
  177. DNS Disaster: First Attacks Reported
  178. iPhone apps: 1,001 and counting...
  179. 85 Famous Works of Art 'Improved' via Modern Technology
  180. DNS Attack Writer a Victim of His Own Creation
  181. VueScan scanning software supports foreign languages (Macworld.com)
  182. Huge Order for Intel OLPC Rival 'Classmate PC'
  183. UK Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
  184. New standard feature for cell phones? GPS
  185. Nintendo Q1 Profit Surges -- Wii!!!
  186. Note to Hasbro: Piss off Scrabulous players, you get hacked
  187. India developing US$10 laptop
  188. KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop
  189. Practical Jetpack Available "Soon"
  190. OSCON 2008 Roundup
  191. Police Shame Pranksters On YouTube
  192. Comcast Q2 Profit Up 8%; Broadband Growth Slows
  193. NVIDIA Screws Over Linux Users
  194. Drug Halts Decline In Alzheimer's Patients
  195. Video search engines help users sort through clips (USATODAY.com)
  196. Two OiNK Uploaders Go Free
  197. The robot that loves to be hugged
  198. Linux Tip: Job Scheduling With Cron and At
  199. Portugal to sell 500,000 of Intel's Classmate PCs (AP)
  200. Are We Searching Google, Or Is Google Searching Us?
  201. IOC admits to deal with China on internet censorship (Reuters)
  202. Some Web Sites Blocked at China Olympic Press Center (PC World)
  203. Nintendo Sales, Profit Surge on Wii, DS (PC World)
  204. Rogers commits to purchasing $150M in iPhones from Apple
  205. Microsoft, EU Environmental Agency Keep Eye on Water Quality (PC World)
  206. Nintendo reports jump in quarter profit on hit Wii (AP)
  207. Nintendo Q1 profit up 31.5 pct on Wii demand (Reuters)
  208. Dell tests music player to renew iPod battle: report (Reuters)
  209. Video game company to put gamers' DNA in space (CNET)
  210. India's '$10 Laptop' to Cost US$100 After All (PC World)
  211. Alt Text: The Sci-Fi Rejection Letter That Time Forgot
  212. July 30, 1869: Moving Oil in Bulk, for Good and Ill
  213. The Mozilla CEO on His Firefox Strategy, His Google Gambit, and Working With Apple
  214. IPhone: No Longer the Best IPod Ever?
  215. Nintendo, Software Makers Target DS Game Piracy (PC World)
  216. OSCON 2008 Roundup
  217. How TVs Will Get Much, Much Flatter (PC World)
  218. Beta Watch (PC World)
  219. NVIDIA's New GeForce 9500 GT, Solid Graphics For Under $100
  220. Optical storage goes deep: 1TB stored in three dimensions
  221. Inside The OSCON 2008 Open Source Conference (TechWeb)
  222. Cuil 'crunches' Gmail, Shanghai Entrepreneur (PC World)
  223. Yale Students' Lawsuit Unmasks Anonymous Trolls, Opens Pandora's Box
  224. OpenRemote grows in popularity
  225. 8 Amazing Websites by Rafaël Rozendaal's
  226. Emergency Workaround For Oracle 0-Day
  227. Scrabulous cuts off users as Hasbro spells lawsuit (Reuters)
  228. Reuters loses right to use crucial IM technology (AP)
  229. LG to Use Dolby Mobile Audio System in Cell Phones (PC World)
  230. Is Apple Revamping Its Entire Laptop Line?
  231. My Chat with a Google Street View Driver
  232. Open Source: a Fedora-based VoIP server with Asterisk
  233. Up, up and away...man takes off in "practical" jetpack
  234. How Do Geeks Exercise?
  235. How to Transfer iPhone Voicemail to Your Computer
  236. Install Linux Risk Free, No Formatting or Repartitioning
  237. EA loss narrows, but results short of expectations (Reuters)
  238. China to censor Internet during Games: official (AFP)
  239. Teenager hacks hardware for controlling your car via phone
  240. Neuros open set-top box puts Linux in living rooms
  241. Top 8 Laptops Under $1,000 -- (Except The Mac)
  242. Microsoft Prepares for End of Windows With Midori (PC World)
  243. DSL: Not Dead Yet
  244. Sprint Ordered to Pay Millions in Early Termination Fee Flap
  245. Be a Game God
  246. ABA Judges Get an Earful About RIAA Litigations
  247. Scrabulous pulled from Facebook in US and Canada (AFP)
  248. Los Angeles earthquake chokes phone calls, not Twitter (CNET)
  249. KDE 4.1 released
  250. 22 Public Interest Groups Roast FCC Smutless Broadband Plan